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August 2008

"Your claim has been noted and will be processed in the coming days. If it is approved, we will be in touch." Katherine stood, shaking her long curled ponytail over her shoulder and straitening out her dress as Thomas fetched her coat for her.

"Will he...will I hear from you?" Mr Carter made a move to stand but then thought better of it when he saw the bodyguard to her left, shift.

"It depends." The smirk painted across her lips make the man shiver and push back into his seat. "We'll be in touch." She already knew the request would be turned down. It was too small for Moriarty to want to pick up. It wasn't worth adding to the mix of jobs he was already juggling. The man she'd been sat listening to, making notes about, would be disappointed by the end of the day.

"Please, Mrs Moriarty..." She had grown use the name now, had done many months ago. She hadn't been 'Miss Reine' for two years now.

August 16th 2006, her wedding day. Spend on the beach of Tahiti with barely anyone around. Moriarty had hired the whole resort, populated only by 20 of his best staff to keep away anyone unwanted. A local priest had been brought in to marry them and then they'd spend the rest of the evening together. Sebastian had been forced to dance with her by Jim, but he had been their only witness. She wouldn't have had it any other way. She wore a thin white chiffon gown with floral details and she felt like the most beautiful woman in the world. Katherine had felt like a queen for the whole week they were there and upon returning it hadn't stopped. In fact it just got better. Moriarty started putting her out in the field and the more people who met her, the more clients who grew to recognise her, the more powerful a woman she grew in to. She felt less now, she had less sympathy. Katherine was an extension of Jim now and they both were finding it just peachy. She especially, when it came down to moments like this, with grown men shaking at the meat sight of her.

"I need this...I need this more than anything." She did nothing to hide the rolling of her eyes and shrugged her coat up onto her shoulders as it was held out for her to slide into. " life is in this." It was only a small business plan, the type that needed to be ran off the books. Mr Lionel Carter just needed help to do the initial set up since he didn't know how. Unfortunately, that just wasn't going to be good enough. For Katherine, he had nothing big to offer. For Moriarty, it was just too ordinary.

"Like I said, we will be in touch." Without looking back, she left the man with no bill to pay and a still full bottle of wine to help nurse the disappointment. He knew, she knew he sensed it. It made it sweeter almost. It made the begging, puppy dog eyes come out which was always adorably repulsive. At the beginning it had tugged at her heart strings, but now it just caused her to smile with disgust. "Please tell me that is our last outing of the day?" Katherine asked Sebastian as he joined her to walk side by side.

Totally ignoring her, Sebastian removed his sunglasses from his pocket and slipped them on. "Jim called asking for an update, he wants you home." When didn't he want something?


"He's found something." As they approached the car, she stopped just short of the door upon hearing the words. There was no doubt in her mind what he'd supposedly "found", or at least she knew what it would be surrounding. He'd developed a new...interest, for lack of a nicer word. He had drowned himself in the topic within mere weeks. It was slow at first, a news clipping here or a whisper from a client. But it was rising. Now clients were starting to ask questions, cases were getting harder to keep off the books. And Jim was sinking deeper and deeper into the dark abyss.

"Something good?"

"He didn't say." Frowning, Katherine hesitated and took a moment to think of what it could possibly be. But it was a waste of her time. With a frustrated huff, she finally got into the car and they began the hour long drive back to the house.

As soon as they were home, Katherine removed her autumn friendly coat and threw it into the awaiting arms of a by standing butler. Her heels clicked loudly against the marble floors, her signature sound through the house. If Katherine was nearby it was either that sound or the smell of floral candles that gave her presence away.

"Where is he?" She spoke out to no one in particular but there was lots of their staff buzzing around either cleaning or organising. She knew one would answer.

"Mr Moriarty is in his office, Ma'am." The young girl didn't get a thank you, only the view of back of Katherine's head as she walked further into the house to seek out her husband. Once at the door, she still stopped and stayed silent before knocking, those habits had never left her. The need to make sure she wasn't interrupting was something that was impossible to shake.

But then she knocked, twice, hard and he responded with his welcome. "Busy day darling?" Her greeting was met with a preoccupied hum as he sat behind his desk. He hadn't changed a bit. Not since the day they'd met, he was still the same unpredictable spider, caught in the underground web. "The papers for Mr Carter's appeal, in case you want to look them over." Katherine smiled lightly as she placed the, very thin, file on his desk, making sure to keep it separate from the unorganised papers covering the wooden surface.

"Did it sound worthy?" He was at least listening to her now, but Jim had yet to look at Katherine.

"Not particularly, a waste of my time if I'm honest. But you might see something I've missed." Smoothing a hand over her hair, she spoke with a sigh and sunk in to the seat opposite him. Only when she was comfortable did she study him. Eyes red from staring at the computer screen, shoulders stiff and hunched. He wasn't in a good mood, whatever he had found wasn't good. "Is everything alright?" He didn't answer, he didn't even appear to be listening now. "It's him again isn't it?" That made him look at her. Only Katherine speaking of what overtook him, made him talk to her and it was an increasing trend.

"His brother, he's been quite the entertainment today." Jim gave a wide smirk and clicked open a file on the computer.

"A brother? Well that's a new discovery." Her hands stroked over her skirt, trying to work out the kinks in her nerves. With a nervous laugh, Katherine tried to peer at the screen but she could only make out one of the bold names displayed. That name. "What does this one do?" It had been interesting at first, there had been suspense and mystery. But after a couple of months it wore off for her and was replaced with frustration. There was barely any information accessible for them to find and Katherine became increasingly bothered by the amount of time Jim seemed to work on the new file. Her tone displayed her disinterest but when Jim smiled at her and laughed, she picked up. "What?"

"He's the Government." Well, that was certainly different to the other two lines of information they had so far. A name and occupation was all she had so far.

"In the Government?" Katherine repeated, sitting up ever so slightly. Maybe he could be interesting. It wasn't everyday they got to play with the great Government of the United Kingdom after all and the bigger the target, the harder Katherine worked. It was the perfect ammo for her.

"Is the Government." As her head tilted to the side, Jim smiled and watched the fire alight behind her eyes. Power, that all his took to spark her lust. "I don't know to what extent yet, but I will." Her turned back to the computer for just a second and then stilled, watching her darkly. "How do you fancy playing someone different, Katherine?" He had a plan, of course he had a plan. With some big news like this there was no way he didn't already have a plan.

"What do you mean?"

Jim stood and walked around his desk. She watched him closely until he crouched in front of her, making him just lower than her eye-level. "I've always thought of you as a good receptionist, you played the part so wonderfully for me." Taking her hand, he played with her wedding band before raising it to his lips.

"What do you need me to do?" He was always sweet, much as a husband of his demeanour could be. He ate with her, they talked and laughed, he filled her life with passion most regularly. But he also scared off anyone who would dare harm her or lay a finger on her. It was that fact that kept her loving him. That dangerous look in his eyes, the way his jaw tensed when a client dared say a word out of turn. She craved that. The mere thought made her heart beat faster. He had promised to make her his Queen and god had he delivered.

"I want someone normal, average. But intelligent, with a background and education which could warrant being accepted into working for the likes of a man at that level of security." He stood and moved to stand behind her. With hands in his pockets, Jim zoned out, most likely thinking of this brothers character as he talked. "There's more information upstairs. Go make a profile for yourself, I'll explain more later."

Her cue to leave was loud and clear. Katherine stood and came face to face with him. Smirking she pushed the side of her hip gently into his, brushing his front. "Is he a threat to us? This brother?" Jim watched her closely, unable to hid his sinister smile while his hand caressed her hip.

"No." Jim's lips formed a pout as he shook his head. "He can't touch us. He can't touch you. But I can." His sing song voice returned, tempting out her smile. A hand found its way instantly into her hair and the other to the small of her back as his lips forced themselves upon hers. "Get out before you end up distracting me." Slowly, Katherine stepped away and walked out the office, his eyes burning into the back of her as she did so.

Judging of the quality of work she did in the next couple of hours, she was going to get a big bonus on this months pay.

In a mess of knotted hair, sweaty sheets and limbs, Katherine's chest was still rising and falling at a higher than average pace. He had been unpredictable ever since he'd abandoned his own work to come look over her in her office. He's began with small touches, but before long his hand was tugging the strands of her hear and harshly undoing the buttons of her dress.

Katherine smiled to herself and went to roll onto her side, into Jim's chest. But he made a move before she got a chance, sitting up to perch on the end of the bed.

"Where are you going?" Her small voice broke through the still silence of the early morning when he pulled on a plain white t-shirt.

"I have work to do."

Katherine frowned and didn't bother to hold the sheets against her as she sat up. "It's late." There was no point in trying to detangle her hair as it nested around her face. Jim continued to dress, pausing every couple of seconds to tap on his phone. "Please?" He stopped all too suddenly but she continued on. "You've been away a lot lately."

"Someone's getting needy." Hearing the scoff made her temper rise.

"I am your wife, I'd say that allows me to be needy." That when the change happened. That's when his shoulders sagged and his deep exhale made a smug grin tug at her lips. He swung his head around low to look at her, only briefly, and then rolled his eyes in time with her final blow. "It's our Anniversary soon." When he raised his hands in defeat and fell slowly back into the bed, her heart did a double beat. It happened again when he actually pulled her closer to him.

Just small things, those are what she liked the most. That's what kept her mouldable and susceptible for everything he had planned for her. At the beginning he thought it would wear off, but two years later she was still there, the same and just as easy to play with. Like a tiger and a dead piece of meat.

"Two years. I haven't got rid of you yet." She shoved his chest, but Jim caught it and brought it back down. "I'm joking. It's just a joke, a plain and simple joke." Jim's voice was so quiet the whisper almost seemed forced and squeaky. It was comforting tough, to Katherine at least. Knowing he was so close by...even if what he was saying wasn't exactly romantic.

"You haven't gut me yet, that's a surprise." He still hated to admit that the woman made him laugh. He could still convince himself she was a game, a distraction. He believed himself less and less each day but there was still an air of belief there. Saying he didn't love how she entertained him though, he'd admitted that was a lie after the first year of their marriage. Her work was brilliant, her drive was sexy, her...what she'd become was his perfect woman. But she was a carbon copy of him, why wouldn't she be perfect.

"You haven't given me reason too." He paused as his mind turned onto another topic. He topic he seemed to have trouble being able to shake recently. "Rebecca Austin. Tell me...when you grew up in Kensington Square...did you see yourself growing up to marry a consulting criminal."

"No, but I'm so very glad I did." Katherine gave his t-shirt a tug, pulling him on top of her. "When do I start?" Her interest was genuine, but her hands which had once again started to wander threatened to distract them both.

"I have men on the inside, the job opened up last week. We'll send the application tomorrow, see what we can do in terms of the process after that. It could be as soon as two weeks." As he talked, Jim's breath steadily picked up. But upon seeing the worry cloud her eyes, he stopped himself.

"And it's just a receptionist, nothing-"

"Just sit there and look pretty." Jim removed himself from her and forced her to turn until her eyes were being pierced by his. "Remember how you did for me? Sit and look pretty for him, and keep your eyes and ears open."

"It sounds...risky. It isn't some small time Mister who wants a hand. It''s...The Country." Moriarty had yet to expand what exactly 'the government' meant. She knew it meant something big but like most things he had chosen to keep his cards close to his chest. This time though, Katherine wished he hadn't for her head was creating all sorts of absurd ideas on what this man was.

"I can't promise to have eyes on you 24/7. But it will be fine. They won't have a clue what's going on under their nose." He bobbed her nose with his finger in time and smiled. Katherine however, wouldn't smile, she could only wonder.

"What's your obsession? Why's he so important."

"It's not that he's important. It's that he's a threat." The autumn sky was clear, allowing the moonlight to shine through where they'd left the balcony curtains drawn open. The soft light highlighted only half Jim's face. Eyes like a shark...she always joked to herself that if the devil had a face it would he his. Even when he smiled, it was always sinister, always daring. "A rival. And you know I don't play well with those who stand in my way."

"Well if it's like all the others, they'll wish they hadn't tried." Katherine matched his smile and locked her fingers with his. "The Holmes Brothers. They'll not know what's coming."

That name. First heard months ago in a light passing. He had solved some small case and it had been published in a small local London newspaper. Nothing special, 5th page, 400 words. But Moriarty had taken too it after being asked by a client if 'it could be traced, like that story in the paper?'. After a little research, Jim had found more. None of them any bigger than the first but they were there, and they were steadily growing.

Sherlock Holmes. Consulting Detective. Growing pain her her backside. She didn't even know what he looked like. Probably some blundering brute. Cocky, too wealthy for his own good, slimy and centred only around making everyone his 'pal'. In her mind, she could see him. Fat, balding, laughing with brother as they both wore ill fitting suits. Their voices an appalling cockney song. Every aspect of it scratched at her surface, week by week creating a larger unreadable itch. And she wasn't even working for one of them yet.

The temptation to return to work was obviously dying, since he settled more into the sheets, pulled her even closer and shut his eyes. With his nose buried in her hair, his last words were mumbled. "They won't...I can't wait to see the look on their face." He didn't say anymore than that before pushing his face into the crook of her neck, calling an end to their conversation.

She didn't sleep until the early hours of the morning, unable to shake the feeling something was coming. Something much bigger than they'd dealt with ever before.