First of all, I'm sorry. I know i said in the past that i had no intention of giving up on this story but to be honest that was me being presumptuous. I just come to realize that I simply lacked the drive to continue this story, both because I've lost any remaining passion I had for GATE and because with all of the struggles of real life piling up on me, what started as a fun past time had become more and more like a job I had to do.

For a while I just kept telling myself it was just me procrastinating or simply a burnout, that I just needed to take a step back, maybe try my hand at writing something else, and I'd come back refreshed and ready to write a new chapter, nevermind that while I knew where the story was going I still didn't know how it would get there or how it would end.

Recently however I had a fellow writer giving me a rather heartfelt answer to a review of mine that helped finally put things into perspective. After some soul searching I came to the conclusion that forcing myself to stumble along a story I no longer felt like writing would be disrespectful to me, to my readers and to those writers that are genuinely pouring their hearts into their work despite a much lower opinion of their own quality.

I know I racked quite a few followers along the way and I'm sorry if this isn't what you expected and I'm even more sorry to those new amongst you who wanted to see where this ride was headed, but as I stated I feel like making you wait indefinitely for a chapter that won't be written would be just worse. You're still free to shame me for being such an horrible writer as to start something that I can't finish.

As for the future, I don't know if I'll get back to writing anytime soon, but I've definitely learned something from this experience, awful as it was. I don't know if any future work of mine will be to your tastes or if you will even check out anything else from me after this blunder, but I'm still grateful for following me along for this journey, short as it might have been.

So, see you soon, or maybe not, but still thanks nonetheless.