A/N Hey everyone! I know I have already two stories running but I keep hitting a writer's block with My Little Brother. I'm a great fan of The Musketeers and this story just came to me. It's my first story in this fandom so I hope it's any good. The title already says it, this is a modern day AU. It's because I'm in love with those kind of stories and I like to write them. The translation of French is at the bottom A/N. I hope you all enjoy the story.

Ages: Athos is 14, Porthos is 12, Aramis is 10 and d'Artagnan is almost 4.

Disclaimer: I do not own The Musketeers, BBC and Alexandre Dumans do. I'm simply borrowing the characters for my own amusment.

Chapter 1

Athos sat down at his desk and put his homework in front of him. He had been putting it off for weeks and tonight he had finally realised he had to do something about it. He had just started on English when Aramis and Porthos stormed into the room.

Athos sighed exasperated. He loved his younger brothers but sometimes they annoyed him to no end. Like now for example. Aramis skidded to a halt at his side and began to ramble in half English and half Spanish. Neither Athos or Porthos understood him so Athos put his hand over Aramis' mouth and looked at Porthos.

'Explain. What is so important?'

The twelve year old looked at the door before looking back at Athos.

'Someone, I don't know who, just called and asked for dad. So I gave him the phone and went to play with Aramis. Suddenly we heard dad shouting and he sounded very angry. When he stopped, I went to look and he was crying. Well, not actually crying but there were tears.'

Athos frowned and pulled his hand from Aramis' mouth. In the five years that he had known his dad, he had never seen him cry.

'Can you talk to him?' Aramis asked. 'I don't want him to be sad.'

Athos sighed and stood up. He didn't exactly look forward to confronting his dad but someone had to do it. He went downstairs and into the kitchen, where his dad was sitting with his head in his hands.

'Hey dad,' He said.

Treville sighed and looked up. 'Hey Athos. I presume you're here on behalf of your brothers? I'm sorry if I scared any of you. I lost my control for a minute, that's all.'

Athos nodded in understanding. 'What happened?'

Treville stood up. 'Do you remember my friend Alexandre?'

'You mean the man you used to work with? Didn't he move or something four years ago?'

'Yes and I haven't heard from awhile. I assumed there was a reason for it. But I just got a call from CPS about a boy they have recently removed from his foster home. Apparently, they have never bothered to look in his files and have only just found out that I'm listed as an emergency contact.'

Athos frowned. 'What does have that have to do with Alexandre?'

'He and his wife, Marie, moved to France four years ago, where their son was born. Sadly, Marie died two years ago. Alexandre moved back to the United States with his son. I just found out that he died almost a year ago. Leaving his son an orphan. It seems, Alexandre wanted me to take care of his son in case something happened to him and Marie. But since nobody told me about their deaths until now, the boy was in a foster home. The orphanage where he is staying wants me to come over.'

Suddenly Porthos and Aramis stormed in.

'When are we going?' Aramis asked.


Treville parked his car and looked at the orphanage. It didn't look very child friendly and certainly was very different from the orphanage he had adopted Athos, Porthos and Aramis from.

He got out of the car and his sons did the same. When they entered the building, a very strict women directed them to the meeting room. On the couch sat a very timid looking boy with black hair and chocolate brown eyes. Next to him sat an intimidating woman with an annoyed look on her face. She stood up and extended a hand to Treville, which he took.

'You must be mister Treville. I'm glad you could come on such a short notice.'

Treville forced a polite smile. He didn't like this woman very much, she was too stuck up. The woman turned her eyes to his sons.

'I assume these are your sons?'

'Yes, we are,' Aramis piped up. 'Dad adopted us five years ago.'

The woman gave him such a disapproving glare that Aramis recoiled slightly and hid behind Porthos. Athos noticed and stood in front of both his brothers. Treville nodded towards the boy on the couch.

'How about we step outside for a minute and you tell me more about the boy. My sons can stay with him. They will be very careful.'

'Of course. Although I doubt boys are capable of being careful.'

Athos scowled and Treville quickly escorted the woman out of the room.

'What a witch!' Porthos all but growled.

'You're telling me.' Athos said.

Aramis peeked out behind his brothers and looked at the boy on the couch. The toddler had pulled his knees up and wrapped his arms around them, his eyes staring straight ahead. Aramis walked up to him and smiled friendly.

'Hello, I'm Aramis. What's your name?'

The boy didn't say anything, in fact he didn't even blink. Aramis looked back at his brothers, worry shining in his eyes.

'What's wrong with him?'

Porthos shrugged. 'I don't know. Maybe he doesn't know how to talk.'

Athos looked at the toddler. He noticed the boy was trembling slightly. Suddenly their dad entered the room, alone. He looked sad. Aramis ran up to him.

'Dad, is there something wrong with the boy?'

Treville sighed.

'I'm afraid there is. He has seen some very scary things and he had some mean foster parents.'

Treville continued to talk but Athos didn't hear him. He looked at the little boy again and felt himself unexplainably drawn to the toddler. Athos walked over and sat down next to the boy. He noticed that the toddler didn't even flinch. Suddenly, he was reminded of Thomas, who would always be like this after a nightmare. No one could reach him, except for Athos. He thought deeply. His dad said that the boy was born in France and had lived there for two years. Perhaps his parents had spoken French with him, just like his parent did with him and Thomas. He took the toddler's hands and softly stroke them.

'Bonjour. Je m'appelle Athos. Comment tu t'appelles?'

To his surprise, a shock went through the boy and he looked at Athos.

'Je m'appelle d'Artagnan.'

The boy spoke so soft that Athos could barely hear it, but he heard it nonetheless. D'Artagnan's eyes were focussed on him, filled with sadness, fear and a spark of hope.

'Tu parles Anglais?'

Athos barely noticed that his father and brothers were staring at him. He was completely focussed on the boy.

'Oui. Mais Fran├žais est moins effrayant.'

Athos sighed. 'I know it's less scary but you're in America. So it's important that you speak English.'

Treville walked up to them and crouched in front of d'Artagnan.

'Hey d'Artagnan. I know that you don't know me but I was a friend of your daddy.'

He was met with an intense and scrutinizing stare.

'You are mister Treville, right? Daddy promised that you would be my new daddy if something happened to him and mommy.'

'Yes, I'm mister Treville. If you want, I can be your new daddy. I'll take care of you and you'll have three older brothers to play with.'

Athos looked over at his brothers and saw Aramis' eyes widen with happiness.

'Does that mean we're adopting him?'

Treville looked at d'Artagnan.

'What do you say, d'Artagnan? Do you want us to adopt you?'

D'Artagnan nodded and latched onto Treville. 'Yes, please.'

Aramis started to dance around the room.

'I'm gonna be a big brother!'

A/N Bonjour. Je m'appelle Athos. Comment tu t'appelles: Hello. My name is Athos. What's your name?
Je m'appelle d'Artagnan: My name is d'Artagnan
Tu parles Anglais: Do you speak English?
Oui. Mais Fran├žais est moins effrayant: Yes. But French is less scary