As someone felt the need to report the note I had here previously, here's the prologue for Part 3. You can find it under the title Reputation, on my profile. And, if all of this should now disappear, as a result of that report, you can find me on A03 under Kymbersmith90, and Tumblr as Kymbersmith-90

"In royal news today, their Royal Highnesses, the Duke and Duchess of Kensington, are set to make their first series of public appearances together this week, after their wedding back in April.

The young royal couple have managed to avoid the media spotlight, ever since the Duke took to Facebook, the morning after their big day, to announce that they would be taking some time to themselves, before returning to the media spotlight, at a later date.

It is believed that the Duke and Duchess spent some time in the Maldives, on honeymoon, before their return to Los Angeles, where the Duke immediately began filming for the new Abrams project, Reputation.

While the couple have been pictured separately, around the private residence they now own in the state, and at the studio the Duke is filming with, they have not yet been officially pictured together, since the day after their lavish wedding ceremony.

Their week of royal engagements will begin with Trooping The Colours, a military pageant held every year, to celebrate the Queen's official birthday. Every member of the royal family is expected to be in attendance, and Clarence House has already confirmed that the Duke and Duchess are currently in the United Kingdom, preparing for the celebrations.

They will also be in attendance for Garter Day celebrations later in the week, with the Duchess having been a member of the Order since her twenty-first birthday, and created Royal Lady Companion of the Garter, upon her father's passing.

And, of course, at the end of the week, they will both join their family for the opening of Royal Ascot, where a number of the Queen's own horses will be expected to race.

Clarence House issued a further statement confirming that the couple will be returning to Los Angeles, over the weekend, in order for the Duke to return to filming."

I know I threw a bunch of royal event names at you there, but I promise to explain those when we get to them. That way, I can try and avoid confusing you all.

Thanks for reading.