Bella was lying on the table , screaming as the demon tried to push his way out of her. Her fraile body was so pale, it was obvious the monster child was trying to suck the life out of her.

Edward was standing by her side, trying desspretly to clear her mouth so she could breath.

"Get him out!" she screamed, "he can't breathe!"

Edward grabbed a surgeon knife, and sliced her stomach with one quick slice. Bella screamed from the pain, her eyes rolling inside her head. I grabbed her head and laid my lips on hers, breathing into her broken body. "Stay with me Bella!" I whisper to her before I breathed into her again. She started to cough and gasp from the pain. I held her head as she tried to breath.

A sudden breath from Edward, "EJ... "

Bella was right. It was a male. Shocking considaring all the wrong life choises she had.

She breathed, "let me hold him." Edward placed the creature on her chest, supporting her as she held her son. "EJ... my little miracle," she sighed before the creature bite her.

A muffed scream came from her throat, and Edward quickly took the bloody demon from her. "No EJ!" He cried out, trying to make the monster behave.

Bella's eyes rolled into her head and her body squirmed, "Do something!" I shouted at Edward, focusing on Bella. "Save her!'

"Jacob take the baby," he tried to hand the monster to me but I jerked away.

"Throw it out the window!" I grabbed Bella head and breathed into her again, before placing my hand on her heart and pressed it. Bella has to live, Bella has to live, Bella has to live, the sentence kept repeating in my mind, like a mantra.

Rosalie entered the room, "Edward give him to me," she said as she held her hands out for the baby. He looked at her for a moment, checking her bloodthirst. After a second he handed her the baby and return to focus on Bella. He grabbed a long syringe and pushed my hands out of the way as he injected it directly in her heart. Her body jerked for a moment before went still. Edward started to bite her, every place of her body he could find he bite.

"Bella!" I'm screaming as I tried to push on her heart, make her breath again. But she is lost, dead. The demon child took her from me. Edward kept working on is dead wife, ignoring the fact that she is dead. Hearing my thoughts he snapped at me. "Than get out!"

But I could hardly hear him. Bella is dead. It was all that matter. The girl that I love is dead. The monster took her from me. The little monster killed the girl I love. My eyes narrowed as I snarled. I need to get out.

Slowly, heavy heat in my chest I stepped down the stairs.

I'm going to destroy the monster.

Down in the living room blondy was holding the demon, whispering compliments at him, "such a perfect little baby you are."

She doesn"t notice me, her back is turned to me and she is too focus on the little freak to notice me. A wicked grin is making it's way on my lips. Good.

I crouched and leaped forward ready to rip it apart.