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When Otabek Altin rescued Yuri Plisetsky from his rabid fangirls, the younger actor did not think they had anything in common. However, it turned out, they had acted together three years ago.

'I don't remember that.' Yuri said, frowning when Otabek told him.

'Remember that scene in The Tiger of Fairyland where your character got bullied by his classmates for his obsession with fairies? And an older student rescued him.'

'Of course.' Yuri said. Tiger of Fairyland was Yuri's breakthrough film. He was all of ten when he played a young boy, who found his way to Fairyland and became its protector.

'I was that kid.'


'Yes. Yuri, I remember you from the sets. You had the eyes of a soldier.'

'A soldier?' Yuri had never been called that before.

'So, are you going to be friends with me, or not?'


'We are co-stars after all. It would do us good if we share a friendly relationship off-screen as well.'

Yuri nodded. He took the Kazakh's hand. He had never been asked to be friends with anyone before.

Y.K was confused.

On one hand, he missed home. He missed his family. He missed the few friends he had.

On the other hand, he liked Vitya. Vitya was nice to him. Not to mention, he was gorgeous.

He was a mysterious man, though. He revealed next to nothing about himself. Y.K felt he knew Chihoko better than he knew Vitya.

Vitya frowned.

Who was this Chihoko?

Was she Y.K's girlfriend? Or an ex-girlfriend?

No. Y.K should be Vitya's. And no one else's.

He wrote a review Who the fuck is Chihoko? Y.K is Vitya's!

He regretted it as soon he sent the review. What had come over him to act so immature? He was twenty-seven, not twelve. The writer had the right to ship whoever they wanted.

Sighing, he wrapped his arms around Makkachin and lay down.

Yuuri's parents had welcomed him with open arms. The only one who recognized him was Yuuri's older sister, but it turned out even she did not know how big he was.

He fell asleep. When he awoke, he realized he was famished.

He was surprised to see that Yuuri was there in the room, along with an older woman.

'I am hungry.' he said. 'Is there anything to eat?'

'What do you want?' Yuuri asked.

'What is your favorite?' Viktor asked. Yuuri smiled.

The woman introduced herself as Minako, Yuuri's ballet teacher.

So the cutie did ballet too? He sure was a bag of surprises.

Yuuri's mother served him a delicious looking dish. 'This is katsudon.' she said. 'Pork cutlet bowls. It is Yuuri's favorite.'



That fanfic writer's pen name was Katsudon_lover.

Did that mean that they were Japanese as well? Or maybe they just liked Japanese food.

'Vkusno!' he cried, digging into the delicious dish.

Yuuri did not know whether to laugh or to cry when he saw v_nikiforov's review.

He had added the name Chihoko as an inside joke. It was a parody of Sachihoko, a statue of a fish in Hasetsu.


Shit! Yuuri cursed on hearing Viktor's voice. He can't come in here.

He quickly locked his door, and removed all the Vitya posters he had and hid them under his bed.

'Yuuri!' Viktor said. 'Let's go ice-skating.'

'Wow!' Yuuri exclaimed, when Viktor did a triple axel. 'I didn't know you could do that by yourself.'

'I usually use a stunt double for triple jumps. However, I can do it on my own as well.' Viktor winked. 'Not a lot of people know this, but I had attained fourth place in the Junior Grand Prix twelve years ago. '

'Really?' How did I not know that?

'Yes,' Viktor said. 'Yuuri, I was bought up by a TV actress mother and a figure skater father. I grew up with a keen interest in both acting and skating, and I was torn between the two. When I qualified for the Junior Grand Prix final, I vowed that I would focus on skating if I won a medal. Unfortunately-or fortunately-Chris had 0.13 points more than me, and I missed the bronze. Soon after that, I landed the role of Vitya, and that settled things.

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