Chapter One Ayane's Plan, Journey to the beach.

[A/N] hey there, Author here. At the begging of each Chapter I'll tell you who's point of view you'll be reading from.

Well, if It doesn't say, I'm probably writing from Sawako's view.

The first chapter is from Sawako's just so you know.

It was after the School festival that I had started 'dating' Kazehaya, though it was like nothing had changed. Was this all just one more misunderstanding?

Though I can postively say, most of the rumours about me having abilities to talk to ghost's had changed, it's all thanks to my friends; Kazehaya, Ayane-chan, Chizu-chan and teacher– I mean Miura, that is if I may call him a friend.

Today was the last day of school before summer break, I have nothing to do. I was in the kitchen making stew for myself and my parents for dinner, it was almost ready. My phone started to buzz so I answered.

"Hello?– Sa-wa-ko" Ayane-chan spoke softly.

"A-Ayane-chan?" I replied, looking up at the clock.

"Listen, Sawako. We bribed Pin to–"

I felt bad for interrupting and asking "B-Bribed?"

"That's right" Ayane-chan stated. "Using the school bus, Pin is taking us for a week, to the beach"

With little hesitation I muttered "C-can I come?"

"Ah, uhm. Sawako that's why I'm telling you, you're invited."

My mum suddenly barged into me and took my phone out of my hand.

"Yes" She spoke. "Twenty minutes then" She smiled. "Right, I'll tell her" She then handed me back my phone. "Sawako" My mum smiled again. "Aren't you going to pack?"

I ran up to my room. Did this mean I was aloud to go?

I quickly packed a big bag.

"Wait… I don't have a–"

I heard a knock on my bedroom door. That must be Ayane-chan and Chizu-chan.

"Come in!"

The door opened.


Wait, that was the voice of…

"Kazehaya?!" I was holding a pair of underwear.


He quickly turned around, I thought he was gonna leave.

"Kazehaya I–"

"It's okay, j-just t-tell me when I can look back around!"

I quickly finished packing and we walked out. We were both blushing brightly.

"Oh! Sadako-chan is here too!?" Miura yelled as we got onto the mini buss. "You idiot!" Chizu-chan yelled. "This is where she lives"

I sat down at the back of the bus where no one sat. Chizu-chan, Ayane-chan and Sanada-kun were sat at the front. Kazehaya was about to sit beside me. "Oh Kazehaya!" Jou yelled. Kazehaya shook his head then turned to me. "G-Go ahead" I stated. "I-if y-you want to sit w-with your f-friends don't let me h-hold you back" I exclaimed as best I could. Kazehaya just smiled and said "thank you, Kuronuma" then soon sat with Jou.