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CHAPTER 7: ARC 1 -First Order- (Part 3)

It's been a week since Mayumi Saegusa, Mari Watanabe, Suzune Ichihara, and Azusa viewed the contents of the mysterious black flashdrive. A lot of things happened within the said week with most of the Course 2 students rallying and causing a destabilization within the said institution, with all of them endorsing their platform for equal treatments between Course 1 and Course 2 students while hijacking the school's PA studio.

To make matters worst, several members of the terrorist group Blanche manage to enter First High School with most participants being the students themselves. It was a chaotic and rough scene although they manage put down the terrorist attack thanks to the efforts of several students who helped in defending the school.

Currently, the said 4 females are inside the Student Council's office. Earlier they held a meeting concerning the terrorist attack and the widening gap between Course 1 and Course 2 students in terms of camaraderie and cooperation. While said meeting was adjourned earlier than they expected, the council are still drawing blanks on what viable action should they take.

While there fellow student council members had already left, the 4 females decided to stay for one obvious reason.

"Are we sure that is it okay in continuing this?" A worried Mari changed seats as Suzune began to insert the stick on her laptop. "Honestly Mayumi, I feel bad for Ooguro-san."

"Mari, for the last time, this is not stalking!" Mayumi defended causing most of the girls to roll their eyes. "This is just to investigate Tatsuya-kun's cause for sleeping during class hours. As the Student Council President, it is my duty to correct any misconduct that students make."

"Kaichou, why you just don't admit that you have a thing for Ooguro-san?" Suzune joined with a small teasing smile.

"R-Rin-chan! What you are saying!?"

"Oh, come on Mayumi. Don't deny it or else, I'll claim him for my own." Mari joked though seeing Mayumi's reaction, she could only blinked. "Wait... you really do like him!"

While Mayumi tried her best to come up a good defense, Azusa give the Kaichou a glare and pout of her own. Of course, knowing the Saegusa's antics she won't allow Taurus Silver be entangled by such coyly creature.

"Hey you better sit down now. I'm going to play the next episode." Suzune said causing Mari and Mayumi to end their banter. The Ichihara girl pulled out her notepad in case Tatsuya would give another valuable information.

The same goes for the other 3 individuals. Seeing that everyone is paying attention, Suzune then played the reel.


-Tatsuya's POV-

It is already 3 in the afternoon when me and my brother walked towards our home.

After the opening ceremony and issuance of school IDs and classrooms, I was invited by my brother alongside with his classmates to a cake shop nearby for some tasty treats.

Inside the emporium, I manage to get a better look on my brother's newly created circle of friends which were mostly comprised of 2 ladies; Mizuki Shibata and Erika Chiba.

The girls then recognized the 2 ladies as there faces showed up in the screen since these 2 people were among the few who helped in quelling the rebels 2 days ago.

From their surnames alone, I learned that they're part of the Number Families. Japanese citizens who have Number-system surnames are all families of magi. The Chiba and Shibata families are magi families that are part of the Hundred Families.

Mizuki Shibata, as far as I can describe her, is timid-looking, innocent yet shy person. She has neck-length black hair with purple ribbon-like ornaments tied on each sides. Her eyes were golden in color which were covered with a pair of blue-rimmed eyeglasses. Adding to that, she has a very curvaceous figure and pretty well-endowed.

"I see that Ooguro-san is still observant as ever, his eyes are pretty sharp by the way."

"Tatsuya-kun, you pervert..." Both Mayumi and Azusa said but Azusa's mumble was more muffled than Mayumi."

"Feel threatened Mayumi?"

"Fueh!? N-no!"

Mari chuckled seeing Mayumi's flustered look although looking back at the figure of Mizuki-san, she couldn't agree more with Tatsuya's description.

She had to wonder, how come as young as Shibata-san manage to have such growth?

She supposed it was genetic.

Seeing her with eyeglasses got me curious. In this era, it is very rare for an individual to wear such eyepiece since visual correcting procedures are widespread. While I wore an eyepiece myself, it is more for personal reasons.

I'm not entirely sure but I can tell that Mizuki-san have special eyes like mine.

"Oversensitivity to Pushion particles." Azusa stated which everyone unanimously nodded in agreement.

The knowledge of such condition is widespread throughout the globe.

Erika Chiba, on the other hand, is the opposite of Mizuki-san. She's bright, optimistic, and a person who gets carried away easily. If Mizuki-san is someone who is shy when it comes to people, then Erika-san is someone who addresses people that she has just met in a friendly manner. In physical appearance she is also a beauty in her own right like Mizuki-san with that short, bright red-orange hair of hers, red-orange eyes like embers, and has distinct facial features that amplify the impression of her being a lively girl.

If one would take time to examine her thoroughly, one could see some slight European features on her. Maybe she has some European ancestors.

"Ooguro-san is right. She has slight European features like the shape of her nose although its not visible without careful analysis." Mayumi said much to everyone's agreement.

Most of the talk that we had are about school related stuff like subjects for Course 2 students, the undermanned teaching faculties and other stuff. The 2 of them would often ask me about what it is like to be in a senior year. In response, I answered them truthfully based on my experience. I also told them not to mind the discrimination that most of the Course 1 students would try to sneak in every minute and then.

The four of them frowned upon hearing this. Yeah they really need to work hard on abolishing such negative outlook between students. Such thing is detrimental to a healthy relationship among students.

"So what do you think of them, Tatsu-nii?"

A familiar voice echoed beside me, prompting me to be drawn out from my internal musings.

A 15-year old male, with short light brown hair and amethyst colored eyes decorated by a black rimmed, elongated pentagon-shaped eyeglasses came into my vision. He was wearing First High's Course 2 male school uniform.

This person...is my younger brother.

Caules d'Arc.

"So that's his brother, huh..." Mari cupped her chin as she stared at the screen, her eyes evaluating the looks of the lad.

"Wait a minute," Suzune paused, eyes glancing at Mayumi. "Kaichou I believe we saw him yesterday at Mibu-san's room at the hospital."

"Yes, you're right." The Kaichou shortly replied. "I wonder why?"

Yesterday they visit their fellow students at the hospital who got injured during the terrorist incursion that happened a few days ago. Sayaka Mibu, a 2nd year Course 2 student, was one among who got injured. She, along other Course 2 students, were the ones who helped the terrorists in infiltrating the school although after a thorough investigation, it was later found out that they were induced by Mental Interference Magic.

Meaning that they were being brainwashed by the enemy.

"Maybe he is part of the Kendo Club like Mibu-san. I saw him wearing a Kendo uniform once when I visited the gym." Azusa said.

To be more specific, we are siblings by our father. We're half-brothers yet even so, we treated each other like full-fledged siblings that have the same mother. Caules or Cole, as we in the family call him, is a Japanese descent with an European features like Erika-san. He's half-French to be precise.

The 4 girls exchanged looks at each other before deciding not to voice out their opinions regarding at the revelation.

After all, such existence like this are prevalent in the current society especially the magi families. Within the families constituted the Magic society of Japan, it is an open secret that most people tend to avoid poking about.

Although they had to wonder...is Tatsuya's father part of an illustrous and prestigious magician family? If so, then is he known everywhere? And what clan does he belong to?

One question that both Erika-san and Mizuki-san throw at me when were in the shop earlier is that how come that both Cole and I used different surnames. I just answered that using our Otou-sama's surname would warrant unneccesary attention not to us, but to those who are close to us. While they accept my statement, I believe that it got them curious or suspicious about our real identities and our family.

I don't mind though. Even if they scour the entire surface of databases across Japan or any other countries, they won't find anything about us.

Unless some troll intervenes and play tricks on us...

"It seems that Ooguro-san's background is shrouded in mystery." Mari commented, "Do you think his father is clan member of 'The Untouchables'?"

Everyone become tensed at what the Chairman of Disciplinary Committee said.

"We have no proof there." Suzune added her two cents, "There are other magi families that are also shrouded in mystery and most of them are Ancient Magicians that are not members of the Magic Association."

"Mizuki-san and Erika-san?"

I replied with a query of my own to Cole, who only nod at me.

"Hmm... Between Mizuki-san and Erika-san, Erika-san is the more combat oriented type among the two. Perhaps a practitioner of kenjutsu. Mizuki-san though might not be a fighter, her prana count is outstanding however."

"Any advice from a senpai?"

"Erika-san needs to work on her reserves while Mizuki needs to train in physical combat."

Cole could only nod his head in agreement with my assessment to the 2 female freshmen. It seems that he had also arrived at the same assessment as I did.

"Amazing...he can appraise one's ability with just a simple look..." thought Azusa as she stared at the screen intently.

For a Magus, having an adequate amount of Magical Energy is essential. Magical Energy is the power source used to actualize the mysteries of Magecraft. It powers all magecraft, and it can be analogous to gasoline. There have been many names for it. The energy in the atmosphere is called Mana, the meaning of which is approximately the same as in Polynesian culture.

"Hey, that's our cue." Mayumi readied her notepad only to halt upon seeing her 3 friends wearing their own respective eyeglasses, fingertips almost ready to pounce the keyboard. "Not fair!"

The Saegusa could only cry comical tears seeing she was out of the place. She vowed she will bring spectacles next time.

Magical Energy is divided into two types, and there is a vast difference between that permeating the natural environment and that generated by an individual.

Mana is the life force of the planet and exists in the atmosphere. It is produced by the World itself. Though Mana is usually found in great quantities, it takes a long time to replenish once it is used up. It is the primary source of energy for Nature Spirits.

If the atmosphere of an area is controlled by something, it is impossible to use large scale Magecraft within the environment because the magical energy cannot be utilized. Only small-scale spells utilizing an individual's internal storage can be utilized.

Od is the energy found within living organisms such as humans and animals. Once depleted, the Magic Circuits that are stored in the human soul will begin to replenish it. Od is produced as long as one lives, but the amount a person can store varies from individual to individual.

In Modern Magic or Eidos Thaumaturgical Theory, Mana and Od are Pushions and Psions respectively.

"Mana and Od are Pushions and Psions respectively...got it." Suzune said as her hands dance above her notepad's keypad.

The difference between Mana and Od is their abundance. Mana can be found almost anywhere and in great quantities, thus it is called the Greater Source by the magi. As Od is the energy inside humans and animals, it is much smaller in amount and is called the Lesser Source. Strictly speaking, Mana and Od are energy in its raw state, whereas magical energy or Prana is the name given to the energy once it is converted by the Magic Circuits. Mana can be taken in accordingly with the capacities of the Magic Circuits, but the actual conversion process will take time.

"Magic Circuits? What's that?" Azusa fixed her glasses, wondering what such unfamiliar term means.

"Let's hope that Tatsuya-kun explain it for us."

Regarding nature interference Magecraft mentioned before, at least for large-scale spells, activation requires the use of Mana regardless of the amount of Od that the magus has. In fact, it is common practice among the magi to start up their spells with Od and then keep them running with Mana. Only small-scale spells that do not interact with the environment directly are performed entirely with Od, an example of which would be Reinforcement.

"The Convergence-type Reinforcement?"

"I think Ooguro-san meant the Ancient Magic version." Suzune replied to Mari who only nod, finding the answer somewhat viable.

Magical energy itself does not have any elemental attribute. However, once embedded into an object that does have said attribute such as jewels or that is under the influence of Nature Spirits, it will attune itself to the elements in question until the moment that it is released.

The magical energy itself is held only inside the body fundamentally and if released in the outer world, it will return to the life force and be scattered into the Greater Source. This has also been expressed as "evaporation." Magical power is prone to merge with the fluids such as blood or semen of the magus, and these fluids are good at holding in magical energy for some time even after leaving the body. Because of this, by drinking a magus' blood or semen, one can replenish one's magical power.

"S-semen..." Mari stuttered with a blush on her face. "Draining blood seems okay but..."

"Well we now know why most Succubus in folklore drain their victims...semen." Mayumi tried to be dignified as much as possible but failed miserably while mentally blaming Tatsuya for being too vulgar.

Azusa and Suzune didn't utter a single word although they blushed harder when they input the embarrassing word in their notepad.

A magus can expand his or her reserves by daily practicing magecraft however, those who are practitioners of Modern Magic can't expand more what their Magic Calculation Area can hold. It is inferred that the Magic Calculation Area is the mental area of Magi in Modern Magic. But such magic processor is also true to those of Ancient Magicians. What differs is the utilization of between both magi.

The 4 girls wondered what Tatsuya meant by that.

In Modern Magic, one could tell the amount of magical power and the magic specialty an individual was born with by looking at his or her Magic Calculation Area using a specified technique. This is where Psions and inherent magic ability are theoretically stored.

However, this is not entirely accurate.

From what Otou-sama taught me, Magic Calculation Area is not just a storage of abilities like what most Modern Magician believe. While it may holds such information, it is only a tiny figment of much more larger system. A central and important part of a bigger system; Magic Circuits.

Hearing the unfamiliar term once again, Mayumi, Azusa, Suzune, and Mari focused all of their attention towards the screen.

Magic Circuits are a pseudo-nervous system that spreads itself through the human body and what qualifies a person to be a magus, with the Magic Calculation Area being the "brain" of the entire system. Their normal functions are to act as paths that convert Life Force into magical energy, but humans learned how to control it and use it to perform mysteries. They are that which connects the material world to the astral plane, the paths which connect to the foundations underlying Grand Rituals. If magical energy is the force that actualize the rules of a Thaumaturgical Foundation's system, then the Magic Circuits are the pipelines that converts magical energy and transmit that energy from the magus to the system.

"So in short, they're like Chi Paths in Chinese philosophy or Chakra path system like in a videogame console." Suzune commented as she typed the rest of the explanation.

"I have to say that this my first time hearing this."

"Me too, Mari. Maybe I will ask Otou-sama if he knows about this Magic Circuits."

"Kaichou, that reminds me. Have you asked you father about the 5 True Magics or even the 5 True Magicians?"

"I have A-chan but it seems he doesn't know about them either. Although he said that he would contact some colleague of his for some information."

Azusa and Suzune were saddened about what Mayumi just told them. They wanted to know more about the 5 True Magicians and their respective Magic considering how highly Tatsuya see them.

The problem with Modern Magicians is that they were drawing Prana directly from the Magic Calculation Area, the "brain" and a single part of the entire system rather than drawing it out from the "whole" parts of the entire system. When they start altering or modifying a target's Eidos, they draw their power from a single point instead of the whole line.

It's like using a single key in your laptop repeatedly while neglecting the others until that single key becomes dysfunctional. Transposing it into a magus' utilization of his/her magecraft, this will eventually lead to a person unable to perform any magecraft due to over-stressing the Magic Calculation Area and overheating it.

This is why there are lot of students in Magic schools dropping out during their middle and final years and why only a handful are able to graduate.

"So all this time, we're doing it all wrong?" questioned Mari, her eyes blinking in disbelief.

The others were also shocked and perturbed about this.

Why no one ever dare to enlighten them about such malpractice?

Modern Magicians would never hear such as Magic Circuits since the knowledge is only circulated within the circles of Ancient Magicians. Moreover, those Ancient Magicians who have knowledge about Magic Circuits won't be able to utilize such magical pipelines since most magi who have the required mastery to open the pseudo-nervous system already died in World War III.

"Well I guess that answers our question." Suzune frowned, knowing that those who are capable of opening such magical pipelines died because of a useless war.

Another essential thing for an aspirant magus is combat prowess, mostly in physical combat.

While the knowledge of a large amount of spells and firepower are beneficial, someone who only prioritized in casting spells would fall behind over someone who prioritized in casting spells and physical combat. There's a good reason for this. In a fight between 2 magi with the same magical power and prowess, those who had honed their body and sharpen their physical abilities will surely win even if the "first to cast a spell wins" rule is applicable.

Normally in casting a spell, a magus thought process is preoccupied with various calculation process that would determine how effective his/her spell would be, whereas a magus who honed his/her physicality in training day and night would instantaneously act in accordance to his/her instinct, which he/she had accumulated over time. To make a long story short, a magus who refined in physical combat would outdo a magus who is on the verge of casting his/her spell.

This is a hard fact that many magi that I had met attested by themselves.

Everyone had to agree on such assessment after hearing that. Who knows what might happen when you exhaust your magical fuel in a fight or your magic rendered useless.

Having some additional skill set might become handy when a situation arises. All of them decided to at least sharpen their physical abilities.

I stopped my internal monologue as the picture of our home came into my vision.

A four-storey building made of concrete and cement.

221B Panya-dori.

This is the address of our home in Tokyo.

"So this is where Ooguro-san/Tatsuya-kun/Taurus Silver-sama live." Mari, Suzune, Mayumi, and Azusa thought to themselves respectively as Tatsuya's house came into vision.

Intentionally it is also the address of my older brother's antique shop.

Hollow Shrine.

It is a retail store specializing in selling antiques run by my older brother. While the majority of the jobs involve selling antique wares to passionate collectors and, if Aniki was interested, all sorts of jobs are accepted such as anime production.

I must make it clear that we don't specialize in making hentai productions.

"Tatsuya-kun you idiot!" Mayumi embarrassingly shouted while glaring at the screen. How can he say such thing casually with a straight face?

Aniki placed a bounded field around the building that houses Hollow Shrine that was supposed to make it undetectable via hypnotic suggestions, and made it into our 'fortress', in his own words. Mail service, water and electricity runs just fine. It's because even though it repels unwanted visitors, it also has to maintain its existence as a legitimate business.

"By bounded field, a barrier?" Azusa looked at Mari with an uncertainty.

"Perhaps." Mari answered, "However I get the feeling that that building is not normal. I feel a shady vibe to it. The barrier took it away."

It appeared to be an abandoned building, and it really was an abandoned building. Aniki purchased this building which was abandoned mid-construction and insisted on calling it his house-slash-office. The first floor is an antique shop. The second and third floors are where our living quarters are located. The fourth floor is our recreational area like gaming room and music studio, where we mostly spend quality time with each other. The rooftop is our mini garden where we grow our own vegetables, mostly greens.

Though one might say that its kinda weird to call it a house, still I can honestly say that it is mine and my brothers "home sweet home".

"We're home."

Entering our abode, both Cole and I expressed our greetings. Just like the usual setting, the room are filled with antique wares. Most of them are ceramics and wooden furniture. There are also various sizes of mirrors, coins and jewelries that dates back to Victorian era, even the entire backdrop of the room have an Victorian era-esque feeling to it.

The 4 girls took a moment to see the inside of the antique shop. They were amazed by the ambiance that the room had and how every wares were presented pleasantly as of they walked inside a mini-museum.

"Welcome back."

A 27 year old tall man with tanned skin, white hair swept back, making it somewhat spiky and grey colored eyes, greeted us. He currently wears a red long-sleeved collared shirt, paired with a black neck tie, and a pair of long and slim black pants complimented with a pair of shiny black leather shoes.

This man is our older brother, Shirou Emiya.

The girls were surprised that Tatsuya had another brother, an older brother that had good looks and pleasantly dressed. Not to mention that the guy was tall! They couldn't help but to display a red blush on their cheeks.

"Can we agree that he fits the 'tall, dark, and handsome' stereotype?" Suzune absent-mindedly spoke which the other girls absent-mindedly nod their heads.

He is the current deputy chief of the Hollow Shrine, in other words, second-in-command. If one would take a first glance at Shirou-nii, they might say that his appearance is uncommon. Actually this appearance of his is very different when he was younger. His appearance now is due to a "rebound effect" cause by extensive practice of magecraft.

"So extensive training in magecraft can get you to have a tan? Maybe I'll try that."

"I know your joking Mari."

"Darn, Mayumi."

"So how was the first day in school?"

"Just like always. Although someone here have been playing with beauties earlier."

I coyly tease as I nudge an elbow to Cole, who only grunted in response.

"Ho ho. First day in school and you got yourself to flirt with opposite sex eh, Otouto."

"That's not entirely accurate. Please stop teasing me, Nii-sans."

Both me and Shirou-nii snorted upon seeing Cole's flaring face.

That aside... Glancing back at my elder brother's attire, it seems that there is something that came up. The only time that my brother would wear such clothes is when an important client is coming or...

"I think we have something interesting going to happen." An excited Suzune watched the scene hoping that there is something interesting going to happen.

"You can tell, huh. Anyways, let's go inside the office. Kana is waiting for you two."

Shirou-nii said as we started pacing ourselves towards the store's office. It seems that he noticed my wondering gaze on his outfit. Opening the door, we went inside the office. Just like the antique shop, the ambiance of the office are full with Victorian English feel to it. From the wooden floors, the couches, the furnitures and the desk, you can feel yourself being thrown back in place that belonged in 18th century. And at other times, it felt you are inside a detective office.

Occupying a desk is a man wearing a similar attire to Shirou-nii albeit the long-sleeved collared shirt is colored blue instead. He has black hair which hairstyle is very similar to mine. His eyes are pure onyx black, as if it was the color of the night itself. Similar to me and Cole, he wears an eyeglasses with a rectangular frame. He is currently reading some material through a holographic device. On the desk is a name plate with his name on it.

This man is Aniki, Kaname Ryougi. He is the owner of Hollow Shrine.

"Detective!?" exclaimed everyone as they caught sight of Kaname.

The reason for their surprise was that they recognized Kaname, since the guy visited Sayaka Mibu's ward during their visit at the hospital 2 hours after the failed Blanche attack of First High School. He was also the one who informed them the condition that Sayaka was put into.

"Oh, Tatsu. Cole. Welcome back. So how's school?"

Kana-nii greeted us as he laid down the material he was reading.

"It's not bad. Although it feels that I'm not welcome there."

Cole replied as he slumped his back against the comfy couch. I think he is referring to the 1st year Course 1 students attitude earlier during the assembly.

"Just don't let it get through your head."

"Nah, I'm fine Aniki. Anyway, why do you need us here?"

As Cole said that, I too wondered why Kana-nii demand our presence in his office but immediately I have some inkling about the situation.

"About that, here take a look."

Kana-nii said as he handed to me the holographic display which I took. As my vision took glimpse on the set of words displayed, I couldn't help myself to raise an eyebrow.


"Wait could it be that..."

"Maybe A-chan. Maybe." Mayumi watched closely at Tatsuya, especially at the device that he was holding.

I looked at Kana-nii with a questioning look as I passed down the display to Cole who took interest on the article. I'm not surprised about this group since I have some knowledge about the organization. I know what the organization is all about aside from being an International Anti-Magic Political Organization who calls for an end to political systems that caters to Magi and a terrorist organization.

Blanche... is something more than that.

"So what's the fuss about this group?"

"According to a reliable source, they've been infiltrating Magic High Schools around the globe for the past few days."

Shirou-nii responded as he rested on the desk. Infiltrating Magic Schools huh... It seems like they're doing some recruitment. That's not good.

"Of course recruiting students for terrorism is a blasphemy to all Magic Schools!" Azusa couldn't help but exclaim in anger. She was still mad how her fellow students were being used by such evils.

"I take it that you want us to observe First High?"

"Precisely. If you find anything or anyone suspicious, you know the drill. I don't want teenagers being blinded by this group's honeyed words. We all know what they're going to do with the youngsters. That's what I am trying to prevent."

Kana-nii confirmed as he fixed his glasses.

There is another side of this antique shop that most people don't know about. Hollow Shrine is not just only a name for the store but in reality is a name for the contract-based agency that Kana-nii is running. Aniki is not just an ordinary antique store owner but in reality is a private investigator. A private detective. So does Shirou-nii. To put it simply, Hollow Shrine is a detective agency of sorts.

Mari clicked her fingers as if she hit the jackpot, "I knew it!"

But unlike any other detective agency, we in Hollow Shrine deal cases that no ordinary police or military are willing to do.

That is, dealing the supernatural side of the world. And contrary to what most intelligence agency believed, Blanche is something that leans much, much more to the supernatural spectrum.

For this organization is full of Dead Apostles, also known as... Vampires.

"Vampires? As in for real!?" Azusa exclaimed in horror while the others were horrified.

"So the Dead Apostles mentioned from the last episode is another name for Vampires?" Suzune nervously type on her notepad though her fingers were shaking slightly.

Mari hugged herself in discomfort while Mayumi could only gulp her throat.

They should be disapprove what Tatsuya stated on the video however the way how he delivered it with concern, certainty, and severity prompted all of them to believe in his words.

I know. If I blurted out this to anyone, surely they'll laugh at me. Saying that I spendtoo much in playing fantasy games than focusing on the real world and real issues. However, I'm not making this up. There are really vampires roaming around the entire world and just like mankind, there are good and bad vampires.

The heads of Blanche are the latter ones.

And for someone who have knowledge and combat experience against these blood sucking creatures like me, I already know what's going to happen to the newly recruits. I gasped my neck as I remember my first encounter with them. I could still remember how my neck got punctured by those creatures' fangs.

It's uncomfortable and painful, to be honest.

"Man that might be hurt." Mari winced while rubbing her neck.

"They say that if you got bitten by a vampire you turned into one right?"

"In movies and tv shows yes, A-chan. But I'm not sure in the real world."

"Kaichou, if ever all of that is true then Ooguro-san should be a vampire now." Suzune commented, bringing the attention of the 3 girls to her, "However I think such assumption is false since we can see Ooguro-san everyday under broad daylight. Meaning somehow he didn't get turned."

Hearing this, the 3 girls relaxed a bit mostly Mayumi who let out a sigh.

"So are we heading out tonight?"

"No. Just me and Shirou. You and Cole got school tomorrow, so you two will be excluded from this investigation, but you can patrol the Tokyo area for tonight. We'll let you know once we get any reliable details about this group."

Kana-nii said to us as both he and Shirou-nii put on the upper portion of their black suit before donning a fine and slick black trench coat. Looking at their apparel, they looked like detective in the 90's... Nah, I think being mafia members suit them better.

"So where are your routes now?"

"I will go to 3rd High School while Kaname will visit Second High School. And after that we will visit the other Magic schools as well. Oh by the way, we'll be out for a week so I'll leave you in charge of the house Tatsu."

Shirou-nii said to us before he and Kana-nii left the house through the front door. If one would think about it the distance between 2 institutions to Tokyo are quite enormous but knowing them, they will surely arrive there in a matter of seconds.

More importantly...

Looking at the digital clock at the desk as its hour hand strike at six, we started closing the store. After that, Cole and I exchange looks.

"Alright, I'll take the console. You better suit up, Nii-san."

With that being said, we both head to our personal space. Entering my private room, I started undressing, grabbed a towel and headed to the shower. All I know is that this will be a very long night.

When the clip ended, Mayumi Saegusa was the first one to stand up from her seat, her cheeks beating red furiously.

"Please excuse me, I need some fresh air."

"I think I need some too."


The room became almost empty as Mayumi, Mari, and Azusa exited the Student Council office, leaving only a blushing Suzune who was still gawking at the black screen of her laptop.

That last image... those hard as rock abs... those strong shoulder muscles... that naked body like it was chiseled by the heavens... it was powerful.

Suzune then slowly scanned the entire room, seeing how she was alone in there. But she need to be sure. Glancing at the screen again, she nod her head and then replay the last scene where Tatsuya was taking off his clothes.

Pausing the video, she then used a video editing software, copied the last clip and put it into the said folder.

Said folder, she labeled it "For Research Only".