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Chapter 16


Lucius POV

"Come Hermione, it's time we go home." I tell Hermione. "Goodbye Tom...when will I see you again?" She asks. "Whenever you wish too." He replies to her.


Hermione's POV

Father apparates us home. As soon as we arrive home I turn around and there is Sirius standing there looking deranged and almost dead. The second our eyes meet I run to him forgetting what happened earlier.

I run and jump into his arms. He holds me close and starts sobbing, I start to cry too. "I am so sorry, so very sorry my love. I'll NEVER EVER do that again! I regret what I did so deeply." He says why'll never letting me go and kissing my head and cheeks and eyes repeatedly.

Sirius POV

I can't help but to cry. The thought of losing Hermione is scary beyond anything. I would die without her, I would die for her. Just then I thought of something. "My love, would you like to see something?" I ask her.

"Sure" she replied looking curious and a bit skeptical. I remembered our bond, I closed my eyes and thought of the woman and showed Hermione that nothing happened. She looks startled and then ashamed and then scared.

"I'm so sorry Sirius that I jumped to conclusions but seeing her in your bed, naked scared me, I thought you'd rather have her than me." Hermione says looking down. "My love it is I who should be apologizing, I should have never hit you, and as long as I shall live I swear I will never do that again". I say.