Severus' POV

Dumbledore had just called a a meeting for the Order of the Phoenix. Severus was exhausted by the amount of meetings he had to attend over the last few weeks. Between the dark lord and Potter's disappearance he barely had time to do anything potions wise.

He groaned at the though of the Potter great. No one knew where he was. The second day of summer break Potter had disappeared and the muggles were of little help. All they knew was that the boy had left in new looking clothes. Apparently clothes that he has never worn before. They did find out this was not the first time he had disappeared. The boy tended to disappear within the first week of school breaks. Potter had been a bloody thorn in his side since the beginning of summer. Where the hell were you Potter? Where are you now?

He arrived at Grimauland Place Number 12 and entered wincing at the yelling of Sirius Black Potter's godfather. The man had become intolerable since Potter's disappearance. Lupin was always trying to keep the man from going off and doing something stupid. The yelling though finally stopped when he entered the room as the last of the order to arrive.

Dumbledore said motioning for him to sit and said," Thank you all coming. Has anyone have anything new to report?" Kingsley was the first to speak up," I have something new from the ministry." That got everyone's attention. It was bound to be bad but they needed Intel on the minister. Kingsley continued," Apparently the minister has agreed to let a muggle organization work alongside with the Aurors. Not much is known about this group but they will be holding a festival in a small town outside of London for us to meet their members. Its also supposed to be a party of one of their adopted children to become a full fledged member instead of just a child of the airship."

Many of the members shrugged but Lupin started as if he knew what it meant. Lupin asked carefully to Kingsley," Are you sure?" Black seemed to be confused for a moment before he too realized what it meant. It seemed the two surviving Marauders knew something no one else did. Kingsley said curious," Positive. I heard it from the Captain himself. Why?"

Both Black and Lupin pulled out matching necklaces on a silver chain that held a gold fox. Lupin said," These necklaces were given to us by Harry in his third year. He said that as a child of the airship he was allowed to chose certain protectors that did not belong to the airship. We didn't know what the meant until now." The room was silent for a moment before it roared to life with yelling. So Potter was a child of the airship then. That made his disappearance not caused by the dark Lord make more sense.

He waited with a trade marked sneer on his face for the loud yelling to calm down. He said once it was finally quiet," I have news as well. The Dark Lord is looking for an heir." That got him undivided attention. He said looking at each of them," The only specifics he has given us is that the heir must be a parslemouth. So far no one has had any luck any luck at finding him one."

Several members of the order blanched but it was Dumbledore and Lupin who looked contemplative. Severus tried to remember what it was that he was missing but came up with nothing. He glared at his mentor in an effort to get him to explain but the older man shook his head. Dumbledore said," I want to confirm something again to be sure before I say anything. Remus, Sirius, I want the both of you to send letters to Harry see if he will answer. I know you have tried before but you must keep trying. If there is nothing else I say we adjourn until the next meeting."

With that all the members began filing out of the meeting room. Lupin and Black went off to the owlerly and Severus decided to go back to his quarters in Hogwarts. With any luck Potter would answer his dogfather and the werewolf this time.

Voldemort's POV

It was nearing the end of June when he finally regained his original body. Thanks to Wormtails blunder with the potion and ritual he spent the last three weeks looking like a half snake. With Severus' help he was able to regain his old looks and most of his sanity. The only difference being his eyes were still ruby red. Now it was time to find an heir. He couldn't have just any heir though his needed to be a parslemouth. There in lied the problem.

Parsletounge was such a rare ability even if he found a woman to share his life with and they had a child it was no guarantee they would have the ability. This frustrated him to no end knowing that he could not claim lordship without an heir. There was a knock on his study door and he said hiding his exhaustion," Enter." Lucius Malfoy entered.

He said glowering at his right hand," Lucius come in. Why are you here? I did not call for you and there is no meeting planned for this evening." Lucius said reminding him that at the last meeting he had asked his death eaters to watch out for possible parslemouthes," My Lord, I have found out there is a living parslemouth. He is currently in Britain as well."

Voldemort's eyes widened and he found an old excitement returning. Lucius looked away for a moment almost like he was unsure of his next words. Voldemort waited and finally his right hand man continued," My lord, its Harry Potter. I had mentioned about what we were searching for to Draco to see if any of his classmates showed the signs. I never expected to get the answer that it was Potter."

The Dark Lord hid his surprise quickly. Of all the wizards that could be a parslemouth it had to be his enemy. According to Severus the boy had been missing since the start of summer. How to find the brat? First he needed to get reinstated other Wizengott first. He said," Lucius I want you to start searching for possible ways to find Potter. We can go about that later. Do you have anything on getting me reinstated without going to Azkaban?"

Lucius nodded handing him a scroll that had what appeared to be an ancient law on it. He read through it and said," This might work. Get started on it right away."