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Taro and Charlotte were left stunned at their interaction. Taro was certainly not expecting that kiss either. They both sat on the bench along the hallway, pondering on their next move. But as Taro was still thinking, Charlotte asked,

"Taro, do you like me?"

Taro looked at Charlotte, who suddenly blushed and frantically waved her arms.

"D-Don't answer that! That's just the infatuation talking!" Charlotte said while her breathing became more panicked. "Don't take it too seriously."

"How can I not when you went straight for that kiss Charlotte?" Taro asked in a sullen voice, "This is serious. We both know our former loyalties, and if you're half the warrior you were, you'd know that we can't just let this slide like usual."

"But it's just a kiss! It doesn't have to mean anything!" Charlotte protested.

"No, it does." Taro said while raising a hand to Charlotte's face. "It proves that you have affections for me. And knowing my background, you should understand why I'm disturbed."


"Excuse me?" A voice called out, making Taro and Charlotte to turn and see a hotel server. "Someone's looking for you Madam Charlotte."

Charlotte was hesitant to go but she looked back at Taro, who nodded at her to go on. She sighed and stood up before turning back to Taro.

"We're still talking about this later." Charlotte said adamantly.

"Fine." Taro said curtly while refusing to face her. "Just go."

Charlotte practically stomped off, leaving Taro to contemplate what to do next. But he sees the hotel employee sit beside him.

"Tough luck huh? Blondes, amirite?" He asked casually. He had normal Japanese features, but something seemed off about him.

This man was giving off an intense aura, it snapped Taro out of his introspection as Taro stood up and backed off for a bit. This wasn't any normal man. Taro out of all people should know. Taro then got into a fighting pose as the hotel man stood up and sighed.

"Well the disguise failed, I shouldn't have expected less from an Orochi such as yourself." The man shrugged before rushing forward at inhuman speeds before performing a flying kick.

Taro barely dodged the kick and tried to throw a punch, but the man blocked it and jabbed Taro in the jaw before backflipping back. Taro's eyes widened as he realized that fighting style from anywhere, this was no ordinary fighter. It was a legendary Shinobi. Taro then wiped the blood from his mouth and prepared for possibly the greatest fight of his life.

In the lobby, everyone seemed to be in panic as Charlotte ducked under the swing of a shorter woman with light blond hair. Charlotte then bashed her with her shoulder and tried to smash her down but the lady dodged and kicked her in the gut. Charlotte stumbled back as the lady then taunted her.

"Come on Warden, I know you're better than this."

"What do you want from me?" Charlotte asked while thinking. "What could possibly be taking Bjorn so long?"

"It's simple. I just want to see if you are really what they say you are." The lady said before pouncing at Charlotte.

Charlotte blocked the attack and smacked her in the face. She then kicked her in the gut and then shoulder bashed her back. The lady then sidestepped and delivered a devastating side punch before jumping and delivering a drop kick, knocking Charlotte back and hitting a wall. Charlotte saw blood drip from her mouth as she wiped it and clenched her teeth. She then got into stance and ran at the stranger in full speed with her fist raised.

A punch struck Bjorn in the face as he was knocked onto the collection of bar chairs before he quickly had to dodge another punch from the ginger lady. Her punch broke into the wooden counter and scared away the bartender. Bjorn then grabbed her arm and threw her away as he backpedalled to reassess the situation. The lady wiped her mouth and quickly recovered, ready to strike again.

"What the hell do you want you crazy bitch!?"

"I want a good brawl!" The woman said before pouncing at Bjorn.

Bjorn dodged it and jabbed the lady in the face. She pushes him back and headbutts him hard in the gut, sending him out the window. Bjorn quickly gets up and carefully picks the broken glass from his body. He then proceeded to charge back in. He runs with his arm as his shield as he pushes her against the wall. He proceeded to headbutt her and punch her before kicking her back and through the window. Bjorn then walked through the opening and saw the lady stand up, she was smiling and it didn't seem like it was going to end as easily as he thought.

Taro felt his face get smashed against the wall as he then kicked the Shinobi back and proceeded to deliver gut punches as fast as he could. The Shinobi in turn grabbed his face and kneed him before kicking his shins then punching his face. Taro then pulled on him and headbutted him in the face before they both stumbled back as the fighting was getting more intense. Both were drawing blood from each other as they proceeded to charge at each other before a no-dachi got in between them. Taro looked in shock to see that the no-dachi belonged to none other than Musashi.

Charlotte and the Peacekeeper were still going at it, dodging and tanking each other's attacks. They were slowly getting more angry as they kept hitting back harder every time they took a blow. They were fighting with absolute savagery as they almost began to hit to kill but a hand is put in between them as a man entered their center and pushed them both aside. Charlotte saw that the man had a shortsword in his hand and hand strange-looking gauntlets.

Bjorn and his opponent were locked in a wrestle as both were nearly equal in strength, with Bjorn having the upperhand. But the lady was always too fast for him as she would always just back or side dodge instead of just taking his blows like a man, er, woman. Bjorn needed to be careful and calculative with his next move. But the lady wasted no time as she pounced towards him, but before she could come in contact, a large man stood between them as he brandished his giant sword, causing her to stop and freeze for a bit.

"Ye dane goofed up lassie."

Nine people sat down in the meeting hall, with about six of them bloodied and bruised with bandages over their battered bodies. The other three sat close to the center and seemed disappointed. Taro, Charlotte, and Bjorn sat on one side while the other three sat at the other side. Musashi then stood up and massaged his forehead.

"Isaku, what the hell were you thinking!?"

"You told me to test his abilities!"

"Not in public…" Musashi groaned. "That goes for you as well Florentina and Yolda!"

"But we–"

"There's no excuse here you incompetent youngsters!" The muscular man said while smashing the table.

"Ye shoods hae waited fur us afair ye went in aw willy-nilly." The taller man with brown hair said in a thick accent. "Noo we hae tae pay fur property damages."

"So I take it that you three desire an explanation?" Musashi asked.

All three of them crossed their arms and curtly nodded. They already were unamused by the sudden brawl that really did a number of them, so an explanation was the least they could do.

"So as you three know, you come from a world where knights fight samurai and vikings and vice versa, correct?"

Taro and Charlotte were visibly shocked that Musashi knew this, Taro then leaned forward and said.

"D-Didn't I already–"

"Yes, but I merely feigned ignorance, I am well-aware of your world because I was also born in it." Musashi said before bowing. "Former General Yamada Musashi, at your service."

"W-Wait, y-you're–" Taro trembled. "My grandfather? Impossible! You died in a navy battle in a harsh storm!"

"And don't you remember dying as well?" Musashi asked. "As soon as I died, I found myself awakened in a new world, in 1960s Japan. From there, I would live my life as an actor and have a new family with a lady named Chinatsu Uemaru, sound familiar?"

"B-But how…" Taro murmured.

"We don't know, but what we do know is that other people have experienced this as well. Throughout history, strange people have been recorded to have been appearing. I am going to name some famous instances of knights, samurai, and vikings appearing in the most unlikely of places." Musashi said while turning on a projector. "In the year 30 BC, Octavian was to fight Mark Antony over the supremacy of Rome. Octavian recorded an unnamed centurion found in battle without scutum but rather beating his enemies with his fist and gladius. Though his fighting style seemed unorthodox, his kill count had caused a massive route. Octavian proceeded to give him the name Pugnus de Imperii as a tribute to his favorite style of punching his enemies."

Taro and his group were awestruck that a Centurion actually appeared. What's more, he immediately fit in to this world quite well.

"Now of course, he's long gone, but that doesn't mean that there's no Centurion of course, I would like you three to meet Mister Flavius Aurelius, champion MMA fighter."

Taro and company looked at the muscular man who had black hair and whitish olive skin. He wore a black t-shirt with the MMA logo on it. He had blue denim jeans and brown shoes. Taro could not believe that this man was a Centurion.

"So hello there, in case you don't know me, I am Flavius Aurelius, Centurion and champion MMA fighter. My fighting style is defensive and relies on punishing aggressive fighters and dealing fatal counterattacks."

Taro could understand that all too well. He could still feel the sting of his jaw from the first time he fought those damned Romans.

"I was brought into this world in my fourteen year old body, to a family of olive farmers in Sicily. I have been in this world for about 16 years and I have been well accustomed to life here. Any questions?"

Charlotte raised her hand.


"What is life like right now?"

"Well, I am currently retiring from MMA to inherit my family's olive farm, and to also pursue my married life with my wife, who happens to be the Gladiator."

Taro, Charlotte, and Bjorn were shocked to hear that. A ring was heard as the Centurion then proceeded to open his phone and groan as he whispered to Musashi.

"It's Justina, she's calling on Facetime."

"Go ahead, she should know about this as well." Musashi nodded.

Flavius opened the phone, revealing an olive-skinned woman with dark brown hair in a blue blouse in a hotel room. Charlotte and Taro could recognize that it was in this hotel because of its look.

"Flavius honey~ Are we going to the beach yet?"

"Not yet my sweet, I am still settling some business with newly-found Orochi, Warden, and Warlord."

"What!? You found those three already!? Wait, I'll come to you!"

Flavius tried to speak but he was cut off as the lady immediately hung up. There was a few seconds of awkward silence before the doors bursted open, revealing the same olive-skinned woman from before. She immediately ran and greeted Taro and his company.

"Hi! It's so nice to meet you! I'm Justina Valeria, a Gladiator and former WMA fighter!" Justina greeted excitedly. "I was brought to this world about the same year as Flavius and in the same hometown as well."

Flavius then immediately took his wife and gently held her and guided her away before adding,

"Anyway, this is the Gladiator. We were lucky enough to end up being in the same town as each other and that was how our relationship started. But that's enough for now, let's let the others talk."

The man then sat down with the Gladiator lady sitting beside him. Then the tall, blond haired man standing up and bowing before them.

"Awrite thaur, mah nam is Douglas Macgillivray. Ah apologize fur th' thick accent. Ah am still used tae speakin' Icelandic an' Scots-Gaelic. Anyway, Ah am a highlander an' a still skilled wielder o' th' claymer."

"It's okay Mister Douglas if you cannot speak English fluently, you are more than welcome to speak your native tongue, these people can speak Icelandic."

"Tapadh leibh na spioradan .." (Thank the spirits…) Douglas muttered. "Mar sin, chaidh mo ghiùlan chun an t-saoghail seo mu fhichead bliadhna air ais anns a 'bhuidheann agam deich bliadhna a dh'aois do theaghlach de bhuachaillean caorach ann an Alba. Tha mi na neach-teagaisg boghadaireachd agus na neach-taic airson boghadaireachd. Tha mi an-dràsta pòsta aig tidsear sgoile ionadail, a tha eòlach air mo dhìomhaireachd mar-thà."

(So I was transported to this world about twenty years ago in my ten year old body to a family of sheep herders in Scotland. I am an Archery teacher and former Olympics champion of archery. I am currently married to a local school teacher, who already knows my secret.)

Taro was intrigued that he was so casual about letting someone know where he's from. How did he do it? More importantly, why would his wife be okay with him being a legendary warrior who slaughtered many?

"In case yoo're wonderin'," Douglas said while switching back to English. "She's extremely fascinated by mah warriur side an' aye prods me wi' questions abit war. She's a fantasy nerd, sae she pure isnae bothered by mah backgroond."

"Figures…" Taro said with sweat pouring down his head. "Looks like Charlotte here shares the same sentiment. Isn't that right Miss Warhammer lover?"

"Ah!" Douglas said before bringing out his phone. "Miss Charlotte, doo ye min' if Ah git yer contact an' picture?"

"I don't mind, but why?" Charlotte wondered.

"Mah wife is a big fan o' yoors, she'll be ecstatic tae kno' that Ah mit th' famoos warhammer lubber." Douglas said while approaching Charlotte and taking a selfie with her. "She's a Warhammer fan an' loves yer wark wi' total war an' lore explanations."

"If you'd like, you can invite your wife to see me, I'd be more than happy to accommodate her."

"Yoo're an angel lass... Thenk ye sae much!" Douglas bowed while returning to his seat, and then signaling the ginger lady to stand up.

"Okay, so you folks can call me Yolda, I'm a Valkyrie, sent here about eleven years ago in my thirteen year old body. I belonged to a family of codfishers before I pursued my career as a professional hockey player. And I have the medals to prove it! Every team needs a good sweeper!"

"Are all of you Olympic champions?" Taro asked incredulously.

"Only some of us..." Yolda muttered before sitting down

Shinobi then stood up together with the Peacekeeper.

"Okay, so my name is Isaku Ichijou and this is Florentina Ademari. We are a Shinobi and a Peacekeeper respectively. I was sent to this world about four years ago in my 15 year old body and I have been taken under the wing of the Yakuza as a bodyguard to their heir, now-head of the family."

"Wait, do you know someone nicknamed Geshunin?"

"Of course, good man with a delinquent younger brother. He actually told me of your mounted rescue on Madam Charlotte, and I have to admit that I'm impressed."

"So as mentioned before," The light blonde said, before adding, "My name is Florentina Ademari, was transported into this world about ten years ago, in my nine year old body. I was part of a Mafia family remnant in Florence, Italy. Now I work full-time as an assassin for the SMAVE."


"Society for Myre, Ashfeld, and Valkenheim Exiles." Musashi added. "We're an extremely secretive organization whose true purpose is hidden even from the government. Our goal is just to find people from our world who were lost in this world and let them know that they aren't alone. Founded by Lawbringer, now-cardinal Victor Mancini."

"So how long has this organization operated?"

"Victor Mancini survived the second World War and became a priest for the Vatican. From there, he would use his access to the archives to know more about the strange phenomenon of warriors being sent to this world. From there, he would travel the world in search of the lost warriors. In his travels, he found an Orochi outside of Nagasaki, a Warden lying in Verdun, and a Warlord in war-torn Sweden. These four would be the founding members of SMAVE. But sadly, the Warden died about two years ago, while the Warlord died even earlier. The Orochi passed away about a few weeks ago."

"Wait… But aren't these four…"

"Yes, they are the same classes as yours. Another strange thing we would discover is that once a warrior dies in this world, another takes his place immediately. If a hypothetical Warlord were sent to this world and lived his life and then died, then another Warlord would be immediately sent to replace him."

"Strange…" Charlotte muttered.

"But anyway, that is not important right now. We are just here to tell that we are here if you need any guidance of this world." Musashi said while crossing his arms. "But seeing that you three are living in Buraza, then you'll be under my care."

"W-Wait, but that sword duel we–"

"I let you win." Musashi said curtly. "I had my suspicions but I didn't want to let you know who I really was and expose myself, so I laid low throughout our time together."

"…Understandable, but I do have some questions for the Peacekeeper though."

"Ask away."

"I notice that you and Isaku have matching necklaces, is that something SMAVE-related as well?"

"Oh this?" Florentina asked. "This isn't a SMAVE thing, Isaku and I are partners. Boyfriend and girlfriend as you would call it."

That chills down Taro's spine as he was reeling from the shock of what she had just said. They were partners? As in the type of people who would hold hands romantically and kiss and tell each other sweet things? Taro saw Isaku smirk at the expression on his face.

"What's so funny?"

"You remind me a lot of myself when I first thought of the prospect." Isaku smirked. "Keep in mind that this sort of level took really long to achieve. Much like how you and Warden met, Florentina and I were the most bitter of rivals and enemies."

The projector then changed, showing a hooded figure and a black-haired man in student uniform fighting with their multiple weapons. They were agilely dodging and striking each other, with their movements too fast for the normal person to perceive. The man pinned the hooded figure against the wall before he was then kicked in the gut by the hooded figure, who had a knife tucked in her shoe. Taro and Charlotte mentally cringed as they saw him bleed and tremble on the ground.

"Yeah, wasn't the best of first impressions that's for sure eh?" Isaku winked at Florentina, who just rolled her eyes.

"It wasn't nearly as bad as that other fight we had."

The projector showed Isaku and Florentina talking to each other before they suddenly entered into combat. Neither were keen on dodging as they simply tanked each other's hits. It slowly became more bloody as they still struck each other savagely. Florentina then ducked under the punch and grabbed Isaku's arm and elbowed it, making an audible crack.

This made Taro very uncomfortable, silently thanking the gods that Charlotte wasn't this brutal. Charlotte on the other hand was appalled that she did that to him in the first place.

Isaku then grabbed Florentina and threw her to the ground before he began to choke her to death but Florentina kicks him off and grabs him, putting him in a chokehold. Isaku then bit down on her arm to the point of drawing blood, causing Florentina to instead knee Isaku in the face. Isaku then punched her back, sending her a few feet before she stood up, gritting her teeth in anger. Both stood apart from each other before each raised their fist and lunged at each other, their fists connecting with each other's faces. The sheer force of the blow sends each other back. Florentina gets sent back, and slowly wipes the blood off her face. With barely enough strength to even crawl, she crawls towards Isaku's body, which was unconscious from her punch. Tears were visible from her eyes as she cradled the body in her arms and cried.

Taro and Charotte were left enlightened by the information presented to them. Taro simply realized that his squabbles with Charlotte were practically child's play compared to what these two did. Charlotte realized that Taro was way more kind to her than she realized in the first place. Sure, he attacked her, but he did not fight to kill. She looked at the skin of Isaku and Florentina and saw that they had the scars and the bruises to back their story up. She could only wonder why her encounter was so tame compared to the bloodbath of a duel that these two apparent lovers had.

"Yeah, that wasn't a bright time for both of us, but that's all behind us now!" Isaku said while grabbing Florentina's hand. "We're slowly working our way through it."

"God damn it Isaku you're embarrassing me!" Florentina muttered while blushing heavily.

"Huh? What did I do wrong?"

"Anyway…" Musashi trailed off while gesturing for both to quiet down. "I'm going to need the three of you to step outside for a moment, you won't be needed for the next matters to be discussed."

Taro and company stood up and bowed before they exited. Taro sat down at the lobby, where everyone was fixing the furniture and damages left by the fight between Charlotte and Florentina. Off in the distance, the bar was being sealed off due to Bjorn and Yolda's face-off as well. Taro plopped down on the sofa and exhaled in relief.

"So… we ain't alone in this world huh?" Bjorn asked amusingly. "That's one helluva relief if you ask me."

"I guess, but it complicates a lot of things now that we know that Musashi is a Kensei."

"I don't mind, at least it explains his dojo and skill. I can't believe he was able to hide it so well from me…"

"That reminds me, that Shinobi and Peacekeeper are awfully close huh?"

"Yeah… They were…" Taro said while glaring at Charlotte, who looked away.

Bjorn was confused by this as he then asked.

"Did I miss something?"

"Well–" Taro said before Charlotte closed his mouth.

"Nothing! Nothing happened!" Charlotte said before she suddenly stood up. "That reminds me, I'll be going back to the room, I think I left something! You were going to the room balcony, right Taro?"

Taro could sense the venom behind those words as he sighed and stood up and waved dismissively. Charlotte huffed triumphantly before making her way back to the meeting room. But as she neared the door, she heard the conversation between them.

"Taro Yamada and Charlotte Weber… Where did I hear those names before?" Isaku wondered.

"I remembered a story about a renowned assassin coming into the Weber manor."

"Weber Manor?" Charlotte wondered. "They couldn't be talking about…"

"Yes, I remember now. Count Heinz, assassinated by an Orochi spy. And right in front of his daughter."

"I ran a namecheck when I was still in Ashfeld, that Orochi right there is no doubt the culprit behind it.

"Who would have thought that they would be meeting again like this."

Charlotte trembled at the news. Taro killed her father? He was the one who sent her spiraling into anger and revenge. He was the whole reason she trained to become the best Warden was just so that she could have her revenge on the bastard who did it. But now, she found out that the one who sent her on that path was none other than the same man whom she had a crush on. She couldn't even think of what to do as she remembered her father dying.

She remembered being bathed in his blood as she saw the sword go through his neck. When she saw the light leave her father's eyes as the cold assassin left in a hurry. But the Taro she knew wasn't like that. He was cold towards her, but she could see the well-meaning behind his actions. But then, she remembered when he fought through the mansion to save her, she saw that look, the same look she saw that assassin give her father as he plunged his sword into his neck.

She needed answers, and she needed them now. She stomps onto the elevator and presses the button. She waits anxiously as the elevator slowly rose to the penthouse as she went to the room, where she saw Taro staring off on the balcony. Charlotte immediately opens the door as Taro heard her enter. He then asked.

"So Charlotte, you're–"

Taro was interrupted as Charlotte then smacked him across the face, knocking him back. Stunned at what she did, he stayed silent as Charlotte asked.

"Back in Ashfeld, did you kill a man named Count Heinz Weber?"

Though Charlotte thought that Taro would be even more confused, his face turned serious as he wiped his mouth then stood up. He stood up and looked Charlotte straight in the eye as he slowly nodded. Charlotte trembled as her fist began to raise. She then screamed.


Charlotte then knocked Taro to the floor with a hard hook. Taro struggled to get up as Charlotte then pinned him to the floor. She then punched him again.

"WHY!?" Charlotte cried out before hitting him again. "Why. Would. You. Do. It!?"

Taro passively took the blows as his face became even more bloody and bruised.

"He was my father! You were the reason I shed blood, sweat, and tears just to train and kill you some day!"

Charlotte took a break from dealing her blows as Taro coughed a bit.

"The moment I saw your face, I knew you to be the kin of Heinz, hearing your name only confirmed my suspicions. You still had the same blue eyes that you had the night I killed your father."

Hearing that only made Charlotte angrier as she proceeded to punch Taro even harder. She was blinded by pure rage as she kept hitting at his face, never relenting for a single moment.

"Then why did you kill him!?" Charlotte snarled while still hitting him. "I deserved to know! Why did you kill a man while you knew his little daughter was watching!?"

"…Because… I was granting him… mercy…" Taro coughed out, his voice weakening.

"You killed him, where's the damn mercy in that?"

"You don't understand…" Taro said with tears running down his face. "Your father took someone away from me… Someone I loved…"

Charlotte froze at that, he loved someone before?

"It was… just… a simple reconnaissance mission… my partner… She got caught… Your father… he ordered her execution…" Taro said while gurgling and coughing a bit, trying to contain his urge to cry. "I loved her… I loved her so much… The day she died… I couldn't rest until… your father would die…"

"Get to the fucking point!" Charlotte said, trying not to act bothered that Taro was close to crying.

"I snuck into your manor… and faced your father… I swore to him that I would make him watch his loved ones die the same way I had to watch my beloved die…" Taro said while coughing some more. "When your father begged me not to, I saw you… You were staring at me with wide eyes… Knowing what was going to happen… I… didn't have the strength to hurt you, so I murdered your father instead…"

Charlotte was shocked to hear that Taro couldn't bring himself to kill her. Taro then hiccuped as weeping began to overtake his voice.

"When you first fell in love with me… I was guilty… Not because I let you get hurt… But because you fell in love with a man who killed your father…" Taro said while he was trembling. "I always pushed you away… not because I hated you… but because I could not face you… knowing you were the little girl who screamed when she was bathed in her father's blood…"

Taro then placed a shaky hand on Charlotte's shoulder as he then said.

"I saw this moment coming a long time ago… I knew that your love for me would fade the moment you knew the truth."

For some reason, that really hurt Charlotte deep inside.

"I won't even fight back… I just want you to know that… I'm sorry… that you had to see all that…" Taro said, his face bruised and battered with tears still flowing. "I won't hold it against you if you beat me senseless…"

Charlotte's anger began to fade as the image of her father's murderer turned into an image of a broken, bruised, and battered man at her mercy. A man who regretted wronging her. A man who lost the one he loved. A man who did not fight back. A man who carried a heavy burden on his conscience. A man who admitted his faults and mistakes with absolute shame. And she was beating him. Charlotte looked at her bloodstained hands, a miserable feeling of regret rising within her. She saw Taro crying as she felt a sinking feeling of remorse at what she had done. She slowly grabbed Taro and cradled him while whispering.

"Oh god… Taro… I'm so sorry…" Charlotte wept. "I-I didn't mean this… I-I…"

Charlotte then kissed Taro on the forehead.

"I love you…" Charlotte whispered as tears fell from her face as well while she held a bruised Taro in her arms.

A few hours pass and Taro and Charlotte sat on the floor, completely silent after the ordeal they just had. Taro then decided to speak up.

"Did I ever tell you the name of the woman I loved?"

"No." Charlotte said before leaning forward in interest. "Do tell."

"Ayano Aishi." Taro smiled.

Charlotte took a moment to think on that before she realized whom he was talking about. She looked at him with wide eyes as Taro simply smiled and nodded.

"I still love her Charlotte, even now, I still do." Taro shrugged. "I've decided to go after her."

Charlotte was silent before she then playfully punched Taro in the shoulder.

"Do whatever the hell you want, as long as you're happy, I'm fine." Charlotte said before crossing her arms and sighing for a bit.

Taro notices the sullen look on her face as he then leaned forward and gave Charlotte a peck on the lips making her recoil in shock at what he just did.

"Just a pity kiss." Taro said cheekily. "I can't leave you with nothing now can I?"

Charlotte blushed heavily as she struggled to hide her embarrassment. Taro simply laughed and walked inside the room.

"I'll go take a shower and look for Ayano."

"Okay, see ya." Charlotte waved before she kept staring off.

This was a long day. She just found out that other warriors were sent to this world like her. She found out that Taro was her father's killer. She nearly beat him to death before coming to terms with her feelings. It was a really long day and she'd rather just rest and not think about it. But then again… She did get something memorable from all this turmoil.

Charlotte smiled as she touched her lips, the same spot where Taro had pecked her.

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