Hello anyone who was brave enough to open this story. I see you have either wandered here by mistake, have too much time on your hands so you've exhausted all the fics you actually want to read, or I've found another lost soul who genuinely ships these characters ;)
I've written a few chapters ahead, so I'm going to try for weekly updates, but so far my track-record hasn't been the best. I also don't have a beta at the moment, so all spelling mistakes are mine. Constructive criticism very welcome!

Okay, maybe it wasn't that bad. Maybe, if I started running every morning and cut back on the sugar, it was salvageable. At least it was winter, which meant that putting on a little extra weight could be hidden under coats and considered acceptable. I still looked like shit though. I always looked like shit. No wanting to be confronted by my own image any more than I had to be, I avoided looking in the mirror as I brushed my teeth.

All too soon I was sitting in my car, clenching my jaw in frustration at the pace of the traffic; apparently rain turned every driver into a fucking moron. Of there was ever tax put in beeping your horn, I'd quickly be out of money. Paying for parking outside of work didn't help that matter, either.

"Mr Parker," my boss grumbled as I walked past the open door of his office. I supressed a sigh at his patronising tone. I didn't bother pulling him up on my name; I hated being called that, but he knew that full well. "You're late."

I glanced down at my watch. "Only by a minute, Sir."

"A minute every day is a lot by the end of the year, boy," he warned. "Get to your desk."

I groaned once I was far away enough for him to not hear it, dragging my feet as I headed to my seat. I was already counting the seconds until the end of the day.

On my lunch break, I wandered up the road. I was thankful that I'd shoved my umbrella in my car this morning it was blowing a gale, and the raindrops stung like little needles when they hit any exposed skin. My hands were freezing as I held onto it's handle, and I didn't really want to walk much further in this weather, trying to decide which shop I was going to duck into to take shelter for a few minutes.

The warmth of the bookshop drew me in. That, and I was sick of reading the same damn novel over and over again. Pacing the isles, I wasn't sure where to start; every shelf was densely packed which hundreds of titles, and the disorganisation of it had my brain spinning. Eventually, I resigned myself to having to ask a staff member for help, like some kind of lost child.

"Hi, um…" I trailed off, standing a few feet back from the counter, squeezing my hands behind my back to stop them from shaking. Unfortunately, it was the same guy I'd inflicted my awkwardness upon last time I'd brought something from here. I was surprised he hadn't banished me from the shop already. "…Can you help me, please…"

The boy behind the till smiled, glancing up at me. "Of course. How has your day been, sir?"

I stared at him for a moment too long; fuck, he was gorgeous. Bright blue eyes, perfect skin, perfect teeth, perfect figure…I hadn't realised that I was attracted to men before I started visiting this book shop and met him. He was infinitely hotter than any girl I'd met before…not that girls ever had an interest in me. "Alright…. Yours?" I wanted him to keep talking; his English accent was out of place, but cute.

His smile knocked the breath out of me. "Kinda busy…but that's okay." Squeezing past me and into the closest isle, he started comparing seemingly random titles to books I'd previously brought from this store.

I wasn't really listening to anything he said, more just the sound of his voice. His obvious excitement about all of this had me smiling; it was like watching a kid in a candy store. "…What about something different…do you have a favourite book?" I asked carefully. I couldn't help myself; it seemed to make him so happy, and I needed to see him with the one he loved most.

His face lit up immediately, but his smile was kind of shy. Without thinking, he grabbed my hand, quickly pulling me around the corner and over to another shelf. He found it immediately, standing on his toes and reaching to get it down.

God lord he was perfect. I found myself mentally tracing the slither of skin exposed against his back when he leant over like that, wishing I could run my thumb over it. His smile had me sold on the book immediately, but I didn't say anything, just let him tell me about the author, where the book was written, the concept behind it, all of it genuine enthusiasm about a few hundred pages.

I held out my hand and his fingers brushed against mine as he passed it to me. I almost laughed at his expression when I agreed on this one, despite not hearing a single thing he said about it. He was quiet as he led me back to the counter.

I struggled for something to say as I watched him scan it through the till. "What are your plans for the weekend? I suppose you're going out and watching the game tonight like everyone else?" Everyone except me, that was. Baseball didn't interest me in the slightest. Neither did sitting alone in a bar all night.

He laughed quietly. "Sports isn't really my thing."

His laugh made me smile, and I watched him a little closer, still unsure what about him exactly drew me in. "Not a fan, huh?" I teased lightly, suddenly a little more confident. I was listening properly now; I wanted to know everything about this boy.

He shook his head, sliding the book I'd brought into a paper bag. "Not so much."

"Your friends must hate that," I chuckled. "I know my brother does. He goes off at me every time I miss a game, but it doesn't really interest me much either."

The pretty boy looked away, tracing the countertop with his finger. "I don't really know many people here…that's not really an issue."

"You're new, then?"

He handed me the bag, his smile a little nervous now. "I moved here a few months ago…I used to live in London…I guess I'm a little shy…"

"Do you like it here, then?" I leant forward against the wood, wanting to be closer to him...I bet his skin was as soft as it looked...

"It's okay," he shrugged.

"Just okay?" I wanted to keep him talking all day – especially if it gave me an excuse to be close to him.

"I mean…I like it, but I get a little homesick sometimes." He smiled suddenly. "Especially when you all start going mad over baseball."

"You'll learn to love it," I teased, secretly hoping he wouldn't just so that we would have something in common.

He rolled his eyes at me. "We'll see."

Without anything else to say and my confidence quickly dissolving, I thanked him and headed back to work, inwardly sulking.