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Catch a Falling Star
By: Illuminate
Chapter 1

It was a particulary nice Saturday outside. So nice even, it could have still been summer. But it wasn't since Oliver Wood was already harping on the Gryffindor Quidditch team about practices, even though it was only the first week into his seventh year.

"Come on Wood! We just got here," Fred Weasley started, "Besides, The Quidditch season isn't for two months! And you know we've got the best bloody team there is!"

"He's right!" Angelina chimed in, jumping off her stool and placing an arm around his shoulders as emphasis.

Oliver huffed, "And you also know that this is my last chance to win the cup! I don't need anybody blowing that chance for me!"

"Don't get your feathers ruffled Wood," Alicia said, "We're going to win that cup any way it goes."

"And how can you be so sure?" he said, turning towards her, pointing.

Alicia made a move towards Harry, who was currently trying not to get involved with their little row.

"Cause we've got the best seeker this school has seen in a VERY long time!" She said, patting Harry a little roughly on the back.

Oliver sighed and sat down on one of the large, overstuffed red chairs in the common room. "Winning the cup will need more than just a great seeker." He said, turning to Harry, "No offense Potter."

"None taken." Harry replied, going back to his Chudley Cannons book.

"Look here you," Angelina spat, "It isn't just your last year. It's mine, and Katie's too." She said, perching herself on the tabe in front of him.

"Yeah, you're right." Wood said. He glanced around the room and his brow furrowed when he turned back towards Angelina, "Speaking of.....where is Katie?" Wood asked, biting his bottom lip unnoticeably.

Angelina took a look around the room and noticed that her best friend of seven years was indeed not present, "That prat. She's probably still asleep!" She hopped off the table and went towards the girl's dormitories, "I'll go wake her lazy butt up."

Oliver snickered.


"KATIE! Come on you lazy bum, get UP!"

"No mum, no more broomsticks..too many beans..." Katie muttered, obviously sleep induced.

Angelina shook her continuously, "KATIE!" She shouted.

Katie rose wearily from underneath the rose colored comforter, "Uh?" She replied groggily.

"C-mon. The whole quidditch team is down in the common room. Wood is giving us his annual "practice" speech." She said, tossing her roomate a pair of jean shorts and a yellow tanktop.

Katie sat up and glared at Angelina, "Do I REALLY have to go? Isn't he..like..done yet?"

Angelina was already out of hearing distance. Katie groaned inwardly and pulled on the shorts and shirt, sliding on a pair of yellow sandals as she went out the door muttering, "stupid Angelina...."


"Okay, " Oliver agreed, "We'll start practices in two weeks. Till then you all have your nights off." He said, falling back onto the couch.

Fred and George high-fived each other and took off in the direction of the kitchens. Alicia sat on the stool in front of Angelina and chatted up conversation as Katie came down the stairs. She looked questioningly at Alicia who pointed at the couch. Katie smiled and leaned over the back of it, tossing stray hairs behind her head. Oliver was dressed in a pair of beige shorts and a light green t-shirt that said, "Quidditch....what else?".

"Oy Oliver! What's on the Quidditch agenda?"

Oliver gazed up at her, brightened, "We start practices in two weeks. That should give everyone enough time to get over the 'we just got to school' phase."

"But we did just get to school." She hopped over the arm of the couch and sat by his feet, "They're right Oliver, you need to ease up."

Oliver sat up and moved next to her, "But I really REALLY want to win the cup this year Kate." he said, a faint whimper in his voice.

"And we will." She said confidently, rising from the couch, "Come on. Let's go somewhere. You need to get your mind off quidditch. It really makes you a drag." She chuckled.

Oliver stood up and gave her a you-better-watch-it look. "I am not a drag. "

Katie smiled and tugged him towards the portrait entrance, "Not after I'm done. Come on. We're going to do some sightseeing."

"Sightseeing?" Oliver questioned, "What kind of sightseeing?"

Katie turned to face him, "The kind you can do only on a broomstick." She finished as they exited the Gryffindor Common room.

Oliver didn't seem to agree with this idea. Though, he was forced silent by her. Not by words but by her mere image, and presence. She was a girl. He now knew that, Before, he had just thought of her as 'one of the guys', considering she basically hung around with him, Fred, George, and Lee. But now that his senses have come to the conclusion that she ISN'T just one of the guys, he realizes that she is a girl. A VERY pretty girl. And she was currently hanging onto his arm, practically pulling it out of it's socket, taking him to...wherever it is she was taking him.

They exited the school and she stopped. Briefly taking in the warm summer sun and vibrant fragrances, she turned to him again, her bright blue eyes flashing in the light, "We have to get brooms first. Let's head to the quidditch stadium." She said, trotting off in front of him.

He exaled the breath he had unconciously been holding. This was Katie Bell! His friend since first year! His teammate! One of the guys!!

He followed behind her, in a slow deliberate pace. She turned around and grabbed his arm once more, tuggiing him along while saying, "Today if you don't mind!" while smiling.

Then it hit him. If she was just 'one of the guys'.....

Why was he getting these strange sensations every time she was near?

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