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Hermione couldn't let herself go to sleep. She was tired, but felt if she relaxed her grip on consciousness he might not be there when she woke up again. Nevertheless, she was supremely happy, happier than she could remember ever being.

Lucius stretched and opened his eyes. Hermione looked down into their vast grayness, which had warmed and chilled her on so many occasions since girlhood.

"I'd love to go for a swim before breakfast," he said.

"Go. I'll take care of breakfast," Hermione offered.

He swung his legs off the bed and got up. Already the pain of separation cut through Hermione, and he had merely left the bed. She lay and watched him as he opened the balcony doors and stepped outside.

He turned to look at her and beckoned her with his hand. "Come with me. Breakfast can wait."

When they went down to the beach, the sun was hot and the restless wind cool.

"I feel as if I've never seen the world before," Hermione said, almost to herself, clutching at his hand. Her eyes rested on Lucius, aching.

"How could you? This is our world; just us," he said.

Hermione wrapped her arms around his neck and stretched up to kiss him. His hands cupped her breasts, teasing the erect nipples. She pressed herself into him, feeling his erection throbbing against her abdomen. His hands traced behind her neck and untied the string of her bikini top. Hermione broke their kiss and stepped back, lowering her top in the most tantalizing manner she could.

"I always loved your beautiful breasts," Lucius said, as he kneeled in front of her and took her right nipple into his mouth, sucking on it hungrily.

Hermione caressed the back of his head as he suckled on her breast.

"Should we go somewhere more private?" she murmured, glancing furtively around.

Lucius lifted her up into his arms and carried her to a secluded spot. Hermione reached down to lower his swim trunks for him. The large head of his cock had a purplish-pink tinge to it. She knelt down and leaned forward to kiss the head of that beautiful cock. He stepped out of his trunks and reached for her bikini bottoms, but Hermione had other ideas.

She returned her attention to his rigid erection. She took the bulbous head into her mouth, sucking on it and swirling her tongue under the prominent ridge that separated the glans from the shaft. Lucius moaned loudly and his cock swelled in her mouth. Holding the thickly veined shaft in her fist, Hermione took the very tip of her tongue and wedged it into the tiny slit leading to his urethra. Lucius shuttered noticeably and groaned.

"Oh you like that?" she asked rhetorically.

"Oh, yes! That's incredible!"

Hermione repeated her little trick, sticking the tip of her tongue in his slit again before taking the glans in her mouth and sucking gently. Lucius was shaking with pleasure as he caressed the top of her head, tugging occasionally at the strands.

"Hermione, you need to stop or you're going to make me come ... fuck ... I can't take too much of this." Lucius pulled his cock from her mouth and then with his hands on her shoulders, guided her to lay back on the warm sand.

He spread out her legs, exposing my bikini bottoms. "Look at how wet you are! Did you get like this just sucking on my cock?" he asked somewhat astonished.

She raised her head and saw how her wetness had created a three inch dark spot, clearly revealing how aroused she was.

"That's how I always am around you, the witch confessed.

Lucius placed his nose near her crotch and inhaled deeply. "Your scent is addictive."

Hermione blushed at his last comment. He hooked his two index fingers under the waistband of her bikini bottoms and slowly pulled them down. He reached up and slid his fingers over her naked vulva, tracing his finger tips up and down the wet slit of her labia, gently teasing her erect clitoris.

"You're driving me mad," she hissed, rocking her hips in rhythm to the movement of his fingers.

She could feel her wetness trickling out of her, feeling absolutely powerless to resist this incredibly sexy wizard. He kissed around her vulva gently for several seconds, stopping to study her most intimate parts. Her blush deepened. She felt her neck and chest flush with embarrassment as Lucius examined her pussy while continuing to finger her. Hermione has never felt so exposed and vulnerable. Despite her embarrassment, she spread her legs wider to allow his fingers to penetrate her deeper.

Lucius kissed her right on the clit, and Hermione moaned her approval. He tested her clit with the tip of his tongue. The contact sent a shot of pleasure through her.

"Oh God, that again..." she begged.

He repeated the touch, only this time he licked and lingered for several seconds before stopping.

"Oh, that's the spot... that feels so good," Hermione panted with excitement.

Lucius flicked his tongue over her clit repeatedly. Then, without warning, he took the engorged nub into his mouth and sucked on it. Hermione shuddered and grabbed his head, trying to push him away. The feeling was too much for her.

"Oh Lucius, ... too intense," she hissed.

But he was relentless and did not release her swollen clit from his lips. He sucked slightly harder as Hermione shook and quaked under his stimulation. She could feel her orgasm rapidly building. Her hips arched as she ground her pussy into his mouth. She felt like a puppet whose strings he was effortlessly pulling. Hermione could tell he enjoyed having this control over her; making her powerless to resist his onslaught of pleasure. And truthfully, she loved it.

Lucius continued to suck and tease her as he reached under her with his right hand and began penetrating her with his fingers. First one, then two. Hermione knew from the sounds emanating from her core that her climax was imminent. She was so wet that it took little work for Lucius to bring her to the brink again. His fingers brushed her front vaginal wall, and Hermione felt her body buck and shake uncontrollably. With her hand, she grabbed the back of his head, holding his mouth in place, as his mouth and fingers drove her to an earth-shattering orgasm. Hermione came so violently and loudly that she feared they would be discovered; however, she no way to stifle her screams of pleasure.

"Oh God... damn, Lucius ... I need to stop ... please ... I'm going to faint ... please..." she rasped. Her clit began to be far too sensitive, and she pushed his head away from her crotch, interrupting his suction.

Lucius smiled broadly with a pride Hermione had not seen as he slowly withdrew his fingers from inside. She lay there panting, her legs still splayed apart, her vagina still experiencing minor spasms and aftershocks. As she tried to recover her senses, Lucius climbed between her legs. His erection swayed proudly as he approached her. He grabbed the shaft and rubbed the head between her labia lips. Hermione's heart raced as she waited impatiently to have Lucius inside her again. He positioned the head against her opening and slowly pressed into her. Lucius did not rush the process. Rather he slowly eased his way inside her.

"You feel so good," Hermione breathed out.

In this moment, she belonged to Lucius in a very real sense. She was his now more than any other time. She wrapped her legs around his torso. Hermione felt so full this way. There was something incredibly sexy lying on messy sand and sun-soaked vegetation with Lucius's cock pulsing inside her as the air full of marine tang fanned over her. Lucius was picking up the pace, slamming into her with a steady rhythm. Although she had just climaxed, Hermione was primed for another orgasm.

With her legs wrapped around him, she whispered to Lucius, "Kiss me."

Her leaned down and kissed her deeply. She sucked his tongue into her mouth as he teased the nipple of my left breast with his fingertips.

"Your cock feels too good," Hermione moaned.

She could feel her arousal continue to build, but she was not close yet. Without disengaging, Lucius rolled over on his back, pulling her on top of him to swaddle him. Being on top, Hermione was now in control of their love making. She started rocking her hips faster, forcing his cock to strike her g-spot more firmly. I wanted to come again, on his cock. Her movements became more pronounced as her excitement grew. Lucius then pulled her forward, forcing her breasts into his chest and began arching his hips, slapping his cock into her with more urgency.

Hermione was so close. She met his thrusts, trying to get over the edge that seemed to be just out of reach. They were both panting and moaning. His thumb moved to play with her clit. The stimulation was enough to send her over the edge. Hermione bucked wildly as a second orgasm rocked through her. Only after last jolt left her, could she give in to the inevitable exhaustion. Hermione collapsed on his chest, panting, trying to catch her breath. The sweat from her chest made my breasts feel slippery against his pectoral muscles, but Lucius had not had his orgasm yet. He rolled her over onto her back, never withdrawing from her, and began to fuck her slowly.

"Please come inside me ..." she pleaded.

As if on queue, Lucius stiffened, drove himself as deep as he could, pinning her under him, quivered and ejaculated. Hermione felt the repeated throbbing of his cock inside her, feeling him fill her with his seed. She clenched and unclenched her vaginal muscles, milking his cock.

"Hermione ... you are beyond words." His cock pulsed in agreement.

They lay there, coupled together cuddling in post orgasmic bliss for some time. Lucius even dosed off to sleep for a few minutes with his cock still inside her, heavy and firm, but not rigid. Upon waking from his brief nap, Lucius started rocking his hips. Hermione could feel him growing hard again.

"Are you going to fuck me again?" she asked, not at all opposed to the idea.

"Oh, yes."

"Take me, I'm yours. This one is for you," Hermione said. "Don't worry about trying to make me come. Just make love to me."

And that's exactly what Lucius did.

Days and nights followed in rapid succession, as they lazed about. Hermione would stare at him to try to imprint the image of him upon her brain. Sometimes he would return that look with haunted grief in his eyes. She understood the message, or thought she did.

One day, when the sun had set enough to stain the coral sand a hazy pink, he turned to her as they lay on the beach. "I never knew it was possible to feel so happy and unhappy at the same time."

"I know. Will you leave soon?"

"Tomorrow. My business affairs cannot wait."

Hermione clung to him, willing herself not to cry. "I wish with all my heart you didn't have to. I never want to be apart from you."

Lucius pulled her into his arms and held her, stroking her hair. "I'll never be free of you, Hermione. But we can't change what we are, and perhaps it's just as well. We will see each other soon enough, I hope."

"I know things about myself that I hadn't before. It's better to contend with that than the unknown," Hermione said. I have fallen in love with you, she wanted to add, but refrained.

The next day, they bid their farewells.

"Take care of yourself, Hermione."

"I will. And you."

He bent to kiss her. Hermione clasped him to him, her body begging him to stay just a little bit longer. Lucius plucked her hands from around his neck and she kept them stiffly at her sides. He walked to the fireplace and reached for Floo powder. He did it all without a glance at her. When he did look at her again, Hermione had never seen eyes so sad.

What Ron's idea set in motion can't be turned back, but where will Lucius and Hermione go from here?