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'Why am I here?'

Elena wandered through the old hallways of Mystic Falls High, ending up at the trophy case, showcasing the students achievements, an old photograph of the cheerleeding squad, a young fresh faced Caroline, Bonnie and herself staring straight back at her.

In the glass reflection, she saw a familiar face behind her, she spun on her heel, coming face to face with Stefan, and all of her emotions came flooding back, her undying love at the forefront. Suddenly all thought of Damon was forgotten. "Stefan." She smiled.


"I don't understand...?"

"Damon and Bonnie... they're dealing with Katherine."

"Dealing with? What do you mean, dealing with?"

"Sending her back to hell. Damon compelled me to leave..."


"I'm human now. I did some terrible things..."

Elena slowly walked forward a short distance, stopping in front of him. "What about Damon? And Bonnie?"

"I'm sorry. I tried to fight against the compulsion. Bonnie blocked the way and wouldn't speak to me, and she'd argued with Damon about letting her help. Something about toge-"

"Together or not at all." She finished at the same time.

Stefan nodded.

"Bonnie you stupid..." she wiped her tears.

He pulled her into his arms, holding her tightly as she cried. "I'm so sorry." He kept whispering in her ear.

Elena cried for the loss of her best friend. The woman who had sacrificed herself for so many people, most undeserving, herself included. The woman who surely would have died again now, with Damon by her side once again.

"We have to stop them..." Elena spoke softly, though she knew it would be too late.

"I've already tried. But Damon is a better man, he was ready to sacrifice himself for this town, to die protecting it. He became the brother I spent many years looking up to, the man I knew he could be. And it was because of you and Bonnie. So I want to thank you for that, Elena. Thank you for bringing my brother back to me."

"Bonnie? What did she do?"

"She did what she always does. She was his best friend. She loved him. They loved each other, in their own way."

She nodded, smiling. "Yeah I guess they did..."

"We should be going." Stefan spoke after a moments silence. He reached out his hand for her.

Elena held his hand and linked their fingers together as they left the school. Suddenly they weren't in the school parking lot where they should have been. They were in the town square. Elena walked forward, seeing a silhouette of someone, they appeared to be struggling with something. As she got closer, she realised who she was looking at.

"Bonnie...? Damon...?"

The young witch dropped Damon's arms to the ground beside his body and she stood straight, staring at her best friend. "Elena.."

The doppelganger caught her as she fell. "Bonnie!"

Stefan ran forward to them, bending beside his brother. "Damon?"

The man in question groaned in response, but he did not wake.

"We'll get them to the hospital." He heaved his brother up off the ground, looking at Elena.

She nodded and they both struggled with their loved ones to the nearest car, and Stefan took them to Mystic Falls General.

Damon woke in a darkened room, staring up at the ceiling, and judging by the sounds around him, he guessed he was in hospital.

The chanting of the witches could be heard through the cave. He knew Bonnie was at the forefront. He'd sent his brother away, at least Stefan deserved the chance to live, and he knew that he would try and stop him, but he never got the chance.

Bonnie had put up a shield in the cave, stopping Stefan from entering again. "Damon you need to move!"

"You know I can't do that, Bon."

"I'm not leaving you! We do this together or not at all! We promised each other that much!"

"Aw isn't that sweet. My sweet Damon and the little witch. You know it would never have lasted. He's too obsessed with that whiny mess of a doppelganger of mine." Katherine was taunting them both.

"Damon please!"

"Go to hell, Katherine." He could hear the fire gathering pace, and it wouldn't be long before it took over them both.

"Modus!" Bonnie screamed just as the wall of flames passed through, and she collapsed to the floor after the ordeal.

It took her a few minutes to gather her strength again and she struggled to her feet. She wasn't sure if it worked. "Damon...?" She walked forward, looking around. "Damon!" She called again. She spotted a heap on the floor and she rushed forward, a sob of relief escaping when she saw her best friend. She dragged him through the cave, struggling until she reached the entrance. She heard her name, and her world turned black.

Groaning, Damon pushed himself to get off the bed.

"You know that was a stupid decision."

"You were never good at hide and go seek, Stefan."

The younger Salvatore stepped from the shadows, looking at him. "I would never walk a day on this earth as a human without having vervain."

Damon nodded. "Now where's the witch?"

"Elena is with her."

"Elena? But Bonnie's..?"

"She's fine. But Elena is awake." Stefan walked to the door. "You coming?"

Damon nodded, leaving the room with him and they walked to the hospital room Bonnie was in. If it wasn't for the steady sound from the heart monitor, the vampire would have guessed the witch had burned herself out for the last time.


His head snapped up, looking to Elena. "Elena."

The brunette smiled and walked forward to hug him tightly. "You're okay."

The vampire hugged back, burying his head into her neck.

Stefan shuffled on the spot, unable to look at them until they separated.

Damon stepped away from her and walked to Bonnie's bedside, sitting by her and he held her hand. "You're a stupid woman, Bennett. Stupid, stubborn, hard headed. Enzo would have killed you even if that didn't. And I know you can hear me, witch."

Elena stood, watching the scene before her, a twinge of jealousy spiking in her heart as she watched Damon with her best friend.

"I swear if you don't wake up soon." Damon kept looking at Bonnie.

Elena turned on her heel and left the room, walking out of the hospital.

Damon looked up at his brother. "Go after her."

"What about you?" Stefan questioned.

"I'll be fine here." it was clear that he wasn't going to leave her side to play a game of cat and mouse with the doppelganger.

Stefan nodded and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Bonnie will be ok. And if she wakes up before we come back, tell her I'm sorry."

"You killed Enzo. You're gonna have to do more than sorry when she does."

"I know." He left Damon alone to look for Elena. He found her sitting on the bench outside the building. "Elena?"

"You said to me that they loved each other. I just had no idea how much."

He sighed and walked to her, taking a seat beside her. Truthfully, he had no idea either. "Honestly, I don't think she'll be ready to move on for a while. Not so soon after she lost Enzo."

"But we know Damon. He likes to play the waiting game." She looked at him and sighed. "I think it's a good thing anyway. Bonnie deserves happiness, and...it's obvious that Damon and I aren't gonna be good together anymore."

Stefan said nothing. He knew what she was saying was true, but he also knew Bonnie wouldn't move on too quickly. It took Enzo the best part of the first year without Damon to get the witch to go on a date with him.

Elena smiled a little at her thoughts. "I think they'd be happy. Eventually."

Over the coming weeks, Bonnie came out of her coma and she was back home.

Elena decided to make the move to New York to restart her medical schooling, and eventually Stefan made the move with her, leaving Caroline and Mystic Falls behind, moving into an apartment with her.

Elena picked up her phone to answer the ringing. "Hey, Bon." She smiled.

"Hey. Listen, I've been thinking about what you said... I'm gonna do it." Bonnie spoke. "I'm gonna go travelling. I was gonna do it with Enzo and... well because he's not here, he'd want me to do it anyway."

"That's great! Honestly, Bon you need this. Do something for you." Elena grinned.

"I know. It sounds selfish but-"

"But nothing! You need this after everything you've done, everything you've been through. Mystic Falls will still be there when you return."

"Right. Well I guess I have to then." she laughed.

"Yep. Like you said. Enzo would want you to be happy, do what makes you happy. And if seeing the world is what you wanna do, get your butt out there and do it."

Bonnie smiled. "I'm stalling aren't I."

Elena made a sound of agreement. "And what for? I'm in New York, Caroline is... somewhere with the twins and Ric. And Matt is back to being the sheriff of the town. All is right with the world."

"Still no word from Care?"

"Nope... And I wouldn't expect to... She thinks I'm the reason why they broke up." she sighed. "I didn't even know about it until Stefan showed up on the doorstep."

"That might have been me... but I swear I didn't mention anything about you! Damon mentioned that he was acting different after everything and I spoke to Caroline to see if she noticed too..." There was a guilty edge to Bonnie's tone. "But all she got from it was he'd been off since you woke up."

"Bon that's not your fault. She was gonna think it no matter what. Come on if Damon told her he'd have pushed that thought into her head."

"Yeah... he would have."

"He has his own mind, he can do what he wants to do." Elena sighed.

"I know. But think about it, Lena. You don't see what he's like when he's home. It's like he's gone back to when you two first met."

"But... that doesn't make sense, he's not like that here..."

"Course he's not. He's with you."


"Elena! Stop." Bonnie said firmly. "Just hear me out."


"I don't think he ever stopped loving you. I mean... yeah he loved Caroline, and he was happy with her... but I think he thought if he stayed with her long enough he'd be in love with her like she was with him... It's a crappy way to go about it, but I don't think his intentions were bad."

"He just wanted to make her happy." Elena nodded.

"Exactly. And then you came back and now you can restart your epic love story." Bonnie laughed.

"I don't think that's gonna happen. Not after everything I put him through... Not after Damon. I don't deserve to have that back."

"No, you don't, but you can make amends, try being friends, and you never know what might happen."

"Bonnie Bennett, you're sounding like you're 12 years old again."

The witch gave a wistful laugh. "I know. But that's what Enzo was like. A hopeless romantic, and he knew the right things to say and to do."

"I know you must miss him..."

"Every day. But every day it gets a little easier." Bonnie agreed. "I take comfort in the fact that I know he's always with me."

"Good." Elena smiled. "Anyway... I should go."

"Yeah, me too." Bonnie nodded. "I'm gonna start planning my trip."

"Good luck. I'll see you soon." Elena hung up and looked up hearing the front door open.



Stefan walked through the apartment to her, smiling. "Hey." He hugged her.

"Hey you." She smiled and hugged back. "How did it go?"

"Well... If I get Damon to help,I should be able to set up my own car workshop sooner rather than later. Still had a way to go in convincing the guy that I was older than 18."

Elena giggled and nodded. "You didn't tell him you're like... two hundred years old right?"

"Hmm. Hilarious." Stefan smirked.

"I thought so." She grinned. "I spoke to Bonnie just now."

"Yeah?" Stefan walked to get a cup of coffee.

"Yeah. I convinced her to go ahead with her plan to travel the world. I told her it's time to think about herself for once." Elena nodded. She didn't mention what else they talked about.

"Good. It's about time." Stefan nodded. "Want a drink?"

"Yes please." Elena smiled.

Stefan made them both a cup of coffee and he placed hers on the table for her.

"Thank you." Elena smiled. "I was thinking of cooking tonight."

"You know I'm not a vampire anymore right? You are able to poison me." He teased with a smirk.

"Hey!" She scoffed and lightly hit him, laughing.

He laughed with her. "Go on, what were you thinking."

She shrugged. "Just something simple. Maybe you could teach me a few things." She smiled.

"Maybe." He smirked again.

"Please?" She pouted.

He chuckled and nodded. He was falling more in love with her every day.

"Don't you ever knock?" Bonnie didn't look up from her laptop as she sat in her bedroom.

"Not when you've been ignoring my calls all day." Damon spoke dramatically and flopped on to her bed, looking up at her. "What are you looking at?"

"Ignoring?" She scoffed. "I was talking to you about an hour ago. I got off the phone tto Elena fifteen minutes ago."

"See? Ignoring."

Bonnie rolled her eyes and smiled. "What do you want?"

"What are you doing on there?"

"Looking at flights."

"For where? Going somewhere?"

She nodded. "I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna follow my dream and travel the world."

He nodded.

"What? You know I won't be gone forever." She smiled.

"I know."

"So what's with the kicked puppy look?"

'He loves you, silly witch.'Bonnie looked, she could have sworn she just heard Enzo's response.

"What?" Damon looked at her.

"I just thought I heard something..."

"I knew you were mad." He smirked.

She nudged him with her leg, laughing. "Hey!"

"What? You're the one hearing voices."

"I thought I heard Enzo."

The smile vanished from his face, but it stayed on Bonnie's. "I'm sorry." He moved up the bed and sat beside her.

"Don't be." She shook her head. "I'm know he's here, and I'm not sad anymore. Yeah it still hurts, but what can I do except do what I wanted to do, what he wanted me to do?"

He nodded. "I suppose. Well let me come with you. It's gonna be boring with no one to talk to." He smirked.

"Actually I might enjoy the peace." Bonnie teased. "Peace and quiet without Damon Salvatore. Sounds like heaven to me."


She gave him a sarcastic smile.

'That's my girl.'"There it is again." Bonnie scoured the room.


"I swear I just heard him again."

"What is he saying?" He looked at her.

"He just said 'that's my girl'... like he was just listening to us."

"Enzo, stop creeping the girl out you bastard!" He smirked.

"Damon!" She elbowed him.

'Talking to ghosts he can't see or hear... finally the flesh reflects the madness.'Bonnie giggled.

"What? What's he saying now?!"

"Nothing. Nothing." She laughed and looked back at the laptop.

"Bonnie Bennett."

"Damon Salvatore."

"What did the bastard say?"

"Nothing! I swear."

He gave her a look, clearly not believing her.

She just giggled and closed the laptop, and she answered her ringing phone. "Hey, Care."

"Bon I need to see you. Like... now."

"Why? What's wrong?"

"I can't explain right now. Please just meet me at the Grill."

"Fine I'll be right over." She hung up. "I'll be back, best friend crisis."

"But I'm right here and I'm fine." He smirked.

"Other best friend." She rolled her eyes. "Care Bear crisis. And when Caroline has a crisis, it doesn't end well." She stood up and smiled. "I promise I'll come back."

"You better do, witch." He smirked and watched her leave.

Bonnie drove to the Grill and walked inside, spotting the familiar blonde at the bar. "Care!" She called and walked to her.

Caroline looked and hugged her. "Hey. I ordered your drink."

"What's wrong?" Bonnie hugged back and picked up the glass, taking a sip.

Caroline sighed heavily. "Klaus is back..."

"What?! Why?" She set the glass down.

"Well... not physically here..." She passed Bonnie the envelope, which the young witch took and opened it, reading the letter inside.

"What the...?"

"I know. How did he even know about my plan to open the school?"

"Wow... I mean... well if it would help you."

"Okay I'm gonna assume grief brain right now. You didn't just suggest I take his money."

"Well why not? It's money not a marriage proposal."

"Bonnie! I lost Tyler because of him!"

"He didn't make you have sex with him." Bonnie smirked. "You did that on your own."

"It was pretty hot sex..." Caroline shook her head. "That's not the point! It's Klaus!"

Bonnie just laughed. "Try contacting him. Find out his motives."

"He'll just charm me back into bed and... well it's been a while okay."

Bonnie laughed again and both girls finished their drinks. "I should go. I have packing to do."

"Packing? Where are you going?"

"Well actually I might need to go shopping first... I'm making plans to go travelling."

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