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A six-year-old Harry Potter rolled into a tiny ball inside his cupboard. He tried and failed to take all weight from his injured right arm.

Today had been the day his first year at school had ended, both he and Dudley had gotten a letter for Petunia and Vernon Dursley. Whatever had been written in his, it had made them quite mad at him and Uncle Vernon had beaten him worse than ever before.

Unbeknownst to Harry, his arm had been broken three times.

Shifting around until the pain in his arm had become somewhat bearable, Harry had drifted off to sleep and his magic tried to heal him. Due to being malnourished and mistreated from a very young age his reserves were constantly depleted. He couldn't know, but his magic kept him reasonably healthy, but this put constant strain on his core.

A byproduct of this was the abnormal growth of his magical reserves, his body trying to make up for the lack of influx from food and other natural sources, but as soon as strange things happened around him, the beatings intensified.

This time it seemed as if there was just not enough of his magic left to patch him back up. A small pulse was created every time the healing magic tried to kick in. Not enough to get the attention of an average wizard or witch...but enough to vibrate the higher dimensions of existence.

A shapeless specter drifted into existence just mere feet in front of Number Four, Privet Drive, curious about the short magical strobes that drifted through the different planes of the universe.

It had been a human long ago, so long it had nearly forgotten. Drifting through wood and concrete, it finally entered the small enclosed space of Harry's bedroom. The small, broken form of the boy on the ground raising its ire.

'Humans...' The thought entered unbidden.

Reaching out with its mind, it found the core of the little one almost drained of all magic. Taking a bit of the ambient power around the house, the being reformed it and fed it into the boy's core. The healing magic took hold, bones finally straightened while the bruising vanished.

Still intrigued about the boy, it felt around his core and found cracks in many places where the magic bled into his body. It...no he... the specter remembered being male...he also remembered what made him what he was, an accident that should have annihilated the entire village he had lived in, as his core broke it should have exploded. Instead, from the need to protect everybody around him, he had channeled all the magic into his soul, binding it to magic itself.

It had nearly spelled the end of him then but as he came around he found himself to be quite immortal, while his body could still be destroyed, his soul would remain. He found he could tap into his magic, as well as the surrounding energy.

The disembodied being made a decision then, he was alone, the only one of his kind and, if he was honest about it, alone for now far too long. He reached out once more and found the cracks in the young boy's core, hesitating for only a fraction of a second he pressed down to break it completely and simultaneously he funneled every ounce of magic into the boy's soul.

After the change was complete the body of the child would experience quite a few changes. Chuckling in his own mind the specter moved away, he would keep watch on the boy and if necessary, he would once more become corporeal.

As Harry awoke the next morning his body was aching all over, but at least the pain in his arm had subsided. He fumbled around in the dark for his glasses, only to see them quite clearly once his eyes had adjusted. He shrugged and left them on the ground, sat up and waited.

The door was unlocked and Harry heard his aunt's shrill cry for him to get off his lazy behind and prepare breakfast. He opened the door and immediately noticed that the world seemed to have gained quite a few additional colors in the last night, colors he could not quite describe.

If forced to, though, he would have said the sky had a decided touch of crimson. Only that it wasn't really there and the sky still looked quite normal. Entering the kitchen, he noticed that his relatives also had gained a bit of color overnight.

His uncle, an ugly shade of orange to begin with, turned deep red as he entered. His aunt had a sickly pale green about her that deepened in color as she looked at him. Dudley however was the craziest shade of purple he had ever seen. It didn't change and stayed just the way it was. That all was new, only that the kitchen didn't look any different from most other days. It was almost as if he had gained a new sense last night.

His aunt snapped at him. "Are you going to stand there all day, just as lazy as your good for nothing parents, or are you actually going to prepare breakfast."

With this she shoved him to the stove and handed him a frying pan.

After making breakfast and feeding on what his relatives left him, which wasn't much, Harry went outside to a playground. It was easier to while away the day away from number four. As he moved away from the dreaded place he had to call home, he noticed he left the crimson behind he had noticed earlier. Turning around he saw a dome over the Dursley house, it was crimson and tiny symbols seemed to flit across. Shaking his head Harry continued to the playground, thinking that maybe uncle Vernon had hit him so hard, he had a concussion.

The symbols he had seen on the crimson...WARD... Harry stopped as the word entered his mind unbidden. He shook his head as he sat down on a swing. Anyway the ward had all these...RUNES... on it. Harry stuck his finger in his ear and twisted. It was almost as if his mind whispered in his ear. He then tried to think of an explanation for it and ….MAGIC...

"I don't understand." He didn't realize he talked out loud. "What is happening to me?"

Harry didn't expect an answer, so he was all the more shocked to get one.

"You… are… wizard."

He jumped at least a foot in the air. "Who are you? Where are you!?"

"Everywhere… nowhere… hard to explain."

"Explain to me what wizard means?"

"You... can do… magic." The voice became clearer, easier to understand.

"How did this happen?"

"Last night you were… hurt… magic tried to… heal… but... almost nothing left. Your core was...cracked, it would...explode. I bound magic to your soul… to tell you in simple terms."

Harry thought of what would have happened if the voice was right. Would he have exploded from one of Vernon's beatings?


"What now, though?"

"These people beat you often?"

"Hmm?... Oh yeah, that's because I'm a freak. I don't know why exactly I'm one, but my uncle made sure to tell me that he hit me because it would make me less freakish."

"It's not true… and you know that. Your uncle hits you, because he likes to hit you."

"Yes, I know, but I have no other family left but them. There is nowhere to go."

"Maybe there is...wait."

The specter had to focus hard, after over 100 years of disembodiment, he had trouble concentrating on what it felt like to have a body.

Harry watched in amazement as a man stepped from seemingly thin air. The body warped a few times before it settled.

"Have you been talking to me?"

"Yes" the man looked about. "Now, would you like to leave your relatives and live with me? I would train you, my magic is like yours."

Harry thought about this for a moment, what could possibly happen, he was already in a waking nightmare. This stranger couldn't be much worse.

"Yes," Harry looked down. "But first you have to put on some clothes."

The man looked down and seemed to only now realize he was naked. A wave of his hand later, and he was dressed in a three-piece suit that was outdated, but still would pass fashionable.

"Then let us go. I will now be Jonathan Potter, your uncle, brother to your biological father."

"But I thought my father had no siblings. Won't they know?"

"No, they will remember me...everybody will." Harry frowned at this cryptic statement.

As they reached Number Four, the newly christened Jonathan Potter took Harry by the hand and knocked on the door. It was torn open so hard it almost flew from its hinges. A large man stood in the frame. He looked at Harry and then back at the man who held him by the hand. Vernon Dursley beamed a fake smile at the man.

"I hope my nephew didn't break anything."

"No, not at all."

"Oh, good then."

Harry felt his upper arm bruise as his uncle grabbed him and pulled him inside. Vernon tried to slam the door shut, only to have the door explode. The pieces froze in the air long enough to admit Jonathan and then the door reassembled itself. Vernon sputtered and looked at John, white as a ghost.

"You are one of t-t-them."

Jonathan pulled himself up to his full height. "If you mean that I'm a wizard then yes."

Vernon now grew purple, Harry felt his arm break under the grip of the enraged man. He gave a small pained gasp. Jonathan's eyes narrowed.

"Please unhand my brother's son this instant."

"You...your brother!" Vernon shoved Harry to him. "Here, take him then. If I had known there was somebody else who could take him, I would have been rid of him years ago. Now get out of my house!"

Jonathan had meanwhile looked Harry's arm over, discovered the clean break and with a wave of his hand, healed it back up. Then he turned his hand to Vernon and the obese man rose up and stuck to the wall.

"Harry, please wait outside. I just want to have a short chat with your other uncle." Harry looked for a moment like he wanted to object, then he turned around and walked out the door.

Jonathan turned back to Vernon after Harry had shut the door. "Well, Vernon, I wanted to go easy on you, but you had to go ahead and break his arm."

Vernon wanted to shout but found himself unable to. Jonathan's eyes turned all green and started to glow. He touched Vernon's temple and started to whisper in his ear. Vernon's eyes grew wide and his hair turned completely white. His eyes rolled up until only the whites were visible. After almost a minute of whispering Jonathan let him drop to the floor and left.

Three months later, Vernon would disappear without notice. His company eventually declared him missing. Police entered the house at Four Privet Drive to find Petunia Dursley locked in the cupboard under the stairs, where she had starved to death.

Dudley Dursley had been beaten so badly he was barely alive, he was saved but required counseling for the rest of his life. He was found in his padded cell at the age of 35 where he had committed suicide after a careless nurse left a razor blade behind after shaving him. Vernon Dursley was found in the attic, where he had hung himself.

Harry and Jonathan left via teleportation, only to reappear in the atrium of the Ministry of Magic. They went to the reception desk and Jonathan spoke to the clerk.

"Hello. I want to claim custody of my nephew, which department is responsible for that?"

The clerk looked at them disinterested. "Second Floor, Department of magical family matters and inheritance."

"Thank you."

They left for the elevators.

"So you're James Potter's brother?"


"Well, why haven't you claimed custody of Harry Potter until now."

"After my brother's death there was a delay in notifying me and then I had to still find him, as he was quite well hidden."

"Then why should he live with you?"

"You ask me why should you have Harry Potter live with a Pureblood instead of a bunch of abusive muggles?"

The clerk blanched and stuttered. "Of course not... Lord Potter..."

"I'm not the Lord Potter, and I will not take up the title, only act as the proxy. It will rest until Harry is 11, so he can take it up. I will teach him everything he needs to know for this."

The clerk calmed down. "Of course, Mr. Potter. We will take care of this oversight immediately."

Half an hour later they left the ministry, and Jonathan Potter was the official guardian of Harry Potter.

Harry was confused. "What do I call you now?"

"Just call me Uncle John, after all that is what I am right now."

Harry smiled. "OK, Uncle John." He grabbed John's hand and they teleported away.

5 Years later...

Harry and John faded into existence on the front steps of Gringotts. Harry could now teleport everywhere he had been before and had a large amount of wandless magic under his belt.

As they entered Harry complained, for what must have been the 1000th time that morning alone. "Why do I have to go? You can teach me anything I need to kill that Dark Lord."

They had been to the Department of Mysteries a year prior and had watched the prophecy with the help of an Unspeakable.

"You can access about a millennium of knowledge old, new, forgotten and regained."

John was unfazed as always. "You will learn wand-based magic. You can use just about every trick in your tool box."

Harry opened his mouth to speak again, but John was faster. "And you will find friends there. I know you like to live with me, but it's not exactly healthy to only ever be around the same person. You will learn in the castle and live there as well so you can meet new people, people that are your age."

"But Dad..." Harry had taken to calling John dad after he had lived with him for two years.

"Hush now, I have taught you better. You know that discussing things with me that are not up to discussion is a hopeless endeavor."

Harry sighed, yes, he did know that the decision for him to attend Hogwarts was final. That didn't mean he had to like it.

They entered Gringotts and John said "Tell you something, if you're good now and don't complain anymore, I will lift your spending limit in the bookstore for today."

Harry grinned "OK. You're the best dad ever." Harry certainly loved his books.

"Well, Harry, you know I am only one call away, no matter the distance." Harry just smiled and nodded.

They went to a goblin teller. "Mr. Harry James Potter. He is here to take up the mantle of House Potter."

The teller made a very rude sounding noise in the back of his throat and a second goblin came to them. The teller indicated to him.

"This is Griphook. He will lead you to the Potter Account Manager. Please follow him."

They thanked the teller and followed Griphook into the back of the bank. They came to a security post. Griphook turned to them.

"Sirs, you have to surrender your wands."

"I'm well aware of your security protocols and have left mine at home. We will buy Harry's wand once our business here comes to a close."

John had thought of that excuse to explain his lack of a wand. The goblins didn't necessarily have to know that he had no need of one. They were led further into the bank, to a pretentious looking office.

"Please wait here." And Griphook was gone.

They waited for about two minutes, then a gruff sounding voice called them in. The goblin behind the desk stood and introduced himself.

"I am Gutslitter, the Potter Account Manager. So you must be young Mr. Potter."

Harry nodded and the Goblin's eyes flitted up to his forehead.

"I see you got rid of your scar. Sad, we goblins value a scar from a fight we won."

Here, John interjected. "We didn't remove it for any reason other than that there was a piece of Voldemort's soul trapped in that scar. If not for that fact he would wear it proudly."

The goblin had gone pale. "You mean to tell me he tried to make a horcrux that night?"

"Yes probably, but for his soul to easily bind to another host, he not only tried to make one...but must have others from before that. We destroyed the piece in Harry's scar, which removed the scar as well."

Gutslitter looked dumbfounded. "More than one... I have to inform King Ragnok of this..."

He made to stand but John's voice halted him.

"Whilst Harry will be at Hogwarts, I will be searching for the remaining ones. Tell him that."

Gutslitter left, only to return a few minutes later with a regal looking goblin in a finely tailored suit. John stood and motioning for Harry to copy him, bowed down low.

"King Ragnok, I must say it is an honor that you will meet with us."

Ragnok laughed. "Rise. You're not my subjects, but it is refreshing to meet Humans with a feel of honor to them."

He then gave them a slight bow in return, making Gutslitter gasp. After they were all seated, John filled Ragnok in about the horcruxes, and that he would hunt them down while Harry was at school. Ragnok looked gravely at them.

"If you need any help to destroy one of them, you need but ask. Gringotts will help you in your hunt, even if we have to break our own laws...these abominations have to be destroyed."

John looked thoughtful for a moment. "King Ragnok, perhaps you could conduct a general audit of all vaults. I suspect you will find at least one of these things in a vault of his old supporters."

"A very good idea, Mr. Potter. Very well. I will leave now and you may go about your business as planned. I have a search to coordinate."

Harry and John shook hands with the king and Gutslitter bowed deep. The goblin then turned to a cupboard by his side, opened a drawer and took a small velvet lined box from it.

"The signet ring of Lord Potter. Place it on your finger, the magic will accept you and then we can complete the paperwork."

Harry took the ring and slipped it on his finger, it shrunk to fit and glowed briefly to signify the acceptance of its new master.

"Now the paperwork."

Gutslitter handed them an entire ledger filled with papers that needed signatures from both Harry as Lord Potter and John as his Guardian, Harry also legitimated John as his proxy in the Wizengamot again. While taking up his Lordship granted Harry special rights, he was still underage and didn't want to emancipate himself. After all was signed and filed Gutslitter handed them another ledger. In it, they found the portfolio of the Potter estate, its liquid assets and properties. Finally, they came to a close and requested a ride to the vault, to stock up on money.

After the exhausting paperwork, the stomach turning ride, and the underground vault, they were happy as they finally stepped out of the bank.

"So Harry, where do you want to go first?"


And off he was in the direction of Flourish and Blott's. John entered the store just in time to see Harry collide with a slight brunette that had books stacked so high in her arms she couldn't see over them and Harry in his over excitement had also not seen her. Still Harry twisted in the air and took the brunt of the fall and had the girl fall on top of him.


The air was forced from his lungs as he collided with the ground with the girl on top. The books went flying in every direction, but John held out his hand and the books froze in the air and floated to him. He set them down on the counter, bent down to help the children stand up.

"I hope you're not hurt, Miss."

She looked more embarrassed than hurt, as her cheeks were bright red, and she started to ramble.

"I'm so sorry. I couldn't see where I was going, but it is so fascinating all those books about magic, I hadn't known that there was so much to learn about, but anyway, thank you for your help."

Harry stood slowly rubbing his bruised ribs, while chuckling. "Do you ever breathe? Anyways, I'm Harry and this is my dad, well he is actually my uncle, John."

Her cheeks reddened a bit more. "Hello Harry, my name is Hermione and these are my parents..." she pointed to a man and a woman that had just joined them. "... Dr. Emma Granger and Dr. Dan Granger."

They shook hands. "You would be Mr.?" Dan asked.

"Sorry, Jonathan Potter, and this is my nephew and adoptive son Harry James Potter. But please call me John."

He smirked at Harry as he gave his full name, who just huffed at him.

Dan smiled "Just as well call me Dan and my wife is Emma." Emma nodded.

John looked at them. "Your daughter is a first generation witch, I guess. Will she attend Hogwarts for her first year come September?"

Emma nodded wide-eyed." Yes how did you know?"

He pointed at the alley behind him. "Well look at them, you're the only ones with matching clothes."

Just to prove him right, a wizard happened to walk by them in a wetsuit wearing hiking boots and a pink frilly tutu.

"As for the Hogwarts thing, well, Harry here will start this year as well, and they seem to be about the same age."

Dan nodded. "Perhaps you could answer a few of our questions some time and the children could get to know each other. It's always easier if you attend boarding school and already know at least someone. Do you have a phone?"

John nodded and they exchanged numbers to meet up. They looked back to where the children had been, only to see them flit around the shelves and point out books the other had missed. After they had everything, he saw Dan and Emma try to tell Hermione that they could not buy all the books she had picked out without risking an emotional breakdown. He quickly exchanged a word with the clerk and returned to tell them everything had been taken care of. Dan and Emma protested of course, but he insisted while quoting the horrible exchange rates for pounds to galleons.

After much protest they accepted but demanded that they would come to dinner soon. Harry and Hermione smiled at each other, and she thanked John profusely. As they split up they went to pick up Harry's wand as Hermione and her parents had saved the bookstore for last and now would head home.

"It was nice of you to take the brunt of the fall, Harry." John smiled at him.

"I couldn't very well let her get hurt, now could I. Besides Hermione is really nice, she loves books about as much as I do."

Harry smiled, perhaps Hogwarts wouldn't be as bad as he had imagined. He waved his hand and shrunk his books as they arrived at the wand makers shop.

They entered and found a dusty old shop waiting on them. Both felt a presence sneaking up on them and spun to meet it. Behind them Mr. Ollivander, the wand maker, stood. For decades, he had snuck up on his clients and had given them a scare, only to be surprised by the two before him.

"Hello, Mr. Ollivander. I'm Jonathan Potter and my charge Harry is in need of his first wand."

"Why yes, of course." Ollivander looked at Harry like he was a particularly juicy piece of meat. "Which is your wand hand? Right?"

Harry nodded and then a magical measure took all kinds of ridiculous measurements. Meanwhile, Ollivander busied himself by pulling down box, after box, after box. He returned to Harry and pushed a wand in his hand.

"Give it a wave Mr. Potter."

The wand gave of a whip-like crack and suddenly Mr. Ollivander's jacket consisted of daisies. Ollivander tore the wand from his hand and pushed the next one in. It detonated a chair that stood in the corner. And off to the next, and the next, and the next. Mr. Ollivander seemed to grin like a lunatic once they had tested what had felt like a hundred wands. He seemed quite happy that Harry was a difficult customer. Finally, he brought a box to the front.

"Phoenix Feather and Holly."

Harry took it and it felt slightly warm. He waved it and two sparks came out until there was a farting noise and Mr. Ollivander's counter turned into a piano and a very confused jazz pianist. After cleaning up, Ollivander frowned.

"There was a reaction, the wand tried to bond and got rejected. I've never seen anything like this. I might have to make you a custom wand, wait here."

He hurried back into his workshop and returned with a bag and a box, he laid out a few slivers of wood.

"Now, Mr. Potter, please touch each of these samples and tell me if any feel warm or hot to you."

Harry tried the pieces and took two. One felt warm, the other felt so hot it was uncomfortable to touch.

"This one's warm." He handed it to Ollivander.

"Very well Mr. Potter that's holly."

"And this one feels really hot."

"That's blackthorn." Ollivander gasped "The wand wood of a true warrior. I rarely use it nowadays, only in my custom wands, as almost no one seems suited for it. You already show signs of greatness the wizard you vanquished could only wish for."

He rubbed his hands in glee and opened the box. It had multiple compartments and each was labeled with the name of an animal.

"Same here, Mr. Potter."

Harry once again touched the samples and came up with three this time. Mr. Ollivander shook his head.

"You don't do normal, do you, Mr. Potter?"

He started chuckling. Harry placed two items in his hand.

"These feel warm."

"Yes a Phoenix tail feather and a … Thunderbird tail feather ... how odd, it was sent to me from my American colleague a few decades back with a few others, I never could make them work for a British wizard."

Harry then handed his last item to Mr. Ollivander, who paled.

"Thestral tail hair...why I never...never ever...but I guess...it makes sense like that."

Harry got confused. "What is it?"

"A Thestral is one of the most mysterious creatures to roam the world, it can only be seen by someone who has seen death. It is said that only a wizard or witch who had a particular bond with death can wield a Thestral tail hair wand."

"Well, it felt really hot."

"With your history I don't even know why I'm so surprised. After all, you survived the deadliest curse known to mankind...something like that links you to death like no other. That hair was passed down for countless generations in my family. No matter what your wand will turn out to be, as each wand shows its form only while it is being crafted, it will no doubt serve you well and will probably only be loyal to you, meaning no other wizard will be able to use it."

Then the businessman in Ollivander made his presence known.

"Of course such a wand will be incredibly difficult to manufacture, after all I have to fuse two woods and three cores together. It will probably take a week to complete as well."

Here John jumped in. "Don't worry about the money, Mr. Ollivander, I will only have the best of the best for Harry. Take your time to craft a masterpiece and I will reward you for your troubles."

Mr. Ollivander was almost painfully nice after that and John ordered a custom wand holster for Harry as well.

"After all with a wand like that you don't want it lost or damaged." He told Harry as they left.

They went through the alley and looked for all the other things Harry would need and a few he could use at home to prepare for the course work in Hogwarts.

The last thing remaining on the list was a pet, John thought that getting Harry an owl would make the most sense. So he could mail home when at school and his friends while at home.

As they entered the menagerie, Harry immediately felt drawn to a beautiful snowy white owl. He named her Hedwig, after a person he had read about in a history book a while ago.

When they had bought everything, Harry got treated to ice cream by John, and then they teleported home.

They had been living in a small house in a moderate neighborhood for the past five years, it had all the comforts of a muggle home, like electricity and television and the phone. John had added the Wizarding comforts to it. Never-ending water supply, a vanishing basin for all the waste and space expansion on the rooms.

They were often visited by classmates from Harry's muggle school and, while they often wondered how there could be so much space in such a tiny house, they never once realized that the house was actually just about as large as the living room alone.

It was their comments on his room management, that often made John laugh.

They had just taken off their shoes as the phone rang.

"I'll get it!" Harry chirped and John chuckled at his over-eagerness.

He heard only half of the conversation.

"Hello!... Hello Hermione, yes it's Harry...how cool, I will start that book later...no we just came home...OK bye Hermione... Hello Mrs. Granger...yes it's Harry... I'll get him...DAD!"

John took the phone from Harry. "Hello?"

"Hello, John, it's Emma."

"Oh, hello Emma. I hadn't thought we would hear each other so soon, but it seems that Harry and Hermione had a good start together, I'm quite sure they will be great friends soon."

"You have no idea, ever since we came back it was Harry this and Harry that." They shared a laugh at the antics of their kids. "Anyway we called because we wanted to invite you over for dinner tomorrow, if you're available."

"Thank you. We would love to come over, when should we be where?"

John noted the address and time, thanked Emma again and hung up.

"Well?" Harry asked.

"They invited us for Dinner tomorrow."

"I hope you said yes?"

"I did."

Harry punched the air and bounded up to his room with his books, to read up on interesting things he could chat with Hermione about. John chuckled once more and went about preparing dinner.

As they sat down to eat, John asked Harry about the texts he had read so far and was pleased that Harry had already completed two of the books they had bought. Apparently, the effects of binding the magic to the soul were different for each individual. There was a common ground to it, abilities that they shared and some that they would share in the future.

Others were completely individual. Where John was able to draw knowledge from a kind of universal bank and could add to it as he pleased, thus creating his new identity of Jonathan Potter, Harry could draw knowledge from books, he had a perfect memory, he remembered everything he read and experienced.

A trait they shared, though, was the ability to sense magic on a whole other level than anyone else.

John had taught Harry about runes and the lad could now actually read the purpose of wards when they encountered them. A few years in the future, and he was sure the boy would be able to unwrap them with a touch of his finger and a change to the runes.

Jonathan Potter might not have been his real name, and it was not his real identity, but he was happy that he had done, what he had done on that evening five years ago. He loved Harry like his son, and Harry loved him like a father. The boy had as much saved his life as he had the lad's. John was extremely proud of the achievements Harry was making with his magic.

"Are you excited to meet Hermione again tomorrow?" John asked Harry after the dishes were done.

"Yes, very much. We've only known each other for an hour or so, but I really like her. She is nice and loves books, and she will be at the school. I'd really like her to be my friend."

John smiled at him. "I have no doubt that you two will be the best of friends in a very short time."

Harry grinned at that and John asked him if he wanted to watch a movie or read more of his books. Harry choose the movie and choose 'Back to the Future' and John groaned.

"Really, you have seen that movie so often that the cassettes have been all worn down, this is already the second set. You have perfect memory, how can you watch that movie so often without it getting boring?"

Harry just smiled innocently at him. "I don't know. I just never get tired of the story. It gives me a sense of contentment."

John shook his head and pushed the VHS into the VCR and pushed play. During the film he could see Harry mouthing all the lines with the actors. He smiled and cried where appropriate, as he had every time they had watched it. John smiled at the boy he thought of as his son, while said son had his eyes glued to the television.

After the movie Harry was so tired he practically fell asleep while standing up. John scooped him up in his arms and only got a weak protest from Harry, before he drifted off to sleep. Carrying Harry up the stair to his bedroom, John tucked the boy in and kissed him on the forehead, before turning off the lights.

He thought of the day he had gotten Harry and the way his 'relatives' had treated him. Harry could never forget that, they could never hurt him again, John made sure of that, but Harry could never forget.

He had friends in the muggle school he visited, but they hadn't been close. Harry would play with them, do homework or assignments with them, but he never trusted them fully, nor where they up to his intellect.

With Hermione this seemed different though, he had instantly built a connection with her and seemed very happy that they would go and see his friend tomorrow. If he wasn't mistaken, he would see a lot of the girl and her parents in the years to come.

John sighed and hoped that what he guessed would actually come true for his son. He couldn't think of a boy more deserving of happiness. Rubbing his face, he decided to turn in for the night. He would just wait and see what tomorrow would bring.