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The Wrong Cullen

Chapter 13

Bella's POV

Edward is crazy, going against everything we've ever been taught. But if Edward is crazy, so am I.

It was brilliant; I didn't care about consequences as long as I had Edward by my side. I didn't care if we had to run away to be together. I thought it was sweet of him, wanting to wait until we were married, to share that with each other. We are going to catch a small plane from Port Angeles to Seattle, and from Seattle, we'd fly to Las Vegas. Edward has arranged all the flights, and we weren't going to take any luggage so as not make it suspicious once people realized we were missing. Edward was even going to write a note saying we went out for a walk to talk things out. It would take about forty minutes for our first flight and our second will take a little over two and a half hours. The fun part about all of this is, we're leaving tonight. By the time we get moving, we'll probably be there around three or even four in the morning, but I'm so down for the ride.

"Baby, gimme a kiss," Edward says after closing a safe in the closet. He was getting special bank cards that were untraceable and extra cash. I lean up just as his lips land on mine; I smile even as he kissed me. "You ready to go?"

"It's time?"

He nods, "As long as you're sure about this."

"I'm sure about you," I tell him and I mean it.

We're going to sneak out of the house, and even though Carlisle has security cameras, I think we've got this.

"I can't believe we're not taking anything," I say looking at my stuff along the bed.

"I'll buy us new stuff, baby, I promise." He says, taking my hand and leading me towards the door. He peeks out and waits, listening for anyone to come out of a room or up the stairs. It's quiet, which kind of makes it harder. We head out and make our way to the stairs, as Edward peers around. As we descend the stairs, we make it all the way to the garage where Edward has his car. Just as we reach it, I hear a voice behind us.

"Hey, Edward," It's Jasper, and I freeze, wide-eye. Is he going to turn us in? He steps out of the shadows and then to my surprise Alice does too.

"I don't have the time, man." Edward says, unlocking the door, "Get in baby," He says.

"I know what you're doing," Jasper says, he's holding hands with Alice, and she's looking at me in what seems like desperation.

Edward turns to glare at his oldest brother, "What the fuck are you going to do, rat us out?"

He shakes his head, "Nah man, I was going ask for a ride."

"Take us with you," Alice steps up, "They don't want us together after all," She says, eyes tearing. "Bella, I'm pregnant."

I looked from Alice to Jasper, and then back to Edward. I'd say let them come with us, but I know Edward is the one making the decision. He sighs, "Fuck, get in." Edward then turns to me, "Arrange two more seats for them."

I nod, "Yeah, of course, come on, you two."

Jasper holds the door for Alice, and once they're both in, we're off. I've gotten two more seats added by the time we reach Port Angeles, and I watch Edward give our pilot a couple hundred more to allow Alice and Jasper to join us.

I watch as Alice and Jasper stroll ahead of us towards the plane, "She's pregnant," I tell him quietly, "What do you think will happen to all of us once everything is out?"

He shakes his head, "I don't know, but I do promise I'll protect you, I won't let anyone hurt you."

"I've got your back too," I tell him, leaning up to kiss his jaw.

He smiles, "I know, I love that you do."

By the time we get to Las Vegas, it really is late, or early, I guess it depends on if you've gone to bed yet. Edward has us booked for two rooms at a place called, The MGM Grand.

"I should have figured you'd rent a room here," Jasper says as we walk through a very busy lobby. Inside the hotel, you couldn't tell whether it was day or night outside. People were everywhere, laughing, drinking and just having a wonderful time.

"I like the best," Edward shrugs, "My girl deserves the best."

Jasper leans towards Edward, "Does that mean you rented a grand room," Edward smirks at his oldest brother, "Right, stupid question." Jasper says before taking Alice over to a front desk clerk who wasn't busy.

Edward takes my hand, "Ready to head on up?" He asks.

I nod, "I'm ready," I say around a yawn.

It turns out Edward booked a room here at the MGM Grand, and it wasn't just any room, it was a Sky Loft. The room was large, two stories and could probably be very comfortably lived in. There's a large dining table that seats eight. Down the short hallway is a living room that opens up to the second story, with a floor to ceiling window. It also contains a personal wet bar. Heading upstairs there's a dimly lit bedroom with a large king size bed in the middle of the room, a large flat screen tv mounted to the wall, a floor to ceiling mirrored door that leads to a walk-in closet. There is also a bathroom with an oversized jacuzzi tub and walk -in shower with multiple spray jets. As I walk through the place, a bit in awe with all the modern comforts, Edward walks over to the bed and kicks off his boots.

"I'm fucking exhausted," He groans.

So am I, but this place was amazing. "Why did you rent such an extravagant room?" I ask. Not that I expect anything less from a Cullen, but we were here against everyone's wishes."I thought we'd stay in a more hidden, less obvious place."

"I assume they'd think so too, they won't look for us here right away," Edward says.

I head over to the bed, kicking off my shoes as I start to pull off my clothes. Edward watches me for a minute before finally doing the same thing. Climbing in, I didn't have to worry about breaking any vows because once my head hit the pillow, I was out and so was Edward.


While we stayed at the hotel, Edward and Jasper were somewhere in the casinos or at the bar and Alice, and I were with our own personal wedding planners. They brought wedding dresses, different colored flowers, rings for our guys, even small personal wedding cakes. They will all be delivered to our rooms. Right at this moment, we are being massaged, then we'll start on the removal of hair, moisturizing, and then make-up. I picked out a beautiful gown with a stylish cut and elegant lace. It has a strapless neckline, and I'd say it was a combination of traditional and contemporary, with asymmetrical waist and multiple gathers on the sides and back of the skirt. I loved it. It's beautiful, and I think, I hope Edward will love it as well.

Alice and I weren't going to do the whole bridesmaid things, Alice and Jasper were going to sit in the front and just be witness to our ceremony. Edward and I will do the same for them since it's not like we have a whole lot of time. At any second, we could be caught and dragged back home to face the consequences of disrespecting our Boss, our fathers, and future partners. But all of this, the possibility of making it through and getting to marry Edward Cullen, is worth any punishment as long as I get to have him even for a little while.

My wedding planner, Mia, walks into the room, "Are we ready," She asks, with a small head nod she smiles wide. "Great, I do have a very nervous man out there who keeps pacing."

Alice squeezes my hand, "I'll see you there, okay?" I nod.

"Deep breath, everything is just perfect." She says, kissing my cheek before heading out the door. I'll be going out in the next few seconds.

The sound of A Thousand Years starts on the other side of the door, and when they open, my eyes find his immediately. A smile graces his lips, and I have to remind myself not to bolt down the aisle. Once I reach him, he takes my hand and helps me up the few steps.

"Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today in the presence of these witnesses, to join Edward and Isabella in matrimony commenced to be honorable among all; and therefore, is not to be entered into a lightly but reverently, passionately, lovingly and solemnly. Into this-these two persons present now come to be joined. If any person can show just cause why they may not be joined together- let them speak now or forever hold their peace."

Honestly, I'd kill Jasper or Alice if they said something, but they don't.

The Minister continues on, saying a prayer that I have a tough time focusing on, I don't even realize it's time to say the vows until Edward's lips part.

"Isabella," he smirks, "My beautiful B, do you remember the first time we truly got to talk, not at the church but that park, you tried to get me naked." He raises an eyebrow, and I can feel the blush over my face. He sighs. "I saw you sitting there on the swing, looking troubled and I just knew I had to get you to smile. When I did finally see you smile, I knew at that moment, we were meant to be together, forever. It might sound completely insane, but I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you, to see you smile every day for the rest of my life. I vow to help you in facing our challenges for I know that there's nothing we can't face if we stand together. I wouldn't want anyone else at my side. I love you Isabella, and I promise to love you every day of my life, to be true and faithful to only you. One lifetime with you will never be enough."

I can feel the lump in the back of my throat, tears threatening to escape. Edward loves me, he loves me.

"Isabella," The minister says.

I nod, "Edward, I promise, from this day on, I will give you all my love. I promise you will never walk alone and I'll always have your back with no question asked. Even if the entire world is against us, I'll be there fighting every step of the way with you. Wherever you go, I'll follow. I promise to give you all that I am, all that I have and all that I will be. I promise to love you unconditionally, to comfort you in times of trouble and distress. I promise to be your partner in everything you want or need to do. I promise to be patient, honest, kind, and forgiving, and faithful to only you. I promise to love you now until forever, because I do, Edward ... I love you."

He swallows hard, his Adam's apple bobbing, his eyes shining brightly. Edward and I exchange rings, each a simple silver band. A few more words are said, and then the minister says, "By the power vested in me by the state of Nevada, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride," He smile at Edward and takes a step back. Without hesitation on Edward's part, he leans in and kisses me. This kiss is different from all the rest, the way heat spreads throughout my body, starting at my heart, working its way through to my lips. I know with every bone in my body, I love Edward Cullen.

We don't deepen the kiss too much, thanks to the reminder that Jasper, Alice, and the minister are all here, watching. Jasper and Alice cheer, clapping their hands with the brightest smiles I'd ever seen on their faces.

Edward takes my hand, and we make our way down the aisle. At the end, just before the doors, we stop. Edward turns back to look at the smiling minister as puts out his arms and announces us as, "Mr. and Mrs. Cullen."

Edward smiles before leaning forward and kissing the breath out of me, he dips me backward.