Jessie was a year old girl with black hair and blue eyes. Her skin was a dark white from her being a gypsy. She walked down an alley way searching for her mother.

"Mommy!" Cried Jessie.

Jessie looked around and saw a dead woman lying on the ground dead. She ran over to the deceased woman to bury her head in her stomach. Another gypsy woman came up behind Jessie.

"Jessie! There you are! Oh no, Jamie!" Yelled the gypsy woman.

Jessie looked at the gypsy woman with tears in her eyes. The woman looked down at Jessie with sadness.

"Jenny! She's dead!" Cried Jessie.

Jenny picked up Jessie and walked out of the alley way. She went over to a camp. She went to her tent and laid down with Jessie.

"Jessie. We'll be leaving tomorrow." Whispered Jenny.

Jessie looked up at Jenny with confusion. Jenny's sister Magda walked inside.

"We're headed to Collinsport." Added Magda, seeing the child's face.

Jessie nodded and laid her head down on Jenny's shoulder.

"We lost Jamie." Said Jenny to her sister.

Magda looked at Jessie with a pained look. She felt sorrow for the child.

"We can take care of her until she turns fourteen." Replied Madga.

Jenny nodded and soon fell asleep, so did Jessie.