"Alright, Star. From the top."

The monotonous back and forth rhythm of the metronome rung through the still air. Warm rays of light filter through the castle windows into the wide open room and onto the figure in the center. Beads of sweat have begun to roll down her face, glistening the figure's iconic heart shaped cheek emblems. Regaining composition, Princess Star Butterfly firmly grips the wand in her hand. Her breathing had slowed as she raised her family's heirloom above her disheveled bun, returning to the spell's starting position. Closing her eyes, she raised her chin and allowed one more deep breath.

Step by step, not a foot out of place.

Keeping pace, Star moved fluidly. Each motion was mimicked accordingly to the spell as she danced elegantly within the room. When she extended her arms, they were kept soft, yet straight.

Just as practiced.

Dipping her body forward, her slender legs matched an exact 90 degree angle as her back arched without any sign of struggle. As she twirled, her dress bloomed outward likened to a heavenly blue morning glory. Overall, her form was without falter as hesitation was foreign to her choreography. In this state, Star Butterfly truly was the pinnacle of perfection.

This time I'll get it. This time I'll get it right.

"2 - 3 - 4 - and twirl, kick, extend⎯"

Off to the side, the Queen of Mewni kept track of her daughter's movements. Despite her stern expression, Moon couldn't help but feel overzealous with pride in her daughter's drive. Star had been practicing for days since the wand had been passed to her hands. Although there had been a few...roadblocks in Star's training, the queen couldn't help but feel that it would be today, of all days, that her daughter would cast her first spell.

"Y'know, it's not gonna work", muttered a nonchalant voice.

"Oh, hush Glossaryck", Moon retorted. "Star is doing everything she's supposed to⎯By. The. Book. I'm sure that this time she'll⎯"

"Mmhmm yeah, that's what you said the last three times" Digging into his sleeves, Glossaryck flicks out a pair of sunglasses as he casually leans back on the spine of the spellbook, floating in mid-air.

In her final steps, Star extends her body forward, grasping the handle with both hands. She could feel her cheeks grow hot as a surge of energy seemed to flow through her body. Opening her eyes, she channeled the energy through her chest, towards her fingertips and into the magical implement that is her ancestor's symbol of power. With what feeling she could muster, the princess began and with a great chant, the halls bellowed to her call. The tension in the air only grew tighter as Star inhaled deeply. Her mother could only watch, mouth agape to the product of family's legacy.

"SOLAR FLARE", Star shouted.

The wand's crystal beamed to her dance. Her eyes had grown wide at the spectacle and without a doubt, this would be the most memorable moment of her⎯


There were a few sparks that scattered on the floor⎯then the sound of an unpleasant fart.

The legacy was a dud.

"I don't...I don't understand..." Star mutters under her tired breath. Looking towards her mother, she slowly lowers her arms, sharing the same exhausted expression. "This time I thought I had it! What did I⎯mother, what went wrong this time?!"

"It was absolutely perfect!...Maybe your focus was off⎯or⎯or maybe it was⎯"

"Oh nononono, your highness" From his robe, Glossaryck pulls out two long pointed sticks. "You're right. Everything was perfect", he spoke in ironic enthusiasm. "There was nothing wrong with her steps at all⎯now do you want a marshmallow or a hotdog?" Reaching into his robe once more, he pulls out the puffy treat for himself. "Do you have any idea how hard it was to get this stuff? Well⎯not for me, but still, it's not something you can just find at a corner store in this dimen⎯"

"Glossaryck! Don't you think that this topic is a bit inappropriate? Can't you see how dire the situation is?! For all we know, Star won't be able to use magic at all!"


Suddenly, Star felt a jolt in her arm. Looking down, the wand regained its glow as it began to subtly vibrate. Before she could speak, a beam of light shot forth from the crystal and into the floor. Startled, Star jerks back as her wand kept splurging out wave after wave of a rainbow-like fluid, followed by torpedoing wide-eyed narwhals that launched around the room to be superseded by extremely muscular warnicorns with graphic tank tops.






"Star! What are you do⎯WOAHH!" Moon shouts as she was abruptly carried off by one of the steeds.

"I DON'T KNOOOOOOWWW", Star screamed; the rainbow pooled around her feet.

As the rainbow-coated narwhals hung overhead, the warnicorns ran rampant out the door and through the castle corridors. There were a few faint screams that echoed throughout the castle followed by an amalgam of whinnying to "pump some sick iron". Star clasped at the handle once more, struggling to find better footing to control her spewing wand. Slamming her foot down, she began to regain hold, but soon enough it had become her folly as she slipped over, falling on her back. The polychromatic flow finally slowed down to a trickle as Star lay dazed by the chaos that ensued.

"Is...is it over?", Star winced, her arm shaking slightly.

Glossaryck floated towards the wand with a pierced hot dog and marshmallow.

"Hmmm...I could have sworn there was going to be a⎯" Suddenly, a small flame fumed. "Ah! There ya go. Could use refinement, but you got it" He continues to hold the snacks over the small flame, the marshmallow slowly turning into a soft golden brown.

"Solar flare, amirite?"


Flying back inside, Moon returned in her pseudo-butterfly transformation. A soft blue aura emanated off of her very being, dissipating the conjured creatures that littered the stone walls. As the queen reverted back to her initial state, her guardsmen followed in after her. She took a brief moment to take in the sight before her⎯aghast to the state of the room and Star who laid still in the center of it all.

"Star? Star are you...alright?" Carefully, Moon knelt next to her daughter and gingerly removed the wand from her grasp. Fear, shock, and anguish were engraved into her daughter's face. After everything Star had worked towards-her aspirations and dreams seemed to crumble around her. She had spent so many years studying the spell book far before wielding the wand. Under her mother's tutelage, magic looked so simple-step by step, not a foot out of place.

And yet here she was.

Star Butterfly, heir to the throne and Princess of Mewni⎯bearer of the wand and all its magic within⎯laying in a pool of her own reckless ambition, defeated by no enemy, but herself.

"Star, sweetie? Please, can you⎯"

"I'm fine, mother", she interjects. Wearily standing, Star avoided her mother's gaze and stared upon the mess that she had created. She could feel her heart clench, but strained herself so that it wouldn't show.

"I'm feeling fairly lightheaded mother. I'm...I will retire myself for the afternoon and return to my quarters. I will take responsibility and accept my punishment accordingly. Thank you".

Without another word, Star curtsied in her stained attire and left, escorted by the guardsmen.

Oh, Star...what happened?...

"Now I know you didn't give an answer, but I figured you were more or less in the mood for something savory instead of swee⎯"

"Glossaryck just what in the world was all that?! This⎯this was nothing like my training AT ALL. This never happened to me when I was younger, not even in the privacy of my own practice. Was it the wand? Was the spell altered? Was it⎯"

"If you PLEASE, my Queen" Floating towards her, he presents the hotdog on a stick. "Eat something. You turn into a drama queen when you're hungry".

Moon stared at the meat skeptically, then back to Glossaryck who chewed delightfully on his own snack, waving hers in her face. Taking the stick from his small blue hand, she bit down on the frank and chewed silently.

"As you know, magic is like the hobo stew of the universe. Sometimes, when you dip your little fingers in, you'll scrape up meaty savory hot dog slices and sometimes⎯" Glossaryck took another bite out of his toasted confectionary treat "⎯you'll get the mushy marshmallows right on top⎯whatever floats your boat, really"

"I don't see where this is going..."

"Ah ah ah⎯I'm speaking here and it's about time I did. Now⎯where was I?" Glossaryck pinched at the bridge of his lengthy, blue nose trying to refocus his thoughts.

"You know I trust you, right? I trust you with a seat in the Magic High Commission and I trusted you when you said you wanted to take over Star's training until she was ready for the wand. Despite my protest, you still persisted⎯and who was I to say no? Oh, that's right. The being that literally taught generation after generation of the Butterfly matriarchy the fundamentals of magic in the universe. But I obliged, of course. And even after all that, do you know what I kept hearing? This is how I was taught~ This is what I did in my training~ This is what I did⎯me!me!me! yaddayaddayadda etcetera etcetera pbbbhhhhtttt BUPKIS. Every Butterfly princess learns how to use magic differently, my queen. Now⎯how can I put this? When I taught your mother, the baked bean dipped for baked beans because that's what she could reach. When you were young, I taught a hot dog how to dip down for hot dogs. Are you following me here? And now that hot dog is teaching a marshmallow how to dip for more hot dogs. Whenever Star grabs a handful of marshmallows from the good 'ol magic stew pot, all she will expect are chunks of hot dog⎯so what happens to the 'mallows? They're thrown right back into the pot. Did you take a good look at her? She may never want to practice magic ever again"

A pang of guilt had struck Moon. Had her haste compromised her daughter's affinity towards magic? Was she truly to blame? Star had become so proficient in her studies, advancing greater than she ever had with benign vigor and perseverance. But then again...Star used to be so different before she took over her training. She would play outside and get into trouble⎯so much like her father. Star would want to fight monsters and now she would rather consider interpersonal relations amongst Mewni's nobility and study entries within the spell book. Star would laugh a lot more.

Star would smile a lot more.

Did I really change my daughter that much?

"Did...Did I do the right thing?.."

"As a mother, it is your job to see how your child grows. It is my job to see her grow to her full potential and that right there, isn't another Moon." Grasping at her wrist, he carries the wand towards her, bringing Moon to face her reflection in the polished cerulean crystal heart. "And do you know what that full potential is, my queen?"

"A queen?"

"No" Touching the wand, the reflected image began to swirl and change⎯revealing the young princess of Mewni standing before her mother with a gleaming smile. As the torch of her family's history was passed down, it illuminated in a bright streams of magenta and white, transforming it into the winged star wand, marking the next generation of the Butterfly lineage.

"She needs to be Star Butterfly."

Softly exhaling, Moon stared at herself. She wasn't the same young princess that she was years ago. In fact, looking at Star, she saw so much of her younger self in her daughter that it blindsighted her. Had she let Star grow how she wanted to perhaps...perhaps things would've been different.

"What should I do?"

"I can take care of that. Nothing like a bit of R&R to ease the senses⎯it'll be somewhere where I can work with her at her own pace. In Star's case, she doesn't need to cook by the book⎯she needs to feel the recipe, if you get what I mean. All in a nice environment away from⎯well⎯all this"

Glossaryck gestures his hands, waving them about and towards the castle walls

"From Mewni?"

"From being a princess"

AN: Hey guys! Now-I haven't written any form of creative writing in a long LONG time, so I'm fairly rusty. The base of this AU came from the Starcoweek3 event on tumblr and I took the time to really develop this universe. I really hope you like this first chapter and that you'd stick around to see where this goes. Please review! I'd love some feedback-it's the LIFE BLOOD OF WRITERS