Hey guys xxxblackwolfxxx here this is my first story I got some ideas from Protogenoi Army: A Whole New Life from j o ytothewild. feel free to review I hope you enjoy the story I might make a sequel, but I hope you enjoy the story!

Chapter 1

Percy POV

Finally, Camp Half-Blood my home for the past 7 years I've been gone for the past year to gain Lady Athena's permission to marry Annabeth Chase her daughter, Annabeth has blonde princess curls, a athletic body, and stormy gray eyes that analyze your every move and when glare at you make you want to run to Hades. When I reach the the pine hill I see Peleus guarding the Golden Fleece I pet Peleus on the head and enter camp. As I walk to the Big House I ignore all the glares and rude remarks that I get from my fellow friends and campers, you may be wondering why I, Percy Jackson Son of Poseidon two-time Savior of Olympus is being treated like dirt well I'll tell you it all started around 18 months ago when a son of Zeus came to camp...


I was on guard duty by Thalia's pine tree when I heard a loud roar I looked down the hill to see a old friend, the Minotaur chasing a boy around the age 18 has blonde hair, sky blue eyes, and has muscle but not as much as Jason or me. I ran down the hill to see the boy trying to fight the Minotaur with a stick, so I yelled to get his attention "hey beefhead, how was Tartarus?" I got the reaction I wanted he roared in outrage and charge at me I waited until the last minute then side-stepped and jabbed Riptide into the Minotaur's stomach as he dissolved into dust I turned around to see the new kid launching himself at me wrestling Riptide from my grasp, "hey what are you doing kid get off me!" he took Riptide from me and pushed me down just as the campers came up the hill he turned to the crowd and boasted "I just slayed the Minotaur and a bunch of monsters while this kid just sat there and watched" the younger campers looked at me in hatred while the older campers who were with me during the 2nd Titan and 2nd Giant War just looked at him displeased. And this was the beginning of when my life went south in a heartbeat...

The next day in the dining pavilion the new kid walked up to me and said "aren't you going to thank me?" he demanded. "Excuse me?" I asked then all of a sudden a lighting bolt appeared over his head 'great another son of Zues and his ego is only going to get worse' I thought sarcastically Chiron then stood up "all hail ..." he trailed off "Zane Skye" he said with a cocky attitude "all hail Zane Skye son of Zeus!" all the campers bowed except for me he looked around then saw me not bowing "hey you bow down before your superior!" I just looked at him blankly then walked off... while Zane was at camp he kept challenging me to a duel and every time I beat him he kept saying I was cheating and his followers sorry I mean the younger campers started yelling at me 'saying I was trying to be a bully', or 'I'm just trying to show off' I just walked off to the beach to calm down. Zane was always boasting about how great he was and how weak I was when he found out I was the two-time Hero of Olympus and the bane of the titans and giants themselves he tried even harder to break me. I didn't really care about fame or power he then realized this and he targeted my friends first he destroyed Katie Gardner's garden, broke Will's bow, told Chiron about a big prank that the Stoll brothers were planning for a month, broke Jason's glasses, stole Piper's dagger Katoptris, one by one I lost all my friends even Thalia because I apparently said that she should have remained a tree and that she was a coward for not taking on the Great Prophecy and Nico because I apparently said that Bianca was a useless daughter of Hades and she belongs in the Underworld my only friends are Clarisse,Chris,Lucy, a innocent 12 year old daughter of Aphrodite and surprisingly Drew Tanaka when I asked her why she stood up for me she merely said "I know what its like to be betrayed by ones you loved and I can tell who is a liar and who isn't".



As I head to the Big House I ran into little Lucy "hey Lucy where you headed" I asked but then I saw her bloodshot eyes and tear-stained cheeks "what's wrong Lucy?" I asked worriedly. She sniffled and then said "P-Percy A-Annabeth is c-cheating on you with Zane I asked her why she said 'because he hasn't been at camp for a year and he hasn't even iris-messaged me' I told her if you found out that it isn't going to be good for you or Zane but she didn't believe me." She said while drying her eyes out. "Lucy are you lying or is this the truth? I asked while feeling sick to my stomach "I swear on the River Styx that everything I said to Percy Jackson is true" thunder boomed in the background sealing the oath. When the thunder boomed sealing the oath I felt my heart shatter into a million pieces only to be replaced by pure rage and anger anger for Annabeth cheating on me the campers forgetting me and accusing me of stealing their things "Lacy where are they?" I growled out.

"They are at the beach where you and Annabeth are always at?" she said while looking at me warily "Percy what are you going to do" "I'm going to confront them myself" I said while walking to the beach raw fury coursing through my veins.


When I got to the beach I headed to the spot where we always go to and of course there they were Zane and Annabeth making out on the beach blanket that we always lay on they broke apart only for me to hear Zane say "when are you going to break up with that loser Annabeth?" Zane asked. She replied back saying "I'll break up with him as soon as he comes back. I decided to make myself known "oh don't worry Annabeth you won't have to I heard everything" they both spun around for me to see Annabeth with a look of shock on her face and Zane with a smug smirk on his face. "P-Percy w-what a-are y-you d-doing h-here? "I only came to see you and ask you a important question but instead I found my girlfriend locking lips with that useless excuse of being a demigod?" I snarled at her Annabeth turned red in anger "well where were you for a year huh? Probably cheating on me with some mortal?" "Wow Annabeth you think so low of me I was put to sleep for eight months by Hera and I lost my memory yet I still remained faithful to you no I was doing the 12 Labors of Hercules to get your mothers permission to marry you and I didn't iris-message you because if I did then I wouldn't be able to marry you plus I wanted it to be a surprise for you but I guess that FALLING INTO TARTARUS FOR YOU WASN'T ENOUGH! "What are you going to do now Jackson I took your friends, your leadership here at camp, heck even took your girl-" that was as far as he got before I rammed my fist into his face knocking him back into the sand I continued to ram my fist into his face unleashing all my rage, fury and pain into my punches. As I continued to pulverize Zane I failed to notice that the waves were going from 10-20 feet in the air, lighting was crackling in the sky, the earth was struck with a terrifying earthquake, and a hurricane was starting to surround me. I finally got off of Zane to look down at Zane to see that it didn't even look like Zane anymore all of a sudden all the pain, heartbreak, and the betrayal finally kicked in I turned around to walk away from the destruction that I caused as I turned around I heard Annabeth calling me back begging me to forgive her give her another chance. "Percy I'm sorry I didn't mean it please just give me another chance." "Annabeth,do you know that when I bathed in the River Styx who kept me anchored to the mortal world?" She didn't answer "it was you." She froze and looked at me in shock "w-what?" "It was you who pulled me out of the River Styx! Do you know what my fatal flaw is Annabeth?" I spat out the name like it was venom on my tongue. "Personal Loyalty why" she said. "It's fatal because when someone betrays me it hurts me, not physically but emotionally it kills me from the inside and when you betray my trust it takes a lot to get it back. You were right about one thing Annabeth 'children of Athena and Poseidon don't get along." I took out the ring that I was going to propose to her with, the band was made of intertwined gold and silver, and there was a grey, owl shaped diamond on top. The owls eyes were perfect pearls and there was a blue topaz trident on the owl's chest. Inside the ring 'Seaweed Brain and Wise Girl together forever' was engraved in beautiful cursive Annabeth saw the ring and gasped. I uncapped Riptide and Annabeth saw what I was going to do "Percy don-" too late I already tossed the ring up into the air and sliced across cutting the ring in half "hope you have a wonderful life with Zane Annabeth." With that I walked back to my cabin opened the door and slammed it and walked back to my bed and finally I let the tears start falling.

In Olympus Throne Room

Third POV

The Olympians were discussing how to award the Seven Heroes of the 2nd Great Prophecy and the cabin leaders from both the 2nd Titan and Giant War Juno the roman form of Hera said "why don't we offer them all the chance of godhood?" Zeus being paranoid said "no how about we offer them partial immorality like the hunters of Artemis for the cabin leaders and godhood for the Seven Heroes of the prophecy of seven?" Everybody looked at him in shock "what" he said. Poseidon said "You said something smart and aren't being paranoid towards my son or Hades/Pluto." Zeus said "well what can I say your son saved Olympus twice so of course I show respect. Hermes go get the demigods" Zeus ordered Hermes was just about to go get the demigods until the Olympians felt a massive aura from the middle of the throne room as a portal appeared in the middle of the throne room and a man stepped out with a suit on but his suit looked like it has stars and galaxies on it and his eyes looked like a supernova Zeus ordered "who are you" raising his master bolt ready to strike down this intruder. Before he could do something Athena stopped him "wait father don't! Zeus look confused "why not" "because that is Chaos Creator of the universe." Everybody looked shock and went to bow down before the most powerful being in existence Chaos chuckled "rise Olympians" the Olympians rose "Lord Chaos what can we do for you" Asked Zeus "I am here to talk about Percy Jackson and I have a purpose for him if he accepts." Chaos answered.

Lucy POV

When Percy walked off towards the beach I immediately ran to find Clarisse,Chris,and Drew I found Clarisse and Chris in the arena sparring I ran up to them and explained to them what happened Chris and Clarisse started turning pale by the time I finished Chris and Clarisse were white as a ghost."We need to find him now before he destroys the camp" Chris exclaimed. By the time Chris finished his sentence a terrible earthquake happened, lighting started to crackling in the sky, and the waves started to reach up to 10-20 feet in the air as we looked closer at the beach we saw a massive hurricane starting to form before everything just stopped all of a sudden. As we surveyed the camp we saw how much damage Percy caused most of the cabins collapsed except the Hermes cabin, Ares Cabin, and the Aphrodite Cabin. There was a massive crack from the beach all the to the top of the hill,trees were torn from their roots and tossed around into the cabins and arena. We saw Percy running to his cabin and we tried to chase after him but when we tried the earth itself sunk around his cabin so no one could get to his cabin. Later on we saw Annabeth her cheeks were tear-stained and had red puffy and also we saw the Apollo campers tending to...'wait a minute who is that? Is that...Zane! Looks like Zane got his butt handed to him like I told him. I hope Percy gets better from his heartbreak.

Olympian Throne Room

Third POV

The Olympians were immediately wary, wondering why the Creator of the Universe wants with the two-time Savior of Olympus."What do you want with my son Lord Chaos?" Poseidon asked defensively "Have you kept track of the children who enter Camp Half-Blood?" Chaos asked. "Yes of course we have Lord Chaos why do you ask?" Lord Zeus asked "I hope you know of your son Zane Skye correct?" Chaos questioned Hera whirled on Zeus "you cheated on me again?" "Anyway Zeus I hoped you know what your fatal flaw is Zeus " "yes of course I do Lord Chaos why do you ask" "Well your son heard of Percy's accomplishments and his power so he decided he would take Percy's position as camp leader and make Percy's friends turn against him by stealing their things and blaming it all on Percy. One by one all his friends left him except for Lucy and Drew daughters of Aphrodite, a son of Hermes, Chris Rodriguez, and a daughter of Ares, Clarisse La Rue. How do we know that you aren't lying just to get Percy to just join whatever offer you have? Poseidon asked warily "I shall show you what had happened the last 18 months your son was at the camp."

Chaos then proceeded to show them everything that happened when Zane Skye came to camp.

Zeus POV

I know that all my children have problems with their flaws but what Zane did was purely terrible I displeased Perseus when I first heard about him and I did until the end of the Titan War I started to respect him during the Giant War and now I care for him like one of my one children and I'm pretty sure most of the other Olympians see him as a son or brother for what he did for us and our children I could tell most of the other Olympians were going to destroy Zane on the spot even though I am mad at Zane for what he did I still will protect my children no matter who they are or how they act.

Athena POV I am the Goddess of Wisdom and what my daughter did wasn't wise. Even though I despised Poseidon and his spawn I have a exception on Perseus for he fell into Tartarus and fought Tartarus himself to protect my daughter plus denying godhood for my daughter and defeating Gaea to keep my daughter save I feel embarrassed to call Annabeth Chase my daughter.

Poseidon POV

When the iris-message ended we all sat there in shocked silence then all of a sudden chaos ensued literally everybody was demanding that the son of Zeus be punished for breaking the Hero of Olympus, everybody continued yelling until Chaos finally had enough and yelled "Silence!" we all quieted down in respect and fear of angering the Creator of the Universe. "Now I would like to tell you about the offer I could give to Perseus Jackson if he were to accept my offer." "What is the offer you will give him My Lord" I asked "You see you all thought of the Primordials to have faded long ago but the real answer is that I took them in and saved them from fading we created a army to help keep peace all over the universe while we are bound by the Ancient Laws." Chaos answered "wait a minute you said all of the primordials does that include Gaea and Tartarus? I asked warily "unfortunately yes it does but I have punished them for what they did and all the pain and suffering they caused you.

"Before you jump to conclusion about Gaea and Tartarus just like how you gods have a Greek and Roman aspects we Primordials have a good/bad side whenever the good side of a primordial is awake the bad side is in the Void being tortured vice versa."

"So when we fought Gaea we fought her bad personality? I asked curiously "yes that is exactly what I mean Poseidon plus Perseus is very famous in the City of the Primordials." "what do you mean Perseus is famous Lord Chaos" Zeus asked.

"Perseus is considered a legend with all his feats and his power but some people think that he is a myth because they think that no mere demigod will be able to bring down a Primordial and trek Tartarus and come out sane." Chaos answered "Lord Chaos what would happen is Perseus is to join your army" "he would become my successor and become the monarch of the City of the Primordials or Protogenoi and he would also be the commander of the Protogenoi army and he would get all my powers." Chaos said shocking us all.

"What's a monarch" Apollo asked confused causing all of us to face palm.

"A monarch is a king or a emperor" Athena told Apollo.

"Would he become immortal Lord Chaos" I asked "yes he will become immortal at the age of 20, all of the Protogenoi have successors none of the successors have made it to the age of 20 for the successors always go on the most deadly missions plus Perseus is my first successor in millennia for I have always have been looking for the soldier who had a pure heart and is loyal to no end and Perseus fits the description ever and who better to lead the Army of the Protogenoi than the Hero of Olympus himself."

"Well if Perseus accepts is his choice or not Lord Chaos" I asked honestly "of course Poseidon,Hermes go get Perseus Jackson" Lord Chaos asked.

"Of course Lord Chaos" and with that Hermes flashed away to Camp Half-Blood.