The DNAliens were mining in a cave one of the DNAliens was in a big drill, he hit something.

"It is not one of our ships, sir. The workers found it buried here." said a DNAlien

"The excavation project must proceed. The Highbreed have so ordered. Nothing will stand in our way." said another DNAlien

"As you say, sir."

The continue to drill as green creature came out of the ship the DNAlien noticing the creature leaving the ship. Later after the big drill broke. "You, you, and you, get heavier equipment down into the mine. Go now!" The three DNAliens he ordered left to get more equipment. Will they were gone the rest of the DNAliens stated to drill with hand drills. As the DNAliens were drilling the green creature took something from the DNAliens. Once the creature took the thing from the DNAliens there drills stopped working and the lights in the cave went out as well. "The power coupling's gone bad."

"No, sir. The coupling is missing."

The creature left the cave and saw a town and started to head towards it.

Near town a family was leaving it. The driver hit the breaks as he saw the green creature and missed the creature. "Come on! Let's go! Go now!" said the man in the driver seat. The creature pulled of the trailer that was attached to the car. Then the car drove away. The creature dumped out what was in the trailer and put the power coupling in the trailer. The creature pulled the trailer as it continued to town. The creature started to put signs into the trailer. It pulled down a traffic light and dropped it and stepped on it.

Gwen floating in the air using a locator spell on the traffic light. Ben,, Star and Kevin were following Gwen in the car.

"I'm definitely getting something. The mana trail is getting stronger and stronger." said Gwen

"You said that like two hours ago, Gwen." said Kevin

"I'm trying to concentrate, Kevin."

"Let her work." said Ben

"For what? It's a wild goose chase." said Kevin

"I don't think so. All those reports of a monster wandering around here, wrecking stuff..."

"Doesn't mean it's the DNAliens, Ben. It could be a bear that escaped from the zoo."

"No reports of missing animals from any zoo in the entire state." said Star

"It must be a DNAlien. What else is stong enough to tear down a traffic light?" said Ben

"And DNAliens are mad at the traffic light why? Also what if it was the monsters that attack you and Star?" asked Kevin

"I haven't seen Ludo or his monsters since the time Ben and that Highbreed got teleported somewhere. It's strange they haven't attack me in a while." said Star

"Hold up, guys! Got something for sure. It's close" said Gwen as she stop and Kevin stopped the car. "Over there." The green creature kept walking he grabbed a cactus and howled in pain. It tried to eat the cactus but spit it out. The creature pulled out the power coupling out of the trailer. Ben, Star and Kevin left the car and started to head towards the creature.

"Drop it!" said Ben. The creature then thru the power coupling at them Ben and Star dodged to the right and Kevin dodged to the left.

"To be fair, you did tell him to drop it." said Kevin. The creature walked pass them a picked up the power coupling back up.

"He's not vary DNAlieny, is he?" asked Star

"That looks like Highbreed tech, though, so maybe he's working for them." said Kevin

Ben looked over to the trailer and walked to it. "What's he trying to build with all that stuff?" asked Ben. The creature saw Ben near the stuff it got and started to charge Ben. It tried to hit Ben with the power coupling. Ben dodged it. "We don't want to have to hurt you. Drop the weapon and give yourself up."

Kevin absorbed a rock. "You'll have to read him his right first, Tennyson. Just take him out!" said Kevin. Then he ran up and punched the creature in the face. Kevin tried to punch him again but was hit away.

Ben activated the omnitrix and hit it. "Humongousaur!" The creature gasped. Then the creature started to charged Ben and grabbed him.

"Aww. I think he loves you." said Kevin

"So not funny!" said Star

Ben got his arms free and hit the creature with both hand over it's head. The creature let go of Ben. Ben then punched the creature and send it flying. It started to cry. "Oh, come on. I didn't hit you that hard." said Ben

The creator picked up a crystal. "He's going for a weapon!" said Kevin. Ben started to head towards the creature.

"Don't have much of an attention span, do you?" said Ben. Then he slapped the crystal out of the creature's hand. The creature started to hit the ground. The creature pushed Ben. Then Star fired a blast at the creature and send it flying.

"He's getting away!" said Star

Ben started to charged at the creature. The creature ripped of the side railing off the side of the street and wrapped Ben in it. Ben started to grow and destroyed the rail he was wrapped up in. The creature started to ran in fear. But it was stopped by energy blocks.

"Leave you three alone for five minutes!" said Gwen. The creature tried to run the other direction. But Gwen put up some more energy blocks. Ben shrunk down into the sized he transformed into. Then Star and Kevin joined Ben and Gwen. When the creature looked at Gwen it saw her as a Anodyte. It started to calm down and made some grunts.

"Is that monster for "I give up"?" asked Kevin

"Do I look like I speak monsterese?" asked Ben. Both Star and Kevin just looked at Ben. "Oh. Right."

"It's calming down. I think the fight's over." said Gwen. Then the creature destroyed the energy block and grabbed Gwen. "Aah!"

"Gwen! Put her down!" shouted Kevin. He was about to charge the creature, but both Ben and Star stopped him.

"Don't move! It'll squoosh her!" said Ben

"I don't want to be squooshed!" said Gwen

"We got to do something!" said Kevin

"Put me down! Now!" The creature but Gwen down. "Thank you." Gwen walked back from the creature.

"Ben you hit him high. Star you hit him in the meddle. I'll hit him low." said Kevin

Ben, Star and Kevin started to charged the creature, but Gwen made energy filed in front of Ben, Star and Kevin. They ran into the energy filed. "Don't hurt it!" said Gwen

"Why not?"

"I think it's just a baby."

"He squished you pretty hard, Gwen."

The creature had the power coupling in its mouth. "No. She's right." said Ben then transformed back to normal. "All that random stuff it stole around town - it's not building anything with it after all."

"She thinks they're toys. Look." said Gwen. The creature spun the power coupling like a top. Kevin then returned to normal.

"What makes you think it's a girl?" asked Ben

"Yeah, it could be a boy." said Star

"If it was a girl, it would have a big bow on the side of its head or something." said Kevin

Gwen sighed. "You didn't pay much attention in health class, did you?" said Gwen. The creature made some grunts.

"Listen, we can't really be wasting time babysitting this thing." said Ben

"But she need our help, guys. We can't just leave her wandering around the desert."

"Needs our help?" asked Kevin as the creature was stacking rooks.

"Come on, Gwen. Focus. We're on a mission of intergalactic proportions. This creature has nothing to do with that." said Ben

The DNAliens started come in on vehicles "There's the creature. And there's our power coupling. Should have know it would be working with you, Ben Tennyson!" said a DNAlien

"Me? What?" The DNAliens started to spit out goo at them. Gwen made an energy shield to block the goo that was shot at the group. The creature soon grabbed one of the DNAliens and flung him. "Uh, thanks." The reast of the DNAliens started to spit goo at the creature soon trapping it. Gwen dropped the shield and fired a blast at the creature destroying the goo. The group slit up a little.

Kevin picked up the power coupling. "Looking for this?" said Kevin. Both the creature and the DNAliens noticed Kevin had the power coupling. "Whoops." The creature and the DNAliens started to charged at Kevin. The DNAliens were hit by blasts from both Star and Gwen. "Keep away!" Kevin said as he tossed it to Gwen. The DNAliens charged towards Gwen. Star moved away from Gwen. Then Gwen tossed the power coupling to Star. The they started to head towards Star.

"Ben, heads up!" said Star as she tossed it to Ben.

Ben caught it. "Better split up." said Ben. He dropped the power coupling. Then activated the omnitrix and hit it. "Echo Echo!" Ben then split into 4. One picked up the power coupling as they split up and started to ran.

"Retrieve the power coupling! We'll deal with the thief later." said a DNAlien. The DNAliens soon started to chase the Ben that was holding the power coupling. The other 3 copies of Ben regrouped and took out 3 of the DNAliens that was chasing the Ben with the power coupling. The last DNAlien that was chasing Ben was about to get him.

"Uh-oh!" said Ben. The DNAlien was hit by a blast fired by Star. "Thanks, guys. And you too, Star."

"No problem!" said Star and the other 3 copies of Ben

"Dude, you're talking to yourselves again." said Kevin

The three copies of Ben combined and he returned back to normal. The creature held out it's hand as Ben gave the power coupling back to the creature. "Okay" said Ben

The creature started to laugh as it started to rattle the power coupling.

"We got trouble. If the DNAliens need that power coupling, they'll be back in force." said Kevin

"Not to mention. I've got no idea what we should do about that." said Ben

"Her!" said Gwen and Star


"Well, do you want to keep standing around here, arguing about it, or help me hide her?" asked Gwen

"I'd like to keep standing around."

"I'd like to keep arguing about it." said Kevin

"I'd like to keep fighting." said Star

Gwen just looked at the three of them. "If you don't want to know, don't asked." said Kevin

Later in Kevin's garage the creature was mess with stuff.

"Your turn, Gwen." said Kevin

"It's always my turn." said Gwen

"You're the one who wanted to help it."

"Her!" said Ben, Star and Gwen

"Do I look like I care?" Gwen got up and walked over to the creature. The creature picked up the car and took a bite off the front of the car. "What are you doing?!"

"Don't put that in your mouth! You don't know where it's been!" said Gwen

The creature put down the car as Kevin walked up to see the damage. Kevin saw there was a bite out off the front of the car. The creature burped. "That's it! Out!" Kevin shouted

"She's just a baby! She didn't know!"

"Gwen, much as I hate siding with Kevin, Tiny has to go back where she came from." said Ben

"You weren't planning on keeping her, were you?" asked Star

"Doesn't matter. We're stuck with her until nightfall, anyway."

"What?! No! Get her out of here while I still have some car left!" said Kevin

"If we take her outside during the day, she's a big old moving target, for the DNAliens and everybody else in town."

"I don't think she can see so well in the sunlight, anyway." said Gwen

Then there was a loud crash. "That would explain why she only rampaged at night." said Star

"All right. Tonight we'll get Tiny to lead us to wherever she came from." said Gwen

"She really will be safer there." said Ben


Tiny made more of a mess. "Come on!" said Kevin

"I'll get you a new one?" said Gwen

Later that night they took Tiny to the cave that the DNAliens were mining in. Tiny ran in and swung the power coupling hitting the DNAliens that were guarding the entrance. Ben, Star, Kevin and Gwen walked into the cave. Tiny pointed in a direction and started to walk in that direction. "This way." said Gwen. Ben, Star, Kevin and Gwen started to follow Tiny. They sneaked through the mine. "Look!" They saw a huge ship.

"Looks homey. Okay, guess this is goodbye, then. have a nice life." said Kevin. Tiny just stood there. "Worth a shot." They continued to sneak up closer to the ship. Tiny started to head the back way.

"Stay out here and guard the door. I'm going in." said Gwen. Then she followed Tiny.

"Be careful." said Kevin

Gwen followed Tiny to the entrance of the ship. Gwen continued as she went deeper into the ship. Gwen heard Tiny grunt and entered the room she was in. "Oh. Wait a minute. Were you inside the stasis pod?" asked Gwen. Tiny made jesters to the other pods. "Your parents. I bet your parents are still inside their pods." The ship began to shake. "Whoa!"

Outside the ship the DNAliens continued to free the ship more. "On my mark." said a DNAlien to another DNAlien in a laser cannon. "Ready? Aim."

"Gwen." said Kevin as He, Ben and Star were behind cover. They were about to fire the laser cannon. Then Ben activated the omnitrix and hit it.

"Chromastone!" said Ben. He ran into the path of the laser and absorbed it. He glowed extremely bright and blasted all the DNAliens that was there. More DNAliens started to come. Star and Kevin came out and joined Ben. Kevin absorbed the metal of the ship and started to charged the DNAliens. Ben and Star started to blast to DNAliens. "What are they all doing down here?"

"Yeah, there must be a reason." said Star

"You mean besides trying to clean our clocks." said Kevin

The door to the ship open behind them. Tiny came out and roared. A DNAlien got into the laser cannon and fired at Tiny. Tiny started to scream in pain. "No!" said Gwen as she came out seeing what was happening. Ben got in front of the laser and started to absorb it.

"Leave the kid alone!" said Ben. Then fired a blast destroying the laser cannon. The DNAliens started to run as the laser cannon flew through the air destroying the bridge to the ship. Gwen push Ben, Star and Kevin out of the way and fired blast at the ceiling of the cave sending stalactites falling. The rest of the DNAliens started to runaway.

"Wow." said Kevin

"Something to think about next time you get into an argument with her." said Ben

"Yeah, you can say that again." said Star

They went into the ship and Kevin got to work.

"What do you think she was trying to do with all this junk?" asked Ben

"When she woke up and her parents weren't around, she toddled outside and brought back stuff that looked like it could help." said Gwen

"Like us?" asked Star

"Think I've got the stasis pod's control panel working." said Kevin

"Good. Wake them up." said Gwen

Kevin hooked two cords together. The pods open up reviling Tiny's parents. They walked past Ben, Star, Kevin and Gwen to get to Tiny. "Huh."

Later in a different room.

"What do you mean, this isn't alpha proxima?" said the male creature

"And it's not 1952?" asked the female creature

"It's the 21st century." said Ben

"You're on the Earth." said Kevin

"In the Earth, actually." said Star

"What are you doing underground?" asked Ben

"No idea." said the female creature

"We were traveling to the other side of your galaxy to colonize, in suspended animation for the journey." said the male creature

"But some kind of temporal occlusion occurred while we were flying by the Earth that must have caused us to crash-land here."

"In 1952." said Ben

"You think?" asked Star

"There was a time-machine experiment that year. It must have affected your ship's engine."

"And when you crashed, your ship dug a hole in the ground..." said Kevin

"...That filled in and grew over after all this time." said Gwen

"We've been asleep underground for half a century?" said the male creature

"The DNAliens weren't digging for your ship. They just happened to find you down here." said Ben

"Lucky for you." said Kevin

"I can't imagine what anyone would need this much crystal quartz for. Maybe a teleporter grid?" said the male creature

Tiny started to grunt and tried to grab Gwen. "No, honey. you can't keep her." said the female creature

"Earthling need to roam free." Tiny just sat down disappointed.

"What I can't figure is why the translation circuits in our badges and Ben's watch didn't work on Tiny but I understand you two just find." said Kevin

"Our daughter can't talk yet. She's just a baby." said the female creature.

"Told you." said Gwen. Gwen walked over to Tiny. Tiny gave Star the power coupling. Gwen could barley hold it. "That's okay, Tiny. You keep it."

They left the ship and left the cave. Soon the ship launched into space.