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Hermione's eyes lit up with excitement as Ron nudged a red envelope her way across the table. Throughout the dinner, she thought he had forgotten their fifth wedding anniversary, but this proved that he hadn't. Her hands worked quickly, feeling giddy from the wine she consumed; she felt certain that this was something special. Two tickets fell into her palm, and when she read them, the young witch was left speechless. She looked at her husband with baffled eyes and turned them over, seeking some clue that this was a ruse or a joke. However, there was nothing. Nothing, but the two tickets to the exclusive Knockturn Alley establishment called the Velvet Serpent, or the last place she ever wanted to visit in her life.

"Well?" Ron asked in eager tone. "Surprised?"

"Definitely." Hermione looked up at him and frowned. "Tickets to a swingers' club, Ron? Are you serious?"

She was inwardly aghast at how nonchalant he appeared to be by her lack of enthusiasm. Didn't he know her at all?

"I thought we'd just get out to check it out for fun. You know, have an adventure for a change."

Hermione rolled her eyes. "This is hardly what I'd call an adventure, Ronald. You just suggested we'd jump into bed with other people, and you know I'm not into that! I wasn't aware we had an open marriage," she said dryly, but her insides painfully contracted.

Ron heavily sighed. "I never said we'd participate. I just thought we'd see what's it all about and have a little fun. If anything it might spice things up. Don't you get tired of the same old routine every day? We don't have to do anything, just go and see what it's all about."

Unsettled by his tone, Hermione blinked back the tears that stung her eyes. Some anniversary. But maybe ... maybe he had a point. When they first got married, they were so passionate and alive with the possibilities of what the new chapter in their life would reveal. And lust. That had been so present in those early days. Now between busy work schedules and a two-year-old Rose, the physical connection waned and cooled. But that was part of growing up, wasn't it? They couldn't go on as two carefree newlywed teenagers.

Hermione watched Ron's defeated expression on his face as he awaited her response. The silence began to feel stifling. While a sense of predictability and boredom had slowly been creeping into their marriage, Hermione admitted it to herself for the first time that night.

He wanted this, she realized. She felt her resolve crumble despite that every part of her wanted to fight this stupid idea.

"Since you got the tickets, we might as well go and see what it's all about," she finally said.

He grinned at her. "Are you sure?"

She shrugged and kept her tone light, "Why not? Like you said, it could be a fun adventure for us, just to say that we've been somewhere like that."

Hermione's apprehension shot through her body as they walked down Knockturn Alley toward the club complex. When they came to a set of wrought iron doors, Ron handed their tickets to a masked wizard, who waved them through. Much to her surprise, the interior of the place looked impressively elegant and upscale under the pale green lights. Soft classical music provided the perfect backdrop to the murmur of relaxed conversation from the mingling patrons. With various cocktails in hand, the couples looked relaxed and fairly normal. It all looked relatively harmless compared to the orgies Hermione's mind conjured up on the way over.

After a few drinks, they joined a pack of couples on the dance floor. The music washed over them, igniting Hermione's sense of blissful euphoria as she moved against Ron, closing her eyes and breathing deeply. What had she been afraid of? This was harmless.

Several hours surged forward in what seemed like minutes. They danced and talked to other couples. Hermione felt like they were reconnecting again as a couple, not just parents. When Ron went to get another cocktail, she lost temporary sight of him. The moment her eyes found him again, he was talking to two women, who were sitting on the chaise longue on the fringes of the dance floor. Her usual response would have been to join them, to insert herself into the conversation, and claim her territory, but something made her pause. Her pulse quickened as she saw her husband lean in to the exotic brunette and whisper something in her ear. The witch's hand was on his arm, and Hermione sensed that the woman was paying him a compliment. Jealousy sliced through her insides. The brunette stranger was definitely sexy. It was too deem to make out her exact features, but with her long flowing hair and the kind of curves that Hermione often envied, she was what any wizard would desire. The other witch turned to talk to someone, then stood up and walked off toward the bar area. Hermione her attention back to Ron. He didn't seem in a hurry to move away from the lady. Hermione wondered if the drink was getting to him. Flabbergasted, she watched him ask the lady to dance. Ron turned and guided the beauty around the floor. As he made eye-contact with Hermione, he winked at her.

Hermione felt short of breath as blood began to pound in her head. Pure instinct drew her away from the ghastly scene. She rushed past languid bodies, eventually finding a place in the corner of the bar. If only the barman could brew a drink or a potion that would erase this whole wretched night. Some anniversary! Ron promised it was all going to be innocent, but now he was ignoring her and dancing with another witch. Just how far did he expect this so-called adventure to go?

She sniffed, feeling even more pathetic as she couldn't capture the bartender's attention long enough to order anything. Never had Hermione felt so utterly miserable in her life. Perhaps she should just go home and deal with Ron when he deigned to come back.

"Come now, no tears are allowed in my establishment. That sort of behavior is bad for business." The refined notes broke through her silent thoughts.

Hermione looked up and froze when she saw her speaker. Towering over her was none other than Lucius Malfoy. He gave her a hard once over. Her palms began to sweat and she was suddenly engulfed by nervousness at the overwhelming sexuality he exuded without speaking a word. Had her skin not been holding her together, she would have melted from the intense scrutiny of his eyes. The room turned dangerously still and quiet, yet activity seemed to go on as before. With an effort, she snapped herself out of it.

"I-I-I'm s-sorry. I was just ... leaving," Hermione croaked out.

The former Death Eater shook his head. "It was a joke, Miss Granger."

"Oh. Okay."

He motioned at the bartender, then looked back at her. "Name your poison."

"I-I don't know. Red wine, I guess."

"A raspberry Rossini," he smoothly ordered for her, ignoring her request. It was rather embarrassing to sound so un-cosmopolitan as to not be able to name any cocktail.

Hermione looked down and murmured her thanks, her humiliation complete. She took out her purse and rummaged through it for change, when Lucius Malfoy cut her off, "On the house."

Lifting her eyes back to his face, she looked him over. He seemed rather different, not as disdainful or arrogant as Hermione was used to seeing him. The eyes, however, conveyed the biggest change, she supposed. There was something different in them, but she could hardly name what.

What did someone like him do in this place? He said it was his establishment, so he owned it. She'd never thought Malfoys would ever set a foot in such a place, much less run.

She saw his sensually molded lips move, "May I join you?"

His question took her completely off guard. She had only expected to exchange a round of greetings that common courtesy demanded, nothing more. Still, Hermione gave a quick nod; she needed company. At least, any conversation between them would help take her mind off Ron.

"So, this is your club, Mr. Malfoy?" she asked, uncertain how to make small-talk with a wizard like him.

"Yes. What do you think?"

"I never thought you'd be into something like this," Hermione admitted, sipping at her sweet drink.

His eyes danced in amusement and a hint of a smile was visible on his lips. "Business is business, and the business is good, as the saying goes. And what is wrong with it? I am open to any constructive feedback."

"Nothing. It's just this swinging thing is not for me. My husband talked me into coming here, but he seems more keen than I am to partake."

"Too bad. Honesty, safety, and good communication are the key for participating in this lifestyle," he drawled. "Forget being 'talked into', explore new things because they provoke interest and curiosity from you on their own merit; don't try something to please another person. The whole point of this place is to provide an escapism from the dregs of reality. Here, fantasies come to life. Here, nothing is forbidden. However, the caveat is that both partners have to be on the same page about their expectations."

"No offense, but to me it's nothing but sanctioned infidelity," Hermione bluntly stated.

He pursed his lips. "I happen to disagree. In fact, I believe my club is the antidote to the myriad problems that may lead to infidelity."

A loud laugh erupted from her. "This one I've never heard! All right, I'm intrigued. Tell me how swinging can be an antidote to adultery."

Lucius leaned in closer. "Think about it. When one or both partners are unsatisfied, for whatever reason, it's easy to stray. Then each party has to deal with repercussions and unnecessary melodrama such things typically involve. This," he gestured around them, "is a way for discreet fun for all and none of the drama. You come, you play, and then you go back to your lives. No one is lying or sneaking around; it happens under the same roof. The problem with our modern society is that we have unrealistic expectations in a marriage. Everyone expects their partner to be all things to them, but that's impossible. If people are romantically involved for years, things will get stale, tastes will change. None of those reasons are good enough to break up a family and a suitable marriage. So what does one do? Stay unhappy, commit adultery, or find a mutually beneficial solution for all?

"This is what Velvet Serpent provides. Everyone can come and play, then go home. No need for couple's counseling, or trying out useless sex manuals. You get the rush of being with a new partner without any complications or consequences that come from infidelity. At the end of the night, everyone goes back to their lives all the happier for it."

Hermione absorbed his explanation, still uncomfortable with the whole aspect. "So what happens here, stays here?"

"Exactly. You keep it inside; nothing and no one from here follows you home. All play happens under this roof. With adultery, no one can give you such guarantee," he said.

She wrinkled her nose. "But I still can't get over the whole sex with other people aspect. I'm good enough to be married to and have a child with, but I'm not enough in bed? It's insulting."

"That's because you're taking it personally. Your husband doesn't suddenly see you as less than before. But we all have certain needs. This is a safe environment for exploration. You can utilize club membership as often or as rarely as you like. It all comes down to personal preferences."

"But you said communication and honesty are keys to trying this out, and yet he," she pointed to the dance floor, "got me here by promising to only look. Did he only look? No! He abandoned me in order to dance with some stranger."

"Come on, then," Lucius said, taking her hand, "you don't want to let him have all the fun, do you?"

He led her back to the dance floor. Hermione's delayed reaction had left her little choice in the matter but to follow where he led her. His firm grip acting like a vise on her small diminutive hand, not giving her any other options.

Despite her instinctive anger towards Ron, an unexpected stir of sexual interest shot through her when Lucius pulled her body into his. She hesitated looking in Ron's direction, suddenly feeling overwhelmed. All she could concentrate on was Lucius Malfoy's hard unyielding form as he pulled the small of her back toward him, forcing her to contour against his muscular chest. Given Ron's behavior, Hermione couldn't really think of any reason to resist. She let herself lean into him, inhaling the light spicy scent of his cologne on the skin of his neck, before letting her eyes flicker uncertainly toward Ron and his dance partner.

She noticed Ron's head turn their way, and Hermione looked back at him defiantly as their eyes met. She was prepared to see his shock and outrage, and anticipated him pushing the brunette aside to definitively cut across the space between them to reclaim his wife. His eyes narrowed briefly, but he only smiled and winked again.

Hermione's inhibitions began to melt away and her pulse quickened, her mind quickly processing everything that was happening. The unexpected possibilities began to perversely intrigue her and she found herself willfully submitting to this adventure. If he wanted to play, he wouldn't be the one with all the fun. Hermione scrutinized the Pureblood closely. He was definitely fit. As she blatantly stared and moved against him, she felt the inevitable consequences - blood rushed between her legs, dampening her knickers.

Think of something else, she told herself sternly. Anything else!

But this wizard made it extremely difficult. Lucius's hand on her back pressed her into him and as it dipped lower, grazing the cleft of her bottom. Hermione smiled at her dance partner, guiding his hand lower.

"How obscene do you want this show to be?" Lucius whispered into her ear.

"Downright filthy," she replied without thinking.

Lucius's lips found her neck. Hermione felt the warmth of his mouth sucking her skin, his tongue undulating over the curve of her collar bone as his hand roughly pulled her against his pelvis. She felt the distinct bulge in his trousers nudging against her hip and a responsive pulsing in her pussy intensified, soaking the silk of her lingerie even more. She began to grind against his erection, the fabric of her dress riding higher on her thighs. This fact didn't go unnoticed by the blond wizard, as he slid his hand up one leg. Hermione gripped the back of his neck, archiving her back and inviting Malfoy to slide his hands higher up her thigh.

Lucius needed no further encouragement. Hermione smothered a moan as his hand went under the hem of her dress to her bum, squeezing the flesh and hissing his appreciation into her ear. His hand glided back to her front and pressed against her sodden knickers. Her breath caught in her throat when she felt him push the thin fabric aside and slide two fingers into her wetness.

"Your pussy is dripping wet," Lucius whispered hotly into her ear. "Is it for me or for him?"

"For you."

Hermione felt lightheaded. She shamelessly began to grind against his fingers, letting them stir her tight wet pussy, no longer caring what her own husband was doing only a few feet away.

When Malfoy's lips found hers, she let him push his tongue into her mouth. Her hands gripped the back of his neck over his thick mane of hair, drawing him to her, as she felt her pussy pulsing around his fingers. A million thoughts of doubt that should have been racing through her mind seemed to melt away in favor of total abandonment to the moment as Lucius's tongue explored her. They were both breathing heavily when his lips left hers.

She was overwhelmed with a flood of emotions, and those unmistakable feelings of both jealousy and sexual excitement that seemed to make her pussy throb and ache in an unfamiliar way.

"I want you," she heard herself telling him in a voice she barely recognized.

"But you said you weren't comfortable with this sort of thing," he teased. "Think about it more. If you want me, talk to him."

She leaned in to kiss his sensuous lips, sliding her tongue into his mouth shamelessly and grinding down onto his hand.

"I'll talk to him. Let's finish this dance first."

The next few minutes seemed to take on a kind of urgent momentum as Hermione danced in front of him, concealing his hand between them. His digits moved farther into her pussy, and she let out a guttural moan.

"Mr. Malfoy," she exhaled.

None of the other club members around them seemed particularly wise to the activity that was taking place between them; they were in their own private world. Hermione bit on her lower lip to keep from crying out. His fingers kept rubbing against her clit as she pushed shamelessly against him, keeping one leg hooked around his hip.

"You like this?" he hissed into her ear, biting the warm flesh of her neck.

"Yes," she gasped, unable to deny it. "It feels so wrong and so ... dirty."

"It feels good to be dirty sometimes, doesn't it?" he said, grinning at her, his silver eyes flashing.

Hermione struggled to catch her breath and only cried out in agreement, feeling consumed by the depravity of what they were doing. She felt completely liberated from all the rules for the first time in her life. Going into this club tonight defied everything she had thought her marriage was about.

She rose up on her toes and put her lips to Lucius's ear. "I love being dirty with you right now," she moaned.

"Oh, I think we can do better than that," he assured her.

"You're gonna make me come so hard." Her hand was on the back of his neck, and she pulled his face toward hers and kissed him hotly. The salty sweetness of their tongues coming together seemed like exactly the right kind of wrong in that moment.

Smothering a moan, Hermione began to grind harder on Lucius's fingers. Her eyelids fluttered as she felt herself getting closer. Lucius seemed to sense it too because his increased the movements of his hand, not caring who might notice them. Glancing around, Hermione realized that a few eyes were on them, amused, turned-on, unable to look away once it had become obvious that the club owner was finger fucking her right in front of them. The taboo of it all had propelled her into an intense orgasm. Hermione was breathing hard, still clutched in his arms, feeling the pounding in her head as the blood rushed through her body.

"That's it," Lucius urged. "Come over my fingers."

She bit her lip to keep a strangled cry from erupting from her throat, burrowing her face into his neck.

Malfoy's chest shook with a low laugh, as she came down from her heights of pleasure.

"That was sexy," he said.

"Very. Wait for me."

As Hermione walked off in Ron's direction, she could feel her creamy wetness on her thin knickers, still dazed from the encounter. Ron was sitting alone now; the brunette witch he was dancing with was nowhere to be seen, but her absence mattered little to Hermione. He stood up, looking uncertain, but she could distinctly discern the nervous excitement in his demeanor.

"You're having a good time," he remarked, taking in her flushed face and disheveled appearance.

"As were you," she evenly returned. "Listen, since it's our only time here, why don't we get the whole experience of this place?"

"How do you mean?"

"You said tonight we should go on an adventure. So let's do it," Hermione confidently offered. "I had someone explain this to me, and as long as we're safe and honest and keep it within the club, I don't see any harm in it. If we have a bad time, we never have to come back here again."

Ron looked intrigued, his eyes bulging with excitement. "You sure?"

"Yes. I wouldn't have suggested this otherwise." She gestured at the lounge near the bar area. "Let's just meet up in there afterwards."

Her husband smiled at her and then took her hand. "I'm glad you changed your mind."

"So am I." Hermione smiled, quickly glancing back at Lucius. In the dim lights, she wondered if Ron could identify their former nemesis. However, she didn't care. If Ron wanted them to spice things up, then it was exactly what she intended to do.

"I love you, baby cakes," Ron said, leaning in to plant a kiss on her lips.

"Love you too," she automatically replied, turning her cheek to him instead. It felt wrong to kiss her husband with a taste of another man strong on her tongue.

Then she turned and walked back to Lucius Malfoy, ready to see where the night would take them.