Author's Note: To anyone who has me on author alert: ..Yes, I am a secret closet Lazytown fan. :)

Anyway! I was watching Lazytown episodes on youtube and skipped ahead to season 3 and saw the episode "Who's Who" and ever since then, I had a plot bunny that wouldn't go away. At the end of the episode, you see the opposite Stephanie that Robbie made suddenly revert back into a doll. All I could think about was what would happen if that never happened? What if this opposite Stephanie remained as she was? What would happen to her? How would she impact the others' lives? And so, this fic was born. The updates will be pretty slow, since I have other fics to write. But I will update this bit by bit, if anyone is interested. I just wanted a fluffy fic that had no pairings in it, since there doesn't seem to be too many of those. That said, there will be NO PAIRINGS. It's just some cute fluff, that's all.

Anyway, the beginning of this fic takes place at the very end of Season 3, episode 5 of Lazytown, called "Who's Who" if you wanted to look it up and watch it. I didn't want to write out the entire episode, since that episode is unchanged in my story, except for the end. I'm not terribly fond of Season 3 Stephanie, so you can imagine whatever Stephanie you like best for this.

Chapter One: Two Stephanies

"She is the real Stephanie!" Robbie Rotten declared dramatically from the stage as he waved his hand with a flourish at the Stephanie he had made, as well as the dance partner he created from a random cake decoration.

All the Lazy Town kids and adults gasped as the boy suddenly reverted back to an inanimate plastic decoration. All eyes turned to the fake Stephanie, but she remained as she was with a look of slight confusion on her face, as if she didn't know what to do now.

Robbie let out an annoyed huff as Ziggy loudly declared: "This was all just a trick from Robbie Rotten! She isn't the real Stephanie!"

All the others began to chime in and Robbie crossed his arms, looking very annoyed by all of this.

"Fine!" he grumbled, "So what if it was a trick?! I am done talking about this, I'm leaving!"

With that he stalked off, leaving the bewildered opposite Stephanie behind. She looked down at the plastic man who had recently been her dance partner and scooped him up. She looked back out to the audience, but all the adults and kids were leaving, paying her no mind.

All that is, except for two people.

Sportacus had joined the real Stephanie on stage, and the two were watching the girl with uncharacteristically solemn looks on their faces.

The girl turned when she noticed them watching her, clutching the plastic man as if it were a doll.

The real Stephanie started to say something, but was distracted when Trixie called out to her.

"C'mon Stephanie! We're going to play!"

A smile lit up Stephanie's face as she smiled over at her friend.

"Coming!" she called out.

Sportacus noticed that the fake Stephanie seemed a little lost, and smiled gently at her.

"Listen," he started, but wasn't able to get any further when the fake Stephanie moved away from them.

"Leave me alone!" she shouted at the stunned Sportacus and Stephanie, as she took off running in the direction Robbie had taken.

Stephanie watched her double run away from them, her smile fading. She looked worriedly at their slightly above average hero.

"Sportacus?" she asked.

Sportacus shook his head and placed a comforting hand on Stephanie's shoulder.

"Let her go," Sportacus advised. "Robbie is the one who made her and that is probably where she went."

He let out an amused chuckle and at Stephanie's confusion, he explained his amusement.

"I hope Robbie is ready to be a dad," he said as Stephanie's eyes widened at that. "I don't think he thought his plan through when he decided to make your twin."

Stephanie's look turned thoughtful at that, as she wondered what it would be like to have Robbie as a dad.

But she didn't have long to contemplate, as her friends were calling out for her to hurry up. With a rushed "See you, Sportacus!" she raced off.

Sportacus smiled as Stephanie ran off, and he went to leave as well, so he could return to his airship. He wondered briefly what his airship computer would challenge him to next.

The opposite Stephanie ran out of the building and back into the heart of Lazy Town. She stopped by a low wall by the sports field and with a stomp of her foot, she made a big yellow lever appear. It was Robbie Rotten-sized, so it went over her head. But she was able to reach up and pull it anyway.

And just like that, she fell down a trap door and landed roughly on Robbie's lap. She was supposed to have landed on Robbie's fuzzy orange chair, but as Robbie was sitting in it..

Robbie didn't look happy when the opposite Stephanie landed in his lap, causing his arms to fly up in surprise and the consolation cake he was eating to go flying as well.

"What are you doing here?!" he asked grumpily as he shoved the opposite Stephanie away from him. She was shoved right off Robbie's lap and fell on the floor in a heap.

She shook her head and sat up, clutching the plastic man still in one hand, and with the other she brushed her hair out of her face. She looked up at Robbie solemnly.

Robbie didn't realize it, but since the real Stephanie was all smiles all the time and he made a girl that was her exact opposite, this opposite Stephanie hardly ever smiled.

"You made me," she said softly to him as she got up to her feet. "Where else would I go?"

"You aren't even real," Robbie groused, "You are just a doll! What if I take out your battery, hm?"

The opposite Stephanie took a step back from Robbie as her eyes widened in horror.


Robbie took in the horrified look on the opposite Stephanie's face and relented a little. He wasn't secretly known as a big softie for nothing.

"It is too much effort anyway!" he said with a dismissive wave of his hand. "Now go outside and leave me alone. Kids are far too noisy and I need a nap! Now go! Shoo!"

He made shooing motions at the opposite Stephanie and she hurried away, scrambling up the ladder and out of Robbie's lair.

Once she was outside, she looked around. She didn't see anyone, so she made her way back to the sports field. She saw Ziggy hurrying across it with a sack full of candy. Trixie was also with him, urging him to hurry up.

"Hey!" the opposite Stephanie called out to them.

When they both stopped and turned in her direction, she gave them her awkward smile that Robbie had taught her.

"Stephanie?" Ziggy asked in confusion. "I thought you were at Pixel's!"

"She is at Pixel's, Ziggy! That girl is the fake Stephanie!" Trixie said with a glare at the opposite Stephanie. "Don't talk to HER. Remember all the mean things she said to us? We have to get going anyway!"

With that, Trixie grabbed Ziggy's hand and dragged him off to Pixel's.

The opposite Stephanie watched them walk away solemnly. She looked down at the plastic man and set him up on the low wall, so he could watch her.

She wasn't particularly sad about being snubbed by the other kids, because she didn't know what she was missing. She never had any friends before. The only thing that came close to being her friend was her dance partner and Robbie Rotten.

The opposite Stephanie smiled her awkward smile at the plastic man. Her smile was so awkward because it wasn't an expression she was used to making.

In her mind, the plastic man was cheering her on, so she curtsied for him with a flourish and then began to sing and dance.

"Bing bang diggirigidong, funny words I sing when I am dancing!" the opposite Stephanie sang as she danced.

Even though she was supposed to be the complete opposite of the real Stephanie, she actually liked singing and dancing, and her favorite color was pink, with purple a close second.

She flashed a more genuine smile at the plastic man, since she was having fun now.

"Bing bang diggirigidong silly words that can mean anything!" she continued singing. "Get on up it's time to dance, yeah, it's so much fun being up on our feet!"

As she continued dancing for her audience of one, her singing drew the attention of Sportacus, who could hear her singing all the way up in his airship.

"Door!" he called out.

A door opened up on the side of his ship and he flipped over to it, walking out on his hands on the platform that protruded from his airship. Since he was an above average hero, he didn't worry about falling. Flexing his arms, he pushed himself up into the air, flipping back onto his feet. He grabbed his telescope and looked out at his beloved Lazy Town. After a bit of searching, he saw Stephanie singing and dancing.

Wait.. was it Stephanie?

He saw she was singing for the little plastic cake decoration and realized it was the other Stephanie. It really was amazing, she sounded and looked exactly like the real Stephanie.

This was the part of the dance where Sportacus would jump up and do a split in midair, but since he wasn't there, the opposite Stephanie jumped up and did it herself.

"Wow!" Sportacus said, looking impressed.

As she landed, the opposite Stephanie continued to sing.

"So we go up up move around," she sang as she spun around and then started clapping, "and clap your hands together!"

She finished clapping and spun around again.

"Down down turn around, having fun is what it's all about!"

Instead of finishing the dance with Sportacus as the real Stephanie might have done, she just curtsied again for the plastic man.

"Thank you, thank you!" she said happily to his pretend cheers.

She walked over to the plastic man and picked him up off the low wall.

"I don't need anyone else as long as I have you," she told him confidentially.

Back on his airship, Sportacus frowned.

"She doesn't have any friends to play with," he said to himself. "And that isn't right. Every child needs friends."

With a decisive nod, he flipped back into his airship and set the telescope down by the doorway, as the door closed itself. He did a handspring and then a forward flip into the seat for his airship. Using his leg muscles to get the airship moving, he began to pedal super fast, moving the airship more over by Pixel's house.

Once it was in position, Sportacus stood at a special spot on his floor.

"Down!" he called out as the floor began to move down. It stopped after a short distance, so then Sportacus called out for his ladder.

The rope ladder fell as a panel opened up on the floor of his airship and he easily reached over and climbed down, jumping off of it once he got close enough to the ground.

Soon he was bursting into Pixel's house, where the kids were all playing video game soccer. They were so caught up in their game that they didn't notice Sportacus bursting in.

"C'mon Ziggy!" Stephanie cried out as one of the characters on the screen raced to one of the goals with the soccer ball. The player went for the shot, but it was blocked by the goalie.

"That ball is MINE!" Stingy declared gleefully as his player on the screen gloated by doing a victory dance.

"Ohhh," the kids all groaned in disappointment.

"Hey guys," Sportacus said, making the kids jump and Ziggy squeal like a little girl in surprise. "I need your help with something."

"What is it Sportacus?" Stephanie asked as she turned to face him. She loved helping Sportacus out whenever she could.

"It's a surprise! Meet me out on the sports field right away." he flashed them all a dazzling smile as his bright blue eyes twinkled merrily.

And in a flash, he was gone.

"Let's go help Sportacus!" Ziggy said eagerly, recovering from his earlier scare.

"Yeah!" Stephanie exclaimed eagerly.

"But.. But.. my game.." Pixel protested weakly as the other kids raced off.

Stephanie paused in rushing off and gave her friend an impatient look.

"Come on Pixel! Maybe Sportacus wants to play real soccer!"

Pixel sighed at his game as he turned it off and put his computer in sleep mode. But he perked up as he thought about playing outside with his friends.

The kids all stopped short near the sports field however, as they saw the opposite Stephanie playing there. She had set up the plastic man again and he was watching her kick a soccer ball around.

The kids were all impressed against their will as this Stephanie tried to do Sportacus' trick of flipping and kicking a soccer ball in midair into the goal.

Unfortunately, her timing was off and she kept missing the ball.

"Come ON!" she shouted angrily as she missed yet again and landed on her feet.

The ball bounced off one of the goal posts and rolled back to her. She swung out angrily with her foot and kicked it hard, square into the goal.

"Whoa, she's good!" Ziggy whispered to the others.

Sportacus had been standing nearby, and he walked onto the sports field.

"Why don't we all play a game of soccer?" he asked all the kids.

The opposite Stephanie whirled around at the sound of his voice and she saw all the kids there, including the real Stephanie.

As the real Stephanie took in the startled look on the opposite Stephanie's face, she remembered how the opposite Stephanie had yelled at her and Sportacus.

Sportacus gave the opposite Stephanie a friendly smile.

"Soccer is more fun with friends to play with," he said to her.

The opposite Stephanie didn't return Sportacus' smile as her gaze moved from him and to the other kids. Most of them were scowling at her, except for the real Stephanie who had a smile that matched Sportacus'.

The opposite Stephanie looked back at Sportacus.

"I don't have any friends," she told him matter-of-factly. "And I don't want to be friends with them."

"I told you she was mean!" Trixie declared in the background, as Sportacus ignored her.

"Everyone needs friends," Sportacus said to her. "Even you. Aren't you lonely all by yourself?"

The opposite Stephanie gave an indifferent shrug at this.

"I'm always by myself."

The real Stephanie frowned a bit at this. This was all wrong, and so sad!

"What about Robbie Rotten?" she asked the opposite Stephanie. "Doesn't he play with you? He made you, right? So he's like your dad."

The opposite Stephanie frowned at the real Stephanie. What a little know-it-all.

"He's taking a nap, and he only made me today. He told me to come outside because kids are too noisy."

She left out the part where he threatened to remove her battery. They didn't need to know about that.

She also wasn't sure what to think about Robbie being her dad. She tilted her head in confusion.

"What's a dad?" she asked.

"Wow, you don't know anything!" Trixie said with a snicker. "Didn't Robbie give you any brains?"

Before the opposite Stephanie could say anything however, Sportacus stepped in.

"Trixie, that's enough! That was a very mean thing to say. I want you to apologize to.. to.. ah.." he faltered and looked over at the opposite Stephanie for help.

"Stephanie," she supplied for him.

"Ah," he said a little sheepishly. "But there is already a Stephanie."

The opposite Stephanie shrugged.


"Oh! Oh! I know!" Ziggy said eagerly. "We can call her Stephanie Two!"

The opposite Stephanie crossed her arms.

"It's just Stephanie," she told Ziggy with a frown.

The real Stephanie spoke up.

"It's ok, we can figure out what to call her later. Let's all play soccer!" she looked at the opposite Stephanie. "Do you know how to play?"

"Duh," the opposite Stephanie said as she rolled her eyes.

Trixie frowned at her.

"How do you know how to play soccer, but you don't know what a dad is?"

The opposite Stephanie shrugged at this.

"Well, come on!" the real Stephanie said.

She walked over and grabbed the soccer ball and brought it out into the middle of the field and dropped it to the ground. She kicked it over to Sportacus, who kicked it expertly over to the opposite Stephanie.

She looked surprised that Sportacus would pass her the ball like that, but she didn't have long to ponder this as Ziggy began jumping eagerly.

"Oh! Oh! Stephanie Two! I'm open!" he cried as he waved his arms around for emphasis.

The opposite Stephanie looked over at the eager Ziggy and sighed. She reluctantly kicked the ball over to him and he immediately tried kicking it over to Pixel. Unfortunately, he didn't hit the ball in the middle and it flew off toward the low wall, hitting the plastic man hard and knocking him off the wall.

"NO!" the opposite Stephanie cried out in alarm and raced over to the wall. She grabbed it and jumped right over, landing on the other side.

She bent down and scooped up the plastic man in her arms, who now had one arm missing.

The other kids all stared at her, since this was the most emotion they had ever seen from this Stephanie.

The opposite Stephanie hugged the plastic man to herself and sent a hurt look over at Ziggy, who was startled to see she had tears in her eyes.

"You broke him," she said accusingly to Ziggy.

"Oh gosh, I'm sorry!" Ziggy said, looking very sorry. "It was an accident!"

Sportacus started to say something helpful, but was interrupted as Robbie came stomping over.

"What is all this noise?!" he shouted angrily at them all. "How can I get any sleep with all of you running and shouting?!"

Taking no mind of Robbie's shouting, the opposite Stephanie scooped up the plastic man's arm from the ground too and hurried over to Robbie. She held out the plastic man to Robbie sadly.

"Ziggy broke him," she told Robbie in a wobbly voice.

Robbie looked startled to be addressed by Stephanie for a moment, before he remembered that this annoying girl was the opposite Stephanie he had made.

He huffed and glared down at her.

"And what do you expect me to do about it?"

He looked at the plastic man and sneered.

"That is not even a toy, that is a cake decoration!"

The opposite Stephanie took a step back from Robbie, as if he had slapped her. Tears spilled down her cheeks as she held the plastic man to herself.

Robbie noticed how upset she was and paused.. He hadn't meant to sound so mean about it.

"I think Robbie meant to say that he would help you fix it," Sportacus said with a pointed look at Robbie.

"Fine, fine!" Robbie said, although he didn't sound quite as annoyed as before. He snatched the plastic man away from the opposite Stephanie, and made sure he had the broken arm too. "I have some glue back at the lair," he told her.

The opposite Stephanie immediately stopped crying and perked up.


Robbie waved a hand dismissively at her.

"Yeah, yeah. Don't get your shirt in a twist, little girl."

He started to say something else, but was cut off as the opposite Stephanie flung her arms around him, hugging him tight.

"Thank you," she said softly to him.

Robbie harrumphed and shoved her away from him.

"Just be quieter! After I glue this.. this.. decoration I need a nap!"

The opposite Stephanie didn't look phased at having her hug rejected and she nodded wiping the last of her tears away.

"Okay," she said agreeably to Robbie. "Can I have him back when he's fixed?"

"No," Robbie said bluntly to her. "The glue has to dry. Now go do little girl things and be quiet!"

With a glare at Sportacus as surely all this was his fault, he stomped back off to his lair grumpily.

The opposite Stephanie watched him walk away, and then looked back at the others.

"Why don't we play some more soccer?" Sportacus suggested, but the opposite Stephanie shook her head.

"We have to be quiet," she told him seriously and then glared at Ziggy, who recoiled away from the glare. Stephanie had never looked at him like that before, and it was disconcerting. "And I don't want to play with you," she said harshly to Ziggy.

With one last glare at them all, she flounced off.

"I didn't mean to," Ziggy said sadly.

"We know Ziggy," Stephanie said consolingly to him. "It was an accident."

"Stephanie Two hates me now," Ziggy said, still sounding sad.

"She doesn't hate you Ziggy," Sportacus said. "She is upset that her toy got broken. You heard her say she was made today. I don't think she is very good at interacting with other people yet. We should give her some time to cool off."

"Ok Sportacus," Ziggy sighed, still feeling terrible.

The opposite Stephanie had flounced away, and without her little plastic man to play with, she felt a little.. lonely. She wasn't aware she was feeling lonely though. She just knew that it felt strange to be without him.

As she passed under a tree, she heard a soft mew. She looked up to see a dark colored kitten stuck in some tree branches. The branch was high over her head, but that didn't bother her.

She wandered over to the tree house which was nearby, and borrowed the ladder for it. She took it back to the tree the kitten was in and propped it up against the tree. Then she easily climbed it and rescued the kitten, which started purring when she pet it.

She gently set him down on the ground and told him to be more careful. Then she put the ladder back at the tree house and climbed up inside. She found a hand held telescope and used that to spy out the window for awhile.

After a bit, she saw that the other kids were going back to their homes for lunch. Even Sportacus was heading back to his airship.

Deciding she should do the same, the opposite Stephanie climbed down from the tree house. She looked around for the kitten as she walked, but she didn't see him.

Unfortunately, walking around while distracted is dangerous in Lazy Town, as she missed the sign of the lazy construction worker and fell into the hole that never seemed to get filled. She pouted at being stuck in a dumb hole and tried to jump up, but she couldn't reach the top of the hole.

As she wondered how long she was going to be stuck there, Sportacus' crystal started beeping.

She eyed the top of the hole again and bent down. She paused as if she were a spring that was tightly coiled and then jumped as high as she could and for a second, she was able to grasp some of the grass. But then her grip slipped and she fell back down into the hole, landing awkwardly on her ankle.

As she sat there miserably in the dirt, she heard mewing and saw the stray kitten was trapped in the hole too. The opposite Stephanie gently picked the kitten up and hugged him to her, while her ankle throbbed.

While the opposite Stephanie was stuck in the hole, Sportacus had come down from his airship and was looking around in confusion. His crystal had informed him that Stephanie was in trouble, but after a closer inspection of it, he discovered that it was Stephanie but not quite Stephanie, which meant that it must have been the other Stephanie that was really in trouble.

And now he couldn't even find her! There wasn't a trace of any kids around, since they were all still eating lunch.

After looking around a little more and not finding anything, Sportacus decided to go do something he hardly ever did: visit Robbie in his lair. Sportacus did a series of flips, handsprings and cartwheels to get to the entrance of Robbie's lair. The lid to the hatch that lead to Robbie's lair always gave Robbie trouble since it was so heavy, but Sportacus easily lifted it, thanks to the fruit he had for lunch.

Instead of climbing down the ladder, he just jumped in and did a flip to land. He expected to find Robbie sound asleep in his fuzzy orange chair, but instead he found Robbie muttering to himself, while holding.. a needle and thread?

Robbie had apparently glued the little plastic decoration back together, since it was sitting up on a table that that mysterious things in beakers. Sportacus quietly drew closer to Robbie's chair, to hear what Robbie was muttering about.

Robbie was seated in his orange and fuzzy chair, with purple cloth in his lap while he grumbled to himself.

Sportacus caught a few words like "annoying girl" and "too much trouble" and felt a smile tugging at his lips. Apparently Robbie was taking his new parental duties seriously and was sewing something for the other Stephanie.

But his smile soon faded when he caught site of his still flashing crystal. Right. He needed help to find her and save her from whatever trouble she was in.

So Sportacus stepped right up by Robbie and cleared his throat to catch Robbie's attention. He also stifled a laugh at Robbie's girlie shriek.

"I'm sorry Robbie, I didn't mean to startle you," Sportacus said while trying to keep a straight face.

Robbie took a moment to let his racing heart calm down from his fright, and then he flung his sewing aside and stood up.

"You!" he shouted while pointing an accusing finger at Sportacus. "Out! OUT!"

Sportakook was not allowed in his lair! How dare he sneak in while Robbie was practically almost taking a nap and definitely NOT doing anything girlie like sewing!

"Robbie, have you seen your Stephanie?" Sportacus asked while ignoring Robbie's shouting. He was more than used to Robbie yelling at him.

"M-my..?!" Robbie spluttered at that. She wasn't his! That Stephanie was just a doll he brought to life!

He pretended not to notice the mended cake decoration or the sewing that was now on the floor.

"She isn't- " he started to protest, but Sportacus cut him off.

"My crystal started flashing and it's telling me that your Stephanie is in trouble." Sportacus said hurriedly.

That made Robbie pause in mid-sentence.


What sort of trouble could a doll get into?

"Trouble?" Robbie scoffed. "What trouble could she be in? Besides, I left her with those other noisy kids."

Then he narrowed his eyes at Sportacus.

"And you! Are you telling me you lost a little girl?!"

Sportacus looked flustered at Robbie's accusing tone.

"She didn't want to play with Ziggy or the other children after her toy got broken. I thought she needed some time to cool down."

Robbie sneered at what he considered to be Sportacus' lame excuse.

"She couldn't have gone far!" Robbie said as he frowned at the blue elf.

"Everyone left for lunch and the next thing I knew, my crystal was flashing." Sportacus said impatiently. "We're wasting time! I need to find her and it will go faster if you help."

He finished by giving Robbie a look.

Robbie would never admit it, but the thought of the opposite Stephanie in some sort of trouble made him feel..

No! He was not concerned! No way. No how!



Maybe -

Robbie rolled his eyes and gave an indignant huff.

"..Fine! But only so you get out of my lair!

Author's Note: Ok, I can practically hear you all saying "But she's a robot/android, she can't cry real tears OR have a throbbing sprained ankle!" And my response to that is that it will be explained in the next chapter. It's just that this seemed like a good stopping place. And don't worry, Opposite Stephanie will get a real name all her own, and will not be "Stephanie Two."

That said, I could use some help with a name for her. I do have one in mind, but it's not very original. I was thinking of something more traditional for her name, since I noticed the kids all have semi-strange names except for Stephanie. Since the opposite Stephanie is not a puppet and a real human, then I thought she should also have a non-strange name. Anyway, let me know what you guys thought of this and if I should continue it.