Long ago, the world was ruled by almighty powers. Merciless, omnipotent, capricious beings full of arrogance. These hateful Titans ruled unchallenged, preying upon the land and it's denizens, draining it of resources and leaving their subjects to starve and die while they sat in the luxury of their realms, leaving only to sow more terror among the land. But that would soon change. These beings, while almost invincible, made one tragic mistake. One careless, unconsidered action which brought about their downfall. They reproduced. Except, their offspring was different, unlike them, possessing fur, teeth, and claws, the aspects of ordinary mammals, but the powers of their parents. These Titans soon realized their mistake, but it was too late. Their children, led by the mighty lion Zeus, cast them out. They locked their parents in a pit of inescapable darkness entombed beneath the ocean floor and deep in the underworld: Tartarus. Not only were the Titans incapable of breaking free from their prison, Tartarus was only accessible when all the planets aligned, and then only for a few moments. The Titans had fallen and their children became the Gods, far more benevolent and kind beings, happy to help their subjects so long as an appropriate sacrifice was made. However, much like their parents, the Gods made several mistakes. The worst of which was that of Zeus, the fearless leader who finally cast out the Titans. As the eldest of his three brothers and the most powerful, he christened himself lord of the skies, the most powerful of the gods. He gifted the domain of the ocean to his brother Poseidon, who was a mighty sea lion and greatly appreciated his brother's gift. And then there was Hades. The runt. The baby. The weird one. Hades' domain was to be the underworld, a dark and desolate place where the souls of the dead gathered in droves, forever circling in a bottomless pool. Zeus and the rest of the Gods receded to the heavens to build Mount Olympus, an inspiring and wondrous edifice that was beautiful beyond comprehension. Hades was left to the Underworld. To his dark palace. To his schemes. He vowed revenge upon his brothers and the other gods for the way that they had wronged him. He would take his revenge and bring about the downfall of the Gods! And much like the Titans, it all began with a child.

Zeus looked down fondly at the little bunny laying in the crib.

"I guess you take after your mother," He said, tickling the kit's stomach with the tip of his claw, "Don't you sweetheart?" Hera rushed up to him and pulled his paw away from the sleeping kit.

"Don't wake her Zeus!" His wife hissed, "Do you know how hard it is to get her to sleep?" Zeus just smiled at her, admiring the beautiful, glowing bunny. He draped an arm over her shoulder and pulled her closer to him.

"That's our daughter." He whispered softly, enchanted by the sleeping bunny, "What should we name her." Hera leaned against Zeus and thought for a moment.

"I like Judy." She said quietly. Zeus frowned.

"Judy isn't really a god's name is it? What about Harecules? Now that's a god's name!"

"She isn't just a god Zeus." Hera scolded, "She's also our daughter."

"Ok how about this," He began, "We'll name her Judy, and the mortals can call her Harecules."

"Alright." Hera replied with a smile, "You've got yourself a deal." Zeus chuckled and pulled a medallion out of his pocket.

"What are you doing?" Hera asked curiously as Zeus began tracing his finger over the back of the medallion. He smiled and held it up for her to see. On one side was a storm cloud and lighting bolt. The sign of Zeus. But on the other side was an engraved name: Judy. Zeus bent over and placed the amulet gently around the Judy's neck. He stood back up and he and Hera watched Judy sleep for a few more minutes.

"Good night Judy." Hera whispered as they left the room, "We'll see you tomorrow morning."

"So will everyone else." Zeus remarked after they had left the room, "Everyone's excited for the party."

"What party?" Hera said sharply, "Why is there a party?"

"We have to celebrate Judy's birthday dear!" Zeus defended himself, "The god's have to meet their next queen!"

"Fine." Hera muttered sourly, "But you better stay away from the Muses!"

The next day began with the one thing even the gods couldn't avoid. Traffic. The lines to enter Mount Olympus stretched the height of the mountain, with every god and magical being eager to meet the daughter of Zeus and Hera. Of course, at the very top of the mountain, the birthday party was in full swing. All of the major gods were already on Mount Olympus and the festivities had started as soon as possible. Judy's crib was placed on the pedestal of honor, which quickly became surrounded by a mountain of gifts that grew with the coming of each guest. Zeus eyed some of the gifts that the other gods brought nervously. Athena, a wily arctic fox, had brought a helm of wisdom, meant to bestow craftiness and intelligence upon its wearer. Poseidon had brought a seashell that allowed Judy to breath under water so she could visit her uncle's kingdom. Even Dionysus, that lazy little sloth, brought her a bottomless golden chalice! Zeus began to feel self-conscious and upstaged at his own party. Until he had an idea.

"Ladies and Gentlemammals," He projected, the crowd quieting instantly, "Thank you all for coming to celebrate the birth of my daughter Judy. And thank you all for your generous gifts to her. And with that in mind, I would like you all to behold the gift I have for her."

With that, Zeus began to pull wisps of cloud from the air, creating the rough outline of an unknown creature. His brow furrowed in concentration, Zeus shaped two wings and four spindly legs, the cloud beginning to take shape. With one final manipulation, Zeus released his power and the cloud formation solidified and became a winged horse.

"This is Pegasus." Zeus said proudly, holding the strange creature aloft for all to see, "He will serve as a friend and guide to my daughter and will carry her wherever she needs to go." The assembled gods let out hollers of appreciation while they applauded Zeus's work and Pegasus let out a yawn and unfurled his feathery wings, earning further applause from the crowd. Zeus smiled to himself and put Pegasus in the crib besides Judy. The baby bunny regarded the strange creature curiously. And then head-butted it with all her might. The assemblage giggled as Pegasus rocked backwards dizzily, only to return the head-butt just as hard. Judy gurgled and grabbed Pegasus by the neck, hugging him tightly causing him to gasp for air. All the gods watched silently as the two friends met for the first time. But the moment was suddenly broken by a lone god clapping.

"What an adorable little thing!"

Everyone turned to face the newcomer and gasped. Standing there, in dark, grey robes, his head wreathed in a halo of unearthly blue flames, was Hades.

"Hades!" Zeus shouted happily, "I'm so glad you could make it."

"Oh yeah, wouldn't miss it." The jet-black leopard replied disinterestedly, studying his claws, "How is the little monster."

"See for yourself!" Zeus said, motioning for Hades to come up on the dais. Hades sighed and began strolling through the crowd of gods, who quickly made an aisle to accommodate the lord of the Underworld.

"Sheesh guys, you'd think I was the grim reaper!" Hades joked, watching all the gods pull away. He smirked as the crowd laughed nervously. He ascended to where Judy was lying in her crib and pulled a spiky rattle out of his pocket, throwing it to the kit.

"Say Hades," Zeus said nervously, "what's that rattle made of?"

"Oh you know the usual." He replied absentmindedly, "Some bone, a condemned soul or two, maybe some other things." Zeus raised an eyebrow. "Anyways, what's the little sucker's name?

"Well I wanted to name her Harecules," Zeus began, "But Hera wanted to name her Judy. So it's Harecules to the mortals and Judy to the gods."

"Harecules?!" Hades scoffed, poking at Judy with a digit, "Where'd you come up with that? She's a little, tiny—" Hades yowled in pain as Judy grabbed his paw and squeezed.

"She may be a bunny," Zeus chuckled as Hades wrested his mangled paw from the baby, "but she has the strength of a lion."

"Clearly." Hades replied sullenly, massaging his wounded paw.

"But how are things in the Underworld?" Zeus asked cheerfully, throwing an arm around Hades.

"Well, they're just fine. You know, a little dark, a little gloomy. And, as always, hey, full of dead people!" He responded, earning a roar of laughter from Zeus.

"But I really should be going now." Hades continued, extricating himself from Zeus's grasp, "Unlike the rest of you, I've got real work to do."

"Alright then." Zeus said, patting Hades on the back, "Don't work yourself too hard there kiddo."

"You got it." Hades replied, turning away and walking towards the exit.

"And don't be a stranger Hades!" Zeus shouted after him.

"Oh I'll see you all soon enough." Hades muttered under his breath, "Just you wait."

Hades stormed into his palace.

"Pain! Panic!" He barked angrily, "Come here! I have a job for you!"

"Coming your deathliness!" Panic, a scruffy weasel, shouted from the top of the stairs. He scurried down, followed closely by the greasy, chubby raccoon that was Pain.

"The Fates are here sir." Pain panted, skidding to a halt besides Panic, "They're waiting in the antechamber." The wreath of fire around Hades' head exploded into a raging inferno.

"THE FATES ARE HERE AND YOU DIDN'T TELL ME IMMEDIATELY!" He roared. Hades unsheathed both of his claws and stormed by Pain and Panic, slashing them each as he passed. He walked up the stairs and into the antechamber.

"Ladies!" Hades said cheerfully, "You look fantastic!" The three ewes turned to face him and Hades stifled his gag reflex as he beheld them. Their wool was dirty and unkempt, their horns were chipped and broken, their faces were gray and sagging, but the worst was their eyes. Or rather, their lack of eyes. The Fates only had one eye and one tooth. Total.

"Don't try to butter us up Hades." One of them croaked, "We know what you're doing."

"Oh just let him say what he wants to." Another one interrupted, "It's not like we get complimented every day."

"Quiet! Both of you!" The third Fate commanded, "Now Hades," She began, fixing him with her one-eyed stare, "why did you call us here?"

"Ah yes. That." He said with a nervous laugh, "You may recall that you once gave me a prophecy, about how I might release the Titans and overthrow the Gods?" The Fates gave no reaction. "Right, well I need to know if the birth of darling little Harecules is going to change that." The Fate in possession of the eye nodded at Hades and the three ewes joined hands. The eyeball popped out of her head and levitated to the middle of the room, becoming a vision of the future. The vision showed Hades leading the Titans to a resounding victory and becoming the ruler of all, but was quickly replaced by the image of Harecules riding Pegasus.

"If Harecules fights, you shall fail." The Fates said in unison. Suddenly, vision began to spin rapidly, and the three Fates were sucked into it, and disappeared with an audible popping noise.

Hades exploded into an inferno of rage.

"I'VE BEEN PLANNING THIS FOR A MILLENNIA!" He shouted, blasting the walls with fire, "AND THEY TELL ME ZEUS' BRAT IS GOING TO RUIN IT!" Hades stood fuming, and then took a deep breath to calm himself.

"Not. Going. To happen." He growled viciously. "PAIN! PANIC! FOLLOW ME!"

"Coming sir!" Pain shouted, stumbling after the swiftly moving panther. Hades stalked deeper into his palace, finally throwing open the door to a dark stone corridor. He sped down the corridor, Pain and Panic sprinting to keep up, and emerged in a small room, with a glowing vial of purple liquid in the center. Hades picked it up and turned to face his two minions.

"Do you know what this is?" He asked, a strange smile on his face. Pain and Panic shook their head uncertainly.

"This," He said, tapping the vial with a claw, "is poison. Or more specifically, God poison. It can turn any god mortal." Hades began to cackle.

"Is he ok?" Panic whispered to Pain.

"I'm fine." Hades responded, smiling gleefully, "Because you two are going to break into Mount Olympus, turn Harecules mortal, and kill her." Pain and Panic exchanged terrified expressions while Hades began giggling.

"Uh, sir," Panic began timidly, "what if we get caught?"

"You won't be." Hades said, his voice getting dangerously quiet, "Now take this vial and make sure that brat drinks every last drop. Then kill her." Pain took the vial and gulped nervously.

"GO!" Hades shouted, causing both mammals to turn and run, "AND DON'T COME BACK UNTIL THAT BUNNY IS DEAD!"

Pain and Panic sprouted bat wings and flew up Mount Olympus in the dead of night, stealing into the palace without a sound. The crept inside Judy's room and pulled out two canvas bags. Pain mercilessly shoved Pegasus into one of the bags, tying off the top and throwing it back in the crib and Panic wrestled the bunny kit into the other. Pain opened the window and the two flew out the window, supporting the weight of Judy between the two of them. Zeus and Hera heard the commotion and rushed into the room too late, only finding an open window and an empty crib.

"NOOOOOOO!" Zeus roared, and the sky flashed with thunder and lightning as the god of the sky unleashed his fury.

Pain and Panic flew through the now howling winds, dodging the frequent lightning strikes as they headed towards the ground. They dodged a mountain peak and crash-landed in a rocky canyon, the canvas bag that held Judy splitting open in the process. Pain jumped to his feet and Panic shoved the vial into his hand.

"Quickly!" He urged, "Before the gods find us!" Pain uncorked the vial and rushed towards the bunny kit, bringing the poison to her lips and forcing her to drink.

"Hurry, Hurry!" Panic yelled.

"I'm going as fast as I can!" Pain retorted, watching as the glow of the gods began to fade from Judy's frame. "C'mon." He muttered, tipping the vial further up, "Just drink it."

"Someone's coming!" Panic yelled. Pain tipped the vial higher, watching as the last drops flowed into the bunny's mouth.

"Almost done!" He shot back, looking over his shoulder at Panic, "And…. Done!" He let the vial fall from his grasp and it shattered on the ground. Pain and Panic dove for cover as two bunnies rounded the corner. The couple walked up to the abandoned kit and searched for signs of who she was. The only thing they could find was the amulet engraved with Zeus' sigil.

"A gift from the gods!" Amphitryon said joyfully, "Alcmene, the gods have gifted us a daughter." The two bunnies began crying with joy while Pain and Panic lurked in the bushes.

"She drank all of it, right?" Panic asked in an undertone. Pain nodded.

"Then let's finish the brat off." He whispered, turning into a snake. Pain followed his lead and the two slithered out from behind the rock where they'd been hiding and moved to attack Judy. But unbeknownst to Pain, in his haste, Judy's mouth overflowed and a drop spilled on the ground, so she retained her godly strength. The two bunnies saw the snakes and jumped back in terror, watching as they neared the apparently defenseless kit. Panic moved to strike, but Judy grabbed him and Pain and tied the two snakes in a knot, swung them in a circle, and hurled them over the mountain. Amphitryon and Alcmene exchanged shocked looks. Maybe this wasn't an ordinary kit.

Pain and Panic landed a mile away and shifted back to their normal forms.

"Hades is going to kill us!" Panic shouted in fear.

"Unless, he never finds out." Pain said with a sly smile. Panic looked at him in confusion and then realized what he was saying.

"You're right." He said slowly, a grin appearing on his face, "Unless he never finds out."

A/N: Hey guys! I decided to start writing something for the Hercules au that was created by Trashasaurusrex and Judylavernehopps. I hope you guys like it!