I love the movie "Max" and I think it's one of the best films ever made, and I've been meaning to write some fan fiction for it. I've been wanting to write a few missing scenes that we didn't see on screen.
This is my version of what happened at the end of the movie right after Max pushes Tyler off the bridge.
There will be more chapters after this one. I hope you like it!

I could only stare in shock, panting for breath, face face still stinging from the blow to my face. From Tyler. Who was now lying lifeless below me. With Max. Who wasn't moving.
Dad. Where was Dad? I hadn't wanted my father this badly in years. Not since I was a little kid. I could feel tears running down my face, dripping from my chin. I was so tired. I was tired from biking all night and from nearly drowning and from running from Tyler and my side hurt from falling and my face hurt from Tyler's hand.
Tyler. How had it come to this?
Dad's voice snapped me out of my daze a little bit.
Dad was okay. He was okay.
"Justin, hang on! Help's on the way!"
I looked up finally, across the gaping hole still smoking from the blast. Police Officers were standing on the edge of the bridge, and I saw a few of them walking toward me. One of them somehow reached me and helped me to my feet and got me across, around the hole. I let him lead me forward, too tired to do anything else.
Carmen. I looked up, saw her dirt-streaked face, saw the cops all around. Behind her, Dad was coming toward me, his eyes wide, his face pale. And just beyond him, Chuy was running toward the scene. I tried to take a step, but pain shot through my hip and I stumbled, falling on my hands and knees.
"Justin," Dad breathed, suddenly right there, kneeling in front of me, gripping my shoulders.
Everything became a blur. Sirens wailed, voices shouted. Red and white lights flashed blindingly. My vision blurred and I felt like I was going to pass out.
"Dad -" I whispered. I turned to look at him, but black spots filled my vision and everything went black.