Okay so after watching this weeks and last weeks episode, I got an idea at like 1 AM when I was trying to sleep to write on it so here it is (*-*)

"It's gonna be okay Emma." Snow says as she steadies her daughters shaking hands. "You're going to defeat her."

"I know Mom, I know." Emma just then remembered that Henry came home from school a couple hours ago and she hasn't talked to him since. Being paranoid recently from the recent arrival of the Black Fairy she decides to go upstairs and check on him, and maybe take him out to dinner with the rest of the family since he's been working so hard with balancing school, and all of the craziness that is their life. God knows they all could use a break.

She walk up the stairs and when she opens Henry's door she smiles. He sits at his desk head resting on his arms, asleep. Her eyes skim over his face 'He looks so grown-up.' she thinks. She sneaks closer and sees he was doing his homework... Although upon further inspection she notices the all too familiar characters violently scribbled all over his homework. 'it's becoming more frequent.' She thinks. Then she hears a whisper. She turns her head back to Henry and he seems to be sleeping still- He speaks again, but more of a mumble this time and she heard it.

"The final battle..." He says. Emma's hands start to shake again. She shakes his shoulder to try and wake him.

"Henry wake up!-"

"The end... is coming." He speaks once again with a pained look on his face as if he's having a nightmare.

"Emma?" She hears Snow's voice closer than it would be if she was still downstairs.

"I'm in here." Snow and David come in to Henry's room with worried looks on their faces.

"We heard noises, what's wrong?" David asks.

"Henry had another episode, he won't wake up." she says worriedly

"The final battle is coming." he repeats.

"Come on kid, wake up!" she says once more. He jolts up from the desk, gasping for air, and open his eyes but unlike the warm, brown and green ones they were expecting, they were met with cold, glazed over ones. he blinks a couple times and they return to the original, inviting, hazel eyes they've come to know and love.

"What happened?" He asks.

"You had another episode... They're getting worse aren't they?" She asks, although she already knows the answer.

"Yeah, sorry." He replies, his body shaking, although not as bad as Emma's hands get.

"Why didn't you tell us?" Snow asks.

"I didn't want to be another burden. You guys are already dealing with everything else, I didn't want to add to it." He answers, while inconspicuously moving his papers to cover the ink filled carvings on his desk to stop from causing further worry from his family.

"Oh Henry... You could never be a burden to us." Snow says

"Never." Emma adds in. Henry stands up, and Snow knows he going to try and avoid further confrontation. The situation is getting a bit awkward with everyone focusing on him.

"Well I have to get going I have t-"

"Oh no you don't." Snow says pulling him into a hug. The others join in and soon they're all in a group hug. which Henry thinks is slightly embarrassing but he knows he needs it.

"What's going on here?" An all too familiar voice says. Everyone adjusts to see the owner of the voice, Regina, standing in the doorway.

"Group hug." Snow says like its the most normal thing in the world. "Come." Snow adds while gesturing to join the hug.

"Oh no I-" Emma pulls her into the hug anyways and she complies, wrapping her arms around the group.

"Can't... breathe..." Henry says. Everyone releases and starts laughing.


"So what's the deal?" Regina asks, now sitting at a table at Granny's with everyone after dinner, excluding Henry who claimed he had a date with Violet after finishing his food.

"You mean with Henry? His phases are still getting worse."

"And so are your hands apparently." Regina says while looking at Emma's hands, which Emma didn't notice till now, were shaking.

"I think its the final chapter. The closer it gets the worse my hands shake, and the more Henry writes those hieroglyphs. I think he's hiding how bad it is. Today after he passed out from writing, he was having nightmares and was talking in his sleep, saying that the final battle was coming. And what scares me the most is that I almost couldn't wake him up."

"Wow. This is getting too far. I'll do some research and see if I can find something that can at least slow it down before it gets too bad." Regina says, genuinely worried for her sons health. "Just make sure to keep an eye on him as much as you can."

"I'll check up on him at school since he has my classes." Snow says.


Meanwhile, Somewhere in Storybrooke...

Henry walks down the sidewalk, on his way home from his date, when he hears a familiar 'poof' sound. he stops in his tracks. "Mom I'm fine, I don't need you t-" He turns around.

"Oh, you've already started to call me mother. How sweet." He stares at her sickeningly sweet smile, and his surprised stare turns into an angry glare.

"You're the Black Fairy. I'm not afraid of you."

"Oh dear, of course you shouldn't be afraid of your loving great-grandmother."

"Two things. One, you'll never be my mother. Two, you're probably not even capable of love. What the hell do you want from me anyways?"

"I'm just introducing myself to my great-grandson. Is that such a bad thing?'

"It is when you've already corrupted your own grandson." The Black Fairy laughs in a way that to anyone else would sound sweet.

"Someone has quite the attitude. Listen, you think your family will treat you special just because you're the author, they won't... But I will. I can teach you how to use your gifts to their greatest potential, and even cease these problems you've been having." Henry's glare turns into a confused look. He stares at the ground in thought while the Black Fairy circles around him like a shark circling its prey.

"It's all up to you for the time being... But if you don't come willingly, I might have to make you come myself." He turns around to look at her but she's already disappeared in a cloud of black dust.

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