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Vivian POV

"How's Percy doing?" Apollo said as everyone gathered up in the throne room minus the three children of Poseidon "We don't know, after the burial everyone left but Percy and his two sisters. He sent them off to bed but he stayed there and hasn't moved since then. It's already the crack of dawn and he still hasn't left yet." Luke said while we sat there in silence "What can we do?" Athena said "There's nothing we can do, this struck Percy at the heart. We can only hope that he gets better." Anthony said as Chaos made a screen appear that showed Percy looking at Tyler's shroud till he turned on his heel and walked towards the Chaos Cabin.

"Damien." Percy said as Damien woke up from his spot on the ground as he stood up and went to speak but Percy spoke first "I should have never struck you or Luke down, all you have done is been by my side faithfully and never question my motives. You did not know it was Tyler, no one did till the last minute, I am sorry for my actions." he said as Damien spoke "Serving by you has been my life's honor milord, what happened was my fault. I should've recognized the signs but I ignored it and now you lost someone loved." he said looking down while Percy put his hand on his shoulder "What's done is done Damien, it can't be ignored. We cannot dwell on the past Damien." he said with a smile as Damien nodded.

"I need a chariot and two horses to pull it." He said confusing us and Damien also but he nodded nonetheless and went to the stables as Percy disappeared in a flash and appeared in front of us. I went to speak but he spoke first "Mother, I need you to hold this." he said as a bright light entered the room forcing all of us to close our eyes till Percy spoke "You can open your eyes now." he said as we all opened our eyes and saw a orb in Percy's hands that glowed with power.

"Percy, what is that?" I said shocked as he spoke "This contains all my power and my immortality." he said as our eyes widened while he gently pushed the ball towards Chaos as she grabbed it "Hermes, can you flash me back to the camp?" he said as Hermes nodded and walked towards him. "Percy, we are so sorry, we should've know-" "Don't Vivian, I understand and I don't blame you or any of you." he said with a sad smile as he disappeared in a flash and appeared back in camp as he walked towards the Chaos Cabin.

Percy POV

Once I appeared in the camp I made my way to the cabin and walked in to see Sabrina and Michelle asleep on the couches with visible tear stains on their cheeks. "I'm so sorry I brought you into this mess." I muttered as I gave them both kisses on the forehead and wiped their tear away and started to sing softly as their posture relaxed and small smiles appeared on their faces as I brought blankets over them and walked upstairs.

"Alright Fate, you want me in this war so badly I'm in it. But I'm doing it my way, I choose who dies and who doesn't, not you." I said as I stood in front of my armor that Tyler used but I walked past it to another set that Void made for me and slowly but surely started putting it on.

Olympian Throne room

Third POV

"Why did he give you that, mother?" Nyx said while Chaos shrugged her shoulders "I do not know why but everything is in here, even his powers as a demigod are in here. Percy is a pure mortal now." she said while everyone's eyes widened "So whoever has that orb has all of Percy's power?" Zeus said with a hungry look in his eyes as multiple weapons were at his throat at once "Don't even think about it, it's your fault we're in this position in the first place. Touch that orb and it will be the last thing you ever do, and this isn't a threat it's a promise." Poseidon snarled.

"Poseidon's right, even if anyone did touch that power it would probably eradicate them." Hades said while everyone nodded in agreement as Rayner spoke "Look." he said in shock as Percy came out of the Chaos Cabin with armor on that is blacker than night, with his spear and shield in his right hand and his helmet in his left while he stood in front of the Chaos Cabin while everyone looked at him shocked.

"I've never seen him with that set of armor before." Vivian said in shock as Danny appeared leading two horses that were pulling a chariot while Percy walked towards it and got in "Where's he going?" Athena said curiously as Damien got in the chariot besides Percy. "No." He said while Damien looked like he was about to argue but nodded and got out "Get me some rope, please." he said while Damien and Danny nodded as Percy put his shield and spear down and looked at his helmet for a while just spinning it around.

"He's debating weather he should fight or not." Athena said "He looks like he's debating himself on a choice, we all know he's going to fight." Apollo said while everyone looked at him shocked as Damien brought him some rope and gave it to Percy while he nodded and took a deep breath and put the helmet on "If I may ask milord." Damien said while Percy nodded "Where are you heading?" "West, Damien." he said as the horses started moving while everyone moved out of his way as he left the camp.

"Why is he heading west, it's going to take him weeks to get there?" Athena said confused till Poseidon spoke "He's heading to Camp Jupiter, that's why he gave all his powers to you, Chaos." he said while everyone looked at him in confusion. "Why did he give all his powers to Chaos?" Apollo said while Hades spoke "He's going to kill Troy, but not with any powers, just pure skills but why he has the rope, I do not know." he said while everyone's eyes widened as they all looked back at the screen.

Troy POV

"So son, how do you feel about your first victory over the legendary Percy Jackson?" My dad said while everyone stopped eating and looked at me while I shrugged my shoulders, not really feeling the need to eat. "Oh come on Prince, tell us how you feel." One of the kings said while they all nodded in agreement "It was okay, but it wasn't really a victory over Perseus Jackson, more like it was a victory over the campers. Perseus Jackson wasn't even fighting." I said looking at my mother and two sisters as my dad spoke "Perseus Jackson commands the Olympians army, this is a loss against him, so tell us how did you feel?" he said as I snapped.

"You want to know how I feel?! Fine I feel terrible, I killed a boy that day and not just any boy it was his brother. I feel sick and disgusted with myself for doing that, I thought I was doing the right thing but know I know that I'm not, that boy was too young to be fighting. All those campers were around their mid-twenties and thirty's, that boy didn't even look twenty two and I murdered him. You want to know how I feel, fine you know now." I said as I stood up and walked out with everyone looking at me in shock till Order appeared beside me "You know what you must do, don't you?" he said while I nodded "He is already coming. You must get ready, he will be here at noon the latest." he said as my mother and two sisters came up.

"You don't have to fight him Troy, we can just ignore it and he'll leave." My mom said while I shook my head "He won't leave, as a child I always said I wanted to fight the legendary Percy Jackson and I am, but for different reasons. He wants revenge while I wanted to do it to impress dad, but we all know that I'm not going to win." I said as my oldest sister Maria spoke "Won't he just kill you with his powers then leave?" she said worriedly while Order shook his head "Perseus is a man of honor, he knows that Troy is a mortal and will fight him as a mortal or with no powers at all and just pure skill. There is a chance he could beat Perseus but I'm just taking a guess here, I've never seen him fight without no powers." he said while I spoke "I must get ready." I said as I walked away.


"You'll do fine, my son. I know you can beat him." My dad said while I nodded but didn't feel convinced as a chariot appeared with two horses pulling it and a person in all black armor was in it. "Good luck my prince." My second in command said while everyone wished me good luck as I walked past the gates to see the horses stopped while Perseus Jackson hopped out with his shield in his left hand and his spear in his right.

I stood about twelve feet away from him as he threw his spear into the ground and took off his helmet and glared at me with ever changing eyes that were filled with hate and pain "Now you know who you're fighting, prince." he spat as he tossed the helmet to the side as I spoke "I thought it was you I killed yesterday but I gave your brother the honor he deserved." "You gave him the honor of your sword, you are a fool if you think you can defeat me." he spat as he pulled his spear out of the ground and walked towards me.

Olympian Throne room

Third POV

The Olympians, Primordials, and everyone else in tense silence as Percy's walk slowly turned into a jog as he started to zigzag from side to side as he jabbed forward but Troy blocked it as Percy pulled back and circled Troy like a prey.

"He'll be fine Vivian." Poseidon said while Vivian nodded as Percy ran at Troy and jabbed his spear into Troy's shield throwing him back as they continued to exchange blows till Troy ducked as Percy swung his shield destroying his spear and throwing him back a few feet.

Troy growled under his breath and tossed his spear down as Percy ran back at him and jabbed his spear but Troy directed it to the ground and brought his foot down breaking it as his free arm brought his sword out and swung it at Percy's throat but he leaned back and pulled out Riptide and started forcing Troy on defense till Troy swung at Percy but he ducked under it and brought Riptide down at Troy's shield arm knocking him back roughly.

"Even without his powers, Percy is a deadly fighter." Athena said as Percy put his shield up while back peddling till Troy slashed at Percy and managed to slice his chest armor while Percy backed up in shock as Troy ran forward and jabbed his sword into Percy as he fell to a knee while the Olympians all gasped till Percy stood up with Troy's sword arm stuck between Percy's shield as he pushed his arm up and brought his sword down as Troy put his shield up to block till Percy kicked him back roughly onto the ground.

"Get up, get up Troy." Percy spat as he tossed his shield to the ground while Troy picked up part of the broken spear and swung at Percy but he went dodged and left a nasty cut on his leg while Troy hissed in pain and brought his sword down at Percy's leg but he jumped out of the way while they circled each other. After a few seconds Troy ran back at Percy forcing him on defense till Percy pushed him back once more.

Troy ran at Percy once again but Percy yanked the broken spear out of his hands and pierced Troy's heart, forcing him to his knees while Theron's wife and two sisters pained as Percy stood there as Troy slowly looked up at Percy as he stabbed Troy directly in the chest killing him as he pulled his sword out while Troy fell to the ground, lifeless as Percy walked to his chariot. As Athena went to speak Hermes spoke first "Look." he said as Percy tied one end of the rope to his chariot and yanked the remainder of the rope out and tied the other end to bound Troy's legs together as he gathered up his helmet and shield and put them in the chariot and started dragging Troy's body around all of Camp Jupiter for Order's army to see till he dragged his body around the entrance of Camp Jupiter for all of Theron's advisors to see, plus his mother and two sisters while he glared at Theron and Order while the Olympians and everyone else watched in shock.

"Why is he doing this?" Poseidon said in shock while Kane spoke "Stress and pain that was tossed on him was pushing him past his limit but losing his brother made him snap, none of you immortals know how it feels to lose someone loved. Very few immortals actually love their children." he said as Percy was leaving till a voice spoke "Wait!" was heard as Percy stopped and looked behind his back to see Theron's wife and two sisters running towards him.

Percy POV

"Yes?" I said coldly while Theron's wife spoke "Please don't do this, you've had your revenge, this is enough." she begged "Why shouldn't I do this? It's Theron's fault for all this in the first place. I'm coming after him next." I spat as I went to leave till she spoke again "Please, dragging his body behind your chariot isn't going to satisfy you in anyway, give him back to us." "He killed my brother." I spat as one of the younger girls spoke "And how many brothers have you killed?" she said as I went to speak but stopped and realized she was right.

"How many brothers, fathers, husbands, sons, cousins have you killed, how many Perseus Jackson?" She said while I stood there looking at Troy's dead body debating her words till I spoke "If I let you take him, it will solve nothing." I said as Theron's wife spoke "And you taking him is solving nothing, let us give him a proper burial." she said while I looked at her for a few seconds till I hopped off the chariot and untied the rope to his legs and tossed it in the chariot as I gently pulled the broken spear out of his chest and tossed it to the side while I cleaned the wound while the two younger girls came over with a blanket and wrapped him up in it while I backed away.

"Thank you." Theron's wife said while I shook my head "No thank you, you saved me from doing a terrible thing. Leave before this war ends, I sense no evil or darkness in you or your daughters. You have lost enough children in this war, I lost a son at the Hot Gates, I felt terrible to know that my son died. I don't see how you can bear the pain of losing two of your children. Leave and find peace here or somewhere else in the Universe." I said as I bowed my head in respect and pulled my horses away from her while she and her daughters carried away Troy's dead body while I stood by the River Tiber. "Dad, can you flash the horses and the chariot to camp and me to Olympus?" I said as the water rose up and surrounded me till I disappeared and reappeared in front of the Olympians.

"Mother, I need that orb back." I said as she nodded and let go of the orb as it flew towards my hand as I crushed it as a huge amount of power entered my body while I spoke "Feel free to criticize me on what I just did, it won't bother me." I said while everyone sat there looking at me till Zeus went to speak but Hera spoke first "Why I wish you didn't do that, you were focused on revenge. Rage clouded your vision and made you make a rash choice. No one here blames you for what you did nor are we scared of you, just shocked is all it is." she said while everyone nodded in agreement.

"Get the forces all ready, this war is getting ready to end soon." I said while Apollo spoke "What do you mean Perce?" he said "Order is coming and he bringing every monster and soldier he has with him. Artemis get ready to fight your bane." I said while she nodded "What about my bane?" Zeus said while I looked at him "You didn't seem like you wanted to fight when I freed Danny, I'll have Ouranos take care of your bane and he can pick someone worthy enough to fight beside him." I said while everyone's eyes widened "Percy, if I fight-" Ouranos started but I interrupted him "You'll be fine, your a primordial and he's a giant, won't be that big of a problem or I hope it won't." I said while he nodded as did everyone else. "Alright everyone, let's get to work."

Three weeks later

"Alright is everything let?" I said while everyone nodded as I spoke "Alright, I am going to lift the Ancient Laws, I don't want you going all crazy and turn into your true form killing everyone on the battlefield." I said glaring at Zeus and Ares "Primordials, I don't want you fighting because you might destroy the planet so use your domains to help us, Olympians and minor gods are able to fight." I said while they all nodded in agreement as I lifted the Ancient Laws as a weird feeling lingered through the room for a few minutes then disappeared.

"Alright, now Hermes I need you to grab all the younger campers and bring them here, Primordials I need you to babysit once again." I said as their eyes widened "What?! Percy that's around five hundred campers." Tartarus said while I nodded "You'll be fine." I said ignoring the shouts of protest from them "Ouranos you are fighting Porphyrion with Jason and Thalia while Artemis is going to fight Gration with her hunters, correct?" I said while they both nodded as I looked at Sabrina and my other cousins.

"We need all the help we can get, I am going to let you fight but you are to stay by your parents or by another Olympian besides Ares because he will be in a bloodlust and could possibly kill you and I don't want that." I said while they nodded "If you see Order, do not attack him. Leave him to me and me alone, if I catch any one of you trying to fight him I will kick your ass after this war." I said looking directly at the Rangers as I said this. "No promises Percy." Anthony said as I growled and spoke "Very well, Order is already on the hill so let's go greet him." I said as my dad spoke "What about Theron?" he said "Primordials, keep him under custody until we get finished down here." I said as they nodded.

"Very well, let's head down there." I said as we all disappeared in different colored flashes till we appeared in front of the campers to see Order looking down at us with a small smile till he saw me as his smile grew bigger while he raised his hand towards us as his army ran at us as I got down on a knee as the earth started shaking violently throwing them off their feet "Charge!" I yelled as everyone ran forward towards Order's disfigured army as we clashed with them.

As we clashed everything basically went crazy, my mind went into auto pilot and I didn't know how long I was fighting till I stood in front of Order who had blood on his sword while I pulled out the Sword of Void and Order. "Ah, my father's sword and my sword. How amusing." He said as he ran at me till he clashed swords with me while I started attacking him but couldn't land a hit on him for a while till he spun out of my attack and left a deadly gash on my right ribcage as I jumped back "Careful, I'm fighting a being that is stronger than Chaos." I muttered as he ran back at me and threw a overhead strike but I shadow travelled behind him but he was prepared and blocked my strike while I growled and slowed time down and used the earth to grab him and throw him back as he landed roughly on the ground.

Once he stood up he shot a powerful white beam of power at me while I shot a black beam of power back at him as they collided and threw me and Order back roughly while I stood up slowly to see most of my armor torn while my cloak was shredded "Summon your crown and use the white jewel." I heard in my head "Void?" I said but didn't get an answer back and looked at Order to see him still getting up so I summoned my crown and looked for the white jewel. "What white jewel?" I muttered looking for it till I saw it was beside two pure black gems, confused I pulled out the white jewel as Order spoke "How did you get that?" he snarled as he ran at me and slashed at me but I dodged it "Anthony, distract him!" I shouted while he nodded while he, Kane, Raven, Preston, Shane, and Jason all kept Order distracted while he kept coming at me but was getting stopped.

"Use the incantation I taught you when you were in the Void, once you finish it, toss the jewel at Order. Once it makes contact it will completely erase him, but you will have to take his place as Order." Void said while I looked at Order then back at the jewel while I made up my mind and started to repeat the incantation Void taught me as the jewel started to glow brighter and brighter then started to burn as I finished the incantation and tossed the jewel at Order. "Everyone get away!" I shouted as Anthony and the others jumped away while Order saw the jewel as his eyes widened and went to jump away but the jewel already made contact with him as he screamed in pain till a really bright flash appeared around the battlefield throwing me, Anthony, and the others back as my world went black.

Vivian POV

I was fighting till a flash appeared around the battlefield throwing me back onto the ground, once it disappeared we all stood up confused to see Order's forces started retreating "After them, don't let them escape." I said as everyone ran forward as the Olympians and immortal campers ran up to me "What was that?" Luke said in shock while I observed the battlefield to see Order lying on the floor. "He did it." I said in shock while everyone got confused "Who did what Vivian?" Rayner said "Percy, he defeated Order." Poseidon said in shock and happiness.

"Where is he?" Apollo said while I looked around the battlefield to see seven figures in cloaks of a Ranger lying around Order, but they weren't moving. "Oh no." I said as I moved past the dead bodies of the campers and of Order's soldiers with everyone behind me till we stopped and saw it was Anthony, Kane, Raven, Preston, Shane, Jason, and Percy and saw there was steam coming off their bodies.

"Oh no, not this time Percy. You aren't dying this time." Rayner said as he started to work on Percy while everyone else were working on the others but it didn't seem like it was working "Wake up, Percy." I said with tears in my eyes while Rayner kept working on him but he still didn't move or twitch till Cameron tried to pull him off but he shook it off and continued working. "Rayner, I'm sorry." Hades said sadly while Rayner sat back gripping his hair while Poseidon pulled me into a comforting hug.

We just stood there, Poseidon trying his best to comfort me till I heard coughing and looked to see Percy and the others coughing and groaning till I tackled him in a hug while he fell back groaning in pain "Vivian, let him get up first." Poseidon said with tears of joy in his eyes while I let go, rather reluctantly as Percy and the others sat up.

"That was terrible." Anthony said while they all nodded in agreement "Is it over?" Percy mumbled "Yes son, it's over." Poseidon said while Percy pulled me into a hug "Now we can find peace." he muttered as I smiled "Yes, we can Percy." I said while he pulled back and observed the battlefield and sighed.

"I just wish it could've been done without so many losses." He said while everyone nodded in agreement as he put his head down till it snapped back up and he started laughing while we looked at him confused. "What are you laughing at?" Athena said while Percy spoke "I can't believe it took me so long to figure it out." he said while he made eye contact with me "The Void can do anything." he said with a smile as another flash appeared around us.

Two weeks later

Percy POV

"Move it a little to the left and we should be good." I said as Anthony and a few other Rangers moved the wall of the Aphrodite Cabin "Perfect." I said as Tyler walked up to me "Percy, I'm sorry for doing what I did." he said looking down while I put my hand on his shoulder "Don't worry about it, it was me being foolish like how Zeus acts and it got you killed. But it won't happen again." I said seriously as he smiled at me. "Your brother is right." Kyle said with a smile as he walked up to us.

"See, even Kyle agrees with me which is very rare." I said as Tyler laughed while Kyle glared at me "So, I see you and Cassandra are getting pretty cozy with each other. Mind telling us what's happening there?" I said with a raised eyebrow while Tyler turned red "N-Nothing is g-going on b-between u-us." he stuttered out while me and Kyle laughed and continued poking fun at him till thunder rumbled slightly "Come on, let's head to Olympus so everyone can claim their rewards for their service in the war." I said as all three of us disappeared and reappeared on Olympus.

"So everyone's back from the dead, huh?" Kyle said while I nodded "Every single camper is alive." "And what about Theron?" Tyler said while I smiled "In the Fields of Punishment where he belongs." I said as they nodded "Thank you Percy, for sticking up for me when the others wouldn't." Kyle said gratefully while I waved it off. "I don't care what they say, you're my brother." I said as I opened the throne room doors to see everyone smiling at me while I walked towards Vivian "Hello my lovely queen." I said as I kissed her hand "Oh cut it out." she said as she pulled me into a kiss.

"There they go again." Anthony muttered till Camille slapped him on the back of the head, making him yelp as we pulled apart "I love you." I said as she spoke "I love you too." she said with a smile as my dad spoke "Now that Percy and Vivian are done with their little talk we can start giving out awards." he said with a smile.


"Great, now that everyone got their rewards, we can all leave." I said as I went to walk out but I was stopped "Now hold on son, you didn't get your reward yet." my mom said while I spoke "Oh no I'm fine, I'm grateful that I have everyone back including my family, that's the only reward I need." I said while everyone rolled their eyes "This is going to benefit you and us in many ways, Perce." Aether said with a smile as I went to speak but my mom spoke first. "You aren't going to leave this throne room till you accept it." She said while I went to speak but stopped and nodded as she spoke "You're going to become a god." she said as my eyes widened "And before you say you don't want it or need it, you do. A, because you will have better control over your powers so when you won't destroy the Universe, and B, the Ancient Laws won't bind you because you are too powerful." Erebus said while I looked at all of them till I finally nodded.

"Fine, let's just get this over with." I said as Chaos and the Primordials all stood up and raised their hands and shot different colored beams of power at me, instead of feeling pain I felt a tingling sensation till I stood up and felt a lot better than before as the Fates appeared "All hail Perseus Jackson, Primordial of the Elements, Warfare, Creation, Gravity, Space, Time, Darkness, Earth, Light, the Void, and Order, Heir to Chaos's throne." they said while everyone's eyes widened, especially mine.

"Congratulations Perseus Jackson, you have passed every single trial we threw at you." Clotho, the spinner of live said while Lachesis spoke "You were the only hero who would be able to survive the tests and trials we threw at you." she said as her sister, Atropos spoke "May you forever find peace and happiness, Perseus Jackson." she said while we looked at them in shock "What happened to all the blessings that I got from the Olympians and Primordials?" I said as Clotho spoke "They have been increased to match that of a Primordial, Perseus Jackson." "And where did the Heir of Chaos and Order come from?" I sad as Lachesis spoke "Since Order is destroyed, someone was needed to take his place and you were chosen while the Heir of Chaos was requested by your mother." she said while I glared at mom.

"Aren't I already busy enough?" I said while she spoke "You will be fine." she said with a smile as I spoke "And Warfare, where did that come from? Isn't that Ares's domain?" I said while Atropos spoke "While Ares is the God of War, you are the God of Warfare which means you control everything in warfare, swordsmanship and tactics plus everything else in it." she said while I nodded showing I understood.

"May you find peace Perseus Jackson." They said in unison as they all disappeared while I stood there dumbstruck "Well, looks like Percy gets to join us in our suffering with mom." Erebus said while I groaned "We'll be in the City, son. You can join us when you're ready." mom said as I spoke "Can you take everyone else with you?" I said as she nodded while all the successors and Rangers disappeared in a flash while I turned back to the Olympians.

"Congratulations son." My dad said as everyone nodded in agreement "If anyone deserves it, it's you seaweed brain." Annabeth said while I smiled at her then spoke "I may not be able to visit much with all the destruction that Order has caused, plus being the Heir of Chaos means I'm really going to be busy but I will try to visit as much as possible." I said while they nodded sadly "I'll let Anthony and the other Rangers visit every once in a while, congratulations on the godhood everyone." I said as Travis spoke "Yep, it's awesome but nowhere near being a primordial." he said as I went to speak but heard Aether in my head "Hey Perce, council meeting, you're throne is in between Chaos and mine, see ya in a few." he said as I groaned and spoke "I'll see you all later, council meeting already." I said as I went to flash away but stopped.

"You all got what you wanted, no more Titans, no more Giants, and no more Typhon. May you rule in peace." I said with a smile as I flashed away.

Poseidon POV

We all stood there looking at the spot Percy was at till Tyler spoke "We should head back to camp, dad." he said while I nodded and spoke "Today we'll eat with our children, I'm sure Perseus will lift the Ancient Laws for us." I said as everyone nodded while we all disappeared in different flashes.


I looked around the dining pavilion to see all of the campers talking away while the little ones were running around playing while I smiled sadly "Miss him already brother?" Hades said as he sat next to me while I nodded "Yes, I wish he would've stayed longer but his duty as a successor is first." I said while Hades nodded in agreement.

"Can you believe Percy brought everyone back? All the campers that die?" He said astonished while I shook my head "I was shocked at first, but I'm glad he did. We all lost someone loved." I said looking around the dining pavilion to see Artemis talking to a few of her hunters who were killed.

Hades went to speak but a flash appeared in the dining pavilion as Percy stood before us with a huge smile on his face "I have a lot of good news for all of you." he said while Apollo spoke "What's that Perce?" "After three hours-" he started but was interrupted by Annabeth "Percy, it's only been about twenty minutes." "Time runs differently outside of earth, but anyway after three hours of arguing with Chaos I got her to agree to some terms. Since I'm a primordial I have a house and every house must have soldiers." he said while we all looked at him in shock "I decided to pick my very first group of soldiers from earth, and I have already selected them, that is if they accept." he said with his smile still on his face.

"And who are these soldiers Percy?" Tyler said with a smile as Percy pulled out a piece of paper and spoke "Thalia Grace, Nico Di Angelo, Hazel Levesque, Leo Valdez, Jake Mason, Piper Mclean, Frank Zhang, Clarisse La Rue, Will Solace, Austin and Kayla Miller, Reyna, Annabeth Chase, Tyler Johnson, Sabrina and Michelle Jackson, Cassandra and Chase Green, Alexis and Derek Romero, Katie and Miranda Gardner, and Travis and Connor Stoll." he finished with a smile while Camille and a few others looked disappointed "But that isn't the best part, if you want Olympians, I can sever your ties with Greece completely so you won't have to worry about that anymore." he said while we looked at him in shock "Yes Perseus, that would be perfect." Artemis said as Percy nodded as his eyes glowed pure white till I felt whole as Percy's eyes went back to normal.

"And that isn't even half of my good news, if you Olympians want you can leave earth and live with us in the Void." He said while we all looked at him shocked "Percy how would that be possible? For one thing, we can't control our domains from there and wouldn't the power from the Void crush us?" Athena said while Percy shook his head "No it won't and how do you think that Nyx and Hemera do their daily runs?" he said with a raised eyebrow as I spoke "But what about the campers, we can't just leave them Percy." "Here's what we'll do, camp will stay the same but it will be for new campers to train in till they are deemed worthy to come to the Void to become part of the Primordial Army, you can control your domains from the Void and you can leave whenever you want to come down to Earth and do whatever you guys do to the poor mortals. Everyone becomes partial immortal, if you are a minor god and want to keep your godhood just tell me and I will free you from the Ancient Laws, you all become part of the House of Perseus, and we can all be together. If you're wondering why we are in the Void and not on Planet Chaos is because we decided to move to the Void so we don't get attacked like that again, since only me and Void can control who enters and who doesn't. Planet Chaos is our forward headquarters. Plus the rest of you can meet my birth mother and my stepdad. So, do you all agree with these terms?" he said while we all looked at each other in shock and happiness till I spoke "Yes Percy, we would love that." I said while he smiled even bigger.

"Great and since all the campers heard, I don't have to explain myself a second time. Gather around everyone and I'll flash us to the Void and we can get you settled in." He said as we all gathered around him "So, who's ready for an adventure?" he said with a smirk while we all nodded as we disappeared in a flash.


"So as you can tell we are still settling in but in a few years we'll be good to go." Percy finished with a smile as we walked past soldiers and citizens who were carrying their things into the houses. "Why are the houses already here, Percy?" Annabeth said curiously while Percy smiled "Primordial of Creation, remember?" he said as we passed a house that pitch black with the Universe rotating around it but it also had a sparkling look to it making it look even more beautiful. "I take it that's your house, Percy?" Hermes said while Percy nodded "Yes, come on I want to show you guys a view." he said as we disappeared and reappeared in space floating around.

"This is cool." Apollo said doing flips as Percy spoke "Not many people get to say they've seen this kind of view." he said as he gestured us forward as we moved towards him and gasped.

We saw the whole Universe with billions of stars and planets moving around with and just an overall beautiful view "You get to wake up everyday and see this?" Artemis said in shock and awe while Percy nodded "It's beautiful, crazy how one person wanted to destroy all of this." he said smiling at the view. "Artemis once we get you all settled in, me and the Rangers want to take you and your hunters out to explore the Universe and hunt new things." He said smiling while she nodded "We'll be happy to join you." she said as her hunters nodded.

"Great, now that we got this all figured out. Let's go introduce the Olympians to everyone else." He said with a smile on his face.

5,000 Years later

Third POV

"Katrina, Lacey, Arina, Daniel, Theseus get back here!" Was heard as five little kids ran through a house giggling like madmen while a man around the age of twenty seven chased them while everyone watched them in amusement. "This is our mighty king and commander that everyone fears so much who can't even catch his own children? How deadly he is." A man with blonde hair and electric blue eyes said while chuckling as a beautiful native American girl with kaleidoscope eyes spoke "You were the same way with our kids Jason, don't even try." she said to the blonde boy now known as Jason who smiled sheepishly.

"Percy's kids do something to him again?" A man around the age of forty five with tan skin, raven black hair and sea green eyes said while Jason nodded in agreement "Yes but I'm in no position to speak, what Piper said was the truth. Hell we all had a difficult time with our children but Percy and Vivian the most, even though it's mostly Daniel and Theseus." he said as a loud crash was heard as everyone looked over to see the man now known as Percy on the floor laughing with his children pinning him down while everyone else starting laughing as a beautiful pale skin girl sat down beside Percy and took Arina and Lacey into her lap while smiling at Percy.

You may be wondering who these people are, it's really simple, they are Olympus's most greatest heroes starting with those from the Second Titan War to the war against Order. And then there was the greatest of them all, the son of Chaos and Poseidon, Primordial of the Elements, Warfare, Creation, Gravity, Space, Time, Darkness, Earth, Light, the Void, Order, Heir to Lady Chaos's throne. The Bane of every Titan, Giant, and the Bane of Olympus itself, defeater of Order, the brother of Chaos. The Universe's most greatest hero to have ever lived, Perseus Achilles Jackson.

A man who has defeated every task that was thrown at him, a man who did what no one not even Chaos has done before, he defied Fate itself and wrote his own destiny.

Hope you guys enjoyed the story! I really enjoyed making it for you and if you haven't checked out my other story go check it out and tell me what you think about it. Hope you enjoyed it!