Jack Wilder was many things, Smart, quick thinking, good with his hands, and creative. But attracted to men was not one thing he thought of himself. When he received the Death Tarot card, it made him nervous, Death was usually a bad thing. When he met the others, and they all stood outside clueless, he picked the lock. Inside they found the mission, the instructions, and the need to work together.

J. Daniel Atlas was a very talented man, and Jack had always looked up to him. Something about the older man was very alluring. The way he brought you in, and made you think you knew what was going on but it reality you had no clue. Jack thought that whatever he felt inside was just admiration, not a crush…that is until finally met the man.

Having to work and live together was interesting. Daniel was a control freak. Whenever anyone went out, they had to tell Daniel, he had to know where they were, at first it was annoying, but they all realized that it was Danny's way of caring. Sometimes Jack would sneak out in the middle of the night to go sit along the riverbank. Jack was just over 18, as the plans for the heist began to get more solidified. The others knew he was young but not how young. Jack was afraid that once they knew, they would exclude him, claiming he was too young. He'd been doing magic for years on the streets. He raised himself, taught himself how to fight (after getting beaten one too many times) and survived. Some how he managed to finish high school with no one ever the wisest. (though Jack often thought Merritt Knew more than he lead on).

Jack missed having a family, but he realized that in a way, the horsemen were his family, but at times he still felt like he didn't fit in. Going to the riverbank brought him a kind of peace that he barely understood.

Returning back to the apartment in the wee hours of the morning, he made no noise as he crept back into his room. Jumping on his bed, he sighed, his head was a mess and he was beginning to go insane from all the emotions ripping him apart. By morning he had suppressed his emotions and troubles and was the Jack that everyone knew.

It was almost time for them to put their plan in action. They had to get noticed as a magical group, which wasn't hard but it wasn't easy. At that point, Jack and Danny began to grow closer. It was a weird friendship but it worked. Henley and Danny were often either getting along or feuding, mostly because Danny said something stupid. Jack had gotten used to it however, he brushed off the comments as Danny's way of caring. Some of it did get to Jack but he never ever said anything.

Jack's Idolization of Danny faded away once he realized how good he was at his sleight of hand. Danny wasn't the most amazing person, no as a group they were the most amazing. Jack however began to realize that his idolization once bordered a crush, and once he got to know the other man, he defiantly fell hard for him It didn't help that Danny was Danny, and was straight as a pin, what drove Jack further into despair was the fact that his room was next to Danny's and he could hear whatever was going on when Danny brought a girl home. It was on those nights mostly that Jack would wander out his window, using the fire escape and make his way to the river, where he would sit for hours, dreaming of a different life.

He loved being a horsemen, but he couldn't help but wonder what it was like to have a normal childhood, or at least one where he didn't grow up on the streets. He managed to take PE all the way through middle and high school, allowing him to sneak in and use the showers all the time, keeping him clean. The library and the Laundry Mat seemed to be his only place of peace. If he wasn't studying for school, he was studying ways to be a better sleight. Soon he moved up from sneaking in places like the Boy's locker room, to stealing wallets from tourists. He'd pocket what he could, in hopes of being able to find food. He was a scrawny kid, but in high school he managed to get some muscle and resemble the Jack he was now. Some of his old habits never faded, like always being alert, always ready to run.

Merritt could tell that the kid was a lot tougher than they had given him credit for. He also knew that the kid was younger than they thought. At first the kid looked like he could pass for for 20, but as he was around more, the mannerisms he had showed otherwise, also the kid was small and not very tall. The longer Jack had been around, the taller and more filled out he got.

Knowing it was a night that Danny would probably bring a girl home, Merritt convinced Jack to go out and teach him the ways of throwing cards, and Merritt would teach him mentalism. Through the evening, Merritt would pick up on things Jack would say or do, and as much as he didn't want to break the kid's trust, he needed answers so he put Jack in a state and asked away.

"What's your name?"

"Jack Ian Wilder." Jack answered.

"How old are you?"


"Who are your parents?"

"Dad left when I was 7, mom died of cancer when I was 13."

"where do you live?"

"I used to live on the streets but now I live with my friends."

"who do you have feelings for?" Merritt asked.


Merritt did his thing and brought Jack out of the hypnotic state, and told him that he had gotten lost in thought staring at the riverbank. Jack was suspicious but dropped it for now. It was well into the night that they returned to the apartment. Crawling into his bed, Jack drank some of the whiskey he had stolen awhile back and closed his eyes, hoping sleep would come sooner rather than later.

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