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Wow... so far the first Temperance story has 51 reviews!

I planned on this being one reeaaally long, one shot. But, figured I should split it up, it make it easier on the readers. I don't see this going past more than 5-7 chapters at most.
Anyway (if you haven't read the first temperance story), here is the plan for these stories:

This story takes place during the events of my first Temperance story: "The Story Of The Cerulean Gym". This story starts around chapter 11 of that story.
And then takes off in its own direction from there, intersecting here and there.
Mostly running parallel to the cerulean gym story.
Likewise, the stories for Gary & Leaf (if I can learn enough about her, that is- if there are characters in the anime that anyone can compare her to, that would be a big help. Otherwise, I might have to leave her out of Gary's story).

As for the story For May and Drew, they will also will intersect with these stories.

Dawn and Paul's story will take place a few years later.

Brock & Lucy's will take place just before the cerulean gym story (if I still feel like writing it, by then.)

If I write it. Please note, every story in the Temperance series uses anime and non-anime info as well as English dubbed names.

And, then there's a main story that they are all leading up to.

There is also another series (Trials of the heart) takes place in the past, a few 1000 years ago, and that also leads up to all of this. Trials of the heart will be: #1- Sir Aaron & Queen Rin (with Lucario, Ho-oh and Mew), #2 - Pokelantas: narrative for this one, mostly (with Kyoger, Groudon, Ho-oh & Mew) and then 2 - 3 short, somewhat related stories, set in the modern time(like Temperance), that will directly bridge the trials of the heart with the temperance series.

But, they don't need to really be read in any real order. Also. I'm trying to write them so that some can be skipped, if a reader likes one but not another pairing.


Chapter #1 - Why, Team Rocket...?


Jessie, James, Meowth, and Wobbuffet- All of them were running, surrounded by team flare members: who were all, also running from Lysander Labs.

~"Wobbba! Woba W-Waaaoobbbbbaaaa!"~

Screamed Wobbuffet, as he ran slightly in front of his mistress. Meowth was a little ahead of Woba slightly. With James, a bit behind him & Jessie.

"Heads up!"

Shouted the scratch cat pokemon, horror written all over his round face.

"What is that thing!?"

James yelled, an equally horrified look, as the feline, on his face, as he ran.

"To prepare you for trouble! We're sensing a scoop!"

Said Jessie, the horror fading from her face, as she saw the news chopper, that they had hijacked, earlier.

"Because we're a doubled edged, news gathering group!"

James said, trying to distract himself from the fear.

"To protect the world, and not tell a lie!"

Jessie said, as she grabbed the camera from inside the chopper, hopping in afterwards.

"To unite all people, wherever we fly!"

James grinned, getting the helicopter started up.

"To denounce the evils of staying mute!"

Said Jessie, also grinning.

"To extend our reach, while staying cute!"

Said James with a slight laugh in his voice.

"It's Jessie!"

"And it's James!"

"Team rocket shows the headline, with a shining bright light!"

She said, dramatically,starting to film.

"Team flair has fizzled, we fought the good fight!"

James added as the chopper started moving.

"Meowth! Thaaaat's right!"


The Blue pokemon beside the cat, did his usual salute. Jessie started to voice the reporting:

{"The mysterious giant object is currently heading to Anistar city! All residents should evacuate immediately!
Presently, in order to stop the mysterious giant object, in its mysterious tracks- professor Sycamore and the tewr- I... I mean, young Pokemon trainers, are battling it with a vengeance!"}

After she had stated this, she and James cast a look at each other. They were worried, even though they thought they disliked these kids, they still did not want them to be hurt.

James and Jessie watched the kids making their plans.

"Meowth, gotta catch the all,"

Said James, suddenly. The cat stuck his head out the window, with the camera in his hands, now.

"So what else is new?"

Said the feline, as Jessie leaned out the other window with her mic.

{"Viewers the world over! This is history in the making! Watch as these titans tackle the threat to Kalos.
And the whole world!"}

She announced dramatically.

A while later, finally, getting tired of just watching: Jessie ordered her Gourgeist to help. The blast that it created, protected Ash and Alain.

When he looked up, Ash saw them in the chopper. His mouth hung open in stunned silence.

"Don't just stand there, twerp!"

Jessie shouted again.

"Chespie's waitin' step on it!"

Said Meowth.


Added James.

Just then, they were hit by a tree root, the chopper exploded, and was knocked from the sky. Gardevoir, managed to catch the lot of them, with a confusion attack, just before they hit the ground, though.

"Are you ok?"

Asked Diantha, looking very worried, as they landed gently on the ground. Stunned. They all nodded enthusiastically.

"Ya' gotta' preserve the moment wit' pictures!"

Said Meowth as he kept the camera trained on the action.

Showing that now, Diantha and Steven Stone were back to back, fighting until they were finally hit as well.

Some time later -

Watching Lysander as he was attacking:

"Such power!"

Said James as Jessie sighed.

"Will this insanity never end!?"

She asked hypothetically, Meowth shrugged.

"If it reaches the sundial, then, CUUUUT! That's a wrap!"

He said, as Jessie and James watched the others, try to stop the thing.
Then, suddenly, there was a blast, knocking everyone back quite a ways. Jessie, James and Meowth kept the mic and the camera in their hands, though, despite Jessie having just been injured in the massive blast...

She didn't want James or Meowth to know- she continued to hold the microphone aloft, despite the pain from the injury.

Blood soaked her skirt (hidden by her own red hair) from the wound in the left side of her back, just below her ribs and above the back of her hip. The wound had a shard of stone wedged deeply in it. The pain made it hard to breath. The pain also made it feel like her while left hip was severed from her body. It was incredible!

"That, is a wrap!"

Said Meowth, finally, as James gave the victory sign.

"Take a look! Look what we did, world!"

He said with a cheeky grin. Jessie, slightly behind the two, and to their left, had bent over in pain, her voice strained as she tried to mask the action and the sound, it was incredibly hard to keep her feet under her. Her vision was dimming from the blood loss. Blood was now running down her thigh in thick rivers, nearing her knee. She was starting to feel cold, as she pushed on with her final announcement.

"That giant monstrosity is gone! But we're still standing! The threat to Kalos is history!"

She screamed louder. Then, she dropped the mic, and collapsed to her knees with a cry of pain; as Meowth shut the camera off.


Said James, worriedly, as he and the pokemon who loved her, looked on in fear, for her. She smiled weakly at him. Her usually hair-sprayed-stiff hair, was a limp burgundy curtain around her body now.

"I'm sorry..."

She said and fell forward on her face, blood pooling around her and further staining her white uniform pink and red. Her red hair was soon floating in her blood. It was hard to tell what was her hair, and what was life fluid, draining away. James rushed to her, feeling numb. He dropped to his knees, as Meowth ran over to her, while James was pulling her, gently, into his arms.


He cried in alarm, tears stinging his eyes and rolling down his cheeks.

"Jessie, please!"

He cried as Wobbuffet and Meowth worried over her.

That's when Professor Sycamore noticed. He, & Clemont and Bonnie's father, ran over to them.

"What in the-my god!"

Said the professor, seeing the injury to Jessie's back. James looked up at them with a tear stained face.

"Please... Please. Help her, I'll do anything."

He sobbed at the two men, still holding her in his arms, rocking her slightly. They looked at each other, then at the sobbing feline, wobbuffet and the very distraught young man.

"We'll help you, you don't have to give, or do, anything."

The professor said. James gently picked up his partner, blood covering his glove-clad hands and staining his white jacket sleeves. She felt cold to him, her breathing was very labored and she was dead weight in his arms. The two men helped him get her out of there.

James could not believe that they had done it. They had helped save Kalos!

Jessie had been hurt badly, though. And James was like a guard dog, no one could get near her.

Looker, who had been in the area on a job, heard about the injured team rocket member. He had come to see if it was Jessie and James. Looker now wondered if the selfish young woman knew how much the young man really cared about her.

This was something Looker had been wondering a while now:
Why did members of the notorious team rocket care so much about helping? Usually, the type of people that worked for that team, thought nothing of the world being in danger.

If it wasn't directly connected to them, or theirs. Then they didn't care what happened!
Team rocket members had always been, just that full of themselves. So, if they could not be harmed, then why bother worrying about what happened to those around them?

Yet these 2 human members and their pokemon partner, they all cared about it. They had a strange sort of reasoning, most of the time. He willingly admitted that... But... There was also the fact that their pokemon, the ones they caught, always adored them so... These TR members, as he referred to them, they were, sometimes, very confusing, to him.

So, currently, Looker was waiting for James to be chased from Jessie's hospital room by a nurse. Once that finally happened, Meowth had then dragged the distraught young man, down to the lunch room, insisting that he eat.
Looker followed them.
He waited until the miserable duo had gotten their food, and then he had walked up to them, dressed as a normal team rocket grunt. He stopped right in front of them. His barrett hiding some of his face.

"James, and Meowth?"

The two looked up from moping, and both nearly choked on the food they had both just taken a bite of. What in the name of all of the god pokemon, was this bozo doing in public coming up to them like that!? At least they stood out less in their white uniforms!

"Anotha' time!"

Snapped Meowth, recovering faster than poor James...

"I'm sorry, but this can't wait."

Looker said stiffly. James and Meowth looked at each other, James wasn't really hungry, he just wanted to be in Jessie's room. Meowth was of the same mindset. But he was damned and determined to make his friend eat.

"Alright. When we're done eatin', we'll meet you in the park across the street!"

Meowth finally hissed. The man before them nodded and left.

"I'm not hungry anyway, you go when you're done, I'll be in Jess's room..."

Mumbled James sadly.

"Sit yer ass down!"

James shot Meowth a startled look, but sat down immediately.

"But I-"


Said the scratch cat, as he forked more food in his own mouth.

"But, Meowth, I-"

"I said, ta eat, Jimmy...!"

Meowth said, in an alarmingly dark way.

"But -"

"Shut it! I only want you ta open that trap to shovel that,"

He pointed at James's plate -

"- inta' it!"


Said James, seeming more distressed.

Meowth slammed his fork on the table and jumped onto the furniture. He grabbed James by the lapel, and balled up his other fist.

"When Jessie wakes up, we are both going to be here for her, and healthy! Even if I have to force feed ya, you're gonna eat or I swear that I'll-"

James was flinching from Meowth. But the cat thought he heard James whimper something. He backed up.

"Speak up Jimmy."

James sighed.

"Can I go to the men's room...?"

"Is that what you were trying ta say?!"

"Not the first 2 times..."

James muttered. Meowth sighed.

"Go on. If yer not back here in 10-15 minutes, I'm huntin' yer ass down and force feedin' ya!"

James nodded and got to his feet, heading to the restroom.

Looker, still in the black rocket uniform, was in the park, leaning against a tree, as he waited for the two.

Meowth had caught James making a break from the restroom, trying to get to Jessie's room. He made the young man sit an eat, at clawpoint. The two, then headed out, both wanting to check on Jessie. But, also, both knew they couldn't ignore a message from headquarters.

Looker watched from his leaning position, the short brim of the hat hiding his face in this angle.

"You got a message, or something?"

Meowth asked, he had his claws in James's pants leg, James looked drained, tired.

"Or something,"

Looker agreed, he held his hand out to James. The younger man, held his hand out, without paying much attention, expecting a flash drive with instructions, or something like that, to land in his hand... There was a snap. James blinked as Meowth protested.


"Hey! What's the deal!"

Looker released his Growleth from its ball, then cuffed James to the Canines collar, Meowth blinked when he saw the puppy, if he moved, what would the mut do? James had to sit on the grass, otherwise he would be at a bad angle, with his hand chained to the puppy.

Meanwhile, Looker took off the hat and jacket from the uniform, as well as the boots and gloves, he pulled a bag out from inside a hole in the tree, and put his shoes, vest and trench coat on, while James and the cat Pokémon watched him in stunned silence.

"International police!"


They said at the same time. Them Meowth looked at James.

"Are you still on that!?"

James shrugged.

"That's how I first knew him!"

He said and the other two sighed at the same time.

"I've said my code name enough times, so have others around us... you guys should remember THAT."

Pointed out the annoyed officer. Meowth gave him a big cheeky smile, folded his paws in front of him.

"'Course we know it!"

Looker nodded and started to rummage in his bag... Stopping a second later, and looking at the cat, as he continued.

"It's Jenny!"


Both men said at the same time, James looked shocked, scandalized. He'd heard of a boy named Sue... But, JENNY? Looker was just... Well, looking incredulously at the cat-type.

"I didn't know there were any male Jennies! Wow, you don't look like any of the others! Must have really stood out in your family... I'm so sorry for you!"

James said, sincerely.

"Give me a break..."

The cat said, running a paw over his face.

"It's not Jenny!"

Snapped Looker. Aggravated beyond belief.


Was all James could say. If he had been thinking, he might have actually seen how stupid it sounded, before he thought the thought. But, he was still worried about Jessie.
On top of that, he felt guilty.
He was the guy. He should have protected her. But, now... Here he was, sitting on the grass, in the park by the hospital, chained to a puppy Pokemon. And... He just wanted to know that she'd be ok!

As Meowth and Looker were bickering back and forth, the purple haired man suddenly started crying.
They looked at him.
The puppy whimpered, and looked at its master, not sure what to do. When Looker did not give it a clue, it gave in to its puppy desires, and walked closer to James, with its tail wagging. It stood on James's crossed legs, and started licking his cheek as he hugged it.

Meowth inched around the puppy to pat James on his back, and finally, Looker sighed. Sitting on the bench, he looked at the two members of team rocket again. He felt for them. He really did. But, he also needed to figure out why they did what they did, when they were bad at it, and good at so many other things. He just did not understand them. Not one bit!


To Be Continued.



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