Hey, this is DaShyGurl! This is my first fanfic, so be nice. It's going to be an S+S coupling (my all time favorite coupling). In here, I am going to be using American names, since I live in the U.S. and was only able to watch the American dubbed version of Card Captor Sakura. It's not exactly the best, but it's better than nothing. I will have the name changes listed below for you just incase you don't know them.

Name Changes:

1. Sakura Kinomoto 1. Sakura Avalon

2. Syaoran Li 2. Li Showron

3. Meiling Li 3. Meilin Rae

4. Tomoyo Daidouji 4. Madison Taylor

5. Touyo Kinomoto 5. Tori Avalon

6. Fujitaka Kinomoto 6. Aiden Avalon

7. Rika 7. Rita

8. Chiharu 8. Chelsea

9. Takashi 9. Zachary

10. Naoko 10. Nikki

11. Eriol Hiiragisawa 11. Eli Moon

12. Kero 12. Kero

13. Spinel Sun/Suppi 13. Spinner/Spinel/Suppi

14. Kaho Mizuki 14. Layla Mckenzie

15. Clow Reed 15. Clow Reed

16. Naruku Akizuki/Ruby Moon 16. Ruby Moon

17. Yukito 17. Julian Star

I'm not going to be using ALL of these characters in this story. Li's sister's and mother's names I will keep in Japanese, because I don't even know them in English, and that's o.k.

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My Sakura

By DaShyGurl


Have you ever wondered how it feels when there is a very close friend to you that you love but don't know yet, because you think you love someone else and the person you think you love is actually nothing but brotherly love? If the answer is yes, then you are not the only one. There is another girl who had been in that very same situation.

Her name is Sakura Avalon. She has amazing emerald green eyes that show pure innocence. Every guy seems to fall for this certain girl and her beauty. Many had asked her out a lot of times, trying to get her to be his. However, Sakura Avalon just refuses kindly. Sakura Avalon is indeed beautiful, with her waist length auburn hair and a perfect body with all the right curves in all the right places. She's tall, but not as tall as her older brother, Tori Avalon. Sakura was and still is an innocent, sweet, gentle, kind, caring, loving, trusting, loyal and cheerful person. She is a guy's every dream girl. She is like an angel sent down from heaven.

Although Sakura always appeared to be happy and cheerful, deep inside, she was actually sad. That would be because of a mistake she once made. The mistake of realizing that the person she loved was not Julian, since her love for him was nothing more than brotherly love, and even perhaps fatherly love. It was a little too late when she realized that it was Li Showron who she loved.

Sakura was ten years old when she confessed her love to Julian. Julian, however, had told her that she only loved him as another brother. He told her that one day, she will find someone who she will love and that he would love her back. Sakura was, of course, still upset. She had went to Penguin Park and sat on a swing, crying. Li Showron approached her and comforted her. Li was always by he side through thick and thin, through all her ups and downs. He helped, comforted protected her so many times. He always lend her his shoulder to cry on whenever she needed it. Through the many times that he had protected her, he put his life in danger, and even to the point where he could lose his life, all just to protect her.

Unknown to Sakura, Li Showron had secretly loved her and had vowed to always protect her and keep her out of danger, no matter what. Li had let Sakura cry on his shoulder, at Penguin Park, the day Julian rejected Sakura's love for him. The next day, Li had told Sakura that he was leaving that afternoon, that he was going back to Hong Kong. He explained to her that since the cards were all captured and now have a mistress and are safe, he has to go back to his home and to his family in Honk Kong. His mother had called him to tell him that he had to go back, not only because he was the future leader of the Showron Clan, but to also finish his training, studies and everything else that he has to do to become the leader oh his clan. He didn't, however, tell her how he felt, because he didn't want to upset her more by making her feel guilt that he loves her and that she doesn't love him back. He also didn't tell her because he didn't want to confuse her more or trouble her.

Sakura was upset in hearing that he was leaving. Li promised her that one day, he would come back and visit her again, that he will never forget her. He pinky promised her to come back, just to assure her that he will keep his promise. It wasn't until a month later, when Sakura had accepted the fact that she did indeed love Julian only as another brother, did she realize that just how much she loved Li and how much she wanted him back. And so, from that day on, Sakura promised to wait for him to come back so that she can tell him about how she feels about him. She only wished she would have realized sooner.

To be continued…

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Oh, and I forgot to mention that the 2nd movie never happened here (I read the story on a website a year ago). I'm not sure about the first movie, but Sakura had never met Li's family and has NEVER been to Honk Kong. So I hope that clears a few things. Well, that's all I have to say for now.

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