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She wasn't sure why, but Fareeha insisted that Genji come along. She also hated that she was forced to sit upfront with Jesse. Why couldn't she ride in the back with Jack and Fay? No, instead Fareeha thought it would be a grand idea to sit Genji in the middle and Jack directly behind Jesse. Doing this allowed Fay the opportunity to text Angela the entire drive.

Srsly, Jack? Of all people, Jack.

She glanced down at her phone and rolled her eyes. Picking it up, she texted back: Yes, Jack. I like Jack. He's nice. Why don't you approve?

Not a minute later, she had a return text: He's so old! Old enough to be my dad! Ewww!

With a groan, she wrote back: He's not that much older. And besides, I don't care. If he makes me laugh and smile, isn't that all that matters? He... he makes me feel complete.

A kick came to the back of her seat and then another text: Fine, fine. But the sex! I'm worried about the sex!

Angela blushed at that text: Do I even want to ask :scaredemoji:

She snorted: But he'll need to take Viagra. There's no way he can get it up and keep it up at that age. He's, what... gotta be pushing 70?!

A low growl came from the passenger seat. It must have been heard for before she could react, Jack started a conversation. "I'm not trying to be the wise ass, but there's 3 people in this truck that don't seem like the type to celebrate the 4th of July."

Jesse was quick to follow it up. "You being a racist old man, Jack?"

"Ha," his chuckle caused Angela to blush. God did she love the sound of his laugh. It was so soothing, so relaxing! "No. I'm just wondering if I should give everyone a pop quiz or a crash course on why this day will forever hold a special place in my heart."

Angela felt a fist pound into her seat before the phone on her lap vibrated: Wtf, he wants to give us a quiz?! How do you like this guy? He's boring :sleepingemoji:

"Honestly," Angela turned to look over at Jack, "I think a little crash course would be nice. It'll get us into the spirit. Plus," she blushed, "we are in America. It's only fair we learn a little something."

"Ugh," Faheera groaned. "Genji, save me."

"If Angela wishes to hear about the history of the United States, I will not stop her," he stated plainly. It was obvious he was trying to win Angela over but the comment caused Ang to gag inwardly (kiss ass was all she could think).

"UGH!" shaking the head rest in front of her, Fareeha growled, "I'm surrounded by boring people!"

"You sure we're not lost?" Jack had to ask when Jesse drove past the same sign for the fifth time.

"Noooo?" he didn't make it sound convincing. "I just... don't see the road I'm looking for."

Pinching the bridge of his nose, Jack tapped on Angela's shoulder. "Swap with me. I can't see anything from back here."

Blinking, she wondered just how they would even "swap." The truck wasn't that big and Genji was in the way.

Thankfully, Genji seemed to catch Jack's drift. Undoing his seat belt, he looked from his spot to the white haired guy at his side. Both shared a nod before Genji pushed himself into the cushions and Jack arched himself forward around Genji. It wasn't a pretty sight to see, but they somehow made it work.

If someone hadn't invited Genji, this would be a lot easier.

"You're turn," Jack said with a smile.

Honestly, she wasn't sure how she was going to do this. Crawling into the backseat without a body there was hard enough. But there was a body-and not a skinny one either (not that Jack's fat! He's just... buff. Very buff).

Chewing her lip, she undid her belt and slid across the weathered leather seats. As she moved, the car veered to the left, which sent her butt swinging into Jesse's shoulder.

"Hey now," he barked, "no butts in the driver's face!"

"Sorry," she chirped before grabbing the rounded edges of the center console. Hoisting herself forward, she managed to get her shoulders wedged between the seats. Are you serious?! was all she could think.

"Pothole!" Jesse shouted.

But it was too late. She wasn't ready for the sudden jerk that popped her frame loose. She went tumbling forward into the backseat, an action that caused her neck to sting and ache as it bent awkwardly.

Chin scuffing the courser-than-expected cushion, she groaned. Damn, that stung! Didn't help that there was a sharp, metal edge that cut her nose too. Looking at it, she noticed a zipper pattern. Why the hell did his backseat have a zipper in it?! And the fold of the jeans-wait, jeans? Zipper?! Backseat?!

From ear to ear, a red blush covered her face.

She could feel all eyes on her. Her ears burned as they tuned into the stark silence. It was so quite that she could start hearing a light ringing!

Trying hard not to make it more awkward, she sprawled her hands out. She felt Fareeha's thigh. It would make a good prop. She felt the smoothed, metal surface of Genji's thigh too. That would also make a good prop.

Swallowing the lump in her throat, she pushed herself from his crotch. Eyes down, she couldn't even look at him. Though that was a mistake, as she could tell that her little mishap had caused him to swell. Guess I don't have to worry about him needing Viagra. Though thinking like that didn't help at all.

Another bump sent her crashing forward. Her hands jumped from those supportive thighs and fell around Jack's broad shoulders. Legs now spread around his, she looked down at their pinned bodies.

"Eep." She bit her lip while looking away. She had to hide her face. Hand wrapping around her flushed features, she wished this would all just go away. That this nightmare would end! Why was the world out to get her! Couldn't she have one moment of peace?


The word caused her to pull apart her fingers apart just enough to see his smiling eyes and dashing grin. His nose managed to touch hers, an action which further caused her to blush a shade darker.

"Gah," Angela erased the gaps between her fingers to hide her skittish eyes again. Gah! This is so embarrassing! Jack must think I'm a klutz! That I'm pathetic!

She wasn't sure how long she sat there because she gave up. Her life was over. She would foever be embarrassed by this moment and would never look for love again. Her track record was 0 and 5, with her love life losing.

When warmth seeped into her skin, she started to unfold herself. It was a soothing, gentle touch. Enough to open her up and dare to see what was causing it. Glancing down between the crack between her cheek and pinky, she saw Jack's hand sitting neatly on her ribs. He was... he was holding her!

"Seat belt!" she blurted out. "Safety first!"

As if her mind was on auto-pilot, she reached for the center belt. But before she could even touch it, Jack's hand curled around hers.

"I still have to move," he whispered, his breath soft and warm against her flustered cheeks. And the way he spoke, ugh, it caused her to melt into him. There was no way she could move. He was perfect.

Pushing his hips forward, he rotated around her body. There little flip-flop caused their bodies to meet a few times and, each time, a tingling sensation rippled down her spin. She loved the feel of flesh and fabric against hers. And he was still smiling, still as sweet as could be. Oh what she would do just to kiss those lips and have her way with him. The tension between them was so thick that Genji could cut it with his blade.

Positioning himself, he crawled backwards over the console and into the front seat. "Seat belt," he commented with a softness to his tone. "Wouldn't want you to get hurt." A wink followed before he rolled into the front seat. Putting his belt on, he took in the road and their surroundings and immediately offered Jesse the directions he desperately needed.

Folding in on herself, Angela tried to become one with the cushions. Her face was still red and her heart was still thundering within her chest. Chewing her lips again, she peeked up at the front seat. Catching Jack's smile as he joked with Jesse caused her to smile right back.

God, he's perfect. Just look at how cool he is.

A sharp pinch came to her arm. Head snapping to the pain, she saw a pair of tan hands retreat and fold over a pair of breasts.

Oh shit! Fareeha!

Looking up with innocent yet guilty eyes, she graced her friend with a sheepish grin.

Fareeha's mocha eyes narrowed and she snatched up her phone. Without looking down at the screen, she texted Angela: What the fuck was that.

Brows furrowing, Angela felt around for her phone. Fay, not amused, sent another text: Don't play dumb, Ang. I know what I saw.

Worrisome blue eyes finally connected with Pharah's peeved pair. Then came the smirk and a wink. She sent another text: I take back the Viagra comment ;) And it's cute seeing you this flustered.

She poked her tongue out at Angela. Though she was thoroughly confused as to why Angela was giving her this twitchy, nervous stare. The second she realized what was going on, her eyes went wide. She leaned forward. "Where's your phone!?" she whispered.

"I don't know?!" Ang whispered back. "I thought I put it in my p-"

Their two head swiveled to the front seat, which made a weird noise. A weird vibrating noise. Jack shuffled and pulled something out from below him. And although he probably didn't mean it, the screen AND Pharah's last text, were displayed front and center for him to read.

The world stopped. Or at least it felt like it did as that second became the longest second in the world. Looking at each other, Fareeha shot her friend the most apologetic look she could. And Angela, her face fell into horror with a hint of tears. If her fall didn't put an end to things, Pharah's text would!

The raven wrapped her hand around Angela's. Giving it a squeeze, she mouthed, "I'm so sorry." Then, a phone dropped into her lap. Blinking, Fay looked up to see that Jack hadn't even bothered to pass it off properly. Pharah couldn't help but wonder what the man was thinking. He had to be pissed!

And then her phone vibrated. Looking from Angela to her phone, she regretted everything. If she was the reason Jack and Ang stopped seeing each other, she would never be able to live with herself. They were happy, cute. And she was fucking everything up!

Concern washed over her as she looked at her phone. Angela nervously hid her face again.

In plain text across the screen was a message from an unknown person with a message that said: I agree. No need for Viagra when someone's this cute.

This time Pharah's face went red.

"HA!" Angela blurted out but quickly covered her mouth to catch her mistake. "Ha," she chuckled again. "See." She swatted her friend. "I told you."

"I feel like I'm missing a part of this conversation," Jesse quipped.

"Ah," Jack shook his head, "I wouldn't worry about it. They're probably laughing at how you couldn't find the park and I did in five minutes."

"I'd like to see them try to find it!" Jesse looked into the backseat to catch Fareeha's red face. Shaking his head, he laughed. "Anyway, we're here."

She was the last one to exit the truck and she had a choice. Scoot out the left or scoot out the right. Neither option looked fun. To the left was Genji and to the right was a puddle deep enough that it would go over her shoe and probably ruin her night.

Not having much a choice, she undid her belt and began to shift to the left. But before committing, she looked one last time to the right.

There, like her white knight in shining armor, was Jack with his hand outstretched. He was straddling the puddle so that she wouldn't accidentally step in it.

Brushing her loose blonde fringe behind her ear, she crawled over to the right edge of the seat. She could barely contain her joy. Smile on her lips as she chewed them, she looked down at Jack.

"I've got you," he called to her.

She sucked in her breath and felt his hand glide beneath hers. The action was so polished that she felt like it was straight out of a movie. She flew across the puddle and landed with such grace on the soft, grassy knoll. And the way he danced around the puddle, with his fingers still attached to hers, it felt magical. As if they were sharing a moonlit dance.

Drawing her near, their bodies squished the cool air out from between them. Their physical contact caused their eyes to spark and their lips to mimic each other's smiles.

"Jack," her words a whisper so low that the nearby lake nearly drowned them out.

"Yes, Angela." His words were just as light and airy. Her name was spoken so beautifully that she couldn't help but sway. His passion was intoxicating.

Swooning, she slid up on her tiptoes, removing some of the distance between them. Gingerly, he lowered himself, as if to meet her halfway.

Just as their lips brushed, his name rang out.

"Jack, I ain't carrying Angie's chair! That's on you!"

The ruckus made their lips miss and instead they kissed the air around them. His little side smirk caused her hand to fall softly around his cheek. "Maybe next time you won't miss," she teased before placing a quick peck on his cheek.

"Who says I missed," he tortured her with those seductive blue eyes and that sexy grin of his.

Caught off guard by his comment, she lingered there a moment longer. It wasn't until that he gestured with his head to follow that she moved.

Skipping up beside him, she leaned into him some before fluttering her eyes.

"Better be careful," he commented.

"Or?" she sly smirk playing on her face.

Dazed by her devilish grin, he walked right into the back of Jesse's truck. A discernible "oof" followed.

Giggling lightly, Angela bit her lower lip. She was guilty and she knew it but that didn't stop her from laughing. It was cute seeing him like this! She loved this softer side; it was the same side of him she fell for seven years ago.

Jack glared over at her before scoffing and making some comment about 'meaning to do that.'

"Sure," she cooed, "I believe you."

"Anyone want food?" Pharah asked while unpacking the thermal cooler. "We've burgs and dogs."

Draping the blanket against the cooling grass, Angela took her seat. Patting the plaid material to her right, she looked up at Jack. He wasted no time in joining her.

Head butting lightly against hers, he asked, "Did she say birds and dogs?"

"Burgs," she corrected with a small chortle. Picking up her hand, she flicked her wrist forward so her index finger slid slowly down the bridge of his nose. "You makin' fun of my bestie?"

Jack nipped lightly at her finger before he finally caught it with a kiss. At the sweet gesture, Angela stifled just another giggle.

Thank goodness for the darkness! Angela blushed while recoiling her hand. With the dark blanket of night over them, it had it hard for the others to see their cutesy antics. It made their innocent flirting all the more tolerable.

"Whatcha eating," Fareeha held a plate before the two. "Ang, I already started your burger. Just need to know what Jack's having."

"He's a man," Jesse began, "he'll have one of both. Stop pestering 'm." In the dim flickering light of the kerosene lantern they brought, Jack caught Jesse tip him his hat. At least someone respected the new 'couple' enough to leave them alone.

It wasn't too long after they finished eating that Genji tried upping his game. And Fareeha didn't help either! If anything, she was egging him on. Sure, he was charming. Yes, he could be funny. But he wasn't Jack. Though his stories were interesting! Admittedly, the trio did have more than a few drinks in; they even started drinking the vodka out of sheer boredom!

Still, it didn't help that Jack and Jesse had wandered off about a half hour ago (or was it more?) to inquire why the fireworks hadn't started. She would rather spend the late evening asking him questions than learning all about Genji's past.

Just how long have they been gone?

It was well past the starting time and a few others parked nearby were getting just as antsy too. In fact, she saw some shadows approaching.

"Hello, strangers. Any news on when this will start?"

Fareeha shrugged, too lost in her booze to really care. "No'dea. Me boyfrand went 'n asks."

"Ewww," the teenager with her parents gagged. "Get a room." She gestured to Angie and how Genji was laying across the blanket staring up at her. "So gross."

Angela quirked a brow, not really sure where this random stranger got off thinking she was with Genji. Only, that was her mistake. Before she could even react, a pair of cold lips pressed against hers.

The hairs on the back of her neck rose as she sat there in utter shock. When she looked down at her mouth, she saw the curve of his helmet before she realized those unfamiliar lips belonged to Genji.

Why, why had he kissed her?! Was he making a point to the snobbish girl? Did he really think it appropriate?! Did he honestly think he stood a chance with her?!

The more she tried to figure out why it happened, the more confused she became. No, the more upset she became.

If Genji hadn't been late to their date. If Fareeha hadn't texted him. If Fareeha hadn't invited him to join them. If the fireworks weren't late. If Jack hadn't went with Jesse to figure out what the hold up was. If Fareeha wasn't drunk and encouraging Genji. If...!

"I'm going pee!" she remembered screaming but everything thereafter was a blur. All she could remember was the cold, wet grass beneath her toes and the tears burning her cheeks.

What was this horrible feeling? It felt like she was riding a roller coaster!

What was that numbing sensation followed soon after by a sharp sting?

What was that earthy smell? No, irony smell.

Her head was pounding, that much she knew. And although her body screamed it was cold, she felt as if she were on fire.

Rolling onto her side, she winced as she propped herself up on her elbow. The moonless, cloud-covered sky made it hard to see. All she did know was that it hurt like hell. Had she fallen?

Hands falling to her ass, she rubbed her curves. Sure enough, it hurt. She groaned.

Actually, the more she thought about it, the more she realized every inch of her ached. Her shoulders were sore. Her head felt heavy. And that sharp sting in her leg and arm persisted.

I must have slipped on the wet grass.


She jumped from her skin as a display of purple flickered before her eyes.

Pretty. She couldn't help but admire the fireworks.

When another few fly into the air, she took that moment to look around. To figure out just where the hell she was. Only, between the bang-boom-cracks she didn't recognize anything. The lake was nowhere to be found.

Shit. She tried to push herself up to stand but the numbing pain in her leg stopped her. "C'mon, Ang. You need to climb that hill."

Glancing down at her ankle, she immediately realized her issue. "Dammit," it was swollen and tender, no wonder it was hard to stand. Dropping her long nails into the dirt, she pawed at the earth. She could crawl up the hill, that would work.

About thirty seconds into that thought, she decided it was stupid. "Okay, take two." She rolled over onto her good knee. Lifting the injured leg up, she crawled on her knees like a child. Sure, it was weird to do (and kind of hard!) but it was manageable.

I wonder if anyone even notices I'm gone. Genji was pretty drunk. And I lost Fareeha about an hour ago...

She continued to climb until she felt something bite her. All that progress she made was undone as she slid back down the hill. And as she slid, her shirt folded up, allowing the grass and debris to mark her soft, creamy-colored stomach.

"You have got to be kidding me." At this point there tears were kicking in. Was she really not going to make it up the steep incline? Was she really going to spend the whole night out here all alone?

Once more, she tried to climb the hill, but another bite came to her palm. The night crawlers were out and she must have disturbed a nest. Tugging his jacket closer, she tried to contain her warmth. Oh Jack, where are you.

"We're back!" Jesse cheered but was immediately hushed by his girlfriend. "Rude," he snorted as she reached for a beer. "Double rude." He grabbed another can. And then another. "You serious," he tossed an empty can at Fareeha, "you assholes drank it all."

Genji, with a hiccup, held up the empty bottle of vodka. "Yup," he fell forward. "Too you long took."

Jesse lifted a brow at Jack. "You follow?"

"Took you too long?" he assumed. Glancing down at his watch, Jack winced. "We were gone over an hour."

"And they're like this?" Jesse rolled his eyes. "Bunch of lightweights."

"Speaking of light," his blue eyes ran over every inch of their camp, "Where's Angela?"

"She ran off to go pee." Fareeha muttered. "She went that way."

With a sigh, Jesse went to go fetch Angela but Jack stopped him. "You've already got yourself someone," he joked with a wink.

McCree chuckled at this. "Suppose I do. But I'd rather deal with Ang. She's less grabby when she's drunk." With that, he returned to Pharah to nurse her back to health. "C'mon, you like water," he sassed as she refused.

"Pssst," Jack took ginger steps into the darkness. "Angela?" He whispered her name, trying not to disturb the others who had come for the fireworks show. "Ang?"


A large purple firework went off behind him. Not expected it, he tripped forward but was able to catch himself before falling over the sheer drop. "That was close," he said with a flustered exhale.

Another set of fireworks boomed in the air above him. For a moment, he was mesmerized by their beauty and sounds. But as he listened, his eyes noticed something. Upturned, disturbed earth. Torn grass that had an unnatural fall pattern to it.

"That's odd," he mused aloud. He wondered if there was a rodent out? But why would it be so close to people?

Approaching the area, a bad feeling started sinking in. Swallowing, he leaned closer to the crest of the hill. It was an impressive drop on the other side; it almost made him wonder why someone hadn't put up a fence.

If they're right... and Angela came this way.

God he hoped he wasn't about to do something stupid. The fireworks weren't able to illuminate the shadows below the roll of the hill. If he went down there, he would have to rely on himself. On his own tracking and survival skills.

Please let me be wrong.

Taking a seat on the lip, he pushed himself forward. The drop was enough that it caused him to immediately regret it.

Down the hill he slid, almost as if he were on an ice-covered hill in a sled. Thankfully, he went down boots first. A few feet down the hill, he came to a jarring halt as his boots ripped into the earth.

Not wanting to stand, as he didn't trust the floor (mainly any roots, nature's debris), he dropped into a squat and took careful, calculated steps.

"Angela?" he called out into the darkness.

When a firework exploded above him, he had a moment of light. It wasn't terrific but it was better than nothing. It was just enough for him to notice some bushes and scrubs as well as a long, cylindrical shape, likely a log that poked out from behind the bushes.

Maybe she's peeing behind the bushes?

"Pssst," this time he could actually call for her as no one would be bothered by him down here, "Angie?"

"J-Jack?" her faint voice called out in the darkness.

"Christ," he grabbed his chest upon hearing her call his name. "Why the hell did you come down here to piss? You could have just gone behind a tree."

She was silent. Embarrassed.

"You... you are done, right?"

"I never needed to pee," she confessed.

"Then why the hell are you down here?" His outstretched hands pawed at the bushes until he finally found the soft material of his leather jacket.

"Hey," he brushed back her hair to feel her chilled skin. She was freezing! "Hey," he cooed again, this time dragging her backwards and into his lap. "You're freezing. Just how long have you been down here?"

"I..." she didn't move. She just stared up at the sky with tears in her eyes. "I don't know."

A firework cast just enough light down on them that he caught the streaks on her face, scars from crying.

"Angela," his voice laced with concern now. "What happened?" At this point, Jack wasn't sure if he'd done something wrong. Maybe she was down here to avoid him. "Did I... did I do something wrong?"

She shook her head and her blond hair followed. "No," she muttered.

"Then what's wrong." The blonde refused to let go of her. "Angela," his voice was firm yet still endearing, "what happened. Why are you down here."

"Genji kissed me." The words were like vomit. They flew from her lips so fast. And before she could even catch them, the tears flooded her eyes again. The cascaded down her cheeks and crashed into his jeans. "We kissed, Jack." She cried again.

For a long while, he didn't do anything. It wasn't that he didn't want to do something, it was merely that he didn't know how. Or even what.

Technically, he wasn't dating Angela. So how could he get mad at her for kissing another guy. Granted, that didn't make it hurt any less. In fact, it made it hurt more because, up until now, he had assumed he stood a chance with the woman. And yet, upon this confession, he wasn't sure that was the case anymore.

Perhaps you're just too old Jack, cue Fareeha's Viagra joke. Perhaps you missed your window. You should have just told her how you felt all those years ago. But you were a fool, focusing on your career and not love. And now look at you, losing her again...

He was numb. Uncertain what to do. How should he react? Most men would have walked off. But... he loved her. Or at least he thought he did. And she...

"Did you kiss him?" he wasn't sure he wanted to hear the answer.

"He kissed me."

"That's not what I asked," his voice wasn't as soft as she remembered.

Folding into herself, turned curtly to bury her head in his chest. Her ankle hurt like hell, but she couldn't do this. She had to hide. She had to disappear. She had to-

His lips were warm. Soft. Inviting. The way they tasted was like having an ice cream after a long, hot day on the beach. He was cool and refreshing, yet so hot and familiar.

She could not not kiss him back. This was what a kiss was supposed to feel like.

When Jack pulled away, her lips continued to thirst for more. For a second, she even managed to steal another smaller kiss. But it wasn't enough. She needed more.

"Slow down," he cooed while resting his forehead against hers. "I'm not going anywhere. No need to suffocate me." His airy, teasing tone had returned.

Fingering the edges of his lips, Angela's tongue danced loosely around the inside of her mouth. Oh what she would give to feel his lips against hers again.

Cheeks ablaze, she smashed her face back into his. Biting down on his lower lip, she tugged his head forward so she could wrap her arm around it. Colliding against one another, she forced him back against the grass.

Despite the dampness, it wasn't so bad. Looking up at her, he caught a white halo-like firework shimmer in the night sky behind her.

"Angel," he cooed passionately up at her.

The name caused her to blush. No one called her that because she always hated how it sounded. And yet, when he said it, it wasn't so bad. In fact, it was pretty. Beautiful even.

"I didn't kiss him," she rolled forward onto his chest, elbow still stinging but she pushed through the pain. "I couldn't."

"Why," his index finger traced the outline of her face.

"Because I..." she bit her lip. "I think I like you."

"Like me," his gravelly voice caused her skin to dance with little nervous bumps. He chuckled when he felt her body stir. "You sure?"

Resting her head against his chest, she listened to his steady heartbeat. "Maybe just a little bit," she whispered before finding his hand and holding it.

"We should probably get back to the others."

"I know," Angela purred. "But I'd like to stay like this just a little while longer."


She turned her head up so she could look at him. The moon. finally visible in the sky, cast a light, silver glow to the landscape. Finally able to see him, she smiled up at him. "Yes, Jack?"

"I'm glad you made an honest mistake."

Her brows furrowed.

"When you accidentally came to Mill's instead of M&L." His smile caused her heart to flutter.

Blushing, she tucked her chin into her chest and curled up on him. "Yeah." She smiled. "Me too."