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Author's Note: I know that Depth Charge is the only one who appeared in the true Transformers series. Besides, I was inspired by his techspecs and he was my favourite character in Beast Wars. He will have a different personality, so don't worry about that.

IMPORTANT: Beware of characters deaths in this chapter.

Chapter 2: Predacons Terrorise!!!


It was peaceful in the Earth Autobot Forces HQ. Optimus Prime was reading a book Koji gave to him ( which was for him a mini mini roman ) and T-AI was busy scanning the Earth and the solar system.

Optimus Prime was fascinated by the book. He liked the very idea of it, it was. . .magical. A perfect way to escape the harsh reality. T-AI yawned at the boring job. She may be the Earth Tactical AI, but she was programmed with the mind of a 15 years old girl and she wanted some excitement.

,,Nothing. . .nothing again. How boring." Said T-AI, almost dazing in. Optimus Prime snickered and said: ,,Nice and quiet day, right T-AI?" ,,At least you have something to do, sir." Says T-AI while she kept staring at the screen.

Optimus Prime then came across another frustration: turning pages. He could read the small print, but turning pages was a regular nightmare for him. This time, it was T-AI's turn to snicker.

Then the screens bleeped. T-AI looked up, and checked the screen. Something was coming straight at first, with doubled Transwarp speed. T-AI accessed the Autobot Space Radar and looked to the screen. Then she saw what it was, and she couldn't believe it.

,,Oh, no. Please, don't let this be true." She ran regular system checks, until she was absolutely certain what it was. Optimus Prime could finally get rid of his reading-frenzy and looked at T-AI. ,,T-AI, what's the matter?" ,,We got a hostile Predacon warship coming straight at Earth!"

,,WHAT!?!" Said Optimus Prime shocked. He ran to T-AI to look at the screen. ,,No! It can't be him! How could he escape from Cybertron!?!" Yelled Optimus Prime.

T-AI requested data, and said: ,,This isn't Galvatron, sir. The enemy ship has been identified as the Dark Side warship." ,,Onyx Primal!?! But he was killed in the Beast Wars!" ,,That were only rumours, sir." Said T-AI scared.

Then she picked up another ship. ,,Now what?" She scanned the ship and identified it. ,,It is the Axalon 2!" ,,What in the name of Primus is going on around here!?!" Says Prime angered.

He turned to T-AI and said: ,,T-AI, alert all of the Autobots! Spy Changers, Build Team, Autobot Brothers, Team Bullet Train, EVERY ONE! Code Red! Scatter them all around the globe, and order them to stay in a GROUP! I'll go and get Dr. Onishi and Koji!"

T-AI was surprised at that last sentence. ,,But why, sir?" ,,Because I don't want another fiasco like with Megatron! This time we know that they're coming, and I don't want them to know the location of the Energon reserves!" Said Optimus Prime while he walked to the Space Bridge. T-AI saluted and began the emergency protocol.


The Dark Side soared trough the solar system, flying straight trough the very core of Jupiter. Inside, Shokaract yelled with excitement as the ship was struck by the extreme lightning that raged inside the Red Spot.

Undead Tarantulas was also excited. He laughed like a maniac while the ship was slowly being torn down by the lightning. Tripredacus Agent rolled with his eyes and asked to Onyx Primal: ,,Sir, why do we need to fly trough this stupid planet?" Onyx Primal snorted and said: ,,Don't ask me. Shokaract's the pilot of this ship." Onyx Primal yawned and fell in sleep.

Thrustol couldn't believe his optics when Onyx Primal fell asleep. ,,How can he sleep? This entire ship is being wrecked!" Said Thrustol surprised. Rapticon shrugged and said: ,,Don't worry. We're out of here in 3 nanocycles."

Thrustol wanted to argue that, but then the ship flew out of Jupiter. Thrustol smiles and said: ,,Well, guess you're right." Then he noticed that Rapticon was STILL in Beast Mode. ,,Don't you ever Terrorise?" Asked Thrustol curious. Rapticon looked at his claws and said: ,,I prefer this mode."

A door opened, and Fractyl stumbled in. Tripredacus Agent growled and said: ,,Took you long enough. What was keeping you?" ,,Am. . .space sick." Said Fractyl, and he rushed back to the bathrooms. Rapticon growled in disgust and said: ,,He doesn't even deserve the right to be a Dinobot."

Then Onyx Primal jumped up and ran to a screen. The Predacons looked in surprise, as Onyx Primal was busy smashing buttons. ,,Computer, scan this solar system!" Hacking Autobot satellites. Complete. Enemy ship detected. Identified as the Axalon 2. ,,BLAST IT!" Said Onyx Primal furious.

He turned to Shokaract and said: ,,Set the Transwarp engines on 75% power! NOW!!!" ,,But sir! That way, we're going to crash into the Earth's moon! If we're lucky, that is!" Said Shokaract shocked. ,,I DON'T CARE!!!" Roared Onyx Primal. He turned to Thrustol and said: ,,Make yourself useful and release the stasis pods!"

,,But sir! How about the general? If we release him, then all of our efforts will be for nothing!" Protested Thrustol. Onyx Primal grabbed a plasma rifle and aimed it at Thrustol's head, scaring the dinosaur out of his metallic skin. ,,If you want to keep that pretty face, then do it!"

The Dinobot nodded and pushed a few buttons. Within mere seconds, 4 stasis pods were ejected and flew towards every corner of the solar system. Onyx Primal smiled satisfied and said: ,,Don't worry. We will get them back."

Cryotek gritted his teeth when he saw that the stasis pods were ejected. He thought about bailing the ship and retrieve them, but it would be too dangerous. -If I would do that, then I would blow my cover. Damn it!-

,,Transwarp Drive at 76% power! Stabilisers 89%!" Commanded Lio Convoy. Arcee slammed the buttons and the ship's drives burst out with new live. The ship blasts away, straight at the Dark Side.

,,Blast them into the pit!" Ordered Onyx Primal when he noticed the closing in Maximals. The Mega Cannons were activated and started blasting at the Axalon 2.

Lio Convoy grabbed the controls again and dodged the lasers, throwing the Maximals around the ship. ,,Hey! Never heard of nice and quite, Lio Bot?" Said Packrat frustrated.

The 2 ships continued blasting at each other. They flied over moons and lost shots created new craters. The crew of the ships were all busy with their tasks, firing one cannon after another.

Lio Convoy could feel how Onyx Primal wanted to do, and Onyx Primal felt what Lio Convoy was doing. The 2 ships flew over each other, lasers bouncing between them. ,,AARGH!!! Raise Sentinel!" ,,Activate the Mega Cannons!"

The 2 ships activated their specialities, and the results weren't pretty. The weapons caused a large explosion inbetween the ships, and they were slingshotted towards Earth, both following a different path.


,,Wow! Look at 'em go!" Said Side Burn when he saw the disastrous explosion. Prowl nodded, and said: ,,Yes, my brother. But the chances one survival are 75%, so we can apprehend them without placing them in a CR chamber first."

,,Oh, shaddup Prowl." Said X-Brawn annoyed, while he continued to stare at the screen. T-AI checked the screens again, and said: ,,Their courses are set. The Axalon 2 is flying towards the Atlantic Ocean. The Dark Side is flying straight at to Earth's moon."

Optimus Prime nodded and said: ,,Alright, Autobots! Take the Global Spacebridge and go to the Atlantic Ocean!" ,,Yes sir!" All Autobots chorused, except for one. ,,Why should I?" Ultra Magnus.

,,Because Onyx Primal is onboard the Dark Side!" Said Side Burn. Ultra Magnus rolled with his optics and said: ,,Yeah, right! That nerd was killed in the Beast Wars! I saw it with my own two eyes." ,,Never heard of Stasis Lock?" Asked X-Brawn. Sideburn chuckled and dodged a punch from Ultra Magnus.

T-AI's eyes grew wider when she saw the greatly increased speed of the ships. ,,It's too late for the Spacebridge! They're crashing NOW!!" Yelled T-AI. The Autobots immediately stared at the screen.


Onyx Primal opened his optics and growled. He looked around and saw that all of the Predacons were in Stasis Lock. ,,Damned asteroids. . .huh?" He then noticed the Earth's moon and cursed aloud. He jumped to the controls and slammed on the breaks.

The Dark Side came to a halt and flew over the Earth's moon. Onyx Primal sighed in relieve. ,,Now for some settlement. Activate Computer Droid!" Several metal wires came out of the ceiling. The wires twisted with each other again and again, until a solid shape stood before Onyx Primal.

Yes, commander? Asked the computer droid. It was a green droid, with silver wires on several places and it had some kind of yellow eyeball as it's head. Onyx Primal nodded, and said: ,,Alpha, reactivate the Predacons and track the Maximal ship."

Alpha nodded and began his work. He changed into a bunch of metal wires again, and went from one Predacon to another. Alpha then regained his solid mode. Mission accomplished, sir. ,,Excellent." Said Onyx Primal satisfied.

---AXALON 2---

The Maximal ship crashed trough the atmosphere. Inside, all of the Maximals were in Stasis Lock. The ship was on full alert, but the computer couldn't do anything.

On a lower deck, Cryotek smiled satisfied. He collected his strength and destroyed the CR chamber. His massive dragon body stepped out of it and he walked straight towards the bridge, his tail swinging around.

When he got there, Cryotek grabbed the ships control and stopped the crash. He laughed and said: ,,Now, what good could this ship and those Maximals be to me if it was destroyed?"

He flew over the ocean, and then thought of something. ,,The Autobots will notice that the ship wasn't crashed. Well then. There is only one thing I can do." Cryotek flew the ship towards Japan and looked for the Mt. Fuji. When he found it he laughed and said: ,,Time for a little action."

The ship's engines suddenly bailed, and it was flying straight at Mt. Fuji! Inside, Cryotek made an exit with his claws and flew away, holding a communications device in his claws.


T-AI is scanning every area on Earth, but she can't find anything. She scans again and again, while Optimus Primes walks in circles. Then, T-AI gives up. ,,Sorry, Optimus. I can't find the crashed ship." ,,DAMN!!" Says Optimus Prime angry.

He thinks and then says: ,,Team Bullet Train and the Spychangers, go out and find the ship." ,,Yes sir!" Said the 2 teams, and they immediately rushed trough the portal of the Global Spacebridge. But then, T-AI received a message.

,,Optimus! Incoming transmission!" Said T-AI surprised. Optimus Prime looked at the monitors and T-AI activated the transmission. Cryotek was on it, in beast mode. Prowl immediately raced to the monitor.

T-AI looked surprised, while Prowl asked: ,,Captain Cryotek! What are you doing here?" We were under attack... There are new Predacon forces on Earth. They destroyed our ship. I managed to get out at the last second.

,,How about the ship's crew?" Asked Optimus Prime scared. I don't know. I think that they... Died. But my scanners are destroyed, so I'm not sure. ,,Who are these Predacons?" Asked Prowl scared.

The image of Cryotek sighed and said: The Veterans. Onyx Primal, Shokaract, Undead Tarantulas, Tripredacus Agent, and the last soldiers of the Dinobots: Rapticon, Thrustol and Fractyl. And they brought some pods with them, although I don't know what happened with those.

Optimus Prime had a horrified look on his face while he heard the Predacon's names. He turned to T-AI and asked: ,,T-AI, request data from the Cybertron Database on these Predacons."

NO!!! Screamed Cryotek. The Autobots looked surprised towards Cryotek. ,,What do you mean, captain?" Well. . .uh. . .The Predacons destroyed the database, and it will take a while to get it back online. ,,Why do I have the feeling that he's trying to trick us?" Whispered Tow-Line.

Damn. . .battery packs running. . .Maximal ship is at. . .650-CBA. . .Mt. Fuji. . . Then Cryotek's face disappeared. Optimus Prime turned his head at T-AI and said: ,,T-AI, send Team Bullet Train and the Spychangers too Mt. Fuji! We need that crew back!" ,,Yes, sir!"


Cryotek finally managed to demolish the metal wall that isolated Fortress Maximus' cave. He stepped trough the frozen wall and glared at the lake. He flew high into the air and flew over the lake. He looked around and around, but couldn't see anything.

The blue dragon didn't like this, not one bit. ,,Cryotek, terrorize!" He hovered there in Robot mode. ,,Activate visor!" His blue helmet surrounded the upper part of his face, and data appeared within it. Cryotek's yellow eyes flickered with rage, when he couldn't find anything.

,,THIS ISN'T POSSIBLE!!! Not even a trace left!!!" Said Cryotek angry. He yelled and fired his Dragon Ice Cannon at the lake. Within seconds, the lake was replaced by a solid iceberg. ,,Cryotek, Beast Mode!" He transformed back to beast mode and flew away, determined to find what he's looking for.


Cryotek flew circles around the Empire State Building. He transformed in mid-air and began scanning again. Again, he couldn't find anything. ,

,DAMNIT!!! I KNOW that Maximus is back at Cybertron, but where is the device that he left!?" Cryotek cursed aloud and flew straight at the ground. When he almost hit the ground, he yelled aloud: ,,Cryotek, Dragon Racer!!!"

He turned back to beast mode, but the arms and legs folded, releasing wheels that would it fit the dragster profile. His robot mode's head was raised at the end of his back, and he now resembled an organic dragon dragster.

The New Yorkers stared in disbelief at the racing dragster, who rammed vehicles and raced straight towards the ocean. Data appeared within his helmet, and a minute later, he disappeared into a Global Spacebridge portal.

Cryotek's face was grim when he raced towards the Autobot HQ. -I will get that device. The master plan demands it.- Thought Cryotek, and then he reached the HQ.


Optimus Prime had an astonished look on his face when Cryotek stopped with screeching tires and then transformed into his robot mode.

Cryotek walked towards Optimus Prime and said: ,,I tried looking for the Predacons, but I couldn't find them." ,,You were seriously planning to fight them?" Asked Prime astonished. Cryotek smiled and rubbed his dragon arm. ,,Why not? This baby has defeated many Predacon generals in the Beast Wars."

Prowl ran towards Cryotek and saluted him. Cryotek smiled and said: ,,Officer Prowl. Nice to see you again. What happened to your Beast Mode?" ,,I thought a new alternate mode would go better with my Autobot profile, sir." Said Prowl, still saluting.

Cryotek smiled and said: ,,Yes. For a cycle, I also thought about using a snowspeeder as an alternate mode. But I prefer this mode. It determines my Predacon origins."

,,Wow! You had a Beast Mode?" Asked Side Burn curious. X-Brawn nodded and said: ,,Yep. He was a white owl. I didn't fight in the Beast Wars, but I had a grizzly bear as an alternate mode. I even found a cute li'll brown bear when I was. . ." ,,Thanks for the history lesson, X-Brawn." Interrupted Prowl. X-Brawn protested by saying: ,,Hey, she was a Maximal!"

Side Burn was laughing aloud, and it even got a chuckle out of Cryotek. But he quickly regained his cool attitude and asked Optimus: ,,How far is the recovery team?" ,,They have found the ship, and I send the Spychangers back to their patrol. Team Bullet Train and the Built Team are currently busy digging the ship out. It made quite the impact."

Cryotek laughed for a few seconds, much to Optimus' surprise. ,,What's so funny?" ,,Get ready for Big Convoy." ,,WHAT!?!" Yelled Optimus Prime aloud. Tow Line looked horrified and said: ,,Not him!" X-Brawn growled. ,,Great. That overgrown hotshot.... I can't stand him!"

Sideburn looked at the annoyed Autobots, and he asked Skid-Z: ,,Who is that Big Convoy?" ,,Beats me." Said Skid-Z quickly, trying to hear more about Big Convoy. Even T-AI looked annoyed.

,,WHO IS BIG CONVOY!?!" Yelled Sideburn and Skid-Z at the same time. T-AI looked at the 2 race fanatics and said: ,,He is a cocky One Man Army. If he wasn't so arrogant, he could have been a legend. But he is worse then Ultra Magnus." ,,Worse then Ultra Magnus? Wow." Said Sideburn impressed.

They kept talking about Big Convoy, until T-AI detected something. She looked at the screens and gasped. Then the AI yelled aloud: ,,The Predacons are attacking!!!" ,,How many!?" Asked Optimus Prime. T-AI checked it and said: ,,Two of them, sir!"

Optimus Prime looked at the screen and watched in horror as Undead Tarantulas and Shokaract emptied their guns on every human they saw. ,,That's not an attack, that's a massacre!" Said Prowl horrified.

The Autobot leader turned back to the Autobots and ordered: ,,Autobot Brothers! Go with me! T-AI, alert the Spy Changers! We most stop them!" ,,Understand, Optimus! Spy Changers, battle protocol!" ,,Autobots, transform and roll out!!!" Commanded Optimus Prime, and the Autobots raced trough the Global Spacebridge, determined to stop the 2 Predacons.


The Predacons had a blast. Literally. They killed many humans, and they had an entertained look on their monstrous faces. ,,Man, I could use some exercise!" Said Undead Tarantulas entertained. Shokaract saw that his rotating triple cannon and shotgun were empty, and then began firing Energon beams, causing mayor chaos.

Koji looked in horror at the new Predacons. ,,No. . .not again. Please, don't let this happen again." Said Koji scared. However, his fear was nothing compared to that of the other students. They ran outside in panic, and were soon noticed by Tarantulas.

The ghostly spider smiled at the running children. ,,This is gonna be fun. All of that fear will be very fun to watch." ,,And very tasty, of course." Said Shokaract, hungry for fear. Shokaract raised his monstrous hands and runs towards the kids.

Only to be stopped by a dozen lasershots. ,,Who dares!?!" Yells Shokaract mad, raising his fist. Then a black racecar jumped over the 2 Predacons and transformed. Undead Tarantulas chuckled at the sight of the Autobot. ,,Well, well. That ninja Hotshot. HahahaHAHA!!!" Tarantulas laughs at his own inside joke, but Shokaract stops him with a punch. ,,Sorry."

,,Spychangers, isolate and attack!" Yelled Hot Shot. Within no time at all, the 2 Predacons were surrounded and guns having pointed at their heads. Shokaract smiles and runs towards Crosswise. Crosswise tries to dodge him and says: ,,You have to do better then that!"

,,LIKE THIS!?!" Yellowed Shokaract and he aimed his massive triple cannon at Crosswise. Crosswise jumped away and fired his gun at Shokaract. Shokaract laughs when the lasers bounced off his armour. Crosswise was terrified by this.

,,Ah, such beautiful fear. I MUST EAT IT!!!" Then he fired the cannon. Crosswise yelled in pain and received all of the blasts. He fell down to the ground, destroyed. ,,CROSSWISE!!!" Yelled WARS in shock. He ran towards his fallen friend, only to be grabbed by Shokaract.

Shokaract laughs and begins draining WARS of his energy. Now the other Spychangers reacted. They ran towards the massive monster, but Tarantulas pinned them with his beams. ,,Not so fast, you cheap, plastic Autobot wannabes!!!"

The Spychangers were lifted into the air and yelled in pain. And then they saw WARS's head being torn off by Shokaract, and his Spark being eaten by the monster. ,,NOOOOOOOO!!!" They all yell. Hotshot was furious and raised his rifle and fired.

Tarantulas jumped up and rammed the claws on his foots right trough Hotshot's head. The Spychangers yelled in anger and broke free from the forcefield. ,,What the?" Yelled Tarantulas, until he was covered by a laser barrage.

When the smoke cleared, Tarantulas was unharmed. ,,WHY YOU LITTLE BRATS!!!" Yelled Tarantulas, pissed as hell. ,,Alright, crew! AVENGE THEIR DEATHS!" Yelled Mirage, and within no time at all Tarantulas was tackled by the remaining Spychangers.

,,Get off me!!!" Said Undead Tarantulas angry, but he received hundreds of laserblasts in his face and chest. ,,Yes! We have him!" Yelled Mirage, but then they heard a cannon charging. ,,Forgot about me?" Asked Shokaract with a cold tone, and then he blasted all of the Spychangers into oblivion.

Mirage's optics went wide as his arms and legs were shot off, and then his stomach. ,,No. . .it can't end, not like this!" Whispered Mirage, before an energy blast tore trough his head. Then his Spark joined the Matrix, along with the other Spychangers.

,,EhehehahAHAHAHAH!!!" Cackled Shokaract as he started kicking at the remains of the Spychangers. ,,Who's your daddy now, slag suckers!?!" Yelled Shokaract as he started blasting the metal corpses.

Undead Tarantulas rolled with his eyes and said: ,,Easy, brother. We have a job to do, remember?" ,,Can't help it! It must be my origins! HAHAHAHAHA!!!" ,,Idiot! Our "father" was killed in the Great War, remember? It even surprised me that we still had our powers!" ,,Oh, SHADDUP!!" Said Shokaract, bored at Tarantulas' speech.

When Optimus Prime and the 3 Autobot Brothers jumped out of the Global Spacebridge and transformed, they couldn't believe their eyes. Sideburn rubbed his eyes, thinking that it was a nightmare. Optimus Prime knew the truth.

,,DAMN!!! We already lost our best soldiers!" Said Prime as he fell to the ground. Then the 2 Predacons laughed. ,,What? Is that how you see your comrades, Prime? Mere soldiers? Drones?" ,,How.... . .unexpected." Said Shokaract grinning, as he swallows Ironhide's head.

Prime glared at the 2 Predacons. ,,I should have known. "The Sons of Unicron". Only you have the power to defeat mighty soldiers as the Spy Changers. But I swear, I will stop your carnage and. . .AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!" Yelled Prime as he was blasted by Shokaract's cannon. ,,All talk, no play. How boring." Said Shokaract, and he faked a yawn.

Sideburn clenched a fist. X-Brawn raised his hoodarm and said: ,,Ready, guys!?" ,,Ready, big bro!" ,,I am ready!" ,,Good! Cause it's time wip some Pred ass! SUPER CHARGE!!!" ,,Let's go Super!" ,,Super power, online!"

The 3 Autobot Brothers were surrounded by a white light, and changed their colours and strength dramatically. When the light faded, their stood 3 new Autobot Brothers. X-Brawn with rally colours, Sideburn with red flaming colours, and Prowl with blue colours that matched his police car mode better. ,,SUPER AUTOBOT BROTHERS!!!" Yelled the 3 and they strike an impressive pose.

Undead Tarantulas simply laughed. ,,Impressive powers, indeed! But have you learned NOTHING from the incidents from the Great War? We're Omnikrons, and we can absorb energy like yours!"

,,For the last time, Tarantulas: STOP BABBLING!!!" Yelled Shokaract in a sudden outburst. Tarantulas growled and said: ,,Mind your own business!" ,,When are we going to fight?" Asked Sideburn bored. ,,Real bro' love." Said X-Brawn sarcastic. ,,I have to agree on that." Said Prowl.

They didn't knew that Tripredacus Agent and Onyx Primal were watching the scene. Onyx Primal growls and says: ,,These idiots are fighting again. Tripredacus Agent, take care of this." ,,Yes sir." Said Tripredacus Agent, reaching for his rocket gun. ,,Remember, hold them off as long as you can. Thrustol and Fractyl are close at completing their goal." ,,Of course, sir."

,,And do me one favour." ,,What, sir?" Asked Tripredacus Agent curious. Onyx Primal grabbed him by the throat and pushed his plasma rifle on the panther's throat. ,,Stop. Calling. Me. Sir. GOT THAT!?!" Tripredacus nodded frightened. Onyx Primal let him go and said: ,,Onyx Primal, Beast Mode!"

The Precacon commander changed into a bat and flew off. Tripredacus Agent stood up and aimed at Prime. ,,This should be fun." Said Tripredacus Agent, and he smiles grimly.

Optimus Prime stared at the 2 Predacons. ,,One last time, we MUST accomplish our goal!" ,,No way, you zombie! Fun first!" Said Shokaract angry. Optimus Prime laughed at the 2. ,,If they weren't so powerful, I would've enjoyed the show." ,,THIS IS A SHOW!!"

Optimus Prime turned his head in shock, only to catch a missile with his face. Optimus Prime was thrown across the street, crashing into the observatory. Koji's eyes almost bulged out. ,,OPTIMUS!!!" Yelled Koji and he runs to his friend.

Optimus moans and he sees Koji. He smiles and groans in pain. ,,Koji. Long time no see. We can chat later. Right now, I have to do something." Said Optimus as he stood up. Tripredacus Agent laughed and reloaded his gun. ,,Ah, I haven't lost my touch."

Sideburn looked at the new Predacon in surprise. ,,Who's that guy? He looks familiar." ,,He's the Secret Agent of the former Tripredacus Council. He calls himself Tripredacus Agent, even with the fact that the Trio is no longer alive." Explained Prowl. Sideburn thought for a minute, and then said: ,,In other words, he's a bad guy." ,,Why is he our brother?" Asks X- Brawn ashamed.

Tripredacus Agent quickly aimed his gun and fired. The Autobots were soon jumping around too avoid the plasma blasts. The Autobot Brothers charged at Tripredacus Agent. The panther smiled and then fired his gun at point blank range.

,,Hey! What in tarnation!?!" Yelled X-Brawn, when he found out that Tripredacus Agent trapped them in an energy net. ,,Hah! Suckers!" Said Tripredacus Agent. The panther looked upwards and stepped back. The Autobot Brothers struggled to get free, but were then crushed by something. Namely. . .

. . .Tarantulas and Shokaract. ,,Yum! Super power!" Said Shokaract excited and he slammed his claws into the Autobot Brothers. They yelled in pain, and soon Tarantulas joined in. ,,Feeding Frenzy! HeheheHAHAHAHA!!!"

Optimus Prime charged at the 2 Predacons, ready to bash them into the ground. However, Tripredacus Agent saw him. ,,Beast Mode!!!" Yelled the Predacon, and he was soon transformed into a rocket propelled cyborg panther.

Tripredacus Agent hissed and jumped right into Optimus Prime. Optimus Prime was tackled and Tripredacus Agent seized the moment to smash his claws deep inside Optimus Prime. Optimus Prime grabs his gun and fires it into the Predacon's head, but Tripredacus Agent was only temporarily stopped.

,,AAAAH!!!" Yelled Sideburn, and Shokaract let him go. ,,The. . .pain. . ." Said X-Brawn, grabbing his deep wound. ,,Must. . .stay up." Said Prowl. Prowl tried to get up, but ended up collapsing. Tarantulas wipes his mouth and says: ,,Tasty."

,,LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!" Roared Prime in rage. He punched Tripredacus Agent off him and ran straight at the 2 Predacons. ,,What the!" Yelled Tarantulas, until he received a massive fist into his face.

,,You'll pay for that, Autobot!" Hissed Shokaract and the galva conductors on his shoulders started charging. Optimus Prime saw this and quickly blasted Shokaract with his gun. Shokaract yells in pain and falls to the ground.

The Autobot Brothers finally managed to get up. Sideburn rubbed his head and looked at his hand. Then he gasped in shock. His older brothers looked to their hands too and gasped. ,,Where's our super power!?!" Yelled X-Brawn in shock.

Undead Tarantulas laughed in pleasure and slapped his belly. ,,Right here, numbskulls." ,,He......ABSORBED it!?!" Yelled Sideburn shocked. ,,No. I used it as bubblegum." Said Shokaract sarcastic.

,,Here's something to chew on!!!" Shokaract turned around, only to receive a steel fist of Optimus Prime. Optimus Prime grabbed his ladder and aimed the turret on it. ,,Blizzard Storm!!!"

Shokaract yelled in pain when the ice cold beam hit him. In seconds, Shokaract was frozen. ,,You've been put on ice!"

,,It's fire against ice!!!" Optimus Prime turned and blasted his missiles straight in Tarantulas' face, disabling him too.

Optimus Prime races over too the Autobot Brothers. ,,Are you alright!?" ,,Yeah, don't go worrying about us, Prime." Says X-Brawn, holding his aching head. ,,Wow, those new preds' are a lot rougher." ,,No, really?"

They all turned their heads to see Tripredacus Agent standing near them. The panther aimed his gun on the Autobots. ,,Oh, no you don't!!!" Said X- Brawn, grabbing his own gun/sword.

X-Brawn yelled and raced straight at Tripredacus Agent. Tripredacus Agent reacted startled, but when X-Brawn was getting closer, he fired on a building. The building collapsed right on top of X-Brawn, crushing the Autobot.

,,Sucker." Said Tripredacus Agent smiling. ,,You have assaulted a law unit! Prepare to be arrested!" Said Prowl, grabbing his double cannon. Tripredacus Agent jumped backwards, grabbed a black delivery van and throws it on top of Prowl.

Prowl easily catches the vehicle, but then he sees something inside the vehicle: dynamite and C4. ,,Bank robbers?" Then he focused back on the Predacon. But a little bit too late. The Predacon fired a missile and it hits the car, detonating the explosives and letting Prowl crash into a building. Prowl was immediately taken out.

,,Sideburn, don't fall for his tricks!" ,,Gotcha, Optimus!" Optimus and Sideburn run straight at Tripredacus Agent. Tripredacus Agent raises his gun and fires, but Optimus catches the missile while Sideburn runs towards Tripredacus Agent. Before Tripredacus Agent can reload his gun, Sideburn jumps up and karate kicks the Predacon.

Tripredacus Agent falls backwards, and then he sees Optimus firing his ladder. ,,Oh, shit." Tripredacus Agent yells while he is blasted, spreading smoke everywhere. The 2 Autobots smile, but then they feel massive weapons touching their heads.

,,Forgot about us?" Then they were blasted in the back and Optimus Prime went offline. Sideburn tried to get to their feet, but Shokaract stepped on him. ,,Hehe. Gotta love your job." Said Undead Tarantulas smiling, as his buzzsaw weapon started spinning.

Tripredacus Agent was watching the scene with interest. He's still holding Optimus' missiles in his hands. ,,Heh. Foolish Prime." Tripredacus Agent, report! ,,Tripredacus Agent reporting, Onyx Primal!" Mission accomplished! How about the Autobots? ,,They're having trouble finding their heads." Excellent! Come back to the ship at once! We're starting "Operation: Heist" as soon as you all get here! Onyx Primal, over and out!

Undead Tarantulas brought the buzz-saw at Sideburn's neck. The 2 Predacons snickered, but then they heard Tripredacus Agent whistling. ,,Come on, buys! We're ready here!" ,,Ah, not fair!!!" Said Shokaract as he converted to Tank Mode. ,,Yeah, we didn't even get some real fun!" Complained Tarantulas as he converted to Cycle Mode.

,,Just shut up and come with me!!!" Yelled Tripredacus Agent as he converted too Beast Mode. The other 2 Predacons groaned and race/run/crawl away.

Optimus Prime groaned as he finally stood up. He looked around and saw the 3 Autobot Brothers. Prime had a lot of pain, but nonetheless grabbed the Autobot Brothers and walked back to the Space Bridge.

Koji ran up to him and yelled: ,,Optimus, are you alright?" ,,Yeah. Barely." Said Optimus as he stepped inside the Space Bridge, with Koji hot on his trail. ,,Aren't you supposed to go to school?" ,,Optimus, we were separated for a long time and now you're telling me to stay here?" ,,Alright. Then come with me."


Maximal Big Convoy: Repairs complete. Releasing Maximal now. Big Convoy groaned as he walks out of the CR Chamber. He looked around and noticed the devastation. ,,Looks like Lio Convoy redecorated." Muttered Big Convoy as he walked trough the destroyed corridors.

Then he heard something strange. He went to the main entrance and found a buzz saw cutting into the metal. Big Convoy narrowed his optics and grabbed his large rifle. ,,I don't like company!!!" Bellowed Big Convoy as he blasted the wall.

Wedge yelled in fear and jumped backwards. Then the shattered wall was pushed aside and the large Maximal stepped out. ,,No-one touches my stuff!!!!" Yelled Big Convoy as he blasted each and every Autobot he saw.

,,Looks like Big Convoy is groggy." Said Grimlock as he ducked for cover. ,,No kidding!" Said High Tower when a laser passed his head.


T-AI watched worried when Optimus Prime and the Autobot Brothers were put inside the CR chambers by Skid-Z and Tow-Line. She sighed and then said: ,,I wonder what else could go wrong."

Then the alarms went off. Cryotek raised an optic and said: ,,Perhaps this?" T-AI, Koji and the 3 Transformers raced to the control centre and saw static coming on. ,,What is this, T-AI?" Asked Koji worried.

T-AI tried to get a clear open channel, but it didn't work. ,,I don't know, Koji! Wait a sec... The message is coming trough!" Then she stared in horror as she saw Onyx Primal's head. Cryotek gasped in shock and yelled: ,,Onyx Primal! What do you want, scumbag!"

Silent, you Predacon traitor! I am in charge now!!! My troops killed the Spy Changers, and I have a nasty surprise for you!!! Take a look!!! Now it was Koji's turn to gasp in horror, as he saw the Dark Side connected to 5 missile platforms. Onyx Primal laughed at the sight of the scared teenager and continued.

You have 10 cycles to surrender yourselves to me, or else I will wipe out every nuclear power plant on this planet! And you know what effect that'll have! ,,Are you mad, Primal! No, wait, don't answer." Said Cryotek smiling. Onyx growled and the monitor switched to the new Predacon base again, and they saw the missiles targeting to Earth.

Normally, I'm not a bad guy, considering that I'm a ex-member of the Maximal Royal Guard. BUT NOW YOU HAVE 2 CYCLES!!! No, wait, 1,59 cycles! No, 1,58 cycles! The clock's ticking! BETTER DECIDE NOW!!!

They all growled as they saw Onyx Primal laughing and counting down. Better decide now! There's only 1,30 cycles left! ,,T-AI! Are there any flying Autobots available?" Asked Cryotek panicked.

T-AI had an ashamed expression on her face, and then said: ,,Only Ultra Magnus..." ,,WHAT!?! That Matrix obsessed idiot!?! Then the humanity is doomed!!!" Yelled Cryotek angry. T-AI didn't know what to do. ,,I'll try contacting him." Said T-AI and she opened a communication channel.

Oh, trying to call reinforcements, hey? Well, let's see how fast he is! Countdown reduced from 1 cycle too 30 NANOCYCLES!!!

Just one thought crossed T-AI's processor: -We'll never make it...-