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"Hey! Watch it!"



"My bad!"

"Look out!"

With a scream, the young brunette ducked and rolled under the tail of a t-rex skeleton in the middle of the museum. She jumped back on her board once she was on the other side and skated through the throng of visitors, as she headed for the cafe.

Outside the giant dinosaur head, the brunette dismounted her skateboard, stomped on the back and grabbed it as it was propelled into the air. She unbuckled her helmet as she entered the cafe, grinning at the brunette boy sitting at the counter.

"Hey, Chase," she said, popping up beside him.

Chase Randall turned in his seat and smirked. "I thought I heard angry voices," he said, his New Zealand accent thick. "Kendall's going to kill you, you know?"

The brunette shrugged. "When isn't she trying to kill me?" she asked. "Where is she, anyway? Doesn't she usually have her lunch about this time?"

"She's in the base," said Tyler, wandering over. He was dressed and ready to start his shift. "Working on some special project. I tried to get her to tell me what, but she ushered me out before I could get a word in."

"Ooh! Now I'm intrigued," the brunette said, grinning. "Maybe I could sneak down and get a peak."

"I wouldn't even try it, Ade," Shelby said, popping up beside Tyler. "You may be good on a set of wheels, but we all know you're a bumbling buffoon otherwise."

Ade, or Adelaide, gaped and the younger girl as Tyler and Chase chuckled. "That trip was an accident!" she defended. "I didn't see the step."

"You'd been sitting on it for an hour!" Shelby laughed.

"Meanie!" Adelaide pouted. "I'm not talking to you ever again."

"Sure you're not," Shelby said, turning and grabbing a brown paper bag from the kitchen window. "Not even if I saved your favourite breakfast burger?"

Adelaide eyed the brown paper bag and reached out to grab it. Shelby pulled it back and smiled sweetly.

"Fine," Adelaide caved. "Just give me my breakfast, I'm starved."

Shelby handed over the bag and Adelaide reached inside, pulled out the breakfast burger and bit into her. Shelby rolled her eyes and scoffed. "You eat like a guy, you know that right?" she asked.

"Whaaaa-?" Adelaide asked.

"Statement confirmed," Shelby said.

Adelaide shook her head and swallowed her burger. "Hey, when you grow up with two older brothers and an older sister, you learn to eat your food quickly," she said. "If you didn't then you risk losing it."

"I'm surprised you haven't made yourself sick, yet," said Tyler.

"I'm used to it," Adelaide replied. She paused as she went to take another bite, and looked up at her friends again. "Where are Koda and Riley?"

"Riley's training, as per usual, and I think Koda is sleeping, still," said Chase.

Adelaide made a small noise as she tried to stuff as much of her burger into her mouth. Shelby made a noise of disgust and walked away, heading back to the kitchen and Tyler headed over to the till to serve another customer.

Chase grabbed his drink and turned to Adelaide. "I'm hitting the new skate park tonight if you're game," he said.

Adelaide nodded, unable to speak through a mouthful of food.

"You are gross," Chase said, sipping his drink.

"You're one to talk," Adelaide said, swallowing the last of her breakfast and grabbing her drink to wash it down. "What time does your shift end tonight? I'm out at 5:00; we could head straight to the skate park after if you like?"

Chase nodded. He was out around the same time as her and had been looking forward to hitting the new skate park since it opened last week. But he had wanted to hit it with Adelaide. Unlike the rest of his friends, she was the only person that could match his skills on a skateboard.

"Best get ready for work then," said Adelaide, jumping down from her seat and heading for the locker room. She hadn't made it three steps in through the door when her Dino com beeped, alerting her to trouble in the city.

Ditching her skateboard and helmet, Adelaide rushed back out into the cafe and followed Tyler, Shelby, and Chase out into the museum.


Racing through the trees, the rangers stopped inside a clearing as a band of misfit monsters approached from the opposite direction. They were led by, what Adelaide could only describe as a "misshaped-walking-lollipop".

"Oh, look! It's the Rangers," the lollipop said, her hands on her hips. "Well, it's lovely to meet you. Not! Allow me to introduce the most magnificent intergalactic bounty hunter in the universe." A shadow fell over the rangers as a green monster covered in body armour swooped down low and landed before them. "The one, the only, my future husband, Sledge."

Adelaide quirked and eyebrow at the pair of them. "They're betrothed?" she asked Chase. "Seriously?"

"You're going to question that?" Chase asked, nudging her.

"What? I'm curious!" Adelaide said. "I didn't even think aliens knew about marriage. I mean, it's such a human tradition."

Sledge growled. "This is a joke, right?" he asked. "You're the Rangers who destroyed my monsters?"

"Power Rangers," Shelby corrected.

The band of misfit monsters laughed.

Sniffing the air, Koda growled and nudged Tyler to his right. "Fury," he said, pointing to the cliff nearest them. "Up there."

Tyler looked in the direction Koda was pointing and gave a started gasp. "That's him," he said. "The monster from my father's journal."

Sledge chuckled and looked up at Fury also. The Oni-like creature made a gesture with his arm, to which Sledge nodded and turned back to the Rangers. "As I was saying," he growled. "You're the troublemakers that stole my Energems."

"Your energems?" Adelaide repeated. "Last I checked I didn't see the name 'Sledge' printed on them."

"Ade!" Chase hissed, nudging her again. For as long as he had known her, Adelaide always had the nerve to 'poke the bear with a stick' and provoke it to attack.

Adelaide whined and rubbed her arm. "Stop that!" she scolded Chase.

Sledge growled at her again, only to be interrupted from making a retort by a mist of red smoke, and the arrival of Keeper.

"Keeper, it's you!" Sledge sneered.

"The energems belong to no one," said Keeper, "especially not to you."

Sledge pulled himself up to his full height as he considered Keeper's position. "My dear old friend," he said, trying to appear friendly, "you thought that blowing up my ship could stop me? Think again. I waited in deep space for millions of years for a comet to pass. I caught it with my electro-nets and rode it all the way to Earth. But it was worth it, because finally I will destroy you, and then I'll leave with the Energems."

Adelaide bristled and took a step forward as Sledge stalked towards Keeper. The last thing she would allow was for any harm to come to the elder alien that had been like a mentor to her.

Chase's hand on her shoulder held Adelaide back.

"The Rangers possess the power of the Energems, and the strength of ancient dinosaurs," Keeper explained. "If you try to take the Energems, you will be the one who is destroyed."

"You got that right," Adelaide muttered, receiving another nudge from Chase.

Keeper turned his back on Sledge and walked back towards the Rangers, disappearing into a puff of smoke which rolled out around them. The others frowned and exchanged look, but Adelaide merely grinned. Leave it to Keeper to threaten Sledge on their behalf and then disappear.

"Uh... Keeper?" Riley called, tentatively.

"No probs," said Shelby, her voice also quaking. "We got this. I guess."

The robot nearest the misshaped candy hearts laughed and raised his axe. "Looks like they're gonna cry," he said.

"Bring it on, weaklings!" Sledge demanded.

"Who you calling a weakling, Numnuts?" Adelaide snapped. She reached for the dino charger on her belt and held it tightly in her hand. "Dino Charger!" she said, prepared to morph. She paused and glanced to her left, noticing that Tyler wasn't with her or the others. "Oi, fearless leader," she whispered.

Tyler tore his gaze away from Fury and caught her gaze. "Right - Dino Charge! Ready!" he said, holding his own charger out in front of him.

"Ready!" the others said, following suit.

Sledge fired his blaster at the six of them, blowing up smoke and completely concealing the rangers from his view.

"Whoo-hoo, yay!" the misshaped candy hearts cheered. "You destroyed them."

"Think again, Candy Cane!" Adelaide yelled, rushing through the smoke and heading straight for Sledge.

The misshaped candy hearts squealed and took off for the cover of the trees. "Yikes! This isn't any fun!" she yelled.

"One, two, three," Chase counted as he fired his morpher at the seaweed-headed foot soldiers. They squealed and dropped to the ground like flies. He laughed and ducked under a kick, blasting another creature as he straightened up. "The hotshot does it again."

"I'll take you a part!" the monster cried, rushing at Adelaide.

Adelaide jumped into the air and kicked at his face. "I'd like to see you try," she said, grabbing his shoulders and dropping to the floor. She pulled him down with her and kicked him in the stomach as he swooped over her head, rolling across the grass. Adelaide jumped back to her feet, blasted three seaweed-headed soldiers, and run at the monster again.

The monster threw out his arm, blocking a punch from Adelaide and then slashing up her front with his robotic arm.

Adelaide cried out in pain as she flipped over mid-flight and landed on the ground, demorphing as she rolled onto her stomach.

"Ade!" Chase called, racing to cover her. He blocked the monsters path, firing his blaster, but the blasts hit the robotic arm and deflected back, hitting Chase in the chest and sending him crashing to the ground. He too demorphed as he landed.

Koda, who had been fighting nearby, caught the arm of a foot soldier and twisted it, flipping the underling over his shoulder and smashing it into the ground. "This no problem for caveman strength," he said, turning to face the monster.

"Caveman strength is nothing against me," the monster said, smashing his fist into Koda's shoulder and flipping him into the air. Koda hit the ground on his back, and demorphed.

"Let's see how you like the power of the Triceratops," Shelby said, fighting the robot that had assumed they were going to cry. She kicked up, hitting him on the side, but he blocked and slashed at her with his axe. She demorphed before she hit the ground.

Running through the foot soldiers, Riley swiped at each of them with his dino blade, cutting them down in half the time. He twisted around as the last soldier hit the floor, and tried to slash at the robot that Shelby had just been fighting.

"You're outta here!" the robot said, hitting Riley with his axe. Riley also demorphed as he hit the ground.

Being the only ranger left standing, Tyler had headed straight for Sledge when Adelaide had become distracted by the monster. He flipped over, avoiding a hit from Sledge, and tried to kick the master in the head.

"Ugh, ever heard of deodorant?" Tyler mocked, blocking a punch from Sledge and smashing him away with another.

"The only thing I smell is your defeat," Sledge said, trying to grab Tyler by the shoulders. Tyler ducked and straightened up, aiming a punch for Sledge's head. The master blocked and slammed his fist into Tyler's chest, flipping him over.

Tyler landed on his back and demorphed from the lack of energy.

Scrambling to their feet, the Rangers raced to Tyler's side and helped him stand as Sledge and his monsters also regrouped.

"One last warning, Rangers," Sledge said, pointing at the team. "Hand over the energems in an hour, or I'll blast this plant to pieces!"

"As if you won't do that anyway!" Adelaide snapped.

Sledge sneered in her direction and curled his finger into his fist. "One hour!" he reminded them, before blasting into the skies with the help of his jet pack. The smoke cloud he left behind surrounded his team and them too, disappeared.

Once Sledge was gone, Chase turned to Adelaide. "Do you always have to poke the bear?" he asked.

"What? I was asking valid questions," Adelaide replied.

"Valid questions, maybe," Chase said. "But you're going to get us killed, or worse."

Adelaide frowned. "What's worse than getting killed?" she asked.

Chase put his hand on the side of her head and pushed her away. Adelaide laughed and turned back to her friends as Koda spoke.

"One hour. How long is that?" Koda asked.

"Sixty minutes," Adelaide replied.

Koda scratched the side of his head, still looking confused.

"Not long," Adelaide said.

"How do we stop him?" Shelby asked.

Catching his breath, Riley shook his head. "We need to come up with a plan to beat them together," he said.

"Something's going on," Tyler said, watching as Fury walked away into the trees. "I'm going to follow him."

"Tyler, I know you want answers about your dad, but -" Shelby said, grabbing his arm and stopping him from leaving.

"It's not about my dad," Tyler interrupted. "Fury was signaling him. I've got a hunch -"

"Forget your hunch, mate," said Chase, rounding Tyler and stopping him from leaving also. "We're a team now. We have to work together or we don't stand a chance."

"Chase's right," said Adelaide. "Look, I saw the signal too. But that doesn't mean I'm going to chase Fury into the trees."

Tyler shook his head. "We don't always have to be together to work together," he said. "Don't worry. I'll see you guys back at the base." He took off before anyone else could stop him.

"Tyler -" Shelby called, trying to follow him.

"Wait," Chase said, grabbing her arm and stopping her. "Just let him go. We're just gonna have to solve this without him, eh?"

Adelaide looked to Riley and nodded towards the road leading out of the clearing. "Come on," she said, heading off. "Let's see if Kendall can think of something!"


Once they had returned to the base, the Rangers weren't all the surprised to find Kendall working on a solution to their problem. It was only natural that Keeper would've informed her of their troubles once he returned to the base before the fight broke out.

"With Keeper's help, I've upgraded your Dino Chargers using the Transmuter," Kendall explained as the five rangers left behind gathered around. "Your Chargers will now be able to activate a high-strength armour mode called Dino Steel."

"Sweet," Adelaide grinned, taking her charger and examining it.

"But will Dino Steel be tough enough to beat Sledge?" Shelby asked.

"Maybe, if Tyler hadn't left us," Chase said.

Adelaide frowned at her friend and shook her head. "I don't think he's permanently left us," she said. "He's just checking out a hunch and he'll be back."

"Yeah, but we need the team to defeat Sledge," Chase pointed out,

"We're not going to beat him in one day," Adelaide defended. "Something tells me that this fight is going to last at least a couple of months, maybe the entire summer. I mean, there are still Energems out there, right? And Sledge wants them all. We're going to need to be there to stop him from getting them. We can't do that if we're not rangers. Tyler will come back, you'll see."

Chase shrugged. "I hope you're right," he said.

"I know I'm right," Adelaide said confidently.

As if to back her up, the computer beeped, alerting the rangers to more trouble. The team of five, plus Kendall, gathered around the centre globe and Kendall pinpointed the exact spot of the disturbance.

"Alien DNA detected in the northwest quadrant," Kendall said. "Tyler's there, too," she added.

"See," said Adelaide. "He must've learned something from Fury and was heading back to tell us when he came across the monster."

"Let's go!" Shelby said, racing for the doors. The others followed in hot pursuit.


"Say goodbye."


Tyler looked up as Adelaide jumped over him, double kicked the robot in the chest, and knocked him back into the steel gate surrounding the enclosure.

A blast hit the scrapper monster as he continued on course, raising his arm to punch Adelaide. He groaned as he flew backward, crashing into the floor and rolling to a stop just short of the fence.

"Tyler," Adelaide said, turning to her team-mate and helping him stand. "Are you OK?"

"Yeah, thanks," Tyler said, standing up and clutching his arms.

"You're fighting alone?" Chase asked, arriving with the others. "You could've been destroyed. That's why you don't follow hunches."

"You're right," Tyler agreed. "But so was my hunch. Sledge wasn't going to give us one hour. That Crusher creep followed you guys back to the base. He's heading off to tell Sledge where it is so they can steal the Energems. That's the real plan."

"So if you hadn't followed Fury, we -" started Shelby.

"Sledge would be making his way into our base right now, destroying everything and everyone," Riley concluded.

"Uh, you hurt my hubcaps," the monster groaned, getting to his feet.

Koda shook his head. "I am confuse. Uh, is hunch bad or good?" he asked.

"Right now, it's good," Chase answered, patting Tyler on the shoulder.

"Let's do this... together," Tyler said, looking around at his friends.

"With a little help from Kendall," Adelaide said holding up the new Dino Chargers. "She's developed a new armour mode for us."

Scrapper, now fully recovered, turned to the robot beside him and yelled, "Come on, let's get out of here! I've still got to tell Sledge where their base is."

"Don't count on it," said Tyler, taking the lead and facing off against the two monsters. "It's morphin' time - Dino Charger, ready!"


The six rangers loaded their dino chargers into the morphers and spun the dial on the side. "Energize! Ha!" they yelled, swinging the morphers into the air and firing off a round. "Unleash the power!"

Six multi-colored dinosaur heads flew around their respective ranger, chomping down hard and morphing them into their protective suits.

"Power Rangers Dino Charge!"

"Okay, guys, let's check out our new armour mode," Tyler said, holding up his morpher. The others followed suit again, each one loading their second Dino Charger into the barrel of the morpher, and running the dial down to their left arm.

"Dino Steel, armour on!"

Spiked armour covered their shoulder to elbow, and a weapon appeared in their hands.

"It's about to get wild," Tyler said.

"Vivizords, rise!" Scrapper yelled, summoning an army of foot soldiers and combing them together to create two towering monsters.

"Chase, Adelaide," said Tyler, turning to the black and white rangers. "Use your new weapons."

"No problem, mate," said Chase. He turned to Adelaide and nodded.

"Let's do it," Adelaide said, following him away from the others. She fell into step alongside Chase and leveled her new Dimetro Bow at the vivizords. "Armed and ready to fly!" she said, loading an arrow.

"Para Chopper Blast!" Chase said, unleashing his new weapon and his dino blaster onto one of the vivizords.

Adelaide grinned and let go of the string on her bow. Her arrow flew high into the sky before splitting into several other arrows, each one raining down on the second vivizord. She loaded another arrow, and let it fly too, unleashing another load of arrows into the air.

Whilst Chase and Adelaide held off the giant vivizords, the other Rangers dispersed around the vivics, the robot, and the monster, battling it out with their own new weapons.

Riley jumped over the monster and slashed down on the robot with his new Raptor claw, whilst Shelby flipped over the vivcs, smashing through them with her Tricera Drill, and causing sufficient damage.

With the monster unoccupied, Koda rushed at him, blocking his attacks with his Stego Shield, and punching back, using the sharp spikes around the outside to cut and slash into the monsters exterior.

"Oh no!" Adelaide cried, reaching over her shoulder and grasping at nothing. "I'm out of arrows! I seriously need to talk to Kendall but upgrading me to an unlimited supply!"

"Guys, we could use some help here!" Chase called.

"On it," Shelby said, reaching for her belt. "Time to see what my Zord can do." She opened the dino com on her waist and removed a dino charger, activating it and throwing it into the air.

Roaring, the vivizords reared up and fired their own attacks back at Chase and Adelaide. Jumping aside, the two rangers landed opposite each other, unarmed.

"You OK?" Chase called.

"Uh-huh," Adelaide nodded.

"Too slow!" Chase laughed.

"It's not over yet, Chase," Adelaide said. "They could still fry us!"

Chase frowned. "What happened to the poke the bear with a stick attitude?" he asked.

"That's great when the bear is my size and within striking distance," Adelaide replied. "Not thirty-foot tall and able to crush me."

"Don't worry, Ade, I'm coming!" Shelby called, running onto the scene astride her Tricera Zord. She rammed into the two vivizords, destroying them and then jumping down to rejoin her friends.

Adelaide laughed as she watched Tricera smash her tail into the two vivizords, causing them to implode. "Yeah!" she cheered.

"Guys!" Riley called, racing over to Adelaide and Chase just as Scrapper was destroyed and returned seconds later, bigger than a house.

"Oh come on!" Adelaide whined. "We get rid of two vivizords and then he gigantifies? What's the deal?"

Running over to their friends, Tyler opened his belt and removed another dino charger. "We'll take care of that," he said. "Dino Charger, ready!" He threw the charger into the air, and yelled, "Summon T-Rex Zord!"

"That prehistoric piece of junk is no match for me," Scrapper yelled, thundering towards the T-Rex Zord.

"Bring it on!" Tyler called.

Scrapper unleashed a barrage of laser beams at the T-Rex Zord, but upon Tyler's command, it jumped aside, smashing its feet into Scrapper's chest and knocking him backward into a building.

As they watched from the ground, Kendall's voice echoed over the comms inside their helmets, although her message was for Koda, they all heard it.

"Koda, call your Stego Zord," Kendall instructed. "I think I found a way to combine your Zords."

"That is great, Kendall," said Koda, happily. "We stronger together!" He reached for his belt and removed the last of his dino chargers, throwing it into the air and summoning his Stego to the battlefront.

Adelaide watched, enviously. "I can't wait to summon my Zord," she said.

"Me either," Riley agreed.

Above them, the Stego, Tricera, and T-Rex Zord had combined to create the Dino Charge Megazord.

"A Dino Charge Megazord?" Riley breathed his eyes wide in amazement and excitement.

"Impressive, eh?" Chase asked.

"I'll say," Adelaide grinned.

In no time, Scrapper had been destroyed by the Megazord, leaving the Rangers reigning in another victory against Sledge.


Adelaide laughed as she dipped her hands into the warm water, scooped up a handful of soap suds and blew them in Koda's direction. The caveman looked stunned as the white suds settled on his face, and in his hair.

"Would you guys knock it off?" Tyler asked, wiping down the counter again. "You're getting soap everywhere."

"Oh, come on, Tyler," Adelaide whined. "Quit being so serious."

"But you're getting it on the burgers," Tyler said, protecting the burgers as Adelaide blew a couple of bubbles in his direction. He shook his head as they landed in his hair.

Adelaide rolled her eyes and sunk her hands back into the water, washing them clean of any suds. "So, remind me again, how many points is that to us against Sledge?" she asked Chase as he returned to the kitchen.

"Two?" Chase asked. "Ice Age and Scrapper... yep, definitely two."

"Did you mark it down?" Adelaide asked.

Chase nodded and pointed at the tally chart they had set up on the far wall of the kitchen. It showed two points to the rangers, whilst Sledge had a disappointing zero.

Adelaide laughed and high-fived Chase, turning back to the job of washing the dishes with Koda.

"Oh, hey, look, I wanted to apologise," said Chase, directing his attention onto Tyler. "I was wrong to think you'd abandon the team."

"I'm sorry, too," Tyler replied. "I shouldn't have been so quick to go off on my own. Fact is we work better together."

Chase grinned and Adelaide groaned. "Way to go, Tyler, inflate is already huge ego even more, why don't you?" she asked. "At this rate, we'll never get him out of the cafe as he won't fit through the door."

"I'm gonna get you!" Chase said, making a grab for Adelaide. She shrieked and ducked behind Koda, using him as a shield.

Koda considered Chase. Although he knew that the black ranger would never hurt Adelaide, he still felt protective of her. "No hurt, Ade," he said.

"OK, big guy, I won't," Chase said, holding his hands up in defence.

Adelaide stuck her head out from behind Koda and grinned at Chase, sticking her tongue out childishly as he glowered at her.

"It doesn't seem right," Shelby whined, walking into the kitchen with Riley. "We save the world in the morning, and then serve them lunch in the afternoon."

"You're crazy," Tyler scoffed, walking back to the grill. "It's a blast." He grabbed the spatula and shoved it under a burger. "Look what I learned." He tossed the burger into the air, spun around and held the spatula out, ready to catch the burger when it came back down. It didn't.

Tyler frowned and stared around at his friends suspiciously.

"Don't look at me," said Chase. "I've had my lunch."

Riley held his hands up in defence and looked to Shelby.

"I haven't got it," Shelby said, shaking her head.

Adelaide snorted, her hand covering her mouth to hide her giggles as Koda tried to hide his sheepish look behind an innocent smile. Unable to hide his guilt any longer, Koda spat out the burger pieces, hurling them across the grill at Chase, Riley, and Shelby, causing the latter to scream in disgust.


"Sorry," Koda grinned as Adelaide cackled joyously beside him.

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