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Harrison's POV

He woke up to the familiar scent of the infirmary. For once it didn't irk him that he was back in the infirmary. He was just happy to be back on the airship and out of Kafka's hands.

Pushing himself up on his elbows he noticed that there were two others in the room. Next to him was his adopted father. At the foot of the bed was Hirato. Both men were fast asleep.

A soft smile crossed his face as he reached over to touch Marvolo's shoulder. Before his hand even touched his shoulder Marvolo shot up. Harrison froze not daring to move as the man to took a moment to remember where he was.

Marvolo's charmed blue eyes met his green ones. The look in them softened as he remembered.

Marvolo said a small smile appearing on his face," Welcome back to the land of living, Harrison. How do you feel?"

Hirato shot up at the sound of the man's voice. The two warm blue eyes met his green ones.

He said looking between the two men," I feel stronger. How long have I been out?"

It was Hirato who answered," Three days. Not surprising your body needed time to push out the forced calm you had. Everyone else woke up two days ago. I'll be right back. I'm going to get Akari."

He couldn't help himself. When Hirato tried to leave the room he grabbed the man's arm. Hirato was warm still and he turned to face the boy.

Harrison said not able to meet the man's eyes," Don't go. Please Hirato."

He missed the shared look between the two men. A gentle touch from Marvolo almost undid him.

Hirato though gently removed his hand and said," I'm not leaving. His right outside the door. Will you let me get him?"

Though he had removed the boy's hand he didn't move away. Instead he waited for Harrison to consent. After several moments he nodded. The man moved towards the door and opened it. Hirato barely stuck his head out of the room.

He said," Akari you were right. He's awake."

The pink haired man pushed past the captain and into the room before anything else was said. The man made his way over to Harrison. A gentle hand pushed him down onto the soft bed. Looking up he saw it was his guardian.

He didn't try to fight the man holding him down or the familiar doctor. The doctor checked him over until he was satisfied.

It didn't take long for Akari to say," He's fine for the moment. I want to do a complete check over at the Research Tower."

All three men gave him a look that said he better not argue. So he didn't. He wanted to be sure that he was fine and that there wasn't anything that couldn't be fixed.

Hirato said," We will be there within the hour. Until then Kit, I want you to stay here."

Fear coursed through him. He felt like Hirato was going to leave him. That Kafka would take him again. It was fear like none other. He never wanted to be caught by Kafka again. He didn't want to be unable to move or fight against the strange warm.

Marvolo moved so that he was on the bed with him and pulled him so rhat his ear was above the man's heart. The steady heart beat coupled together with the man's fingers carding through his hair it was calming him.

Hirato said softly," I won't be gone for long. We won't let them capture you again. I promise, Kit. Trust in me."

Lifting his head from Marvolo's chest he said," I do trust you Hirato. Both of you."

His mind was becoming sluggish again. He was slowly drifting off to sleep. It wasn't long before he woke to gentle shaking of his shoulder.

Blearily he opened his eyes to see that it was Marvolo. Marvolo ksaid softly," We have arrived at the tower. Come let's get this over with so that we can go home."

He let out a sigh before pulling away from his guardian. Marvolo didn't stop him instead he helped Harrison to get to his feet. They left the room and Harrison led them through the ship to the Tower.

The trip through the Tower was familiar to him. He had done this many times before. Unlike Yogi, he wasn't afraid of the pink haired doctor. He was almost comfortable with the doctor. The doctor had always tried him fairly and like an equal. It helped him relax and be himself around the man.

In front of the man's office he hesitated. Dark thoughts filled his mind. He wondered if the man was angry at him for leaving? For needing to be rescued.

The door opened startling him and he had to step back to avoid being run over by Yogi. It was obvious that Yogi was trying to get away from the doctor. Harrison had to hide his smile when Akari came out of the office scowling. The scowl disappeared when their eyes met.

He said tilting his head to the side," Come. Lets get this done."

He followed the man inside the office but frowned when he didn't feel Marvolo with him. The man hesitated outside the door. So he grabbed the man's arm and led him into the room. Akari looked surprise. He rarely let anyone but Hirato in the room.

He didn't want to be left alone without a warm though. Fear filled him at the thought of being alone. In a cold world again. His grip on Marvolo's arm tightened to almost painful levels. He missed the worried glance.

Akari said knowingly," Lets get some blood from you."

The man took a small amount of blood from him. It was regular for him to get blood draws. They were making sure his kitsune was under control. It also allowed them to make changes to his bandages as needed. This was extremely important now. Checking to see if there had been any damage done to the kitsune by Kafka.

Once he had gone through the usual check up he was down to shorts and a white t-shirt. The man went to go look through the results. Harrison shifted so that his shoulder was touching Marvolo's. The warmth that the man radiated spread through him.

It grounded him. Reminded him that he wasn't alone. That there were those who he could lean on. Slowly he was allowing himself to trust the man.

When Akira returned he held his folder and Hirato was right behind him. Hirato stood next to him close enough that he could feel his warmth. It was gentle force that reminded him that he was no longer alone.

Akira said calmly," Good news is there has been no damage to your kitsune. In fact if anything it seems that your kitsune half is much calmer. Almost as if it's gone into a slumber. To be on the safe side I want you to continue using your patches."

His kitsune was in almost a slumber? Did that mean he would no longer have visions? He hoped it was so. He hated the visions. He only had terrible terrible visions of someone dying. Someone close to him every time.

As if sensing his thoughts Hirato placed his hand on Harrison's shoulder. It wasn't a big move on his part but it was enough.

Akari said looking through the test results," Everything else is normal. I think you were lucky you weren't with them for longer. We are still trying to wake Nai's guardian. His results weren't nearly as good as yours."

He gave a faint smile and said," It's only thanks to everyone in Circus and sir."

He felt Marvolo stiffen next to him. Was the man angry at him? A kind bump from Marvolo's shoulder. He looked at the man. Instead of finding anger he found a happy look in the man's eyes.

Marvolo said smiling slightly," This is the first time that you acknowledged me as something more than a nuisance to you."

That's why the man was smiling. It was because he was beginning to slowly accept the man. Just as he had come to accept Hirato and the others. He was coming to accept Marvolo.

Hirato said ruffling his hair," We will always come after one of our own. You are a child of the airship. We will always look after you."

He leaned into the touch as he said," I know, Hirato."

But somrthing else touched his heart. He wanted to be a Circus member but he also wanted to finish his Hogwarts education. He wanted to learn about being an heir.

Lowering his head in fear he asked," What if I wanted to finish out my last three years of Hogwarts?"

Hirato said with a knowing look," Then you would be welcome to it. I was against you coming to Circus full time."

Marvolo stiffened next to him. He had forgotten to tell the man about this. He ducked his head expecting anger and he couldn't bring himself to look at it in those blue eyes.

A gentle hand brought his eyes up to meet the charmed blue eyes of his guardian. The man asked," Are you sure this is what you want? I don't want to force this upon you."

He leaned into the touch and said," I'm sure sir. It will give me time to continue to learn how to control my abilities. And..." he stopped unable to put his thoughts to words. It would give him a chance to learn about this man.

He knew that Marvolo had killed his parents. Had tried to kill him multiple times. Still this man was different than the one that had done all these things. He could sense it. This allowed him to start caring for the man. Ever so slowly.

A smile crossed Marvolo's face and it was returned. Hirato said," We will stay in the area. Kit still needs to train once he's recovered. Also it should keep Kafka from trying again."

The prospect of the airship staying nearby made his face light up. Marvolo said tiredly," That's fine. Send me the training schedule."

Hirato only nodded keeping his gaze on Harrison. He gave a small smile to the captain.

Hirato's POV

He watched with a sigh as Kit left with his guardian. There had been a lot of concessions on both sides before they were both happy. Kit would stay with the wizard as long as he was allowed to visit.

They had made the deal when Kit was still unconscious. He had been surprised when Kit had brought it up himself. It was the boy who decided that he wanted to give the man a chance. He was proud of him and that was why he let him go. It was his decision. Hirato couldn't force him to stay on the airship. As much as he wanted to sometimes.