Five Years Running: Chapter 6: Little Grace

....Emily walked back into the hospital, dripping wet. It still poured outside and a nurse handed her a towel as she came in. She went to talk to her aunt Mary.

"Emily," she said. "Terry....Terry is going into cardiovascular failure.....The chances of him making it through are....well...." Emily bit her lower lip. Her cousin was dying and she couldn't help him.

"Let me just say goodbye," said Emily and she entered her cousin's room. She held his hand and began talking to him. "Funny isn't it?" she whispered. "You hate my guts, and then when we finally get along, you have to leave me....I'm gonna miss you forever," she said and a tear rolled down her cheek. All of a sudden the steady beep of Terry's hear rate went flat....Terry's heart had stopped. "Terry," Emily cried. "No Terry, please don't leave me!" but he wasn't listening to her, and she lay her head on his chest and sobbed.

"Bbbbbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppp, Beep, beep, beep," was the sound of the thing that told weather her cousin was alive or dead, but it had changed! From the steady monotone of death to the beep, beep, beep, that meant Terry's heart was still beating! Terry blinked his eyes open and looked at his cousin who stared at him dumbfounded.

"Emily? Why are you crying?" he asked.

"Terry!" she shouted. "Your alive!" and she sobbed for sheer joy as the nurses came in when they heard his voice.

About one week later Terry came back to work. In the mean time Batgirl had done a lot of training and kept the city in check for the most part. They soared the sky, on a look out for Blight.

"Feels weird to be flying again," remarked Terry.

"Don't push yourself to hard," said Emily. "Cause I'm not about to walk into a hospital and explain to your mother your dying again." They laughed.

"If you two are done, I asked you to go to the Wayne-Powers building and scan for Blight,"

"Yes Mr. Wayne," they said in unison and laughed at each other again. The glided onto the roof of the building, and after turning on their invisibility, snuck in.

"Batman," said Batgirl. "I'm picking up a lot of radiation in the south wing."

"That's him," he replied. "Let's go." They snuck in and listened to Blight, barking orders. He had thoroughly enjoyed Batman's break, and seeing as Batgirl was still a rooky, she couldn't track him alone.

"Move faster!" he barked as the people scurried about.

"May I?" asked Emily.

"Be my guest," replied Terry. There was a slice of a batarang and it caught Blight full in the back. The 1,000 volt electric shock threw him to the floor as he pulled the thing out with his bio-hazardous hand. He weakly stood up just to see Batgirl's foot catch him full in the chest. Batman punched him in the jaw, while Batgirl was tossing off a few of his henchmen. Blight ran toward the power grid and Batman threw a batarang his way. He missed by two inches, hitting the power cord, causing every thing to go black.

"Where did he go!" yelled Batgirl. "You'd think a green, glow in the dark skeleton would be hard to miss." The lights flickered on again, but Blight was gone. His boys were still there though, so the two made quick work of tying them up. The sound of police sirens whaled in the distance, and Terry and Emily scattered before they got there.

"Why do they always get away!" Terry exclaimed in the solitude of the Batcave.

"Cheer up McGinnis! There will be other days. The important thing is that that scum Powers isn't gonna be able to ship out anymore of that toxic crud. Right?"

"Yeah...." said Terry. "I guess we partly won......"

Emily stayed for another week, but things were pretty quite in Gotham City. For the most part, the two made up for lost time, and things went well. But Emily had to leave some time....

"You sure you can't stay another week? It's not like your parents are going to care!" said Terry as he carried her bags onto the train.

"Terry, you know I can't do that. Who knows, maybe I'll make that scholarship to Gotham University," replied Emily, who fingered her gold chain.

"But what if I need your help again?"

"Then I'll come faster then you can say help. C'mon Ter. You're my friend and my cousin. No matter if I'm a million miles away, I'll never leave. But I'll miss you," and she gave him one last hug before walking towards the train.

"Oh! Terry! One word of advice!" she called out to him and he walked over to hear it. "It may seem like quitting time is years away, but, and I think Mr. Wayne can back me up on this one, it can always surprise you," and she turned to leave.

"I don't understand!" called out Terry.

"C'mon McGinnis! Which time are you wearing the mask and which is real! When it comes right down to it, which life are you willing to give up!" called Emily.

"Emily wait!" called Terry. He didn't want her to go. She couldn't go now. Not when things were going his way.

"Bye Terry!" she called out again, and then whispered, "I'll miss you...."

"Bye Emily...."whispered Terry. Then his cell phone began ringing, and wonder of wonders, it was Bruce.

"McGinnis, there's been a break in at a chemicals lab. Suit up and check it out."

"I'm on it Mr. Wayne," and he shut his cell phone and whispered to himself. "Which time AM I wearing the mask?"

The End

(Meaning not to be continued:))

So what do you think? It's my first time doing fan fiction. I've definitely read better, but I think that was pretty good. Be sure to e-mail me what you think:)