70. Epilogue

Standard year 24985

We're not supposed to have this diary. There was a load of confusion and people were running about all over the place, and someone (probably Lynna) said we ought to go and get some of the artifacts, because they would probably burn that room down we went to get them and on the way out we saw a dead body down the corridor where we'd been. Everyone was a bit scared, and then we were told to hide here. I kept the diary in my pocket, and Lynna kept some of the glass stuff. The thing about that is that we can use the glass as weapons, too. But I don't know if anyone else is thinking about that.

If anyone sees me writing in this diary, they'll be so's vandalism or something. But there were still enough pages left in the diary, and I had a stylus...I didn't mean to, I just left it in my pocket. I'm not supposed to carry a stylus around, it's distracting or something. I think. I just wanted something to do, I hate waiting.

It's weird how no-one's crying.

I know who this diary belongs to. It belonging to a Jedi Master called Qui-Gon Jinn, except he wasn't a Jedi Master then. He trained Obi-Wan Kenobi and he brought Anakin here. I like Anakin. He's more like us than the other adults are.

I don't want to read this whole journal, because you ought to respect people's privacy even when they're dead. But I flicked back a few pages and he was talking about the Temple getting invaded again, and he survived. And so did Tahl, his friend. I think he was in love with her. Maybe that's why she died. People say sometimes that the Force can punish you if you did something wrong, and falling in love is supposed to bring you closer to the Dark Side because you care about the other person more than you care about being good.

It's weird to think most of these pages were written years and years ago, before I was even born. Things sound like they were different then. There wasn't a war on. There's a war on now. The person who was going to be my Master got killed. That's why I'm still here- I'm twelve years old, the oldest. Except for Yinnie, who says she's older than me but doesn't know her birthday. She looks older, though.

Weird how this diary just stops. It doesn't even say anything about Obi-Wan Kenobi. It's a pity because I want to know. I heard people talking once, back when they were thinking of throwing out the old artifacts because they didn't like what was in them...stuff about Master Kenobi being the descendant (or son, I think) of a dark Jedi...he left the Order not long after- this diary stopped being written in in 24941, right? It would have been about then. He had a wife or a girlfriend on Tatooine (the dark Jedi that is) and the child was force-sensitive. Then again it might not be true. But I do a lot of reading, I read more than anyone, so I probably know about it more than the others do. I don't know who it was though, the fallen Jedi. It couldn't have been Dooku because the timing is off. He left the order much later. Then again, there are probably things I don't know about it, because no-one will tell me.

It's weird that this diary says so much about Dooku. He killed a lot of people and he sounded like any other Jedi.

I think the most important thing in this diary is the bit about the other Temple invasion, though. The one where he figured he would die and he didn't. That message that was left. To us, in a way. It was a good thing to write- I know we're going to survive. Even though you can still sort of smell burning, and it's all really quiet, and someone was saying earlier that Master Windu was dead (I don't think that's true, he's the most powerful duelist ever, apart from Yoda). I think we're going to survive, like most of the people did before. Even though they died least they didn't die then. Any minute now, Yoda or Shaak Ti or Anakin will come and save us and get us out of here.

I hope so.


Author's notes:

Oh wow.

Seriously, it hasn't sunken in that this is actually finished- it's been going for what, two years now? Dude. I meant to finish it before Revenge of the Sith came out, but I'm not sure what happened. I have a feeling it now contradicts a bit of canon, although I tried to make up for it in the last chapters, as you can see...

A few important things:

1) I know this isn't, all things considered, a brilliant fic. I started it back in 2003, and then I didn't even know how to use commas properly. Also- it was meant to be a trilogy, as the more observant among you may have noticed. ;) Things have been cut out and abandoned and all sorts of stuff. There are probably plot holes in here you could drive a X-wing through. I'm sorry it isn't a trilogy- that's all I can say about that, really. But because I feel bad about that, there will be something else coming in the future, hopefully, although it's not quite a fanfic.

2) Which brings me to number two: There was a whole plotline which I loved which was supposed to be in the second part of the trilogy, but since there is no second part...I managed to get it in here. It concerns Obi-Wan Kenobi and someone who we've met already. It's not Xanatos, and I hope I left enough clues to point you towards who it is...

The most important thing:

Thank you to everyone. Seriously. If it hadn't been for you lot, I'd have stopped long ago. This fic will always have a place in my heart, because it gained me friends- good friends. You all rock, believe me.

Thank you, again.