Mr and Mrs Dursley, of Number 4 Privet Drive, were proud to say they were perfectly normal, thank you very much. They were the last people you'd expect to be involved in anything...


'Jack, you're messing this up, go away!'

'But I want to know when I get in this...'

'In a bit, now go.'


'Go! Or else you won't be in this at all.'

'Can't we at least start it on my side; I mean everyone already knows Harry's.'

'If I do will you keep quiet?'

'Of course...'

'Fine... But I'm not only going to focus on you. Ahem...'

The North Pole. The place at the top of the world where Santa lives in his workshop with the elves and Yetis all getting ready for Christmas.

At the moment North was in his office, Jack Frost along with him, thinking up some new toys for the children of the world.

"Run this by me again please Jack..." North said looking at the picture Jack had made of a very badly drawn teddy bear dressed up to look like him.

"They're Jack Frost Teddy Bears," Jack said proudly "Well I need to have some way of getting myself known that doesn't conclude with people getting hurt or expressions." he said getting a look from the old man "And I also thought maybe there can be some stories or... or some coloring books with my frost patterns in for the kids to color in."

Hearing this, North sighed and nodded.

"We'll see Jack," he said putting the picture to one side and was about to get back to work on his mini ice-aeroplane when there was a knock on the door, confusing both spirits.

"Since when did the Yeti's learn how to knock?" Jack asked jokingly but got his staff ready just in case.

"Not sure," North said getting up and going over to the door, he too pulling out one of his weapons.

Slowly he opened the door and they saw, a man.

A very old looking, tall, thin, man, in long robes and a purple cloak and with hair and a beard almost as white as North's which was long enough to tuck into his belt, and on his feet high heeled, buckled boots. He had light blue sparkling eyes which were shining behind a pair of half-moon-spectacles, which were perched on a nose that was very long and very crooked.

"Ah, Albus Dumbledore," North said relaxing a little inviting the man in "To what do we owe this pleasure?"

"I have need of your newest Guardian's help actually North," the man said looking to Jack who was still confused "But I will like to wait until everyone is here before I say anything," he said calmly "Means I won't have to repeat myself and the message will come out right."

Nodding in understanding, North got up and went to go summon the other Guardians leaving Jack and Dumbledore together.

Smiling, Dumbledore looked around North's office making sure he always stayed in Jack's sight.

"I see North has made quite a few new toys since I was here last," he said spotting the Russian Doll family of the five Guardians.

"Well he does have to make them every year," Jack said sitting back in the chair, grabbing some paper and got to work drawing some frost patterns.

"Hm... Tell me Jack, how good are you at protecting children?" Dumbledore asked in a 'Lets get a conversation stated' voice.

"Depends who you ask," Jack said right away "But I think I'm good with it why?" he asked looking up, but Dumbledore didn't answer.

Instead he asked "And how good would you say you are at acting?"

"Reasonably good," Jack said nodding, thinking of all those times he pretended to be happy, even though inside he was upset "I used to act out stories to my sister and friends when I was still alive."

Just when Dumbledore was about to ask another question, the door opened and all the other Guardians came in - North, Tooth, Bunny and Sandy.

"Albus?" Tooth said cheerfully rushing to hug him "So good to see you again. Why are you here?"

"I am here, because a child that I believe needs protecting is about to start at my school in September," Dumbledore said explaining to everyone all he knew about this 'Potter boy' "And I believe that Voldemort may still be out there, biding his time until he is strong enough to get his full powers back."

"Sounds like Pitch to me," Jack said snorting a little remembering how the Boogieman waited years upon years before striking back to get back at the Guardians.

"Jack this is serious," Tooth said glaring at the white haired boy a little "You-Know-Who was one of the most dark and most powerful Wizards of the century. Harming those who didn't follow his instructions, Doing whatever he pleased, Torturing and killing innocent people just for the fun of it..."

"Like I said, sounds like Pitch Black," he said the air getting a little colder in the room as he remembered how Pitch 'Killed' Sandy.

"Getting back to the topic, if I may," Dumbledore said calmly before anything else can be said about Pitch Black and the similarities he had to Voldemort "Harry Potter will be attending his first of seven years at Hogwarts come September, that is assuming Hagrid can get to him before the 31st of July, and I am here to ask if Jack, would like to come and help protect Harry from the inside of the school."

"Wait, wait, wait, wait..." Jack said having his ears open for the first time during this meeting "You're saying that if I do this, I need to go to a... A school?!"

"I think it's a grand idea," Tooth said smiling "You will able to learn more magic then Jack, and since loads of new students attend Hogwarts each year, it won't look suspicious when you turn up."

"If you think it such a great idea Tooth then you do it." Jack said standing up and heading for the door "I don't need to go to a school to learn how to use my staff thank you very much."

"Jack," Dumbledore said in a voice that was just above a whisper, making everyone go quiet "Tell me please, What does it mean, to be a Guardian?"

"To protect all the children of the world and Guard the hopes, wishes and dreams," Jack said thinking of Emma, his sister, and gripping his staff a little tighter "Even if it means we end up getting hurt instead."

The Guardians were a little confused when Jack said this, never seeing the boy like this before.

"Precisely," Dumbledore said smiling and giving North a letter "All the things Jack will need are on a list in there, along with his ticket for the train. I trust you still have the key to the vault Greengotts made you all those years ago."

"I'm sure it is somewhere," North said going through his mind where it might be.

"Well, just in case," Dumbledore said giving Tooth a small bronze key.

"Thank you," she said holding onto it tightly.

"You're welcome, Tooth, my dear," Dumbledore said smiling "Oh and this will help people see you Jack," he said giving him a potion. Just in case."

"Hey that a good point," Jack said taking the vile but only holding on to it "How come you can see me and the rest of them?" he asked nodding to the Guardians.

"I, myself am also good friends with the Man in the Moon," he answered "And don't worry about your job about bringing winter, Mother Nature said she will deal with that." Dumbledore said getting a nod of understanding from Jack.

"One more question," Jack said before the old man left.

"Just the one?" Dumbledore said smiling.

"You said this was a 'School' which means it has more than one year in it," Jack said slowly making sure Dumbledore understood "What year will I be in?"

"I do not know, Jack," Dumbledore said "But yes you are right, there is more than one, there are 7 in fact. I suspect it will all be the Sorting Hat's decision, but I suspect one of the first three years, so just in case, don't go buying him his own broom yet."

"I'll make sure of that Dumbledore," Bunny said looking towards Jack.

"Right, I trust you all remember how to get to Diagon Alley..." he said looking to the others who nodded.

"Very well then, I will be off then. See you in September, Jack," he said before turning and leaving the odd family be.

"So," North said pulling out the list and reading it "When do you want to get all of this Jack?" he asked grinning.