It was just ten minutes later, that Negan, ambling back in from his bathroom totally naked with Blake's now-abandoned lingerie clutched in his hand, gave a, tutting, shake of his head.

"Jesus, Sweetheart. One fuckin' blow job and you've got me pickin' up after you in my own fuckin' bathroom," he said in a faux-accusative tone. "I mean, do I look like a goddamn maid?!"

But the dark-haired man stopped short, as he gazed back over to his bed, his lips curving up into a wide smile as he caught sight of Blake there, now, under the covers, with a sheet clasped tightly around her body.

The sight was certainly one to fucking behold and Negan took a short breath in, as his heart pounded just that little bit faster.

He cocked an eyebrow upwards, as she smiled back at him, vixen-like, her green eyes staring his exposed body up and down.

"You anglin' for a slumber party, Peaches?" he asked questioningly, before continuing to pace over towards her, tossing her abandoned underwear down onto the couch as he passed, haphazardly.

God, she really was the most amazing fucking creature he had ever laid eyes on, lying there with her long caramel-hair ruffled and her lips plump, swollen and inviting…

The last hour or so had been a fucking dream, the dynamic between them changing slightly…with both of them getting exactly what they wanted…how they wanted.

Because, fuck it, both of them were adults. And the two of them were more than strong and confident enough to take whatever they wanted from each other.

Blake bit her at her pouting lips now, smiling widely as Negan approached, lifting up the white sheet for him to join her under the covers.

"Maybe," she purred, giving a small appetising giggle, as Negan grinned back at her warmly and slipped inside, in-between the cool sheets…

"So how are things going with you and Rick?" said Tara, lifting her steaming mug of hot coffee to her lips and eyeing the black woman sitting opposite her.

But Michonne just rolled her eyes.

"Fine," she murmured, flushing slightly and looking away.

But Tara gave a laugh, barely noticing the small clap of thunder outside, as rain lashed against the window pane to the left of the couch.

"I bet it is," goaded the dark-haired woman, poking her tongue out from between her teeth as Michonne tutted, glancing back over at her friend.

"How's being a full-time parent?" asked Michonne in return teasingly, causing the smug-ish smile to drop instantly from Tara's face.

She gave a groan, placing her head into her hands for a brief second, sighing.

"Don't," she said warningly. "She's the sweetest thing, but being a stay-at-home Mom….Jesus….why did I even agree to it? Babysitting for Judith is one thing….but this…."

But she had barely got to the end of her sentence, when suddenly, another crash of thunder almost shuddered the entire house, and it was barely a split second after that, that a long carrying-cry filled the house.

Tara gave a heavy sigh and whined out.

"Ughhh…duty calls…" she huffed, placing down her cup of barely-touched coffee and getting to her feet with a sigh.

But now it was Michonne's turn to give a laugh, waving her hand and placing down her own mug.

"I'll see myself out…" she uttered smiling, as Tara made her way upstairs.

Blake turned onto her side as Negan joined her in the bed…the atmosphere in the room feeling warm and hazy in the soft lamplight.

Placing a hand to her mussed-up hair, she propped herself up onto her elbow, biting her lips once again, as she eyed him at this close proximity.

He was so hot to her, even after her orgasm. With a lean, tanned torso, smattered with dark hair and faded tattoos.

He mirrored her stance now, grinning smugly and showing off his line of straight white teeth.

"So that was fun…" Blake mused, letting her eyes drop to the sheets between them briefly, before lifting her gaze once again to Negan's long, bearded face.

He, of course, knew what she was talking about, his face lighting up instantly into a devilish smirk.

"Oh, Darlin', you have no fuckin' idea how fun that was!" Negan murmured in a growl of a voice, inching himself closer to her now, as Blake let out another laugh. "Seein' you down on your knees. I mean, shit, I knew you were a dirty fuckin' girl...but I didn't quite know how fuckin' much!"

She rolled her eyes, as she felt his skin reach hers beneath the sheets. He was warm and it didn't take long, for his nimble hands to graze up her bare sides, as he blinked his chocolate eyes heavily at her.

"What are friends for…" she purred, as Negan let out a low chuckle.

"In-fuckin'-deed, Sweetheart," he shot back, suddenly tugging her in towards him, sharply.

Blake laughed again, as he held her naked body flush against his, her fingers trailing up his firm chest and coming to rest upon his broad shoulders.

But she tilted her head to the side, pursing her lips now.

"But y'know, you weren't exactly an angel either…" she teased back in what was merely a low murmur of a voice, lifting her chin slightly and grazing Negan's ear with her lips. "Hmmmm, did I taste good, Daddy?"

Negan almost immediately let out a low possessive growl at her words, his dick stiffening against her thigh.

She pulled back a little, frowning bemusedly and dipping her chin questioningly. "Already?" she asked delicious voice, wrinkling her nose in utter delight. Before Negan stared down at her arrogantly, running his tongue over his lips.

"Well I'm only fuckin' human, Doll-face," he uttered in return. "An' I mean, is it really any goddamn surprise, when you're whispering bad fuckin' things like that into my ear?"

Blake, at this, gave a small laugh, pressing her face into the crook of Negan's neck, her lips finding his skin now, as she kissed her way along his collarbone, feeling a groaning gulp slowly trail its way down Negan's bearded throat.

At her back, she felt his hands slip up and down her spine, as if trying to memorize every inch of her smooth skin, holding her close to him now.

Blake felt safe in his arms, and it wasn't long before she had pulled back, and their lips had found one-another's in the dim light of the room, with Negan threading his fingers through hers and coming to lean over her, pinning her down onto the mattress.

Their kisses were slow and wet….but very much enjoyed, as Blake felt herself smiling into Negan's mouth, his roving free hand running across her bare breasts a little roughly, his calloused thumb grazing over her exposed and perky nipple.

But he pulled back from her a little, after a few long and delectable minutes, as tongues swirled against the other's, Blake having placed her thighs now to either side of his hips, feeling his ever growing erection pressing against the hot-space between her legs.

Negan's chocolate eyes roved over her features, as he stared down at her, his brows knotting themselves into a frown and his mouth curving up into a curious smile…

And at his look, Blake couldn't help but tilt her head to the side questioningly.

"What?" she purred, placing a soft hand to his scrubby salt-and-pepper speckled cheek.

But Negan just continued to gaze at her, almost awe-struck, like she was the strangest thing he had ever seen…

Blake's heart began to pound faster in her chest…her breathing shallowing in the low light of the room.

Here they were, tangled in sheets together….just the two of them, alone…

They could be anywhere right now….without the threat of walkers….away from this crazy world….anywhere, and Blake wouldn't even care….the pair of them so wrapped up in one-another right now, that nothing else mattered.

Blake saw a gulp trail its way slowly down Negan's throat as he parted his lips, looking like he was desperately trying to say something but the words never seemed to come.

And it took Blake to tilt her head once more, her eyes almost pleading with him to say it…..

…to say what she had been so craving him to utter these last few weeks…even months now…

…..for Negan to let out a long difficult breath of air.

"Peaches, I-"

But much to Blake's dismay, Negan wasn't able to say another word, as suddenly, there came a sharp knocking upon the large wooden doors across the room.

Before her eyes, Blake saw Negan's jaw tense with utter irritation, but even despite this, he lifted himself off of Blake slightly, turning around to face the door.

"Come in," he called out, to Blake's surprise, in a deep voice, causing her eyes to widen in her skull, her mouth dropping open in shock and horror, as the door was almost immediately shoved open at the dark-haired Saviour's request.

And Blake had just enough time, to tug the sheet tightly around her exposed body, as the tall and moustachioed Simon strolled easily through the door.

It took him less than a second for his eyes to find the pair of them in bed, with Negan, of course grinning smugly from ear to ear.

He could be such total fucking asshole sometimes!

"Sorry to, uh, barge in like this, Boss," said Simon, giving a small knowing smirk as his eyes met, first with Negan's, before glancing over to Blake. "But I thought we had poker night scheduled for tonight, down in the rec room?"

Negan, almost at once, gave a small hiss and a nod.

"Fuck, you're right, that's tonight isn't it…" he said, dropping his gaze monetarily and chewing hard on his lip.

Blake, looking between the two men, suddenly reddened slightly, pulling herself up into a sitting position, making sure the sheet was clutched tightly around her bare limbs, as she leaned into Negan, feeling a little embarrassed.

Perhaps she had outstayed her welcome anyway…

"I can go-" she started, but Negan, almost instantly, glanced at her over his shoulder, shooting her a bemused sort-of look, as he made a grab for her covered waist, holding her in place.

"Hold on there, Peaches…" he murmured swiftly to her and only her, before turning back to his right-hand man and giving a huge sigh. "Si, let's move it to tomorrow night instead. I'm not really feelin' on top of my game tonight anyway, and the boys could do with buildin' up another day's worth of smokes before I wipe them clean."

Simon's smirk widened, as he raised both eyebrows. "Riiiiiight…" he replied a little unconvincingly. "Well I'll let them know, and I'll, uh, see you tomorrow then, Boss."

And with one last lingering look at Blake, he turned on his heel, pausing for a moment, one hand on the door.

"Enjoy your night," he finished, and within a blink of an eye he was gone, the door closing with a snap behind him, once more.

Blake smiled to herself, the tops of her cheek turning ever so slightly pink as Negan sighed heavily again, turning back to face her.

"Now where the fuck were we, Darlin'," he said lifting a hand to her neck and making to kiss her again, but Blake pressed a hand to his forearm, stopping him in his tracks.

She tugged on her bottom lip with her teeth, her heart pounding now.

Was this to do with Simon's interruption or was it something else completely? She wasn't really sure anymore…

"You should go to your game," she said gently. "Look, It's getting late, I should probably go anyway."

She made to shift under the covers, making it look like she was inching towards the end of the bed ready to hop out, but she paused, hoping that he would say what she wanted him to say, and stop her…

And to her delight, it taking him a long drawn out few seconds to do so, he finally said it…causing Bake's breath to hitch in the back of her throat and her stomach to fill with butterflies.

"Stay," he commanded in a low growling voice, his forehead painted with a needy, and almost-pained, frown. As though he was pleading with her now.

And, taking in a deep breath and letting her hand drop from Negan's forearm, Blake gave a tiny nod…

"Ok," she murmured back, in what was barely a whisper now, her eyes big and round, staring up into his….her head spinning with so many unsaid words she desperately wanted to let slip from her mouth…

…but she held back, just a little, as Negan's lips found hers, letting a playful growl escape his throat, as he pinned her back against the mattress once again, her hands immediately tangling in his dark hair…

…and Blake couldn't help but laugh into his mouth…enjoying herself far too much…

….so caught up in the moment, in fact, that she completely forget what she had so so wanted to tell him….

It was late now, with a torrential rain pouring down the gutters of the neat row of houses, and thunder crashing overhead.

Rick, who had his collar pulled up, winced, as the rain pelted down onto his head, coming to a stop outside Tara's place, as the tall figure of Michonne exited the front door, giving a heavy, almost dramatic sigh and looking his way.

But the bearded man barely had a chance to question her on this, when all of a sudden, from a window high above them there came a loud, carrying, child's wail, as another clap of thunder rang out.

Michonne had been over for a coffee and a check-in with the Tara for the night, but now just shook her head at Rick.

"She tell Tara her name yet?" he asked in a low drawling voice.

But Michonne gave a weary shake of her head.

"Not yet..." she murmured a little sadly.

But Rick, grimacing against the rain falling down the collar of his sheepskin coat, gave a huff. "But it's been…what…two weeks now…."

But Michonne folded her arms across herself protectively, as she ducked out of the cover of the porch and hurried down the steps, coming to stop by her partner.

"From what she has told her… sounded like she's been through a lot….she's still just a baby…its really no wonder she's so traumatised. Losing her parents like that…."

Rick dropped his gaze, looking a little distant for a brief moment, before giving a sniff and nodding his head.

"Yeah but she's gotta at least tell us her name at some point…" he murmured, as he and Michonne began to walk back towards their house. The frightened cries of the tiny girl carrying along the wide street as they did so.

"She will. I mean she's talking, eating, playing with Judith ok…..we've got to just give her time, Rick," Michonne uttered soothingly, dropping her arm and clutching his hand in hers.

And at this Rick glanced up at her.

"I guess…" he said in reply, chancing one look back up towards the high window of Tara's house…

…wondering if the they'd ever find out the tiny toddler's name…

"Has anyone ever told you how fuckin' hot you look when you're cumming, Peaches?"

Blake, who was currently lying with her eyes closed, her head resting upon Negan's bare chest, and her fingers lazily drawing patterns over his tanned torso, smirked.

The pair had somehow just manged to have sex yet again tonight, as after ten long minutes of their kisses growing more and more needy and heated, Blake had positioned herself in such a way, that Negan had only to give one perilous thrust, for his stiff dick to slide to way once again into her hot folds…..

….it had been a tangle of sheets and sweat and lip-biting and hot, delicious kisses….

…and the pair had come undone pretty quickly, Negan filling her up to the brim with hot, spurting cum, that coated her clenching walls, oh-so well…

"No, I don't think anyone ever has," she murmured back tiredly now, feeling Negan give a small throaty chuckle, which sent vibrations coursing through her entire body.

"Well here I am fuckin' sayin' it, Sweetheart," Negan announced in a cocky tone.

And at this, Blake gave a small sleepy laugh, broken by a yawn escaping her lips before she could help herself.

"Do you ever stop flirting," she purred out, smacking her lips a couple of times languidly.

But Negan just laughed again, his voice sounding grizzly now.

"Well, shit, Doll-face. What the fuck else am I gonna talk to you about? You don't know shit about poker, or sports, or guns….and all you seem to be fuckin' interested in is as that goddamn garden of yours."

If Blake had had her eyes open, she would have rolled them.

"Uhhh, excuse me, that garden is going to feed the majority of your people, Negan," she tutted in reply. "And for the record, I'm pretty good at poker, I'll have you know….I used to play regularly with some friends back in college."

Negan paused for moment, lifting his head slightly to gaze at her.

"Well la-de-dah, Ms fuckin' 'college education'," he said in a simpering voice, causing Blake to laugh. "Well if you're really that fuckin' good, how 'bout you join me an' the boys for our game tomorrow night? We'll be playing for cigars and smokes mainly, but you can bring a sack of fuckin' potatoes with you if you want."

Blake dragged her teeth over her bottom lip, and opened a single eye now.

She couldn't see the dark-haired Saviour from this position, but even so, waited intently for his next reply.

"You asking me to be your date?!" she uttered in a teasing voice.

But from behind her, she heard Negan lick at his lips, as his arm's tightened around her almost possessively now, pulling her ever closer.

"Well," Negan uttered repeating Blake's words from earlier back to her. "What are friends fuckin' for…"

And with that, Blake merely smiled contently, closing her eyes again….

…and it wasn't a moment or two later, that feeling safer than she had done in years, both Blake drifted off into a warm and comfortable sleep…with Negan not far behind her…

….the best either of them had had in a long, long time…..

I hope that was ok….

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