So this story is the first in a series of four I plan to make that'll lead to a large crossover down the road, like way down the road. This Spider-man is a Inhuman and this is set in a sort of alternate take on the Ultimate universe 1610 that I'll be calling 1818, mainly because this will be a fairly dark gritty story just like the Ultimate comics were with death, sex, racism and just all around mayhem that the Ultimate Comics were infamous for. It's actually kind of funny when you think about it, half the material sucked beyond belief like that Ultimatum event and yet the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the X-men movies are making it gold because their drawing quite a bit from this section of Marvel comics, aside of course from the good old Mainstream verse and a few other equally good alternate universe stuff

This will be the first of a four part series that will deal with four different Spider-man coming together to stop a interdimensional threat, sort of like Spider-man Shattered dimensions

In this story, Peter is related to Medusa in that he's the son of her late older sister Marius. Medusa didn't have an older sister named Marius, just needed an excuse to give Peter some blood relation to a member of the Inhuman Royal family

As for the pairing in this story, it's a harem of nine in the forms of Wanda Maximoff, Seline Gallio, Iso, Mary Jane Watson, Psylocke, Jessica Drew, Janet Pym, Emma Frost and Storm. Cue exit of people not interested in that sort of thing

Disclaimer: I don't own any Marvel characters seen, mentioned or used

"Why do you hate me father… just why?" 19-year-old Peter asked with slumped shoulders as he stood before the high king of the Inhumans and his adoptive father…the Silent King…Blackgar Boltagon

"He does not hate you little spider…" Medusa, Blackgar's wife and Peter's adoptive mother/aunt said in a soothing tone as she stood by his side and gazed fondly at her child

"Really, sure sounds like it since he's sending me after the most dangerous Inhuman alive that's no longer allied with us" Peter said with annoyance as he pointed to the holographic image of his exiled uncle, Maximus the Mad "And who I quote 'Will purge our glorious race of the burden that is my foolish brother and his wretched family of half breeds and charity cases and lead out people to a glorious, human and mutant free future', end quote"

Blackgar stood and slowly approached Peter before placing a comforting hand on the young Inhuman's shoulder and gave him a weighted look. Peter held the powerful man's gaze for several long moments before he let out a sigh of defeat

"You know…you're the only guy I know that can win any argument without so much as opening your mouth, which in hindsight is probably a good thing because you can obliterate me with a sigh" Peter said before nodding "Fine I'll find the sociopath, but what then? Do I take him out or something?"

"No, we will not ask you to do this if you are not comfortable with it. Only that you locate and if possible capture him and return him here for trial" Medusa said as she approached her adoptive son and gave him a comforting look "To be honest my little spider, I'd rather you be as far away from that monster as possible…but at the moment you're the only one we can spare that can stop him"

Well she wasn't wrong, Peter mused internally. While Karnak or Gorgon would be far better choices for this kind of mission, they were all deployed to the Inhuman's other hidden cities scattered throughout the globe. Mostly to help defend them in light of mankind's growing and violent hatred for Mutants popping up all over the world

If humanity discovered the Inhuman's presence…well look how they're taking Mutant kind's existence. Attempted genocide, purges, inhumane experiments and the list just goes on and on

Plus…the other rulers of the Inhuman cities were beginning to grow…difficult

"So where can I find him? I mean you have found him, right?" Peter asked as he gazed at the image of his mad uncle "Please tell me it's somewhere warm at least"

"…Yes and no…" Medusa said uneasily as she and Blackgar shared a look

"You know, the whole uneasy tone and looks your sharing really isn't helping my confidence" Peter deadpanned "I'm half tempted to start writing my will up now and get it over with"

"We've been able to track him to South Africa…where he met up with a group of Mutant extremists…the Brotherhood of Mutant Supremacy. From what we can gather, the Mutants are unaware of Maximus's nature at least in that he's an Inhuman" Medusa said with a worried look

"…Greeeeeat…crazy Inhuman and possibly a crazy Mutant working together…" Peter said as he rubbed his head "You know what, let's throw a crazy human and an alien into the mix just for kicks!"

"You will likely have to infiltrate their ranks to reach him as we have yet to locate their base of operations" Medusa said before casting a glance at Blackgar "Your father has a contact that will help point you in the right direction"

Peter couldn't help but notice how his mother said 'contact' with distaste, seems like whoever this person is was his mother's least favorite person. And considering his mother is a rather generous and tolerable person this just makes Peter even more nervous

"Where are they?" Peter asked

"New York City…" Medusa said with a roll of her eyes "Attending some 'party'!"

At this Blachgar smirked and gave Peter a distinct wink which in turn caused Peter to blush ever so slightly. Considering how his mother said parties and the look his father gave him, this wasn't some simple dance and mingle with your peers or betters kind of gathering, but more on the…debauchery side of things

'I swear someone up there hates me!' Peter mentally complained as Medusa began to explain who the person he had to meet was and what they could do and what they looked like

Selene Gallio let out a lustful moan as she leaned back in her chair, her hands groping her large breasts that were exposed after pulling her dress down when she started to heat up and giving light pinches to her erect nipples as her long legs remained spread open as a man knelt before her and trailed his tongue up her slit before giving it a sweet kiss as his hands ran up her legs and hitched her form fitting black dress up higher and higher

"Are you enjoying yourself?" the man asked in a cocky tone as he gave Selene's pussy another kiss and lick

Selene licked her lips in delight as she ran her hands through this man's hair "Ooh yes…"

While the man, from her mental snooping was less then gifted in between his own legs, at least he made up for it with a talented tongue and explorative fingers. It was then she felt another hand grip her right tit and she opened her eyes to see a beautiful red headed woman with a figure to rival hers kneading the orb of flesh with a firm grip. The red head looked up at Selene with a grin before she pressed her lips against Selene's cutting off her moan and slipping her tongue into her mouth. Selene wrapped an arm round the woman's torso, bringing her in more and began to knead the red head's own chest while the man between her legs continued to worship her clit

Just as she was feeling her orgasm building, her and her lovers' attention was drawn towards the entry way into the room that they and over two dozen others were using to engage in various sexual acts

"I'm sorry sir, but I cannot allow-"

"Look buddy, I'm here to meet someone important. I only need lie five minutes and then they and you can go back to your little orgy thing" a young man's voice said before they entered the room

Selene's eyes narrowed in interest as she took in this stranger's attire, a black suit with a large red spider on the chest that had its legs designed to look like a Black Widow's hourglass only the tips of the legs pointed up into a tip on both the top and bottom. His face was covered by a mask that possessed two large red tear drop shaped lenses that scanned the room until they landed on her and narrowed

The man pointed towards her "Oi, you Selene Gallio?"

At this her arousal died and she sat up instantly, pushing her female lover back gently with a look that promised to resume their actions later and the male one was given a slight psionic push which caused him to give brief sound of protest. She didn't bother adjusting herself as she stood up and approached the man with a pointed look "Who are you?"

"I work for the Silent King…" the man said in a low tone, causing Selene's eyes to widen before they narrowed "Said you could help me find his brother"

"Come with me" she gestured with her finger before looking towards one of the bouncers "I require a meeting room with this man"

The bouncer nodded and gestured for the two to follow him as he headed for a hallway on the far side of the room.

Several moments later Selene and the unknown man, who she could only assume was an Inhuman, arrived at their room that was lavishly decorated to the point that even a king would be hard pressed to match it with his wealth. They waited until the bouncer was gone before Selene spoke

"I'll ask again, who are you?" the 17,000-year-old mutant asked with a curious expression

Peter gave the woman an exaggerate bow "Peter Boltagon, adoptive son of Blackgar!"

Selene's brows went up a bit at this "Oh so you're the child he's been talking about in our meetings in the past"

"Talking?" Peter asked with a quizzical look under his mask that was conveyed with his lenses narrowing slightly and his head quirking to the side

"Telepathically seeing as how an actual conversation with him will kill me, my supposed immortality be dammed" Selene reaffirmed in a more detailed manner "He's stated that your one of Attilan's best and brightest and even had a large hand in the creation of my little energy packs that I can use to feed on"

"Oh, uh your welcome and thank you" Peter said as he let out a slight cough and resumed eye contact with the raven-haired goddess which was quite difficult considering her breasts were still on display, almost taunting him "If I knew it was being made for you, I would have made it a little more stylish"

"Then perhaps you can for the next model" Selene said with a chuckle before her face sobered "So you're after Maximus…"

"Yeah…" Peter said

"Surprised it's you he's sending and not someone more qualified like Karnak or even your own father. While your uncle is a mad man, he's still possibly the most dangerous Inhuman after your father and even then, I'm not sure that's true anymore with how charismatic he can be"

"My father and Karnak have their reasons for not being here" Peter said in a tone that more or less stated to drop the line of questioning

Selene's eyes narrowed at this as she made a mental note to refamiliarize herself with the affairs of the very secretive and largely unknown Inhumans, something must be going on if Blackgar himself is unable to hunt down his own brother himself…the Silent King wasn't that busy, in fact Selene dare says that the monarch of the Inhumans is possibly the easiest head of state job in the world!

"So I'm told you know how I can find Maximus?" Peter asked

"Yes, in a manner of speaking" Selene said as she made her way to the room's bar and began to make herself a drink "Tell me Peter, what do you know of the Brotherhood of Mutant Supremacy?"

"More than humanity as a whole does at the moment…which isn't much" Peter admitted

"Well aside from the fact there a bunch of terrorists, they operate out of a place known as the Savage Land, where it is I couldn't begin to imagine but I know someone who is and like you has a vested interest in stopping them" Selene said as she added a little tequila to her drink

"What makes you think I want to stop them?" Peter asked with a quirked brow of interest

"Aside from the fact you're likely a boy scout like your father, Maximus is working with them and he's likely already mentioned your peoples' existence and perhaps even weaved a little story about how your kind hopes to wipe out Mutants and take over the world or some other rhetoric" Selene said with a shrug as she finished making her drink and began to sip from it "Plus I doubt they'll let you take one of their members without a fight"

"Hmm…" Peter hummed with a frown under his mask "So who's this supposed ally that will want to help me in this situation?"

"A man by the name of Charles Xavier" Selene said with a slight look of distaste

"Not a fan of his I take it?" Peter summarized

"Not in the slightest, he tried to recruit me into his little 'X-men' as he's taken to calling them a few weeks ago" Selene said as she took another sip of her drink

"what'd you say?" Peter question which in turn caused Selene to giggle as her eyes glowed omniuously for a few momenets

"I told that fool if he ever tried to so much as speak to me again…I'd suck the life out of him before tearing apart everything he holds value to"

Peter stared at her for a few seconds before speaking "I'll leave your name out of the conversation"

"He'll try to read your mind" Selene warned which caused Peter to respond by tapping his mask

"I got that covered already. Granted it was for you but if he's a telepath too then it sould keep him out unless he gets one hell of an upgrade" Peter stated with a little confidence

Selene smirked at the young man's bravado before she finshied her drink and placed it on the bar "Yell me Peter, do you have a woman in Attilan?"

"Uh no…" Peter said with confusion

"Well seeing as I helped you in finding your insane uncle, I was hoping you could repay the favor" Selene said as she studied Peter's build

"How so?" Peter asked starting to feel a little nervous, god only knows what she wants him to do

"Well you interrupted what was turning out to be a rather wonderful evening for me" Selene said as she approached Peter and ran a hand down his chest

It was then something in Peter's mind clicked "Oh- Ohhhh…you want me to…"

"Fuck me" Selene said with a nod

Peter felt a blush growing on his face as he rubbed the back of his neck "Uh not that I would mind, I mean you're a very uh beautiful woman, it's just um…"

"You're a virgin and have never been with a woman outside of your fantasies?" Selene mused and held back a laugh as she was met with silence "Do not worry Peter…I'll make it memorable, perhaps the first of many memorable moments if you prove satisfying enough for my tastes"

Peter stared at the grinning Selene for a few moments before he gave a slight nod "…Okay then…"

Selene smirked as she reached up and slowly pulled Peter's mask off and brought him into a slowly searing kiss that took both partners breaths away. The ancient and arguably fist Mutant pulled back from the kiss and nodded towards the bed

"Undress, I'll join you in a moment" she said as she turned and headed back to the bar

"Where are you going?" Peter asked as he made his way to the bed and began the tedious process of removing his suit

Selene's response was to hold up a few bottles of liquor with a coy grin "I'm going to make us a few drinks first, trust me my dear…we're going to get thirsty"

And done

Next chapter, lemon between Peter and Selene and then he's off to try and gain the support of Charles Xavier and his X-men!

And yes before some of you point it out, Selene's a little out of character, or well a lot but considering she doesn't have a Ultimate Marvel incarnation of her, least one that I've seen she's going to be a little different compared to her mainstream counterpart but don't worry, there will be a few moments where we see the merciless black Queen we all know and love.

Also Selene's a true mutant like in the mainstream universe in that she didn't gain her powers as a result of being the Governments attempts of creating a super soldier like Mutants in the Ultimate Marvel universe were after Captain America's supposed death and the capture and experimentation on Logan. There's more to it then that but that's like the base of it. I'll be going into more detail of it as the story unfolds, just like in the comics