****The Pack's airship

"Why did you just make us leave like that?" Jackal demanded, "If Xanatos hadn't cheated I'd've gotten him to tell me where that damn Grail is!"

"Don't yell!" Wolf growled with a heavy groan, having finally regained consciousness and nursed his aching head like he had the world's worst migraine, "But yeah, if whoever shot me hadn't shown up I would've beaten that chicken garg and the fatso."

"I know I almost succeed in gaining the prize," Darius boasted while trying not to yak again into a vomit bag, "If not for that old human sorcerer's storm spells I would have won. I must find out who he truly is."

Lilith just glared coldly at the motley team as they complained to finally say with the same razor sharp cold tone, "Because many of you are disappointing failures."

They just went silent and stared at her.

"You are disorganized, undisciplined, and unruly," she continued, "More interested in your own personal antagonizing rivalries than the true goal, not seeing the big picture. Clearly several of you need more training to learn to work together."

"And you just had us flee like a bunch of cowards," Wolf accused, but lost his boldness as Lilith glared at him in her ever calculating coldness.

"If it hasn't become obvious to your little animal brain yet, we are not fleeing. This is only a tactical retreat to regroup and reorganize. We also have the location of the Holy Grail, but for now if Xanatos thinks we have no interest in it, he will lose interest and that leaves more time and resources for Thailog to find it first. Or Xanatos will lead a future expedition to it and Thailog with lead his own in a competitive race for it; either way, another win/win for Thailog against his enemies."

The males of her team just looked at each other with doubtful looks, but remained quiet the rest of the way back to Manhattan in the cloaked airship.

****Macbeth's airship

Macbeth skillfully piloted his airship while his friends and allies tended to their wounds with his limited supply of med kits, much of it used on poor Bronx as Broadway did his best to clean his wounds and comfort the beast. Nick even gave Bronx comforting pets, making him coo and his stubby tail wag in small circles.

"Could it be we looked on the wrong island, or the wrong side of this continent?" Arthur questioned, "Do you anything about the Holy Grail, Nick?"

"I'm afraid I only know the Holy Grail as being part of the Arthurian legends from Western Europe when I studied at Harvard," Nick said, "Since I became Chieftain I've had to restudy the history and stories of my own people. It's funny, Raven wasn't always such a jerk when I first faced him, some stories say he was more benevolent to the People by bringing them the Sun and Moon from the Sky Chief, and even created the first berries and salmon. Then again he is still a trickster."

"We're no strangers to tricksters, Nick," Xanatos said, "And don't worry, Arthur, I still have plans to search Oak Island in the future. If it's there, we'll find it."

"Your name is Arthur and you're searching for the Holy Grail?" Nick questioned with an intrigued raised eyebrow, "That's quite the coincidence."

"Indeed, because I am he, King Arthur Pendragon."

"And I'm Macbeth, if we're doing introductions. And yes, the one and the same from the play, and no, it isn't even accurate."

Nick momentarily went wide eyed, but just smiled bemusedly as he said, "Hardly anything surprises me anymore since I first met Goliath and his friends back home and discovered my true heritage."

He gave a glance to Alonso as he said, "And I suppose you're Merlin."

He just chuckled, "No, but I was a wizard once."

"Indeed," Othello stated low with clear suspicion as he eyed Alonso, "Who are you really?"

"That will be revealed at another time, Mr. Othello," Alonso said calmly, "For now I'm concern about our injuries as well as those hoodlums appearing on the island, too. I shouldn't be surprised dark forces are also after the Grail."

"Neither should I," Arthur said low, "for it has plagued me and my friends since the beginning of this Quest."

"When are we going to talk about the elephant in the room?" Broadway said in loud frustration, "And no fat jokes, I've been exercising."

Everyone was just silent for a long moment till Goliath rumbled thoughtfully, "Yes, he means that female called Lilith, no doubt a clone of Demona, and what could only be a clone of Bronx."

"She called it Anaheim," Othello stated.

"That beast didn't exactly act like he was from the Happiest Place on Earth in my book," Griff quipped, but few gave low snickers.

"And then there was the sword woman that fought Macbeth and I," Arthur remarked, "I might've overheard someone refer to her as Vixen."

"Sounds like Thailog found a new member for the Ultra Pack," Xanatos commented as he grunted from aches and cramps in his ribs and arms.

"It is obvious Thailog not only has many of our old enemies in his employ, but new ones we must now deal with," Goliath stated hard, "but I also can't help but wonder what Coldsteel was talking about during our own fight."

"I say it again, Brother," Othello asserted, "it's merely one of his deceptions, as he has always been deceptive. I think Elisa would say he's as slimy as eel, and just as slippery."

"Perhaps you are right, Othello," Goliath said with a tired sigh, "but we should tell everyone when we get home and go over what we know. I have a feeling this is far from over."

"I'm worried how this'll effect Angela," Broadway said with glum worry, "And I'm worried about Bronx, no doubt Hudson won't leave his side while Yin and the new doctor take a look at him. I just hope they can help him."

"I believe we could all do with a healer's touch before sunrise," Othello grunted low as he touched at his tender nose.

The rest of the ride was thick with exhausted silence with few words exchanged, the heavy experience and implications of the future still fresh on everyone's minds.

End of episode 14