As today is my birthday I thought I'd give you all a little gift.

"So, you know you've won the award, and the network knows that the show has won the award?" Emma asked, pulling her hair back "Doesn't that kinda take away the wow factor?"

"I suppose so," Killian called back. "But it's a good way of promoting the show. We both know the only reason I'm cleared to attend tonight is for promotion of the second half of the season. With you on my arm, it's only going to draw more attention for them. The only reason I even won the award in the first place is because of you."

"That's probably true," Emma admitted with a sigh. "I voted for you like fifty times a day so I'm expecting lots of love in your acceptance speech."

Killian snorted out a laugh as he finished tying his shoelaces.

"It's cute that you think I'm joking," she teased. "So, do we need to look surprised that you won?"

"Yeah. I guess it's a good way of testing my acting skills," Killian chuckled, moving to the doorframe to watch as Emma finished twisting her hair back into an effortlessly simply ponytail. "You look beautiful," he assured her, as she span back and forth in the mirror over the bathroom sink.

"You think?" she asked, smiling at his reflection. "I know you said this wasn't as formal as the rest of the award ceremonies but it's our first public appearance since we announced our engagement, and I don't wanna look stupid."

Killian made his way quietly over to Emma, pulling her back into his arms. "You could never look stupid," he assured her, placing a sweet kiss to the side of her neck. Emma had opted for a black, halter-neck dress, with royal blue accents for the evening. It's sleeveless design, with cut-outs around her ribs and just below her cleavage, would keep her cool in the Los Angeles heat. While the below-the-knee hemline was perfect enough for an awards show and for her royal status. She'd added a thin, black and gold-plated belt to the look and a pair of black suede pumps.

It had been six days since the New Year's Eve party.

Six days and Killian felt like he hadn't stopped.

New Years Day had been the most relaxing of them all. Ruth had offered to host dinner for everyone, before their family and friends began parting once more, and they'd had a wonderful day surrounded by the people they'd loved.

Killian had gotten word on the next day that his presence at the People's Choice Awards the following week would be highly appreciated. Emma had agreed to fly out to Los Angeles with him for the event, knowing he'd fly straight on to Vancouver when the week was over to resume filming, and she would return to London to continue her royal duties. He'd also made the official request for time off for the wedding, which had been granted almost immediately.

This, of course, meant that the next day, he found himself sat round a table with his parents, Liam, and Mary, as they argued over who deserved an invitation to the wedding of the year. Killian had argued that people he'd not spoken to for over a year didn't deserve an invite, while his mother had been adamant that everyone should be given their one and only chance to attend a royal wedding. By the end of the day, they'd gotten no further than listing just their closest family and friends.

Brennan and Ailene returned to Ireland the following day. Their parting had been much more emotional than Emma had expected it to be. While they hadn't stayed long, they'd managed to touch the hearts of everyone around them. Emma had absolutely no doubts that both she and her mother would be visiting frequently, between their duties.

Emma and Killian had boarded a plane headed to Los Angeles later that same day, offering Belle and Regina a seat with them on their way home too.

Thankfully, Anton had been able to secure the same rental home for them as he had for the premier party and Emma was grateful for that. She spent much of her life moving between hotels, apartments, and royal residences. Having somewhere familiar to return to was always a small comfort for her.

"You know, maybe we should make an offer on this place," she suggested, leaning back into Killian's embrace and resting her hands over his arms. "We're gonna need somewhere to stay when you begin filming for your movie. It's close to Regina and Belle, but secluded enough to fit security needs. This house would be perfect."

"What are we gonna do with it for the rest of the year?" Killian scoffed.

"The same thing we do with all our other properties," Emma deadpanned. "Wouldn't it be nice to come back to a familiar home? Have a place here close to our friends that we could holiday in?"

"You think the landlord could be persuaded to sell it?" he asked. The idea of Emma and the private beach, attached to the property, was becoming more and more appealing the longer he thought about it.

"For the right price, I'm sure we could persuade him too." Emma tilted her head back to watch as Killian considered her proposal. She could tell the moment he'd made his decision from the way his body relaxed ever so slightly, the corners of his lips pulling up.

"Okay. Have Anton make the call."

"I will do," she assured him, pulling out of his embrace. "Now, let's go and promote the hell out of your television show."

"Yes, Your Highness," Killian teased, bowing as she walked past him and out of the bathroom. "Dear God am I a lucky man," he whispered to himself, as he watched her stop to pick up her clutch bag, and then leave the room, looking every inch the princess she was.

Emma's look here is based on Jen's look for the To Dust Return Panel SDCC 2015.

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