This will be a series of oneshots with multiple Fandoms and Pairings (Always Slash not Gender Swap of any kind)

This series is made specially to expand my creativity challenging myself and to interact with the other users, reviewers and readers. I hope we will get along.

Just make sure to leave some info in the comments, choose one for each of the below (rate, one or two prompts, supernatural yes or no, and if you want this story to be in a normal setting or not.

For example, these are some of the ones that I'll be willing to do: (they are only examples, I normally accept any prompt but there are some that I won't do)

ºRate: T, M, Explicit (Yes, I'll be willing to make some but only in some cases. Nothing non-consensual. Or really heavy BDSM, like power play. I have nothing against BDSM, it just makes me feel uncomfortable.)

ºPrompts examples: Mpreg, Crossdressing, DeathFic/Character Death, Tattoo, Scars, A/B/O Dynamics, Soulmates, etc. Just leave what you want in the comments (two-three prompts max)

ºIf you want a oneshot based on a song leave the title and artist. If you want you can also leave a phrase or verse of a song or a book/quote you want for the story to be based on.

Just send me a comment/review with a pairing and a prompt.