She was sat alone in the London apartment, six days after Moriarty's last contact and she had finally allowed herself to admit that it was a bad idea to not return home with him. Not only had exhausting his credit card become boring after a mere two days, not that his money could be exhausted, but her own company was just as irritating as she remembered it being.

There was nothing good on television, all music had turned to mush which most likely rotted the brains of children across the globe and she didn't have enough concentration to apply herself to a book.

Therefore she had turned to the one thing that made her giddy. The one activity which provoked some emotion from her even if it wasn't necessarily positive vibes. Contacting Sherlock.

To: Sherlock Holmes

Give up?

K.I.M xx

From: Sherlock Holmes

Thought you had.


They were both teasing each just as badly, so much so she could almost picture the smirk which was painted across his thin lips, eye narrowed at the phone. She wondered whether his movements and thoughts would be just as preside and narrow when he was on his own or if he relaxed more. From the feel of his replies? No. The obtrusive arsehole persona was a 24/7 staple of his personality.

Katherine smiled softly as she typed her reply to him. She may not have been on speaking terms with Jim but she was still going to play by his rules and respect his business wishes. Make Sherlock want her, or at least want to know her. Pull his him, try to warn him but most importantly do it all without making him realise.

To: Sherlock Holmes

A storm is coming Mr Holmes...wrap up warm.

K.I.M xx

If Jim's plans were anything to go by, judging by what she had overheard and been let in on, something was definitely rolling Sherlock way. She wasn't sure what the impact would be or who it would involve but something was coming from him, even if it wasn't Jim himself.

When Sherlock's next reply came through to her phone, she almost laughed aloud.

From: Sherlock Holmes

Is this your plan? To tease me.


To: Sherlock Holmes

Hmm no, not exactly. Although I would enjoy that.

Wouldn't you? ;)

K.I.M xx

Before he could reply with something dry which he classed as witty, Katherine smirked and quickly typed out a second reply to him.

To: Sherlock Holmes

Would you like a riddle to entertain you?

K.I.M xx

From: Sherlock Holmes

Child's play.


To: Sherlock Holmes

I go in hard. I come out soft. You blow me hard. What am I?

K.I.M xx

Oh she hoped it made him blush. She bet it did. A bright pink glow spreading across his cheeks… Jim spoke of how he was an innocent little virgin, so inexperienced and yet so knowledgeable. It was no surprise to Katherine however, she bet he drove the women away with his lack of charm or emotional offering.

He'd be like a pure blushing bride. Or at least she had been sure he would be until a second later when his reply appeared on the lock screen of the phone.

From: Sherlock Holmes



Oh he really was no fun was he? Not even a little bit or something, a sprig or spice or cheek…nothing.

With a huff, Katherine pushed the disappointment to the back of her mind and twirled the device in her hands. Fidgeting helped her to think, and she needed a way of drawing him in, a way which would actually work instead of killing of her cockiness. Maybe honestly was the key?

To: Sherlock Holmes

Oh very good! I half expected you to choke.

K.I.M xx

From: Sherlock Holmes

I know who you are.


She wasn't worried about his sudden proclamations. She was more disappointed that her attempt at amusing herself or making him uncomfortable was short lived, and he wasn't going to tolerate it. Because there was no way he could no, not unless he had higher and wider spread surveillance than Jim. He was either incorrect or trying to fluster her.

To: Sherlock Holmes

Say my name.

K.I.M xx

From: Sherlock Holmes

Kimberly Blake. 34. We met in St Pancreas station 1 week before you started contacting me.


Just as she had thought. Wrong!

To: Sherlock Holmes

I'm almost offended. Kimberly is such a boring name.

K.I.M xx

He didn't reply after that. Maybe his ego hurt…maybe she'd made him doubt his own marvellous mind. Or maybe he was simply engaged in some other activity, unlike herself who had only the London skyline as company.

On the streets below, people rushed about, spewing from the underground stations like cockroaches on their way to that months popular restaurants and watering holes. All of them barely dressed and cackling like children, ankles twisting in cheap shoes upon uneven curbs. She didn't miss it, she couldn't miss it because she never had it.

Lucy hadn't been a one for drinking and dancing, for gossiping with friends into the early hours of the morning, watching the southern sun rise above the skyscrapers on the walk to the first train home. Maybe she could have been, if she had chosen a different path. If she had chosen student bars instead of books or societies over part time jobs. Maybe she wouldn't be here? Maybe she'd be married to someone else, a journalist or construction worker…something plain and nice. They would eat together on weeknights and go on city breaks and out for breakfast on the weekends. Maybe she'd have children, and a normal little terraces house outside the city. Maybe she would be working, a part time writing job for a local newspaper, a success.

She wouldn't be sat alone at night in a millionaires tower block, wearing £4000 designer lingerie and robe and drinking vintage red wine. She wouldn't be wondering where her wealthy husband, who thrived in the Worlds criminal underworld, was or what he was planning to do with her. She wouldn't walk through the streets with her head down, fearing for her life and wondering who was watching. And she most certainly wouldn't have the scars littering her body which were a constant reminder of the pain she had suffered through, sometimes because of him.

But she didn't regret it, she would never regret it. This was where she had ended up and although it may not always be a ray of sunshine, it was thrilling and it was more of a life that most other normal boring people ever breathed. Wether she live or die tomorrow at least she could say she had experienced it all; the fall and the rise, the dirty and the shining.

Jim Moriarty was the King of this land and she was his queen. She could help him bring the nation to its needs if they wanted. She could seduce the highest government officials and deceive the country's finest agents. She was the epitome of power.

…so why was she so bored on a Friday night.

To: Sherlock Holmes

I'm bored.

K.I.M xx

She just couldn't help herself, she needed the attention. And if Jim was absent this stranger was going to have to do. However…she was not expecting to receive the offer of attention that she did off Sherlock Holmes.

From: Sherlock Holmes

221b Baker Street.


To: Sherlock Holmes

Is that an invite?

K.I.M xx

From: Sherlock Holmes

Most definitely.


She couldn't…not that she wanted to. But even if she did want to she just couldn't… it would go against all of Jim's wishes and even if they weren't technically on speaking terms she did not what to be the reason all his plans crumbled. She had succeeded in doing what he wished, drawing the detective in so much he craved to know who was at the other end of a simple text. She was not to get any closer.

To: Sherlock Holmes

I didn't have you down as a forward man.

K.I.M xx

From: Sherlock Holmes

Coming or not?


To: Sherlock Holmes


K.I.M xx

Boring. For a brief moment Katherine pondered to what the detective was doing. Whether he was pacing the room or laid sprawled out just like herself; the news playing quietly in the background to provide the fake facade of company.

As the phone fell from her hand, onto the cushions of the lush couch, Katherine sighed heavily. She missed her home, she missed her pooches, her babies, she missed the constant rush of bodies. She missed Jim.

Sherlock was only temporarily amusing to a certain degree. She wanted to go home.

"Where's the boss?" Sebastian asked as he peered his head around the corner of the living room, noticing two of the watchmen on shift catching up on the weeks football scores.

The house had been disturbingly quiet in the past week due to Mrs Moriarty's lack of presence. This would normally be her room on this day and at this time, with her routine like clockwork they would normally stay out her way. But she had still not returned and due to that fact, Mr Moriarty's had also been unnervingly quiet. His office was always occupied but felt vacant, the maid still scuttled about cleaning but took extra care when passing his door. He was like a caged tiger, lusting blood and ready to be unleashed.

All because he missed her but was too proud to say so.

"In his office." Steve turned his head, doing a double take when he saw the bags under Sebastian's eyes. "The girl still running loose?" He chuckled before turning back to the television, missing Sebs weak smile.

For four days Katherine had had them running around wider London, up and down the small side streets of Covent Garden and stalking suspicious looking make up assistants. After a couple of hours, they all started to suspect that she knew they were watching and that she was enjoying being a pain; leaving at 8am and not returning until 9pm after wining and dining herself.

At the end of each day when her activities were reported back to Jim, he didn't get angry like they had expected, but he had seemed amused. He laughed, impressed and told them to get a grip. That she was a mere woman with an addiction to money…then there had been that look in his eyes that told Sebastian all he needed to know. Regret…regret that he had pushed her away.

"Nah..she was alright today actually. Barely went out."

Brent looked at him this time, brow quirked, and when he spoke it was deliberately soft. "You think she'll come back anytime soon."

"Can't say. They're both as stubborn as each other." Seb replied, taking a seat on a small ornate dining chair behind the pair. "And she won't come back until he goes to her."

"I kind of miss her." Brent's sudden admission caught the other two off guard, so much so his partner nearly choked on his juice.

"Don't let the boss here you say that." Steve gave a loud laugh, glancing at Sebastian who chuckled along and tried to not let the memories of his own close call flood his mind.

"Not like that! It's just…she wasn't all bad. She could be funny."

Sielence settled over the three men in the most mysterious way as they each paused to think about what had been absent from the house since her triumphant exit. One of them was definitely laughter…also screaming and smashing and crying, Moriarty definitely seemed less aggravated some nights. But she did used to smile a lot, and smirk…and walk through the house in a way which made them all feel a bit more accomplished.

"Yeah…" Steve and Seb agreed together, but as their voices trailed off they realised that the television was suddenly not displaying the premiere league table and was instead blank, not releasing a single sound.

Their back had not even had time to stiffen, that voice broke the sudden tension in the room like a knife on butter.

"Gossiping is a sport for ladies, gentlemen." None of them wanted to turn their head to face the reality which was Moriarty, stood over them having overheard their conversation. Any other topic and it would have been safe, not important but Katherine was a topic off limits to all staff. It was the one unwritten rule.

But Sebastian was the first to tackle the task, standing to turning to face the boss. Jim had a stern face on, eyes refusing to meet anyone's directly, instead choosing to look at his snipers chest.

"I'm going into London. 9am sharp." Suit as sharp as ever, still groomed to perfection. Nothing was visibly wrong with Moriarty until you actually looked into his eyes, where black had melted into grey. They weren't sad but they were missing something…a vacant look.

"Yes boss."

And that was it. No scolding, not sarcasm, not even a warning before he left them just as quick as he had arrived. His feet dragging along the marble floor as his phone was swiftly taken from his pocket and placed to his ear.

Once out of earshot, Brent bravely gave a short laugh and stood from the couch he had made a groove in. "I'll get the maid to make up her room." And for once, they could all agree that it wasn't a bad idea.

Katherine left the elevator, at least a dozen bags hanging off every limb possible as she read through both of her phones for missed emails or texts. There was nothing of importance, but it was amusing how Jim still had no issues copying her into work emails with a simple "FYI" in the header. Such a romantic partnership they had. Whereas Sherlock however, his messages were a lot more personal, just like the one which had been sat unread for 4 hours.

From: Sherlock Holmes

You kept me waiting.


Urg, all so suddenly he had become like a clingy boyfriend. A non threatening, first date who was still a stranger but gagging to meet her again. If only he was a millionaire with something to offer her, she would be flattered but it was the little demon who was taking her husbands attention away from her. And his ever increasing presence in her own life was starting to exhaust, rather than excite like she had hoped. What did Jim see in him? He was a pest.

To: Sherlock Holmes

Are you starting to enjoy this?

K.I.M xx

She would keep going however. Until Jim told her to stop…that was if he ever came back long enough to tell her to stop.

From: Sherlock Holmes

Just curious.


To: Sherlock Holmes

Curiosity killed the cat.

K.I.M xx

From: Sherlock Holmes

Then it's a good job I have nine lives.


Oh so now he was a master of whit? Cut her a break, his confidence was not going to get his any favours.

Shutting the phone off to forcefully ignore any further texts from him, Katherine dropped her bags of shopping onto the dining table and quickly walked towards the kitchen. She needed a glass of high end champagne and a square of chocolate after a day of walking Regent Street in 6 inch heels.

The sound of her steps was increased as the hard marble floor of the kitchen impacted with her Jimmy Choos, a satisfying click sounding throughout the apartment. Before going to the fridge, she stopped by the window and breathed, even after getting shot in such a position it was still her favourite. Outside, the sun was beginning to set over the city and people were in the middle of making their own way home from a long days work. Going back to their pets or their children or their wives and husbands…

Some of them would have been just like Katherine, returning to loneliness, the only difference was that their loneliness was not by choice and hers was.

"Come home Katherine."

For a split second she had believed she had gone mad, or that cabin fever and loneliness had finally truly started to effect her small brain. But not even she could imagine that smooth Irish drawl so perfectly.

Her perception on the glass of the window changed and instead of gazing at the city lights, she could see Jim's faint reflection as he stood just inside the doorway she had just walked through. He looked different; maybe because he wasn't flushed and messy like the last time she had seen him. He was in his signature suit, hair slicked back, shoulders hunched forward in discreet nervousness.

"Say you're sorry first." Her voice was too weak for her liking, so timid and quiet. She was going to allow his to think he could walk all over her with that attitude and that was not the case. But her words obviously fuelled something because, ever so slowly, Jim started to walk across the kitchen until his chest was pressed against her back.

With his breath on her neck, his chin rested on her shoulder as his hands moved to hold her hips. But he didn't say anything, he didn't utter a single word.

"You tried to kill me the least you could do is say you're sorry."

"I'm sorry." He was even softer than her, which caused a frown to cover her face. Of course she didn't expect it to be hard for him to fake a sorry but she didn't like it when he acted timid.

"You have to mean it." Katherine's lips pursed, jaw tensing as Jim's lips hovered behind her ear.

"I am. I am sorry, darling." With a sudden pull on her left hand, he spun Katherine and fiercely slammed her back against the window. However this was different to all of the violent attacks, this was almost passionate as one of his hands instantly went to her waist, the other to her cheek. "Please come home. I need you."

Nothing was there to make her believe him. But she still did. Because she was tied to him, whether it be through emotion or dept, she was his, she was just lucky that she enjoyed behind his possession most of the time.

In a heartbeat, her expression softened and she allowed Jim to pick her up and carry her a few short steps until she was sat atop the kitchen worktop. His hand rose to start working on the buttons of her blouse, the other working on pushing up her skirts but she couldn't let him. Not just yet. She had to tell him something first.

"Sherlock Homes invited me to his house." His forward attempts stopped in an instant, to the point where one of his hands was removed from her completely. "Last night, he text me his address." Would she regret it? Possibly. Would he be mad? Maybe.

For a few seconds, his eyes turned black before narrowing on her scull. "Flirting with him behind my back..." Jim began twirling a apiece of her hair around his finger and it caused her breath to escape her. Every movement was considered and slow, like a predator. It was how she seen him most but it never failed to disturb her even if she wasn't on the receiving end. "Did you go?"

Katherine shook her head before replying. "No. I didn't think that would be wise, or fitting with what you had planned."

"Good. Very good." And just like that he returned to normal. The calculations were done and the decisions made inside his tainted head. "How would you like to get back out into the field?" His finger stroked down her cheek as he smirked, watching Katherine's eyes darken at the offer. She missed being his little pawn, he knew she did but it had just been too dangerous for her after everything. But now was the right time. She had proven to be able to look after herself this week, she had shown her own mental strength even if her daily habits had proved to him she was still nervous.

But it was time to set the ball rolling and she was going to be the ball breaker.

Suddenly, she was like putty in his hands, melting over him and pawing at him like a pussy cat. "I'm sorry for walking away, and..." She paused as Jim pulled her closer and ran his hands up her thighs. "I'm sorry for making you do...what you did."

Katherine's hands started to push the blazer from his shoulders slowly and once it was on the floor, work began on his tie, loosening the tight knot.

"Come here." Jim huffed under his breath, sliding his hand up her chest from her leg. "Don't do it again." As she slowly nodded, Jim smirked and, with a finger holding her chin, pulled her mouth towards his.

"Who am I meeting with?" Katherine spoke, cheekily, before their lips could touch.

"Later. Work can be discussed later."

It was funny, how confident she had felt out of context. Back in their safe house she felt untouchable, mounted on a pedestal for all to admire just like she had been all those months ago. However, once in the car her stomach had started to do an acrobatic routine and once at the restaurant, her make up was being threatened by nervous sweat.

Katherine's heel tapped nervously against the floor, eyes shifting to the door every time someone entered and god forbid they look at her, it was then that paranoia would set it. Shopping alone had not been a problem, walking the streets was easy. But she was back working under Moriarty's name now. People knew where she would be and that she was alive…she had never felt more like a sitting duck.

Even if Jim's men surrounded her, undercover and armed, it didn't stop her mind going over how easy it would be for someone to walk in and shoot her point blank. This time doing more damage than a little scar on her shoulder.

"Stop looking so afraid." Ear pieces. Just one of the new additions into her life to keep her safe. But she hated it, not liking how Moriarty or Sebastian's voice could come through at any given second. The latter was who abused her senses now, mumbling with confidence from two tables away.

She had a communicator hidden under the shoulder of her dress but she didn't dare use it, not yet. She was too scared should someone see. However, she did glacé over to him and briefly smile, as the door to the restaurant opened again. Only this time, a man entered who didn't belong there…he didn't even look like he belonged in that area of London, unless he was shielded by black and behind a wheel.

With greying hair, he wore a scruffy and fraying fleece jacket over an un-ironed shirt and paired with grey slacks. His shoes weren't too scuffed but they were much more suited to a man beyond his years, a grandad or lonely pensioner. Shoulders slumped, his nose was scrunched up, his eyes squinted as he peered around the restaurant, looking for a faceless name in the small crowd. Had it not been for her smiling and raising her hand in a small wave to capture his attention, he could have been stood there all night.

"Mr Hope?" Katherine's voice was smooth, interrupting the peace with a soft tone. In reply, his head nodded. "Please, take a seat." She gestured to the chair on the opposite side of the table but for a moment he simply stared at it, causing her to ponder if there was something wrong with him. But then, after about a minute and just as her patience was wearing, he sat and loudly pulled his chair in, legs scraping across the ground. "My name's Katherine, Katherine Moriarty." She said with a small, forced chuckle, recovering from a wince at the harsh noise.

"Jeff." Ah, he had a voice. Good. That was good.

Though he still looked a bit too simple, and all too suddenly Katherine started to doubt Jim's plan and if they could count on the man in front of them to carry it out. But she couldn't let those type of thoughts crowd her head so early, so she took a deep breath, offered him a smile and relaxed back into her seat.

"You don't have to be afraid to talk. Believe me, you'll get what you want a lot quicker if you voice it." She glanced at him from under her lashes. "Drink?"


Ever so delicately, Katherine picked the bottle of white wine out of the ice bucket and poured a glass for him before topping up her own. Only once the bottle was replaced did she begin her usual torment. First stage, observation. Staring down the opponent until they looked ready to flee, although that wasn't hard as Mr Hope already looked about ready to split. His hands were placed shyly on his knee and he avoided her eye contact. Second stage, intimidation.

She waited until he seemed to try to relax, raising the lass of sour wine to his lips. "'re dying I hear?" He spluttered, choking on his own breath before the liquid even had the chance to touch his tongue. And Katherine loved it. "Too blunt? You're in for a hard evening then."

He tried to gather himself to those moments which followed, she could see the pattern of his thoughts. He was trying to find a strong enough sentence to start on, find a steady syllable to step to. "Aneurysm. I'm not dying, death is just imminent. Could be any time, any day."

"Death is always imminent." With her face twisting in disgust, demeaning his pitiful outlook at their situation, Katherine reached for her own glass and crossed one leg over the other. "It's just more likely to be sooner rather than later in your case." She took a sip, pausing and making sure to never let her eyes leave his. "And so what? You want a cure? A reason? Relief?"

"I don't want to die."

"Who does?" She scoffed loudly, her voice taking on a tone of humorous sarcasm.

"I want a life, I want to provide for my children. If I die...I'll have nothing to show. Nothing to give. Nothing I leave behind will be of use to them." So he was leading with that card huh? Children. Men would do anything for their children, some men would even do anything for children who were not their own. Some men…honest men with everything to loose. "I need a way to do something, to make them know I wasn't a nobody, I wasn't a failure." He was too nervous to notice the change in Mrs Moriarty. He didn't see the armour come over her eyes or her posture straighten in defence. Children…he word still let like a personal attack on her…and her family.

"You pull at my heart strings Mr Hope." With a venomous edge, Katherine smirked and stroked the neck of her wine glass, eyes falling to the table. "Tell me, how far are you willing to go? For these children of yours?" He was already going to die for them…what else was thee to do?

"As far as needed." Mr Hopes own eyes saddened then. "I'd do anything for my kids."

"Well, in that case." Her whole demeanour ark ended like someone had flipped a switch within her. Her blood froze in her veins surrounding her heart and her eyes shone with a different type of mischief "Myself and my husband like a good charity cause, we're very fond of helping those in need. A man in your position stands as a good candidate. Willing, desperate, dying. Ticks all the boxes..." Jeff sat forward in his seat as she flashed her teeth, her tongue playfully running over heir sharpness. She had a sharp bite, and she was hungry after so long of lounging about in the dark. "We're willing to contribute some of our own money to your darling children. All we ask in return is that you play our little game." Confusion flooded over the mans features but he was smart and stayed quiet. "You have to earn your way in our world. Call it a sponsorship fund. But instead of running a marathon or baking a cake…oh I can't, there's no way you'd agree." Katherine let out a childish giggle, asking her head and falling back in her seat, eyes wide with gleeful playfulness.

But her company was not enjoying it. He did not grow frustrated but she could tell he was getting desperate. She seemed to be tormenting him, sending his into panicked frenzy in which he was worried he would not come out with what he wanted. That e would not be able to better his children. That he would die a failure whether it be tomorrow or in a years time and that no one would know who he was. The world would go on spinning, untouched by Jeff Hope As he rotted in the ground unsuccessful and unloved. She had to admit, that thought alone almost touched her heart.

"I'll do anything, anything. Please."

Her smile dropped so suddenly it made his face straighten. He no longer looked like a man willing to bed but he did look willing to listen. The woman in front of his had the looks to seduce an army of men yet in that moment she looked so ferocious no man would want to risk it, her eyes were black, her mouth a straight thin line and her brow lightly creased with a sunken in frown.

But her mouth still moved so gracefully, too gracefully to mother the words which fell from it.

"For every person you kill, we'll donate £25,000 into a trust fund for your children."

The worlds could ave stopped turning in that moment through the eyes of Jeff Hope. There could had been no one else in the room but this women, this name everyone had whispered…he had doubted the rumours and shrugged off the stories. But there he was…with an offer. ""

"We'll tell you how to do it. We'll send instructions and supply all that you need." The detailed rolled off her tongue quicker than he could react to. "But you'll be the one to take their life-well...technically." A small shrug, paired with a small smile cause Mr Hopes stomach to twist. The woman's casualness had stopped him from realising just what she was saying. All talk of murder disguised as almost a 'good cause'. In that moment, Jeff started to shake his head with the shock but she carried on. "The plan has already been drawn out, all we need is your word, and a signature."

"£25,000?" That the only thing which allowed him to focus and continue breathing. That sum of money, all of which would be handed to his children…

"Per life." Katherine confirmed but slowed her breathing and quick pace as she noticed his paling face. She knew how he felt…she had been there. She had once been sat on that side of the table, back when Moriarty did his own dirty work. But she wasn't going to stat going easy on his, so as soon as Amy Hope met her eyes, she carried on. "Just one other small detail." Her pause was meant only to make sure he was listening. This was the biggie… "Attract the attention of one Sherlock Holmes."


Katherine simply smiled, the expression not quite reaching her eyes. "A file will be provided in the following days but I recommend you doing your own research." She had not been briefed on the exact plan, she was only told what she needed to know, when she needed to know it. All be it frustrating, she liked it better that way now. Though this time she was curious…not as curious as Jeff was though. "It is your main priority that he notices you, or rather your doings."


"Part of our personal business plans." Her smirk was hidden as she flipped open a file which had been laid out in front of her throughout the whole meeting. A file Mr Hope had failed to notice. Inside, was a contact, a one which outline each individual outcome should things end how they wish, or should he fail them. Holding the papers out in her left hand, her right held a fountain pen, tempting him. "Sign."

He didn't look sure, but she knew he would. It may have taken a couple of minutes and a little bit of light tempting on her end but eventually Jeff took both items from her and signed his name at the bottom of the page, with little confidence.

"When do I have to start..." Mr Hope looked up at Mrs Moriarty after the papers were snatched out of his hand and shoved into a small, fashionable briefcase lying by her feet.

"We will be in touch shortly. Don't worry...I can already tell you'll be a natural." In one fluid movement, Katherine stood and handed the briefcase to one of Moriarty's men who appeared by her side in a heartbeat. This was her routine, get what she needed a leave before any more questions could be asked, before they could turn the table of her in any way and before they could even try to threaten her. "Goodbye Jeff."

Normally, they chased her and begged her stay. Normally, they became flustered and asked question after question before she could leave. Normally, people panicked. But not Mr Hope, all he did was take a deep breath, stay in his seat and mumble over his shoulder as she walked by.

"Bye, Katherine."