Paragon Red: Determination

-Brief Synopsis-


-In Depth Analysis-

Determination, the Ability to move forward despite any possible hardship, the promise to return for a second chance no matter how much you're beaten and bloody. The power of Determination has sculpted legends for all of humanity, impossible feats, one in a million shots made like they're nothing, while those that pull them off stand alone.

Enigmatic and masterful in execution, Determination is capable of embodying the positive and negative aspects of any part of humanity, capable of both mercy and murder, friendship and scorn, creation and destruction- and this is not just from the prospect of a forward marching timeline. Determination believes themselves above consequences, and it's never a question of "Right or Wrong" but instead "Right AND Wrong". Determination will not stop with saving the world, Determination will continue to destroy it as well, seeing their lives flash through their eyes simply because they've tasted the other side and want more.

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. If you fixate your single burning eye on a human of Determination, feign being their friend for the chance of them being satisfied with with a happy ending, but gird yourself and never trust them... they might just be a Dirty Brother Killer.

Further, the Ability to see all and destroy all, the inability to form lasting connections, a burning curiosity that destroys all around it, seeking to de-legitimize the innocence of humanity. An ambition to get revenge on all those who have wronged you, even if you are destroyed in the progress, the antithesis of Perseverance, the ruling force of humanity and its single biggest enemy.

Humanity's worst enemy is itself, and from the primeval jungle we beat back the rest of mother nature and continue to strike at each other! Bravery stands up to Determination, unfearing of the death they know is to come. No matter how much more skilled Bravery is than Determination, Determination will find a way to grind them into the dust. It's inevitable. Justice would force Determination to answer for their crimes, but Justice too will fall to the endless power of the Blood Red Soul.

Under the burning human sun, Kindness and Patience can't bring themselves to fight the inevitable, and instead only help as much as they can. Determination has no interest in the weak, and never has. From far away, aware enough to never be in sight or in mind, Integrity turns their back on the unstoppable force that is Determination.

Determination will spare Asgore. Determination will kill Asgore. It's no difference, they exist in a superposition where they can do both. They can be the good guy, and the bad guy, but DETERMINATION will break the cycle. The world will grind to a halt and soon darkness will override everything. The only way to stop Determination is with DETERMINATION. The demons that haunt us at night and seek to plunge our very world into darkness are nothing but a barrier to stop us from doing it ourselves. We are our own worst enemies, and nothing but the crippling abyss, the antithesis of our own capacities can change that. Determination is everything, the abyss is nothing.

But maybe, just maybe, at the very end of the path, a single human with the Power of Determination can break the cycle of suffering, and free the monsters from their bondage, and leave the world alone. Capable of toppling even gods, Determination's convictions are their own, and impossible to predict. Frisk. Chara. Mere children, sculpting the fate of civilizations thousands of years older than themselves. Starting wars, ending wars, killing, sparing, and deciding the destinies of billions. It's... funny. I don't seem to remember how their story ends. That's just how Determination is, it makes a mockery of the history books. After all, it's hard to recite exactly how and why they decide to turn on everything they've built and just kill everyone.

Pros: Unstoppable.

Cons: Cannot stop itself.

-On the subject of Asgore and the War-

Asgore's fate was decided the instant Chara fell into the Underground.

Frisk made sure of that.

Patience, Justice, Integrity, Kindness, Bravery, Perseverance, mere virtues among a true Human Paragon.

Determination exists outside of the cycle, and as such, the fate of Asgore, the monsters, and all of humanity rests in the hands of the human whose soul bleeds Red.