19 years later

Jessie walked out of Collinwood with Jenny. She was angry with her father as she walked with her mother.

"I can't believe dad left us! He doesn't even know about the twins!" Yelled Jessie in anger.

Jenny calmed her daughter down and hugged her. Jessie looked at her and wrapped her arms around her.

"Don't worry. He'll come back and when he does I get full custody on the twins." Stated Jenny.

Jessie looked at her mother with a nod. She still felt anger within her.

"You should have left him a long time ago." Growled Jessie.

Jenny nodded and kept walking with her daughter. She wrapped her arm around Jessie.

"I'm so glad to have you." Smiled Jenny.

Jenny and Jessie made their way over to Magda's tent. Magda sat in her tent with her cards and she slowly lifted her head to look at them.

"Greetings Jenny. Jessie." Said Magda.

Jessie hugged her aunt and sat down across the table. She fidgeted her thumbs with Boredom.

"You bored over there?" Wondered Jenny.

Jessie nodded and sat up. She didn't want to seem rude, so she let out a smile. Magda let out a smile. Her eyes shining at her niece with appreciation. A young man walked in and looked at Jessie.

"Hi Astride." Smiled Jessie.

Astride waved his hand and walked over to her. She let out a smile.

"Can I talk to you alone please?" He asked, looking at Jessie.

Jessie nodded and they walked outside. Astride looked at her with a smile.

"I wanted to talk to you about us. I want to know what our future holds." He said, looking at her belly.

Jessie looked at him with anger. She stepped back away from him as soon as he said that.

"I'm not pregnant and I never want to be." Jessie replied with a hiss.

Astride looked at Jessie, also angry. He grabbed her and held her closer to him.

"So you expect me to keep my hands off you and act as if it's okay. I thought we were going to travel the mountains." He spat.

Jessie tried to push away, but she got her head closer to his. She kissed him deeply with love and passion. Astride held her head and slid his tongue in her mouth. Jessie pushed away from him.

"Our plan to travel will never be put off. I want to travel with you for the rest of our lives. Later we can try for a baby." She told him.

Astride smiled and kissed her quickly this time. They went their separate ways, smiling.