Chapter Six: Burning Disire

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It had been a little over a week since Jasmine had returned to the past. It felt great to be back in a peaceful Hogwarts. Jasmin felt odd about all of this as well. Mainly because she treated every day like it was her last. She started looking for things to make her smile. Hell, she drew everyone's attention at the Returning Feast because she was laughing so much. She had nearly passed out from laughing when Susan had come up to Daphne and started demanding answers about what happened on the train. The girl had thought that Daphne was 'exploring other options'. Daphne told her that she wasn't, but the look Susan was giving Daphne showed there was still some level of doubt. This caused Jasmine to start laughing so hard she fell off the bench onto the cold granite floor. The death glare Daphne was giving her was slightly scary, but that only made her laugh harder.

The drama had calmed down somewhat. Susan was still mildly upset, and she told them she wouldn't forget this. Tracey damn sure hadn't. The other Slytherin kept teasing the two girls that Jasmine was 'trying' to steal the other girl away. This, of course, got her hit by a few stinging jinxes. Thankfully even this was dying down. The last thing Jasmine needed was for Tracey to constantly bring this up. She didn't want to ruin Susan and Daphne's relationship. That went against Jasmin's code of ethics.

One of the more interesting things this go around was her two new classes. Thankfully the teachers were willing to take her in into the courses half way through. Though she thought this was only allowed because Hermione told them she would be tutoring her in what they had covered thus far in the courses. Though the idea of Hermione being her tutor brought the phrase "Helga's House of Pain" to mind. The glint in Hermione's eyes drove this point home. The second thing that she liked was her gender shift had altered her exposure to the walking garbage disposal. Ron had started sitting down at the far end of Gryffindor table to 'get control of himself' as he put it. He had started to eat slower, and not get food everywhere. When they asked him why he was doing this he told them he realised how disgusting his eating habits had been. This caused Jasmin to roll her eyes. If you had told her a year ago that Ronald was a traitor then Jasmin would have broken your damn jaw. Now though she was finding it more and more obvious that he was not the friend she had once thought him to be. She also noticed the more her circle of friends increased the more aggressive he became. The bastard even tried to say that Susan was evil because her girlfriend was in Slytherin. This argument lasted only a day though. Jasmine was hoping she could use this to drive a wedge between her Ronald.

The other girls didn't seem pleased by this behaviour at all. Hermione kept giving Ron these concerned looks and had asked more than once if he was alright. Daphne and Tracey didn't talk to him much once he made that comment about Susan. Daphne stayed close to her girlfriend like she was a dragon protecting her nest. Tracey seemed to be talking to Fred and George about Ron. This made Jasmine a little worried. The idea of the three jokesters working together was a bit troublesome.

Granted worrying about all of this was loads better than worrying about a mad man out to kill her. Getting the evidence aside from the memories provided was proving to be more than a little troublesome. Ron didn't seem to want to separate himself from the traitor for too long. She had tried to convince him that he didn't need to be around Scabbers all the time, but Ronald didn't seem to want to part with the damn thing.

"Jasmin, are you listening?" The sound of Pansy's voice pulled her out moment of mental seclusion.

Jasmin looked around at the people gathered around the table. For the last two days Hermione, Daphne, Pansy, and Susan had been helping her with Ancient Runes and Arithmancy. That is why they were all in the library at the moment. "Sorry, I was just off in thought. Where were we?"

Hermione rolled eyes. "Jasmin we're talking about the importance of runic writings to wizards understanding of magic before the Roman conquest. In other words, how Northern Europe's way of teaching magic before they were introduced to wandlore."

"Right," Jasmine said with a sheepish smile. "So, I think we need to take a small break if I am drifting off to Neverland while studying."

There were some chuckles around the table. It was Daphne that stopped Hermione from going into a tirade. "It's not long till dinner is served, so that's not a bad idea."

Hermione huffed. "Fine, but we will continue this tomorrow. You have an entire term to catch up on Jasmine."

Jasmin sighed as she was putting her books and parchment into her backpack. "I know Hermione, and it is fortunate for me that I am really good at mathematics."

Tracey chuckled as she threw her arm around Jasmin. "Yeah, I don't get that. How can you be really good at Arithmancy, and stink so badly at Divinations?"

Jasmin could feel her cheeks warm up as everyone looked over at her. "Well, it wasn't like I didn't learn anything in primary school." She looked over at Hermione. "I did enjoy my mathematics classes, but I had to keep my scores lower than Dudley. I just refused to deliberately fail the classes I was taking."

Hermione looked dumbstruck at this. She shook her head, and just glared at Jasmin. "Wait so you are telling us that the reason you are keeping your grades at Exceeds Expectation in MOST of your courses is because you want to?!"

Jasmin chuckled as she backed away to the library doors. "Yes, but I had a good reason for it. I mean my best mate in the dorm was not that great at studying, so if I actually applied myself how do you think he would feel?"

Hermione let out a held breath. She also looked a little heartbroken. "Ronald would have felt really bad, and probably would have been really grumpy, but we could have helped him learn it."

"Not to poke holes in your idea, but you can't be sure of that," Pansy said with a concerned look on her face. "I mean he keeps whining in Divinations because you aren't there."

Jasmin sighed sombrely as a gentle breeze blew pushed her bangs off to the left side of her face. The freezing wind was biting into her cheeks at this moment. "I know he thinks I shouldn't have dropped Divination, but I can't take the easy road anymore." She looked over to her friend. "I get it that he does not like this stuff, but I will not waste my potential anymore. I did that for Dudley, but I won't do that because one of my friends wants to take it easy." Jasmine started to smile and then started laughing. "Who knows, maybe if I had been a girl this whole time, I would have followed Hermione's course line up. I can see it know. The two of us stuck in the library between classes." She threw her arms over Pansy and Hermione's shoulders. "And who knows maybe if things weren't messed with the three of us might have been friends this whole time."

Hermione was blushing at this moment. "Stop it, Jasmine." Hermione looked to her left at Pansy. "Would you have become our friend if Jasmin was not forced to be Harry?"

Pansy blushed a little as she looked at the ground. It made Jasmin smile at how easily the other girl could be brought to rosy cheeks. "Maybe, but I cannot guarantee that. I wish I could say yes to that, but my parents are glory seeking arseholes."

"Pansy!" Hermione and Daphne said sternly.

Pansy looked over at the two of them and shrugged. "What the truth hurts, and I cannot say that they are truly evil like Malfoy's father, but they won't turn down the help up the social ladder."

Jasmin looked over at Hermione who had this stunned look on her face. As they walked into the Entrance Hall Jasmin steered the conversation to safer grounds. "So, after we eat I am going to the pitch to take to the air. I want to see how badly my awesome quidditch skills have been affected."

"I really hope you can still play I have a lot riding on your ability to beat the shite out of Ravenclaw," Tracey said with a smile. "I mean Draco is easy to read, and given that he is always ready to belittle you makes this easy."

Jasmin looked over at her with a raised eyebrow. "Why would you rely on that for your bets?"

Tracey just shrugged with both her hands raised. "I do it not to insult you, but to earn the glory of making Malfoy spend his money on his pride."

Jasmin laughed at the image of Draco scowling as he handed a fist full of galleons over to Tracey. "Now I can get behind that."

The four of them walked into the Great Hall laughing hysterically. They walked up to the Gryffindor table and sat down across from Neville and Hanna Abbot. Hanna had started to hang out them since Susan was part of Hermione's study group. Even though this had only been three days Jasmin noticed that Hanna casting fleeting glance at Neville when he wasn't looking. Jasmin had heard small whispers about those two just before the battle at Hogwarts. She hoped that if things progressed further it would boost Neville's moral. She knew he wouldn't be able to ask Hermione to the Yule Ball. She would be going with her, or Pansy to the damn thing. Though the idea of asking either of them to the Yule Ball was a nerve-wracking thought even now, and it was a little under a year away!

"What's wrong Jasmin?" Hermione asked with a nervous tone to her voice.

Jasmin cursed how transparent she was to Hermione. "I guess I'm just a little nervous about how well I am going to do this evening."

"You'll be fine Jasmin," Pansy said placing a hand on her left hand. Jasmin looked over at the girl, and the smile on her face made her sigh. Seeing this side of Pansy made her nervous, in a good way. Though the look in her eyes reminded her of Fred and George. "I mean it could be worse. You could be forced to take Draco out on a date!"

Jasmin gagged at the thought of doing that. "Oh god don't say that Pansy! I am trying to eat here!" Jasmin had this look of disgust on her face. "I know there are worse fates and all, but I can't stomach the idea of dating him." Jasmin looked over at the Slytherin table to find said boy scowling at them. "I mean it would cut down on his time with his boyfriends. Although I am still finding it hard to see Draco as the top in the relationship. So, who do you think it is, Crabbe or Goyle?"

Neville dropped his fork onto his plate as his hands cover his mouth. After choking on something for a few moments he glared at Jasmine. "Jasmin, I don't have a problem with stuff like that, but think of who you are talking about. I am trying to eat here. The last thing I need is the image of THAT in my head!" Neville said almost gagging as he finished the sentence.

Jasmin held her hands up in the air in defeat. "Okay, okay, I promise not to ruin anyone's meal," Jasmin said with a smile on her face. "Now what about Ronald and Draco?"

"Jasmine!" Hermione and Pansy said as Pansy swatted her on the arm, and Hermione threw a napkin at her.


Ronald was sitting down at the end of Gryffindor table watching Jasmin and Hermione eat with their new 'friends'. He knew that Bones, Greengrass, and Parkinson were in Hermione's Ancient Runes and Arithmancy class; but he didn't think they were this close. It was odd that they would call the Queen of Slytherin their friend. Though Hermione seemed on edge about all of this. He seen his friend cast sideways glances at Parkinson every now and then. This was followed by a brief glimpse over at their friend. He knew that the bookworm was as worried about Jasmine as he was although for a different reason. She cared for their friend while he cared for the money she would provide for him.

Was this evil? Probably, but when you have been handed dragon dung your whole life you would take what you could get. Whatever he had to do to leave the label of 'Poor' behind he would do it. The fact that he would get to marry Granger, and then when Potter turned twenty her marriage contract with him would kick in, and he would get her and her wife. Just thinking about this brought a smile to his face. It was nice to think of these things as he secluded himself from them. He told them it was to improve his eating habits, but it was more than that. He wanted to do this, but he also wanted to see how these girls operated together. If they were 'open' in their interactions with one another about their likes and dislikes he might be able to learn of ways to impress them.

"Yes, this is the best way to handle this situation." Ron said as he took a sip from his pumpkin juice. "Hell, I might get lucky and get Parkinson in this marriage as well." He said just above a whisper.


Albus was sitting there watching Ms Potter laughing with her friends. They seemed so happy in this moment. Seeing things like this made him feel sad about what he had wanted to do to the poor girl. He thought that she would have to die at the hands of Voldemort like her mother had done for her, and in so doing protect the world from Tom. This would also extend to the Death Eaters as they were doing what they did under orders from him. The loss of such a bright and happy girl would have been heart breaking, but the protection would have been well worth it. That was at worst though. If things played out like he had planned then he would be there to swoop in and kill Tom, and then finally retire.

But now all of that was for not. Given that Death had put her hand in all of this changed things around. Albus was wondering if the entity had been using him this whole time. Possibly setting things up for some kind of darker future. The arrival of Arctic made him think these things. Only Death could have stopped Nicholas from dying. Or, given him the option to stay alive a little longer. Another option was that Death wanted Nicholas to teach the girl. Though this was unlikely. Nicholas had seen a lot though his long life, and to subject him through more because he had cheated her didn't seem right. In all that he had learned Man was not a puppet to the Divine.

'That road works both ways." A cold female voice rang in his ear.

Albus jumped in his seat looking around for the source of that voice. He could see no one out of place. Minerva asked if he was alright. He told her he was fine, but she didn't seem to be buying that. As he tried to defend himself he could her a could cackle in the back of his mind. This was not good never in his years of study did a divine being really interfere in a human life like this.


6:10 PM

Quidditch Pitch, Hogwarts

Jasmine was enjoying the feeling of flying through the air on her Firebolt. It had been months since she enjoyed this. She missed the freedom this offered. She was just flying high speed circles around the Pitch at the moment, but if she kept making it past the obstacles being conjured by the twins she was going to make a dive for the ground. She knew that Hermione would freak out, but this is what she would deal with that later.

Jasmine looked down at the ground to make sure there was no one in her way. When she was certain that no one would be hurt she took a nose dive for the ground. Feeling the wind rush past her was a welcome relief. She started mentally counting down the feet to the ground. When she was about ten feet away from the ground she pulled up. She started flaying away in a corkscrew pattern off to her left. The dizzy feeling form spinning sow rapidly she could do without, but this was a good sign. Jasmine started to stabilize her flight path. Once she became level she looked back at the small crowd that was watching her. The twins were fist pumping at the moment on their brooms. Wood was doing laps around the pitch, and even though she couldn't see his face Jasmine knew he was smiling. Madam Hooch and Poppy looked a little annoyed at this, but given that they were roughly thirty feet away this was hard to tell. Some of the people in the stands were jumping up and down with joy. She could see Pansy holding Hermione around the shoulders whispering in her ear. What she wouldn't give for an Extendable Ear long enough to her that conversation.

As she drifted back to the ground the crowd in the stands started making their way on to the Pitch. The other members of the team were flying alongside her long before she touched down. They were all saying they were going to destroy Ravenclaw. This was make Jasmine blush. She knew they would do well, but she didn't want to lay a bet on it. Anything and everything could change. Jasmine was pulled out of these thoughts once she touched down. Before she could rest her broom against her shoulder she was nearly tackled to the ground by Hermione. As she spun around she felt Hermione press her head against her shoulder.

"It's okay beautiful, I didn't get hurt." Jasmine whispered into Hermione's ear.

"I'm beautiful, now am I?" Hermione asked as she lent away from her. Jasmine nodded with a crooked smile on her face. Hermione looked over her shoulder at Pansy who looked sad in this moment. Jasmine felt bad in this moment, but before she could say anything Hermione looked back at her and asked. "What about Pansy?"

Jasmine looked between the two, and sighed. She knew it would be risky to show favouritism to one girl over the other. She bit her lip trying to think of a way not to upset the girls. It looked like Pansy was ready to runaway crying. "She is beautiful in her own away. I don't want to say how as I feel I would get in trouble for it." Jasmine said with a smile.

This caused Pansy to raise an eyebrow. "Is it a part of my body?"

Jasmine looked between the two girls, and then at the castle. If she was chased for what she was about to say she could lead them to Room of Requirement. Or at the very least to floor two. "Well in a way it is. Well I should say 'it'. It's really more than one thing." Jasmine said as she inched her way towards the castle. Pansy and Hermione followed her movements both of them looking a little more than curious. "Let's see there's your quick wit and sharp tongue, and that little nose of yours is adorable." Jasmine then looked over at Hermione. "Hermione, I would love to say it's only your brain that is attractive, but it's more than that." Jasmine said as she stepped away, and Handed Wood her broom. "There is your lovely face, your hourglass figure, and that bum of yours is eye catching."

"Why you!" Hermione said as Jasmine took off towards the castle. Pansy wasn't that far behind her. She never realised how far the quidditch pitch was away from Hogwarts until this moment. She looked over her shoulder and saw the other girls about fifteen feet behind her. Jasmine slowed down a little. It wasn't as much fun if you were out running the people you wanted to catch you. As she got to courtyard entrance she could hear Hermione panting a little way behind her. She didn't even make it to the stairwell before Hermione tackled her to the floor. They were laughing as Jasmine landed on her back. Hermione came to rest with her head resting beneath Jasmine's chin. Jasmine could only see Pansy's blurry outline as the fall to the ground had shifted her glasses. Pansy fell to her knees almost out of breath to Jasmine's left. Jasmine held out her hand for the other girl to take. "Are you wanting to cuddle with the two of us Ms Potter?" Hermione asked with haggard breath and a smile on her face.

Jasmine just smiled at her as Pansy grasped her hand. Jasmine used her free hand to adjust her glasses. "Absolutely, my love, but I think the Room of Requirement is better for that than here in the hallway."

Pansy smiled at this suggestion. "Is there going to be a bed within this room, Ms Potter," Pansy whispered in her ear.

Jasmine smiled at this. "Only if you two want one. I could leave you two alone for a bit to sort things out if you'd like?" Jasmine asked with a coy smile.

"Prat," Hermione said as she swatted Jasmine on her left shoulder. Hermione's face took on this serious look before she continued. "You're not playing us along are you Jasmine?"

Jasmine winced at this suggestion. "No, absolutely not." She looked between Hermione and Pansy. "I can't explain it, but I feel at peace when I am with the both of you." This was a bit of a fib, but thankfully it wasn't about how she felt. "The Room of Requirement would give us a place to talk without being interrupted."

Though Hermine was glaring at her the smile on her face showed she was thinking something different. "Jasmine Potter are suggesting that we do something lude?"

"No, but I think somewhere private is much better than a hallway." Jasmine looked to her right. Those at the Quidditch Pitch were just starting to come through the door. "Case in point love," Jasmine said as she looked back at Hermione.

Hermione looked thoughtful for a moment, and when she looked back at Jasmine there was this wicked grin on her face. "If we go somewhere private the talk will be worse you know?"

'Damn it.' Jasmine thought as she looked over at Pansy who was snickering at this point. 'Gryffindors are supposed to be courageous.' Jasmine thought as she sighed. "Fine, but don't say I didn't warn you." Jasmine looked between the two of them.

Pansy smile broadened at this point. Jasmine wished she would smile like this more often. "How bad could it be lover girl?" The slight blush to Pansy's cheeks made Jasmine smile.

"Oh, not that bad my minx," Jasmine said as she pulled Pansy closer to them. "IF people are going to talk though I think we should give them something to talk about."

The two young women looked at each other before looking back at Jasmine. The blush on their faces made her sweat a little bit more. If she messed this up it would take weeks or months to get them back to being on speaking terms. Jasmine looked passed the two on top of her to see what the others were doing. Thankfully for Jasmine, the boys were being ushered off by Angelina, Alicia, and Katie. Though the catcalling from Fred and George could be heard as the shoved around a corner.

Jasmine turned her gaze back to the other two girls. They looked like someone had lit their feet on fire at this point. Jasmine swallowed once more in an effort to clear her thought. "Well, I thought that maybe you two wouldn't mind coming with me on our first trip to Hogsmeade. I mean if that sounds too weird then we can…"

It was Pansy who stopped her rambling. "Stop Jasmine." The smile on Pansy's face was warm and alluring. Though Jasmine thought that was mainly caused by the bright red colour her cheeks now wore. "I am more than willing to do that, but I don't want to intrude on anything you and Hermione may have."

Before Jasmine could say a word, Hermione comforted their friend. "Pansy I think there is more going on between the two of you than the other way around."

Jasmine could feel her cheeks burning at this point. "No, Hermione you're wrong. I think there is more than enough room in my heart for the both of you."

Pansy chuckled as she leant forward and kissed Jasmine on the cheek. "That's sweet Jasmine, and," Pansy seemed to be struggling with what she wanted to say next. "…to be honest Hermione I am like the both of you. I have been smitten with you for a while." Jasmine heard Hermione take a breath in surprise. "You both are going to find this funny, but it almost feels this meant to be. I feel safer with the two of you than I have felt in a while."

"So… that's a yes?" Jasmine asked as she looked between the two of them.

The two looked at each other for a couple of seconds before they answered as one. "Yes." The two of them leant forward and kissed Jasmine on each cheek. The moment their lips touched her cheeks Jasmine felt this warmth spread from the point of contact throughout her body. This soft blue glow started to fill her field of vision. Jasmine didn't feel like copying Pansy, but in this moment, she felt like everything was right in the world. This feeling lasted for what felt like hours, but it could have been a couple of minute for all she knew. When Hermione and Pansy broke their kiss the looks on their faces were ones of confusion. They looked at one another. The two stared at one another for a couple of minutes before they started asking the other if they had jinxed Jasmine. Jasmine was confused for a minute, but when Hermione said something about Moody an idea popped into Jasmine's mind.

"Girls stop for a second," Jasmine said softly.

"Why?!" they asked as one.

"Because I wasn't jinxed, charmed, or cursed." Jasmine waited a few seconds to see if the girls wanted to say something. "I think those are memories sent to you from the future, or your souls were sent back in time with your memories locked away."

Hermione looked once more at Pansy, and then back at Jasmine. "You realise how insane that sounds?"

Jasmine nodded her head. "I do." Jasmine looked around to make sure there were no painting, prefects, ghost, or teachers to hear them. "But I think if you two do this to one another it would either prove or disprove my idea." Jasmine was mentally crossing her fingers, and hoping the girls didn't put up too much of a fight to the idea.

They were glaring at Jasmine for a couple more seconds before they looked back at each other. They stayed like this for a couple of minutes before Pansy said: "To hell with it." The next thing Jasmine knew Pansy right hand was on the back of Hermione's head and pulling the girl towards her. The stunned look on Hermione's face as Pansy's lips came into contact with her own was priceless. Her eyes only remained wide open for a couple of seconds though. As she slowly closed her eyes the same soft blue glow started to surround them. As they parted the glow faded away. Jasmine was wondering if this is what happened to all soulmates when they kissed for the first time.

Jasmine decided to break the silence before the two of them started fighting again. "Before you two started fighting again I think we need to go to the Room of Requirement, and Hermione we will need to use your Time Turner for this."

Hermione looked her with this shocked look on her face. "How did you know about that?"

Jasmine smiled coyly at them for a few seconds. "You two aren't the only ones' who have memories stretching from here to 1998."

"So, you're from the future? Spiritually I mean." Pansy said with a shaky voice.

"That's a long story, and I think we should get going before it gets too late." Jasmine smiled as she looked at Hermione. "That is unless you like being between my legs Hermione." Jasmine raised her eyebrows a couple of times as she smiled sheepishly at Hermione.

Hermione swatted her on the shoulder. "Prat."


Dumbledore's Office

Albus was pacing back and forth wondering about that voice he had heard earlier this evening. He had been unable to focus on anything since then. It didn't help the situation when Ronald came into the office to complain about the closeness between Ms Parkinson and the two young girls he wanted to bed. This line of questioning only made the situation worse. The boy didn't seem to understand to achieve what he wanted would take time and patience. One of these things the boy had very little of.

"So, you're telling me that I must try and woo that girl as well?" Ron sounded somewhat nauseated as he asked the question.

"Yes, Mr Weasley, and it would help your cause if…"

The sound of something exploding, and the smell of smoke ended the conversation. Albus turned towards the sound of the noise. He saw a pillar of smoke coming from the left side of his desk. Albus made ran to see what the cause of this might have been. The smoke had started to fill the room by the time he got to his desk. Albus cast the Bubble-Head charm on himself and Mr Weasley so they could breathe. Albus started opening the drawers one by one to find the cause of the problem.

When he opened the second drawer he found the source of the fire. It was a stack of parchment in the front of the drawer. There was only one thing within this stack that could have done all of this. As Dumbledore put out the fire with a short Aquis he started pulling out the documents one by one. Ronald had was watching him do this with a panicked look on his face. As he pulled the third piece of parchment Albus noticed the small pile of ashes beneath it. This made his heart sink.

"Is that what I think it is headmaster?" Ronald asked in a quivering voice.

"Yes, it is Mr Weasley, and I think both are plans are in danger." He looked at Ronald, and by the look on the boy's face, he was not hiding his anger well. "How can my weapon be this dangerous?"

The moment those words left his mouth his heart sank to the pit of his stomach. The sound of glass shattering signalled the end of his bond with Fawkes. He looked over to the noble bird, and the look of anger on its face made his blood run cold. Fawkes shrieked once before charging at Albus. Fawkes talons dug into Albus right hand causing him to drop the Elder Wand. The bird snatched up with its beak before it hit the ground. Fawkes flamed away before he could reach for the wand.

Ronald stood there stunned for a couple of seconds before he started tearing off a piece of his cloak. "What just happened Professor Dumbledore?"

Albus sighed as he helped Weasley wrap the piece of cloth around his hand. "The moment I called Ms Potter a weapon I revealed my true nature and intention to Fawkes. You see I have always hidden some things from Fawkes. If he knew what I truly wanted to do with Ms Potter our bond would have been broken. This is why whenever we were discussing your plans for Ms Potter he was never in the room. I made sure of this, and now I may have made the biggest mistake of my life."