My 23rd Fanfic and I'm not really sure where I'm going with it...

You don't see a lot of Abused!Spock around the place, and I've had this idea circulating in my head for a while now, so I decided to post it...

It's an AU, set before Jim, aged 22, becomes a Starfleet captain and Spock, aged 17, hasn't been assigned to a Starship yet. Spock is in an abusive house with an abusive finacé and finally packs up and runs away. Jim, on the other hand, kind of maybe possibly accidently stole a ship with Bones, Uhura, Sulu, Scotty and Chekov, and now they're running for their lives. And, conveniently I know, Jim and Spock meet in a pub.

Updates will be sporadic and uneven and irregular and who knows what else, but THIS FIC WILL BE COMPLETED!

I have never abandoned a fanfic and I don't plan on starting now!

Have fun!

Rachel :D

Spock has always been surrounded by pain. Abuse from his father, abuse from his future husband, and abuse from his fellow classmates has been the norm for him as long as he can remember. Too human for Vulcans, yet too Vulcan for humans, and considered 'too pretty' for either race, he has never really fit in, and eventually- He snaps. Hitchhiking across the galaxy had never really been a dream of his, but hey, you can't be picky while on the run.

James T. Kirk (and ever-suffering-best-friend Leonard 'Bones' McCoy) was adamant on having one last year of freedom before getting stationed on a Starship. Hitchhiking across the galaxy had always been a dream of his, after all. Accidentally stealing a small ship and running away with a group of misfits and rebels, however, was not.

So when one run-away-Spock is saved by one run-away-Jim in a desolate bar in the middle of the universe, it's only natural that they should join up. up./p