Paragon Yellow: Justice

-Brief Synopsis-

Justice, the concept of doing what is right. One might virulently admit that it is a force of pure goodness, but what is right does not always mean what is good. Unlike Kindness, Justice is like a force that would seek fights against injustices, no matter what.

At its best, it would fight for what's right in a world of broken tyranny. At worst, it could be a crusader, finishing off a long-kept blood debt. Either side is not afraid to kill or die. When the world goes crazy, even the innocent might not recognize the true evil, and may try to resist Justice. Justice is not a pacifist, Justice is simply a crusader for the ultimate truth.

Justice would likely seek to kill Asgore for his actions, and would not try to spare, unless they, as a human paragon, felt his actions justified. To be quite honest, Justice would likely feel justified in killing the entire Underground. Maybe not Genocide, but they would not bat an eye at killing almost every aggressive monster in the underground. Eye for an Eye is a common rule of Justice. Justice demands Retribution, and for one reason or another, Justice and their allies have come under attack, and the aggressors WILL die so long as Justice holds breath in their lungs.

-In Depth Analysis-

Justice's ability makes them quite motivated. Perhaps not as much as Determination, but Justice's goals are a lot more cut and dry than Determination's ever will be. The common philosophy of revenge is well suited in Justice, though don't go thinking that it's all about bloodshed. Justice is also known for turning the other cheek at times, knowing that aside from vengeance, atonement is the other side of the complex coin.

Justice is nigh incorruptible, at least from outside forces. One might be brainwashed into believing someone is your enemy, even if they're not, but Justice will never be the aggressor. When events are traced back to their beginning, any event that Justice is involved in will not begin with them being the bad guys, even if somehow in the end they became one.

There is a certain tenderness within Justice, but it's not very large as say, Kindness, or even Patience. But it certainly exists, to a point. Justice is an extension of order, a being of Justice is a being of the people, who understands that laws exist to protect those people. Humans are weak and often give into temptation, but Justice will never be much for wanting. It is nigh impossible to bribe Justice, but by nature it can be rather easy to trick, or control Justice. Their actions are stoic and proud, but also almost childishly predictable.

Pros: They are strong, they are proud, they have a heart of truth and the power to enforce it.

Cons: They are simple, they are easy to fool, they are hot headed and quick to retaliate.

-On the subject of Asgore and the War-

When Asgore declares war on humanity from within the Underground, humans will go missing. Mount Ebott will claim the legend of the disappearing people, and Justice will seek to understand what happened to them. Upon realizing what Asgore has done, Justice will fight Asgore, and Justice will die. It will be a justified death. Asgore himself has been wronged by the humans, and shows to everyone the flaw of Justice. An eye for an eye, revenge, leaves the world blind.

Asgore himself can be seen embodying many aspects of Justice. His people were shoved underground, and even when trying to reach the surface once more, his children would be killed; seemingly out of cold blood. To him, a defensive retaliatory war was all he could muster. Could he have, in the heat of the moment, he would have taken the war to the surface.

Maybe over the years, he began to realize the harsh truth of his declaration of war. One day, he would ascend to the surface and destroy humanity with Seven Human Souls… but he lost his nerve. It's unsure where, it's unsure why, and it's unsure when, but his lust for war subsided, and though he could have ascended to the surface with even a single soul, he decided to stay put.

Were he a true aspect of Justice, he would have ascended to the surface and exacted justice on behalf of his oppressed people, but instead he stayed… and his war got 6 humans killed. It's unknown if they were all children, but some of them without a doubt were. The war shook him to his bone, and Justice was not as his side in the end. In the end he just wanted it to stop.