"Odile, do your best not to disappoint me this year."

"Yeah... love you too Dad." She mumbled. Dick.

~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~! The Fate Of Sun And Moon- BOOK ONE~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!

Odile grimaced as she walked through the barrier that would lead her to the Hogwarts express. Another year there, and thankfully her last. Apart from the metaphorical curse the Potter boy had brought down upon the school, she had managed to avoid any trouble since she had transferred here in what the Brits called fifth year, rather than sophomore year. When she had moved to England from North Carolina, she had expected a little something more than to be a nobody who sits at the back of the classroom and barely passes classes.

After an awkward meeting in the Headmaster's office, she had been sorted into Slytherin. Despite her pureblood status, no one seemed to care much about her. Most of the older students knew who her family was, and who her father was, but they surprisingly didn't care much. Maybe because she never earned, or lost them any house points. Never raised her hand, never really talked to anyone, and certainly didn't attend any house parties. She was invisible to everyone in that house, and to be honest, that was fine with her. If they didn't care about her, she certainly didn't care about them.

As she boarded the express train that would take her to Hoggy Hoggy Hogwarts she couldn't help but sigh. She missed Ilvermorny, the school where she'd spent most of her formative years. She would have loved to stay there forever, but after her mother had died, she'd been shipped off to this shithole. Alright, that was a bit unkind, she thought to herself. The school and scenery were actually quite lovely, the way the castle looked down upon the Black Lake, and the way the trees seemed to come to life with the blossoms every spring. But it was the people and the teachers that were the real problem. Most, if not all, of her fellow housemates, were ass holes who'd stab their own mothers in the back if it meant rising to power.

Hufflepuffs, on the other hand, were overtly nice, to the point it was really rather annoying. Ravenclaws were stuck up, know-it-alls who always had their heads in a book and were always the first to raise their hand in class. Half the time before the teacher even finished the damn question. And don't even get her started on Gryffindors. Talk about obnoxious. Every single one of them were loud, foolhardy, and reckless. They had a knack for getting in trouble, especially that Potter boy and his friends. The Golden Trio as they had been nicknames. Pft. And because they were Dumbledore's favourites they got away with practically everything. She sighed and travelled to very back of the train in hopes of finding an empty compartment. Although it was quite stuffed, she finally managed to find a carriage void of people. She plopped down on the seat and let out a sigh of relief. Finally. As she pulled out her newest purchase from her favourite author, KJ Fowling, and opened up to her bookmark. She could relax, lie back and not have to worry about any nonscen-

BANG! She jumped as the two infamous red-headed twins from Gryffindor slammed into her place of solitude, laughing their asses off, and disturbing her slice of peace. She was just about to demand what they were doing when a loud explosion went off, and a sickly sweet scent crept through the room. They peeked their heads out the door before shutting the door once again. Grinning madly, they turned to each other, and high fived.

"Wicked!" They cried in unison. Odile cleared her throat loudly, causing the boys to jump and turn back towards her, eyes widening.

"Do you mind? I was trying to read before you idiots decided to interrupt my peace and quiet. Why don't you and your annoying asses just go out that door back to where you came from?" They exchanged shocked glances before turning back to the dark haired girl.

"You're American?"

"Wow, how observant Weasley. You deserve a medal." She replied sarcastically. The twin on the right opened his mouth to say something before the other cut across him.

"How do you know us?"

"How do you think?" She replied to his question with an obvious tone of voice.

"Are you a foreign exchange student?" They both asked in unison once more.

"You know it's so creepy when y'all do that. And no, I'm not an exchange student. For Merlin's sake, we've been in the same classes for three years." They both exchanged surprised looks before turning back to her once more.

"Sorry love-"

"-But we don't recognise you at all. Do you mind-"

"-Telling us your name once more?" Fred finished.

"Fine. As long as you stop doing... well whatever that thing you're doing is." They both crossed their fingers over their hearts and nodded. She sighed before continuing.

"I'm Odile. Odile-"

"Like the Black Swan in the ballet Swan Lake?" One of the twins blurted out. She tilted her head to the side.

"Yes, but... how did you know that?" He flushed before looking away causing his twin to burst into a cheery belly laugh. She huffed once more, before opening her book back open.

"There we've met. Now, I'm as thrilled as I am we've had a chance to talk," she said dryly, "If you two don't mind, I'd like to finish my book. I'm sure you can find other things and people to amuse yourselves with. Get out." They looked slightly taken aback, but nodded. They turned to go, but one of the twins turned around.

"I'm George by the way." She glanced at him then went back to her book.

"Nice try Fred." She replied without looking up. He stumbled at hearing her reply.

"How did-"

"You're wearing a sweater with an F on the front. It isn't rocket science." He felt his ears burning and roughly pushed his snickering twin out in front of him. She snuggled down into the seat breathing softly. Finally. No interruptions. Just plain silence and peace.

"Alone once again I see Ms. Reisinger." She heard a cheery voice commented. She looked round to see the Herbology teacher beaming down at her. They actually got on pretty well. She was one of the few Slytherins that actually behaved in class, and she was one of the few teachers Odile didn't hate. She didn't think her class was particularly good, but she was nice enough.

"You know I wouldn't have it any other way Ma'am. How are the plants coming along this year?"

"Ooh, quite nicely my dear. You should really come see how well the fanged geranium is growing!" Professour Sprout with a peppy tone, bouncing on her toes slightly.

"As nice as that sounds, you'll have to excuse me but, I've got a carriage to catch. Have a nice night." Sprout nodded reluctantly at the young girl before smiling brightly and turning back to the firsties. She wished that the pleasant girl had some friends, somebody she could rely on other than her cat, Tchaikovsky. She knew about the girl's family and her past, but really though, had she just applied herself, her school years could have been so much happier. Those thoughts were brushed away though as one first year came a little too close to the edge of the lake.

The self-pulling carriage rides were always uncomfortable for Odile for many reasons. Particularly, because she was one of the few who could see that they were not truly self-pulling, but that they were driven by Threastrals. Skeletal creatures that could only be seen by those who'd witnessed Death's shadow crossing another's face. Shaking those thoughts away, she entered the last carriage available. It was a rather steamy night despite it being Autumn in Scotland, so she prepared herself by putting her robes onto the seat, unbuttoning her blouse slightly too low, and hiking her skirt up a bit. After all, no one ever joined her carriage ride due to the fact she always tried to catch the last one, and no teachers were around until she would reach the gate. She was perfectly alone. So imagine her surprise when a redheaded face popped into her transport, loosening his tie and cursing his brother for taking up all the space in the carriage before him. It wasn't until he looked up and found the incredibly awkward position that his traveling companion seemed to be in that he reacted.

"Sorry, sorry!" He cried covering his eyes as she struggled to get her clothes back in place.

"Um- you can look now. I'm-uh- decent." He uncovered his eyes slowly to see her clothes back in the proper spot. It felt incredibly awkward as he settled into his spot opposite her, their faces each flaming and both avoiding eye contact.

"So... Fancy meeting you here."

"Yes, Fred. It's not as if we go to the same school or anything," She replied rolling her eyes, still annoyed and embarrassed by the incident that had occurred just a second ago. She then chuckled sarcastically, "Seriously dude, I know Gryffindors aren't known for their brains, but I thought there'd at least be a little something up there." He sent her a slightly dirty look before checking out her tie.

"Ah, Slytherin. Makes sense now." He snarked.

"What's that supposed to mean?" She bristled.

"Well, it just makes sense why you've been acting like a moody bitch the whole time we've known each other." He replied with a snarl.

"Excuse me?!"

"Sorry, it's just how you've come off. You were flat out rude to my brother and I earlier and now you're taking the piss out of my house. What else am I supposed to think?" He explained, waving his hand in blase fashion.

"You shouldn't judge people by their house asshole!"

"Right, that's bloody laugh coming from you!"


"And besides, at least I didn't sit in a carriage like a bloody siren. Seriously, why didn't you have any clothes on?"

"I did! It's not my fault it's hot! And besides, no one ever gets on the same carriage as me! Don't be so damn judgemental, you dick!" She fumed, getting right in his face. She had expected him to retreat backwards, but instead he leant forwards so they were inches away from each other.

"I'm judgemental? Me? At least I'm not rude to everyone I meet!"

"Well, at least I don't interrupt people who are merely trying to have some peace and quiet!"

"Well I-"

"If you two are quite done, I'd rather like to get on to the feast as I'm sure you two would as well." They both balked at the sight of Professor Flitwick tapping his foot at the entrance of the gate. They hadn't even realised they'd arrived at the school, having been so caught up in their argument. Odile was the first to snap to attention by letting out an annoyed breath and quickly exiting the carriage. She went to brush past the teacher before he stopped her with an eyebrow.

"Ms. Reisinger, I would suggest you fix your clothing before you enter our hallowed halls." She glanced down to see the buttons on her blouse were not all in place. She quickly turned away to fix them, catching the slight smirk on Weasley's face as he tightened his tie before she turned back. Ooo, he thought he'd won the argument. Not by a long shot.

She gathered what was left of her dignity, nodded to her teacher briskly, and made the long walk to the castle.

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