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Summary: Isabella Marie Swan is a rebel. She recently lost her mother and her step-father. She is being sent to live with Charlie Swan, her biological father. She only knows that he was there for her birth. She will be starting school in Forks High, where she will meet rebel Edward Anthony Cullen. Will sparks fly between the 2 rebels, or will Bella's past come back to haunt her?

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Bella's POV

I never thought that I would be on this plane today, on the way to meet my father for the first time in over 17 years. I loved my father but my mom was like my best friend, so I lived with my mother. It was all perfect until that day. I can remember it as if it were yesterday. It was actually 2 weeks ago.


I was coming home from soccer practice at my school. I was riding my baby, my sports bike. It was a black Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R. Yes as you can see I love anything that has a motor. I parked my bike in the garage. I took of my helmet off and hung it on the bikes handle. I felt a weird sensation, as if something bad had happened. I shrugged it off and went into the house, careful not to trip on my own feet. I made it inside the house safely and sent a silent thanks to the heavens. "Mom, Phil i'm home!" They always waited for me to be home. I waited for a response but it never came. I was starting to get worried, if they had to go somewhere they always gave me a warning call or they just left a note. A note that's it! I half-ran to the kitchen, expecting to find a note.

What I found in the kitchen was something I would have never imagined. My mother and stepfather were in the kitchen, both in large puddles of their own blood. I ran to both of them. I checked Phils pulse like I was taught in my health class. His heart had stopped beating, he was dead. I turned to my mother, scared of what the result would be. I gently grabbed her arm, put my fingers on her wrist and waited. I didn't feel anything except cold, hard skin. I couldn't believe it, my mother and stepfather were dead. I couldn't hold the tears in, There was a note over my mother's un-beating heart. I took it and opened it with trembling hands. The note said:

*He didn't do his part so we're doing ours. Your daughter isn't safe either. We'll be watching.

The Romans

I felt a chill run down my spine at the name. That was the most feared gang in all of Arizona. I let all of the emotions I had tried to keep inside when people called me names or did something to upset me.. People in my school didn't like people being different. If I wear black and ride a bike I am instantly considered an emo, a suicidal girl and a tomboy. I wouldn't argue with the tomboy part, but seriously emo and suicidal! They just didn't get it. My only family left now was Charlie, but he was in Forks, Washington. All the way across the country. I didn't know what to do so I just called 911.

(Bella, Operator)

O-Hello this is the police department, what is your emergency?

B-Hey, I arrived home and I found my mother Renee and her husband my stepfather dead! They don't have a pulse and it looks like stab marks in their torsos. I found a note on my mothers chest. It is signed by the Romans, can you send someone so that they can help me, I don't know what to do."

O-Of course honey, give me your address and there will be someone there in 5 minutes. I'm so sorry."

B-Thank you! My address is 218, Falls Street. Thank you once again, goodbye.

I hung up and continued to cry. In 4 minutes there was a knock on the door. I walked to answer it and opened the door to reveal my moms friend, Chris. He had red eyes that I ams sure look like my own. I let him in and gave him a weak smile which he returned. "Are you going to arrest the Romans?" He laughed a humorless laugh. "I can't do that Bell's, they have many people all around Phoenix that help them. They could make an easy escape. I don't have enough evidence. The only outcome, you will have to go live with your dad. Charlie Swan has already been notified and since i'm sure you're going to want to stay for their funeral, all of the paperwork will be done in 2 weeks. I'm gonna miss you. I'm sorry for your loss." He gave me a hug which I returned. I couldn't believe it, I was still going to have to go to school for 2 weeks, and presence my family being buried. I just hope for the best, maybe this won't be so bad.

I was so wrong about that, it was the worst thing ever. Everyone at school considered me a freak and they always gave me pitied glances. I couldn't take anymore of this town. I was actually glad to be leaving. I was taken out of my thoughts by the pilot announcing that we would descend soon. When we finally made it to the ground, I stood up, took my carry-on bag, and exited the plane. When I was safely on the ground, I looked around, trying to find the person known as my father. It wasn't hard to find, just look for brown mahogany hair, brown eyes. I found him next to the luggage retriever. He already had my suitcases in hand. I went up to him and stood in front of him. He put my luggage down and gave me a hug which I returned. "I missed you baby girl, I cant believe your all grown up! I do wish that I could have met you during other circumstances though. C'mon, the cruiser is this way." Oh uh, I don't think Dad is going to like my record.

I had been in about 14 fights this past 2 weeks and I had even gone to the station once. Chris had helped me get out with only a warning. He understood that I was provoked. This dumbhead had said something about my Mom and as always, my fist had reacted faster than my mind. I didn't get suspended because supposedly it was to be expected from someone who lost their parents. I didn't care but now I was thinking that maybe violence isn't the right answer. I won't take back what I did ever. I showed people not to mess with me. I followed Dad to his car and made my way to the front seat. I was actually nervous to be riding on a cruiser again. Dad didn't try to make conversation the whole drive, which I was grateful for. We pulled up to a 3 story house. Next to our house were woods that surrounded 2 more houses. Our house was in the middle and all of the houses looked similar. I got out of the cruiser and was gonna go inside when the huge white Jeep in the driveway caught my attention.

This was a white Jeep Wrangler with a double cylinder. It was amazing! I walked around the giant and leaned down. There was a puddle of oil coming from under the motor. I would try and take a look at this car. "Dad whose car is this. Its pretty cool!" I saw Dad sigh and just shrug. "I wanted to talk to you about that. Oh and umm I have a surprise for you in the garage." I wasnt expecting that but I made my way to the garage. I pressed the combination I was given by Dad and the door opened to reveal my beautiful Bike! "My baby! Thanks dad! I wasn't expecting it for atleast another week!" I ran to my dad and hugged him. I was glad my suitcase had my gloves and helmet. My leather jackets were safely packed in there too. I let go of my dad and followed him inside.

"Do you want to have a tour?" I nodded and we proceeded to get myself familiarized with this house. In total there were 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 1 basement with a laundry room in it, a giant kitchen that looked like it hadn't been touched in years, a dining room, a living room and a game room. This house was awesome. There was also and attic and it had a beautiful white piano on the corner. I remembered my past hobbies that I let go of when my mom died. I loved to play soccer, play music, compose it, and sing it. I love to read, and I love anything that has wheels and a motor. I could finally relax and do what I loved to do again. I was grateful I had shipped all of my instruments and my soccer equipment here. I also had sent over my tools to work on my bike but I hope that I will get the chance to use my wrench on the Jeep.

We were currently sitting in the living room, Dad looked like he was having an inner battle with himself. "Ok dad, what's on your mind?" He looked appalled that I knew something was up but he composed himself and gave me a weak smile. "Bella, when your mother left I was devastated, more because she had taken you with her. I didn't have a chance to have a kid of my own. That changed 1o years ago. The Mccarthys died in a car accident, leaving an 8 year old kid alone, without any relatives. I was lonely and he didn't have anyone, so I adopted him. I was a close family friend so we got along great. He still lives here, I gave him my last name. One of the rooms is Emmetts, your brothers. That's why I didn't open it, I hope you can accept him." I smiled, I couldn't believe it. I had a brother! I was so happy. "Oh my god that is amazing, I have always wanted a sibling. Ohhhh, if that Emmett's car then I'm totally gonna take a look at it!" I hugged my dad while he chuckled. "Dad has any of my other stuff gotten here?" He nodded and led me to the garage.

There were like 5 boxes, 2 of them containing my equipment, tools, and music things. I helped my dad bring up the boxes and I was left in my room alone to unpack. Dad had offered but I didn't want him seeing all of the things I had packed. I opened the first box which had all of my clothes, shoes and makeup in it. I didn't wear a lot of makeup so it fit in a small pouch. When I finished unpacking that and my closet was neat and organized I moved on to the box with my bedroom things in it. I took out my note-board and hanged that on the wall. It was big and it covered almost a whole wall. I was gonna put my pictures there. I put up some of me and my mom and phil. I also put some of myself and of my only 2 friends. Alex Thompson and Katherine Pallett had stopped talking to me when my mom died. I missed them but I knew I would get over it.

I put those up and only 1 quart of the whole board was filled. I took the camera my mom had given me on Christmas and put that on my bed. I took out my collection of classic books which in total filled a whole shelf, and I also took out my music. It was of all composers from Beethoven to filled 2 complete shelves. Debussy's Clair de Lune was my favorite song. I put it in my enormous sound system and the room filled with the calming tunes of Debussy. The only things left wher a couple of knick knacks here and there, I quickly put those away and took the last box of things. I opened it and inside was my black and white comforter set, white and blood red curtains, and a black rug.

I finished with my room and started to move things around. I moved the white desk that had been on the front of the vanity to the left and left it on the side of my bed. I moved the vanity with a mirror and put it to the right side of my bed. Finally I moved the small black sofa and put it at the foot of my bed. I spent the next 15 minutes making small changes around till I was happy with it. Everything went well with the white walls. I look at the clock next to my bed on the bedside table and it said 3:00. I had spent almost 1 hour working on my room. I wasn't hungry or anything so I walked down the stairs and looked for Dad. I found him outside with a beer, reading the newspaper. "Hey dad, I was wondering, since you and Em made the basement your *Man Cave* I was wondering if I could maybe make the Attic into my own place?" Dad smiled and nodded his head. I smiled back and hugged him. I ran into the house and up to my room.

I took one of the boxes and carried it to the attic, when I got there, I knew I would need to clean it up. I moved the other box into the attic, got myself some cleaning supplies and started working. I also brought my tools so I decided to start by putting up some shelves. I knew I needed to go buy some stuff so I went downstairs and sat on the table. I started to make a list of what I would need. It went like this.

3 White Shelves

3 Black Shelves

2 Cans of black and white paint

Paint brushes

That was all I needed to start it with. I wrote a quick note to dad and walked outside. I had put my helmet and gloves on before I left so I was ready to go. I arrived at the store quickly on my motorcycle so I walked inside and got to work. I found the stuff I need fast and I also found some music note and soccer stickers for the wall. I put all of my things on the small trunk and managed to fit it in all, and was on my way home. I arrived safely and took everything inside. I walked up to the attic and started. I went over to the piano and cleaned it until it looked as good as new. It looked amazing and I also used some wood polisher to make it shiny. With that finished I swept and mopped the floors. I also took out a rug I had put in with my instruments and spread it on the left side of the room where I envisioned a black couch to be. I had like $20,000,000 dollars to my name from both Moms and Phil's wills so I could buy all of the things I needed.

I installed all of the shelfs and started painting. I decided on painting it in a pattern, 2 walls black, 2 white, and the ceiling left the color it originally was, white. When I finished, it looked amazing. I decided that while the paint dried, that I would go buy some furniture. I went into a store and went straight to the couches. I found a beautiful black leather couch and instantly loved it. It was big and it would look great. I bought it and made my way to buy the rest of the things. I finished buying 1 curved plasma tv, a couple of soft recliners and chairs, a mini fridge, an amazing soccer ball shaped lamp, and amazing curtains. When I finally made it back it was 4:30. I had gotten a driver to follow me and help me put the things in the attic. I paid the guy and finished working. I saw that the paint was dry and put the curtains and finished up the whole room. I only needed to add my soccer posters and arrange my instruments.

I set up my drum set in the corner of the room and put my guitars in stands on another corner. I didn't need to move the piano so I was fine. I hung my posters and when I finished I was glad with the whole result. I had managed to install my tv and mini fridge and they now worked. I walked downstairs happily and decided to go for a ride. I went into my room and changed into a white tight shirt, a tight open leather jacket, some leather black pants, and some leather converse. I put on my fingerless gloves and decided to go without my helmet today. I walked downstairs and saw Dad watching the game. "Dad, when is Emmett gonna get here?" He looked at me and smiled. "His out with some friends, so he might come over like at 6:00. Do you want me to call him?" I shook my head." No dad it's fine, I want to surprise him. Is it ok if I take a ride on my motorcycle, since tomorrow is my first day of school I want to get to know the town a bit. I will be back before 6:30." Dad nodded and I walked out the door. I headed for the garage and got my motorcycle. I started it and sped through town. It really was a small town,

I finished in 1 hour and I still had 30 minutes left. I decided that since It would take me awhile to get back if I hurried that I would pick up some food for Em, dad, and his friends, and also me. I called dad and he answered on the 1st ring. "Bells what's wrong?" His frantic response reminded me of when Mom helped when I broke my arm. "Nothing dad, I just wanted to ask you if you want me to pick up some pizza for Em and his friends, you and me for dinner?" I heard him think about it before he answered. "Sure Bells, hurry back ok." I said my goodbyes and headed for the pizza restaurant in town. I bought 8 pizzas and made my way back. There was a silver Volvo in the driveway so I figured that Em must be home. I left my gloves on and knocked on the door. I heard heavy footsteps and smiled when a guy that I recognized as Emmett opened the door. "Hey dad pizzas here. Thanks!" I ignored him and walked past him, walked into the kitchen and put 7 pizzas down and set on the island where I opened the box of pizza and started eating it.

"What the freak, get out of the house!" I ignored emmett and continued eating. I heard dad walk down the stairs with 2 guys following. I didn't pay attention, I only turned to Em and smirked at him. I smiled sweetly and looked at dad. He chuckled and gave me a kiss on the forehead before taking a piece of pizza from the box. He sat next to me and we both just stared at Em while eating. Realization crossed his eyes and he turned red with embarrassment. "Bella? I'm sorry I didn't recognize you. I thought you were coming tomorrow." I shook my head and stood up, I walked to him and gave him a hug. "It's fine Emmett, I'm glad I finally got to meet you. Now why don't you introduce your friends." He smiled and nodded, we turned to the guys and I held back a gasp. My eyes focused on the most beautiful person in the world. He had bronze hair, beautiful emerald green eyes and an amazing smile. I composed myself and listened to Em introduce his friends. "The blonde one is Jasper Hale, he has a sister Rosalie that is my girlfriend. Maybe you guys will become friends. Anyways, this is Edward Cullen and he has a sister named Alice that you will probably get along with. Well that's it I think. Oh and don't mess with Edward a lot, he has an attitude." I smiled at both and nodded. "My names Isabella Marie Swan, but if anyone calls me Isabella, your car will be apart faster than you can say Swan. Oh and i'm going to start school tomorrow so I was hoping you would show me around Em." Emmett nodded with a scared expression that matched Jaspers. Edward just smirked. I smiled at my work, put my gloves on and went up stairs to the attic. I retrieved my tool box, put on a hat and walked downstairs. "Em, your car needs an oil change. You have to take care of your Wrangler or else its gonna turn out like a Honda." I shuddered and placed my tool box on my other hand. "I can do it for you but I would need a favor." He nodded and smirked."You, are gonna fix my car? I think I'll handle it. Or if you let me supervise then I'll let you." I nodded and they followed me. This was gonna be fun!